(1938-08-24) Making Plans
Details for Making Plans
Summary: Graham and Sorcha are cheerful, Phil is hungover, Laurence is a tease. The four make plans for a double date.
Date: 1938-08-24
Location: Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron is always a good place for one to get a bite to eat and drink. It's a little later than breakfast time but given it's a weekend people are still trickling in here and there. It's not crowded at the moment which seems a perfect time to visit. Graham enters from the muggle London side, but given he's in his work attire it's not hard to see where he's just come from. The young man pauses looking for an good table finding one near the middle that's empty. He makes his way there and plops down in a chair.

Sorcha, on the other hand, is dressed in clothes that fit in easily on the muggle side of the door but don't seem too out of place in the pub, either. Her sundress and sweater match nicely with her hat and she has paper wraped parcels in arm as she makes her way into the common room. Seeing Graham she smiles and makes her way over there, "Did you just manage to get off of work again?"

Looking desheveled and like she has spent the night up to no good - or working, which sometimes for her can equate the same thing, Phil tiredly makes her way into the Cauldron from the back courtyard. She looks around and veers towards the pair of them, detouring to the bar to order herself some strong coffee and a bacon sandwich - not her usual faire.

Graham looks back as the door opens giving a smile to Sorcha as she approaches he stands back up to give a hug and kiss before he answers. "I did, I think they took pity on me, since I was up before the sun was and covering as shaparone for the kids at creature camp." he chuckles "Out for deliveries?" he asks though his attention turns as the door opens again and another familiar face walks in his eyebrow raises. "Phil, are you alright?" he looks worried a moment but he'll wait until she makes her way back over to ask further.

Sorcha returns the kiss and smiles, setting her things down, "Errands, taking things back more than dropping them off." When he mentions the creature camp she laughs lightly, "Oh dear. That sounds like you'll have plenty of stories to share about it." When Phil comes by she raises her eyebrows a little at her obvious state of dissarray and takes a seat next to Graham, sliding her things over so that there's plenty of room at the table for all three of them.

They're just a bit too perky for her this morning. As she lowers herself onto a chair at the table Phil looks between Graham and Sorcha. She isn't ready to speak just yet and holds up a finger in the international gesture of a moment please. Lowering her head to the table she waits for her coffee to arrive.

The young man watches as the other moves to come and sit down as well. Graham looks as Phil comes towards the table but he'll wait as he raises her hand in the gesture he understands. He grabs menu's just in case though and passes them out to everyone at the table just in case they need one. He does turn back to Sorcha so he can at least break the silence a moment. "Something like that." he speaks about his adventure though looks back to his menu to allow the reporter more time to gather her self.

Sitting across from Phil next to Graham, Sorcha shakes her head a little with a grin as Phil settles in to await her coffee. She picks up the menu and looks it over for a moment before sitting it down, "I think I'll just take tea and biscuits, I ate not terribly long ago." She grins a bit when he waits on his explanation, "I see…"

When her coffee does arrive Phil reaches out with a hand and draws it closer. Slowly she raises her head and breathes in the scent of the strong coffee before taking a tentative sip. A few more sips and she is able to sit up properly and say, "Good morning," to both Graham and Sorcha. Though not quite ready to venture much else yet she nurses her coffee and listens, watching them as they do talk.

Graham looks at the menu though for a moment "Hm oatmeal and cider for me." which sounds fairly good to him at least. "I rescued a student's hair-ribbons from being eaten by a goat. If that counts?" he says with a chuckle this to Sorcha as he shakes his head, but he turns as the journalist moves and the concern returns to his face "Good Morning." he returns hopeful an explanation will come but he's not pushing for one just yet.

Smiling as Phil gets her coffee and starts to return to the world of the living, Sorcha says, "Good morning…" When she doesn't keep going farther than that, the ginger turns back to Graham again, "Oh, well, white knight that you are of course you couldn't allow innocent hair ribbons to be devoured in front of the entire class. That would've been terribly tragic." She sets the menu down and slides it over with the others, letting Phil take her own time to join in as she likes.

Busy Busy…Busy, Laurence has been somewhat busy at the shop this summer, lots to do and lots of orders to fill and the like. The broom master makes his way into the Leaky Cauldron, wearing his usual light grey duster, trousers a bit of a darker grey and his shirt white and buttoned down, his dark grey fedora on his head which he removes with a flourish, scanning the area and tossing waves to familiar faces before he notices Phil and makes his way up behind her, pressing a finger against his lips as he looks between Sorcha and Graham.

When the bacon sandwich gets placed before Phil she almost looks like she might be ill. It is pushed aside for the moment so she can focus on her coffee. "You are always getting the choice jobs, Graham." Clearly she is now well enough to mock her friend. Sorcha's equally teasing comment draws a smirk from Phil. "It all sounds terribly exciting and much safer than what I was doing. I was sent to interview a group of musicians because our entertainment editor was ill. They made me drink with them."

The young man smirks at Sorcha's words "Of course my oath to protect hair-ribbons remains in tact." Graham says chuckling though he turns as Phil speaks and is glad that she's coming back at least enough to poke fun at him. "Yep pretty much top of my class. Afraid i've nobody to blame since this was volunteer based." he responds though he'll listen to her story wincing slightly as her current state would make sense. He notices the broom maker from his side view but doesn't make any mention of it for the moment. "I'm guessing they threw a heck of a party hm?"

Laughing again, Sorcha says, "You volunteered to rescue hair ribbons?" She shakes her head lightly and leans over to give Graham a kiss on the cheek, "An auror's duty knows no bounds it seems." She does see Laurence coming up as well but doesn't react to his sneaky steps behind Phil, instead perking up at her comment, "You did? That sounds much more like my speed than goats stealing wayward ribbons. I take it you fit in quite well?"

Daring to lift a hand from her coffee cup - it's okay her other one is still there - Phil rakes it through her mussed hair, brushing it back from her face. "Ah, well I fit in somewhat," she replies to Sorcha. "I got the interview but then had to go write it up and it was quite late. I haven't been home yet. I'm thinking I might just go round the horn so to speak and try and stay awake until tonight." The strong black coffee is starting to get to her however as she becomes more aware of the taste with each mouthful. Usually a tea drinker Phil is finding it quite bitter.

Graham shakes his head "Something like that. Guess my job cant be exciting everyday." he says shaking his head though he smiles at the kiss to his cheek. He looks back to the journalist a moment "Sometimes that works best to be sure you can catch up on sleep this evening instead of being awake if you sleep a lot today." he knows giving his odd schedule that this works out. It's a pause now why the rest of the food and drinks are delivered to the table to each.

Laurence winks at Sorcha, those unnaturally blue eyes usually would be on a Husky, but he makes them work as he leans over Phil's shoulder, draping arms over her petite shoulders and murmuring near her ear. "Well you could go back to my place and hide out, I can think of all sorts of creative ways to keep you awake…" He grins and shakes his head slowly.

As her tea and biscuits arrive she thanks the pub worker and picks up her tea for a sip, "Well, it's good that you got your story, at least." When Graham shares his wisdom on late nights she nods, "He'd be the one who would know the difference certainly with the odd shifts. I generally have the same one all the time so it's quite dull." When Laurence makes it up without Phil noticing Sorcha grins, leaving them to their greeting for a moment.

It must be that her hangover has dulled the senses because Phil is normally well attuned to her surroundings and even more so to the presence of Britain's premier broom artisan. Today Laurence's sneaky arrival makes her start. Some coffee sloshes out of the cup onto her hand. She sets the cup down on the table and shakes the warm, but not hot, liquid away then turns her head and gives him a lazy smile, "I bet you could." She leans in and brushes a kiss against Laurence's cheek, briefly catching the corner of his mouth as she leans her head back. "Knowing you, as I do, I should probably eat that sandwich first so I have some more strength in me." She tugs gently on the front of his dove grey coat, trying to get him to sit with them. Phil looks at the others, more specifically Graham, "Yes, I suppose you and I do often bump into one another here at odd times of the day."

Graham shakes his head "I don't think it's dull work at all, from what I've seen of the process it's quite intensive. Which reminds me I do owe you don't I?" This is to Sorcha before he looks back giving a nod in greeting to the broom maker after his deception had been successful. He chuckles though is glad it seems to bring about Phil to her self more which is good. "It would seem so, indeed." he responds to Phil at this last before he reaches out to offer a menu to the broom maker in case he would like to order something.

Laurence returns the cheek kiss with a soft kiss of his own, deepening it slowly before he has to pull back to allow the woman to speak, eyebrows waggling before he settles down in a chair next to the woman and reaches out to accept the menu from Graham with a firm nod. "Thanks kindly mate." Then he looks back to Phil. "Honestly beautiful, you know if you're going to be partying, you should at least send me an owl so I can come and join in the drinking…"

"Laurence and I are left to run shops and tend to customers while the two of you gallivant around at all hours of the day and night." Sorcha says with an over-exaggerated forlorn tone, sending Graham a teasing glance before she takes another sip of tea. "After Phil's had a chance to recover from her brush with the entertainment industry we should all take in an evening."

Phil has had enough of the coffee and seeing as it has started to get too cold for her she sets the mug in the centre of the table and pulls her sandwich closer. Able to stomach the sight of it she contemplates the bread and bacon but doesn't partake just yet. Lifting her gaze towards Laurence's face she grins, teasing him, "I will bring you with me next time I get an unexpected assignment which involves consumption of alcohol. Then we can both have sore heads in the morning." She nods towards the menu he is holding, "Please, get me some Earl Grey if you would, sweeting." Taking up the knife which came with her plate Phil cuts the sandwich in half. "I would be rubbish at running a shop. Either customers would be annoyed because I asked too many questions or slightly unnerved because after asking so many questions I knew them too well."

The auror chuckles at Sorcha's words, but does reach over to take her hand if one is free. Graham considers the idea a moment and nods "I agree, that would be a lot of fun. There are a lot of things to see in London." he looks to Phil as she speaks nodding "I am not sure how i'd do at that myself. I've not thought about it to be honest."

"You better, I spent the night stroking and petting and smoothing out long wooden shafts and tickling bristles…trust me, I was utterly plastered as well. And here I am, right as rain." Laurence flashes a grin before ordering a cup of Earl Grey and a glass of whiskey as well as porridge and sausages for himself before looking back to Phil and the others, leaning back comfortably in his seat. "Aye, we should indeed make an evening out of it."

Holding up her hand Phil says earnestly, "I promise that next time we shall go together." She grins and then does try to make up for disappointing Laurence by adding, "I was going to come see you after I had coffee and a sandwich. I was rather like the walking dead getting this far." She picks up half of the sandwich and bites into it as she nods her dark head. Chewing thoughtfully Phil considers what they could do as a mighty foursome of awesomeness. "We could go to one of those Muggle amusements. Play skittles or that game where you roll balls into one another…it has a French name too."

When Laurence goes on about petting his shafts, Sorcha raises her eyebrows and grins a little, sipping from her cup again before picking up a biscuit to nibble on. "Sounds like a very trying experience. Stuck all alone in your shop with nothing but your wood for company." She nods at Phil's suggestions, "There are some nice pubs that have local bands about. Or we could come up with something fancy to do like go to the theatre or some such."

Graham nods at the acceptance of the night out idea, and tries to ponder some ideas. "Hm both would be fun the open mic bands are very good around town even, there are also some great places to have dinner in London. I've not been to the theater in town, i'm sure there is a performance happening though." he mentions as the plan comes together he looks beside him to Sorcha as she speaks though he'll take a moment to have a drink and bite to eat.

Laurence ahhs softly and thumbs the side of his nose, leaning forward to rest his elbow on the table as he looks from person to person. "Oooo…fancy hunh? We could be all dressed up and slick, go to the theater…pretend to 'ave thousands pairs of shiny toes."

"There are always performances somewhere, it's just a matter of whether they're ones you want to see or not." Sorcha agrees with Graham, nibbling on her biscuit again, "So the question is if we want to go to something we want to see and look about for what's being put on or if we want to go to something where the show itself doesn't matter much and it's more about the going."

Chewing quietly Phil listens as the others verbally bat about ideas. Laurence's reaction sees her eyes crinkling at the corners as she grins. Another bite and she sets the remainder of the half of her sandwich down on the table and wipes her mouth with her napkin. "I think dressing up is a good idea." Not the least of which because she likes getting dolled up and going out. Her fingers reach out to idly toy with the hair at the nape of Laurence's neck. "No art shows though, these two don't much like them." She winks at Graham and Sorcha. "How about a concert? One of those big bands from the States? I rather fancy seeing one of them live."

"Very true, i'm sure we can find something and nothing stopping us from getting dressed up if we want." Graham says pondering a bit further some exact places for dinner though the words about art shows makes him chuckle setting his glass down for the moment "Hm at least no crazy horror-sculptures." he says grinning but continues on after just a moment. "A band would be fun as well." he agrees here as well.

"Aye…don't let her fool you…she just wants to force me to wear fancy shoes and a pocket square." Laurence drawls softly to Sorcha and Graham before his porridge arrives with his coffee and Phil's tea and he nods slowly to himself. "This'll be fun either way…just let me know, hm? I'll bring the alcohol."

"We toughed it out for quite a while with the odd historical bits floating about. Sometimes literally." Sorcha replies with a grin, "Though I'll admit that I do prefer something a bit more action oriented like a show. But an American band could certainly be entertaining. I wouldn't mind that at all." She grins, "Pocket squares even, we'll need to make sure and pick something especially fancy."

Ah tea. Bliss. Phil pours her tea, her movements a timeless ritual of habit honed over the years. No milk, just lemon. No sugar. A purist. She sips her tea and then says, "It was a rather dire show to be fair to both of you." She leans in to sneak one of Laurence's sausages, only for a bite however, before setting it back on his plate. "You always look handsome Laurence, whatever you are or are not wearing - pocket squares included." Phil licks her fingers and then wipes them on her napkin before drinking a little more tea. "How about we try for tomorrow then, or is everyone busy?"

The young man turns to watch each as they speak turning to Sorcha "We certainly did, Keenan must have enjoyed it as he didnt notice we left." Graham sets his mug down before he continues. "I'm not even sure I have that fancy a suit but i'll come up with something." he says grinning taking a drink and bite to eat. "Tomorrow works for me, I have some paper work to do during the day but my evening is free if everyone else can go."

"If I don't have work riding my ars-my apologies ladies, if work isn't terribly busy…" Laurence allows the sausage to be stolen, grinning as he spoons a bit of porridge, hesitating…before he gestures for some brown sugar to be brought to him, which he lowers his eyes for a moment to add, biting his bottom lip before looking back up and nodding as he looks from person to person. "Alright, she's convinced me, I'll be there. But…if only to help Graham here assure you lovely ladies don't get ravished on sight by adoring masses."

"Keenan noticed, he just didn't catch us." Sorcha replies, smiling when Laurence says that he'll be able to make it, "It's settled then. Phil do you already have a show in mind? You seemed like you knew that there'd be something going on, at least. Though I'll admit the first place I'd go to look is the paper." She laughs a little when Laurence says he has to come protect them, "That's very gallant of you."

Phil watches Laurence carefully as he gets his breakfast just right as if he were the baby bear in the fairy tale. She raises her brows, "I had forgotten your brother was at the gallery," the reporter tells Sorcha and also somewhat Graham since he was at this art exhibit too. "There is a show on at the Troxy tomorrow, I noticed it when someone gave me a flyer the other day." She sets her tea aside and pats down her pockets until she comes up with said flyer and sets it on the table. Her head turns and she leans in slightly, murmuring something to Laurence, hoping to catch him mid-bite.

Graham grins and shrugs "Well our stealth still worked somewhat than?" he squeezes the hand he's holding lightly looking. He looks to the others now to see what the answers will be to the questions of where they will go or rather what show they will see on their evening out. "If not we can always look at the paper and send an owl out after or see if we can borrow a paper here, sure someone has one." he says. Phil answers and he nods at the suggestion. "That works." he says simply.

"Mm, art show? Well that would be interesting…" Laurence spoons another bit of porridge with a piece of sausage, taking a bite and chewing slowly before something is being murmured to him and he chokes on a bit of sausage, coughing softly and he swallows patting his cheek, before leaning in before whispering something softly to Phil, eyebrow raising a fraction as he smiles slowly. Then he looks back to Graham and Sorcha.

Picking up the flyer, Sorcha sips her tea and offers it over for Graham to be able to read, too. When Laurence mentions an art show, she raises her eyebrows, "Oh? If that's what you want to go to, that's fine." She looks back at the flyer again to see if it's a theatre piece or a gallery exhibit, "I'm not overly picky when it comes to outings."

Being a kind-hearted and caring girlfriend Phil offers to help, giving Laurence a sturdy whack on the back when he chokes on his sausage. It wasn't like it was her fault he did that. No. Not at all. "I would rather go somewhere were we can dance," says Phil. "I do so love dancing. Dancing and gin and more dancing. But if you would rather go to an art exhibit I am sure there is one on somewhere." She doesn't have any flyers for that it seems.

Graham accepts the flier though as the other two speak low to each other and Laurence begins to choke. He is concerned a moment though it seems okay so no need for help he looks back to Sorcha directly a moment hoping to catch her glance. "I think this is a band I don't remember much about them though." when Phil speaks about getting drinks and dancing he pauses a moment before he speaks. "I'm up for whichever you'd all like to do." he says

Laurence chuckles softly and finishes another spoon of porridge. "I'll just visit my…relative a little earlier and then meet up with you wherever you end up going. If all else fails we'll just meet in an empty field, all dressed up, drink and lay on the ground looking up at the sky all night…I'm a flexible person." He coughs a again and reaches out to pat Phil's thigh, hand slipping to grip her chair to tug it closer as he takes a sip of coffee.

Leaning over to look at the flyer as Graham holds it, Sorcha smiles and nods, "Dancing and drinks sounds delightful. It's settled then, that's what we'll do." When Laurence starts to choke she raises her eyebrows a little, "Are you alright?" But, Phil takes care of everything for him and so the ginger girl sends the dark haired one a curious expression, "It's not a good idea to kill them at supper, you know. The potions I have only help if they're partly maimed, not all the way expired." When Laurence talks about dressing up and going out in a field she raises her eyebrows a little, "Ah… I suppose we could…?" She looks over to Graham curiously to see if he's got an opinion on that one way or another.

The wooden chair makes faint scraping sounds as Phil is pulled closer, that small few feet of space between her and Laurence soon being less than inches. She lets her head fall onto his shoulder as she curls into his side like a somewhat rumpled dress in need of a good stiff ironing. "No, I have decided," she declare. "We are going to the Troxy. Sorcha and I are wearing nice dresses. You two are wearing nice suits and we are going to dance and drink gin and maybe champagne if we can swing it." She sneaks another bite of sausage from Laurence's plate, her own bacon sandwich forgotten - unloved and unwanted.

The auror chuckles as Sorcha speaks "Yes, and i've only a basic knowledge of the anti-choking spell." he adds to her point about trying to take someone out at the pub. Graham listens and is about to answer about the field when the declaration comes forward from the journalist. He isn't able to say. "That works for me as well, perhaps another time it's a wireless and a field with drinks?" he says finishing off his cider.

Laurence points/gestures towards Phil as he wraps an arm around her shoulderly, finger's idly stroking her arm as he has to grin. "I guess then it is decided indeed. The women have spoken…and this woman has stolen my sausage as well, I fear we have no choice Graham, old chap…we'll have to take a raincheck on the whole field thing, aye."

"Graham owes me time in a field anyway, we'll see how enticing that sounds afterwards." Sorcha says with a half grin before she takes another sip of her tea and offers him one of the biscuits on her plate. "But yes, we'll get dressed up and plan on having a lovely evening out tomorrow. Good idea, Phil."

"I am always full of excellent ideas," declares Phil. "It is part of my charm." Though she does look rather disheveled at the moment. Her blue gaze drops to Laurence bowl and seeing that he has consumed his porridge like a good little boy she leans her head back so she can grin at him, "Though it is awful fun going on field trips with Laurence." Eyes still on him she says, "We should go flying again soon. Tuesday maybe." He gets a light peck on the lips before she turns her attention back to Graham and Sorcha. "How about we meet outside the Troxy at around nine?"

Graham looks properly ashamed at Sorcha's words about him owing her though he cant help but grin slightly though it's not his full smile either. "Yes I do." he admits though he knows it's not all fun and games on that front and squeezes her hand giving her a kiss on the cheek in reassurance. He looks back to the other two listening closely he nods in agreement "Nine works for me." he looks back to Sorcha to see if this will work for her as well.

Laurence ahhs softly and just tilts his head to the side. "Tuesday? We'll see." He nods slowly before looking back to Graham and Sorcha. "It would appear we've all got a date…don't be late."

"Nine is perfect, that'll give me plenty of time to close the shop and get dressed." She smiles over to Phil and says, "It's nice to have something to get fancy for from time to time." Turning to Graham, Sorcha laughs lightly, "Yes. But, it happens I suppose. We'll have to come up with a good option for that though there'll be less wireless involved."

"I do so love when everyone agrees with me," says Phil with a grin. A quiet yawn escapes her lips and she syas with a chuckle, "Laurence, I think you had best take me home with you and come up with those creative ways to keep me awake." She picks up her cup and drinks the rest of her tea before saying, "I'll sit and watch while you work with your wood. Maybe make a few notes."

"True." He says in response to his debt to be paid due to his promise. Graham looks back to the others as Phil speaks he cannot help but chuckle "It looks like it, this will be fun." the auror shakes his head "Good to see your in one piece Phil, good to see you again Laurence." he says giving each a nod he looks back to Sorcha "Would you like help with your errands?" he offers to her.

"It is nice when it comes together." Sorcha agrees with Phil with a grin. When Graham asks about her errands she nods, "That would be lovely, thanks." As Phil starts talking about watching Laurence working, she raises her eyebrows, "It sounds as though you have quite an afternoon planned. We certainly wouldn't want to get in the way of that."

Laurence offers Sorcha a wink before offering an arm to Phil so she can take the arm and he can assist her up and out. His lips twitch in a hint of a smile as he tries to keep a straight face. "Ahhh, come along my dear…its time to watch me play with my wood, yes." Then he looks between Graham and Sorcha. "We shall see you tomorrow." He tosses a waves and heads for the exit.

"I said work not play," says Phil. Semantics really. She rises to her feet and takes Laurence's offered arm. "Take care, see you both tomorrow." She leans in towards Laurence then and can possibly be heard joking, "Though if you want to play with things…," as she follows him out of the Cauldron. After all it isn't like she can get anymore rumpled looking right?

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