(1938-08-25) Dancing at the Troxy
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Summary: Phil and Laurence and Sorcha and Graham go on their double date.
Date: 1938-08-25
Location: The Troxy, Limehouse, London
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Located in a part of London which isn't known for being the brightest lit or indeed the safest the Troxy theatre stands out like a glittering beacon midst mundane brick buildings. Decorated with white stucco and housing a large neon sign that flashes its name the building works as a cabaret theatre and houses one of the largest organs in London. Tonight there are bright and colourfully dressed people queuing up for the evening’s entertainment.

The place is indeed a beacon and it's hard to miss with the surrounding buildings as it gets closer and closer to time for the show to start more line up to be ready to enter when able. It's into this another pair make their way to the from down the street Graham and Sorcha make their way walking arm in arm towards the front of the building to meet the others. It's been a fairly easy walk and they slow as they reach the front looking for the others.

Sorcha's wearing a light purple dress with lavender in her hat to match. Her red hair is braided up in a twisting ring around her head that sits her hat in the center and Graham apparently has gotten a matching sprig of the lavender to go in his buttonhole as a posy. Her arm slid through his she glances up at the theatre with a smile, "It looks like Phil knows how to find interesting places, certainly. And popular ones at that."
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Like a pair of glittering stars Phil in her silver dress and diamonds and heels and Laurence in his tailored white suit with its silver buttons and his stylish grey fedora are standing at the front of the nightclub waiting for the arrival of Sorcha and Graham. "I am rather glad the rain held off," she says. "I would hate to see all these women with runny cosmetics." She smirks and hip checks Laurence to see if he is paying attention. But then her own attention wanes somewhat and she catches sight of the younger couple. "They're here." A hand is lifted in a wave.

Graham nods though he glad to be back in the in more well lighted portion of the city, he's got his wand with him of course but he'd not wish to use it. He looks back away from the building to Sorcha nodding "Yes it would seem so, if this is the outside the inside must be packed guess the band is popular." he smiles to her an is excited for a night out if he's nervous about dancing or anything he's not showing it for the moment. He spots the other two and returns the wave turning in that direction. "Good Evening." he says when he's close enough to speak without speaking too loud.

Laurence chuckles softly and offers a bow when he notices Graham and Sorcha arriving and he quirks an eyebrow. "Why…don't you look dazzling, Sorcha dear…and Graham…ever the handsome knight if I do say so myself." He winks and looks to Phil with a hint of a shrug. "Ahh…but I love to see women in wet dresses…" He feigns a pout.

Sorcha smiles when they're close enough to spot Phil and Laurence, "Don't you look lovely." She leans over and gives Phil a quick cheek to cheek kiss, smiling to Laurence, "And very dapper. It seems like your flyer was a grand suggestion, Phil, it's quite busy." She glances at the others out and around, her lace shawl around her arms not really pulled up on her shoulders at the moment with the night still warm enough for it to be extraneous. When Laurence gives her his compliment she curtsies just a little, "Thank you." At the discussion of rain she laughs a little, shaking her head, "But there wouldn't be as many people to watch, either. More would've stayed at home."

With a soft laugh at Laurence's joke Phil turns in and responds to Sorcha's kiss with one of her own. "Thank you. Are you ready to go inside? We shouldn't dally or we will end up with a table too far from the dance floor." She turns and starts to head inside, her shawl slipping down her back a little as she goes. The closer they get to the inside the more opulent things become.

Inside the Art Deco building the decor is lavish and the height of 1930s sophistication. Black lacquer and gold mingle with muted white lights in the shape of fans and colourful block patterns. After leaving anything unnecessary at the coat check you walk up the stairs only to come out on a balcony overlooking the tables and chairs as well as the stage. Up here is the larger of the two bars, its long surface polished to a shine.

The dim lighting is aided by the flickering of candles on each of the circular tables. Below, directly in front of the stage is a large wooden dance floor. On the stage a swing orchestra has set up and is starting to warm up again.

The nightclub is bustling, capable of holding well over a thousand people, it is almost at full capacity. This far into the East End the nightclub caters to more than the usual trade. There are couples of the usual variety but also women with women and men with men - the latter of which is illegal in Muggle Britain. It adds to the heady feel of the place being avant garde.

The opulence is at times in direct contrast with some of those more avant garde elements. If you look hard enough you an see people who bear the haggard tell tale signs of long term abuse of one substance or another are here mingling with the youthful and attractive. Money passes hands here and there and the purchases are not the kind which would meet with the approval of either the Yard or the MLE, but such are the ways of nightclubs. For the majority the drug of choice is alcohol and with enough money this can readily be purchased.

"You both look great as well." The young man returns compliments easily enough, he looks back to Sorcha and nods "That's true, not to mention a slipper dance floor." he says with a chuckle but it seems that they are making their way inside now and so he begins to move that ways as well he's careful to walk without running into others as they move along. Graham is watching around he's not able to completely ignore the goings on but it's not the time for it and he'll move onwards.

Not seeming at all put off by the seedier side of the establishment, Sorcha goes in with the others, watching her step in turn with glancing around at the glitter and extravaganza of the decor. "How marvelous." She grins broadly to Phil as they look around for a table, "Certainly more flashy than a night at a pub." She turns to step out of the way of another couple making their way through as she spots a table not too far from the dance floor area, nodding towards it, "Does that one look good?"

Laurence hmms softly and tilts his head to the side, wrapping an arm around Phil with some protectiveness and he nods to both Sorcha and Graham, biting his bottom lip and nodding slowly. "Wherever you ladies wish to sit, I follow."

"It looks great," says Phil. She is either oblivious to the seedier side of life or in her line of work so used to it she doesn't feel it is worth mentioning or showing recognition of it. "It really is a beautiful space. I like how intimate it feels despite being so large and grand." She walks with them, arm around the back of Laurence's waist, as they move to the table Sorcha pointed out. "I hope you like the music. It is quite different from wizarding music."

Graham is still able to focus on the important part his date able to help her not run into anyone along the way as well giving a gentle steadying squeeze when necessary. He looks towards the table which is pointed out near the dance floor a moment before responding "That looks good to me." he says thinking it's nicely centered. He looks to listen to Phil and Laurence as they speak "I'm sure it will be great, we like to visit the clubs around town often as well to listen to new bands." he says

As people begin to settle the band starts to play some quick-paced instrumental numbers, the kind people can talk over. Some dedicated dancers score tables and move straight to the floor, most however are biding their time and getting drinks first. Pretty women in tight bodices and short ruffled skirts move through the room, circling the tables selling cigars and cigarettes, calling out, "Cigars. Cigarettes. Matches."

Nodding, Sorcha agrees as they get to the table, stepping over to take one of the seats nearer to the floor. "We mostly see pub bands, that's what I'm more familiar with. Or go to open nights when they let anybody take the stage. You can hear some surprising treats then, too." She drapes her shawl over the back of the seat, glancing around at all the people for a moment. When one of the cigarette girls comes by she shakes her head with a smile, not apparently one to smoke, or at least not this early in the evening.

Shrugging off her shawl as she sits Phil is too wound up to stay still long. Her foot begins to tap as she watches the band. "I've never had much luck with pub music. I always end up there on the night some guy with a nose organ plays his repetitive repertoire of poor songs." She looks around and grins, "I think that man over there is a film star. The one all the people are watching."

The young man also shakes his head in turn with the offer. "No thank you." at the vendors passing by so far at least. Graham looks back towards the stage as the band starts to play taking a seat next to Sorcha as she sits. "It sounds good to me." he says listening to the music but glad as well that they can still speak without too much trouble. "Hm we'll have to see if we can break that streak sometime." he says with a chuckle he glances the way she motions "Interesting. Not sure I would want to be that famous." he adds with a small laugh.

The man in question, the film star, is signing autographs while a pouting buxom starry eyed girl sits next to him sipping champagne. Handsome in the smooth way that some Englishmen have the wavy cast of his hair makes him look debonair. Soon however even he tires of it and waves people off, turning his attention to his 'date.'

"Oh, I don't know. Having people reserve you tables and seats at theatres, letting you go ahead of lines." Sorcha says, "It wouldn't be all bad." She watches the table with the film star and his lady friend with a smile, "You're sure you wouldn't like it even just a little bit if girls fawned all over you the moment you walked into a room? And people were offering you things left and right just for being at their club?"

Laurence removes his hat, setting it carefully on the edge of the table before pulling out a chair for Phil as needed and he scans the room thoughtfully before looking back to Phil and Sorcha. "As long as you two beautiful lilies fawn over Graham and I…I believe we'll be able to survive not being as famous as others, hmm?"

"I think it would be interesting for a while," admits Phil as she too watches the film star. "Eventually though I would want privacy. I wouldn't want people knowing that I walked around in the altogether in my house for instance. Those newshounds peeking through curtains." Newshounds like…her. Her head turns towards Laurence and she grins, "I think you're guaranteed at least some fawning from me but I don't know if Sorcha plans to fawn over you or wishes me to fawn over Graham." A little impish grin flashes across her face.

Graham looks back more directly to Sorcha as she speaks "I dunno I kind of like making my own plans I do okay with it after all. I guess the fans might be exciting for a moment, but definitely don't want anyone but you fawning over me. With an equal dose of keeping you up to date on books and adventures." he shakes his head un-able to imagine being famous. He leans over to give her a kiss to the cheek from where he's sitting. He looks back to the others grinning "Yeah, I wouldn't want folks poking around my house, much either."

"Mm." Sorcha says when everyone else seems to shy away from the light of fame, "Well, I suppose fawning in limited quantities will have to be enough." She grins at Laurence and shakes her head, "I don't think that would be a good idea particularly either. We'll just have to stick to individual fawning for now." When Graham kisses her cheek she smiles again, glancing around for the waitress, "Are we going to order drinks? I'd imagine as people start getting out to dance it'll be harder to get waited on this close to the floor?"

As the second song comes to an end there is a quiet round of applause. The lights on the stage lower becoming a single spotlight. Into the spotlight steps a beautiful dark-skinned woman. "Good evening, welcome to the Troxy," she says in a husky voice. "Tonight we have the great pleasure of an orchestra of musicians from across the pond. They have kindly deigned to let me sing with them later but for now I turn it over to them." She steps aside and the lights widen revealing the leader of the big band, in his hand he has a clarinet. He bows to the room then turns back to his band. The music starts slow and quickly builds up pace. This is the era of big band swing and it has just started arriving in Britain.

Laurence just smiles softly and quirks an eyebrow. "Very well, alas…I must resign myself to fawning over my little diamond here…as well as perhaps tiny fawns at this handsome stud…" He gestures to Graham. Then he turns to look at the dance floor, staring at the dark skinned woman and hmmming softly. "…indeed…" Then back to Phil. "What would you like to drink my dear?"

"Gin and tonic," says Phil. It is her favourite poison after champagne. "Let's leave them to get drinks and we can go dance, Sorcha." She pecks Laurence on the cheek, her painted lips leaving a brand upon him that she doesn't even attempt to wipe away. Turning her head to the red-haired beauty she asks, "Shall we?"

The young man returns the smile draping his arm across the chair and to Sorcha's shoulder. Graham turns to look as theys speak from the stage and than the band picks back up into full swing as it were. "Drinks are a good idea, sure can grab those if you'd like to dance. What would you like?" he asks his date but pondering what he'd like even while he does this.

"Yes, please." Sorcha offers to Phil with a bright grin, scooting her chair back a bit in the process. When Graham asks what she'd like she says, "Ah… Gin fizz for me, please." She leans in and drops a kiss on Graham's cheek as well before standing up and moving to the side of the table to met Phil when she comes towards the floor, "I don't believe I've danced to this style before."

Laurence laughs softly and lifts a hand to wave to Phil, cautioning Sorcha. "She will wear you out little firefly." He grins before looking to Graham and shrugging. "We're very lucky…" Then he's ordering Phil's Gin and Tonic and his own whiskey.

"Ah," says Phil as she takes Sorcha by the arm and leads her to the dance floor which is already filling with people. "The trick is to move a lot and just not care what you look like." She looks for suitable space and guides Sorcha there. "It is meant to be fun. If something is meant to be fun you shouldn't worry about it but just enjoy it." But even so Phil offers to be the lead, guiding Sorcha through the dance.

Graham smiles returning the kiss after it's given the drink order gets a nod in understanding. "Coming right up." he's glad that she seems to be enjoying herself for the moment. "You'll be great." he offers to Sorcha as she moves towards the dance floor. He looks back once they move so that he can order her's and his drinks though not big on drinking usually he orders a whiskey sour. He looks back as he's spoken to "That is for certain." he agrees turning back to watch the dancing a moment while he waits for the drinks.

She seems to pick up the moves pretty quickly, mimicking Phil and then improvising some of her own twists and turns in the motions on the floor as she sees what some of the others are doing around them. Sorcha doesn't seem to be at all concerned about what anybody else is going to think of what she's doing, kicking up her feet and spinning in time with the music as different beats pick up and slow down and the sultry singer adds her voice to the band's music.

Laurence puts two fingers to his mouth to whistle when Phil begins dancing and he flashes a grin before tapping a foot to the music, leaning back comfortably in his chair, tapping a finger against his chin and looking thoughtful.

Dancing is one of those things Phils are good at. Actually she is sickeningly good at many things, dancing being one of them. With a laugh as Sorcha adapts her style to suit the music and mimic others Phil follows suit, twisting the younger woman through a series of spins and Lindy hops. The fast pace of the music and the need to keep time with it soon has her rosy cheeked and a bit breathy. Hearing the whistle she turns and blows Laurence a kiss then motions for him to come join her.

The auror claps to the beat a moment before he pauses just to watch as the dancing continues grinning as it seems Sorcha is able to pick up and even add to the movements going on from the floor. Graham is enjoying the music it self the upbeat tempo and various instruments being played together.

Doing alright, Sorcha seems to hold her own but isn't as good as Phil as they spin around. She does seem to keep the beat well which makes up for a lot, grinning as Laurence whistles at them. She gives Graham a little wave before she laughs as Phil spins her again and she twists with the turn to add to the swing of the steps.

Laurence holds up a one moment finger, getting to his feet and gesturing for Graham. "Go sweet them off their feet mate, I need to check something." He turns to head towards the exit for a moment.

A man comes and taps on Phil's shoulder. She turns and smiles. When he asks her to dance she laughs and nods then says to Sorcha, "Go grab Graham for a dance." Even going so far as to give the apothecary a gentle push towards the auror Phil then turns away and allows herself to be swept off in a series of fast twirls and moves by another man.

Heading back over to the table, Sorcha reaches down and picks up her glass for a drink, catching her breath. She smiles to Graham and tilts her head towards the dance floor, "Want to give it a go? Or are you lads having a chat up here at the table while we're off flouncing about?" She grins at Phil dancing with the other man on the floor before turning back to Graham again.

Graham smiles big returning the wave back to his date gladly. He looks across the table as the other speaks he raises his eyebrow but this time it's not his place to protect the other and he'll only nod in understanding. The young man will push his seat back wishing his liquid courage had got here first dark wizards no problem dancing *gulp*. Not that he cant just doesn't often. Not giving himself time to overthink he swings Sorcha back onto the dance floor giving her a grin and deciding just to go for it. He watches the scene un-fold better now than never he increases his pace to slide into her arms just in time to the music picking up the best he can where they'd left off. "Evening Miss O'shea." he says with a grin. It seems the question is answered.

The club is buzzing, filled nearly to capacity. People are laughing, dancing, chatting - all the usual things people do when out for a good time. The large dance floor is becoming more crowded but plenty of people are still just seated and enjoying the music as well as the company they are with.

Phil's silver dress glitters and sparkles as she is spun around the dance floor. She tries to get a look at Sorcha and Graham, hoping to find them dancing since that was the point of the evening.

Laughing when Graham steps in to swirl her back out, "Hello, Mr. Cohen. Fancy meeting you here." She takes a few moments to show him some of the steps she learned from Phil as they were out on the floor. She uses the tempo of the music to take advantage of the slower steps first, then following it by speeding up as the pace allows for it.
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He grins as he is able to catch her off guard a bit at least. Graham nods as she speaks "Quite the coincidence. Guess i'm just lucky." he says with a wink, but he is able to keep up for the moment moving your feet is an important auror feat and he applies it to what he was able to learn from watching the dancing going on. He twists when he's supposed to and is able to up the pace even once he's caught up able to spin her over along with many of the others.

As the song comes to an end the band moves seamlessly into another, this one slower, a bit of a breather but also more romantic.

Laurence returns from what he had to do, heading towards where Phil is, drifting towards the dance floor and smiling softly as he shakes his head and moves up behind Phil on the dance floor, swaying a bit to the new rhythm. "May I have this dance lovely?"

The man she is dancing with looks disappointed but Phil just waves him off. "Of course you can. After all, it would be rude of me to not dance with the person I came with." Phil turns to face Laurence and smiles up at him. "Everything okay?" she asks softly as she begins to move, mirroring him in the dance. She is aware of where he planned to go earlier in the day and is looking for signs of distress on his face.

When the pacing of the music changes, Sorcha slides in front of Graham with a grin, letting him take the lead of course as the slower number picks up, "Enjoying yourself?" She glances over at the couple next to them and avoids running into anybody with a deft step to the side, "I know you aren't necessarily quite as thrilled with crowded spots, but I appreciate you venturing out in any case despite that."

Laurence slips his arms around Phil's waist and sways a bit, laughing softly and arching an eyebrow. "Y-yeah…just had to step off for a bit, thought I recognized somebody, don't worry about it….hm? You enjoying yourself Philomena?"

Graham looks to his dance partner and is glad he's not done to badly for himself as the music changes he is able to catch his pace. He smiles as she moves up to him reaching out to take her hand and his other moving around to her waist though pressed closer together. He is able to move so they have a bit more room to dance, he begins with a simple sway before he leads a bit of a circle. "I am actually, I like it when you smile and are having fun." he says honestly.

With a smile on her face Phil reaches up to wrap her arms around Laurence's neck, pulling herself in closer to him. "I am having a lovely time. Great music. A beautiful place. Good friends. And you're just the icing on my tasty little cake of goodness at the moment." She leans in to murmur quietly to Laurence.

"Good, I like it when you smile and are having fun as well." Sorcha replies with a grin up at Graham. She sways with him easily on the floor, keeping her feet out of the way of his as they twirl around, "Have you gotten everything all arranged for your birthday trip?" She seems to think of something and frowns just a bit, "Is that business from the other day at work going to mean that you can't take your time off at all?"

Laurence tugs Phil closer so he can tilt his head and murmurs softly in her ear in Greek before smiling slowly to himself and shrugging a shoulder as he steps back to twirl Phil if allowed. "Well, at least I'm a tasty pastry…does this mean there will be licking somewhere in this evening or must I continue to use my imagination he teases softly.."

Somewhere nearby Mr Filmstar and his lady friend take to the dance floor. Mingling with various other arrangements of couples.

He is careful still with the dancing but it's a bit easier at this pace at least for the moment. Graham is still smiling as he looks to her giving a small laugh again. "It's our trip which just so happened to fall near my birthday." he corrects teasing. He leans in at her last words kissing her lips quickly "After that business i'd think they'd see rebellious me if they were to try." he says speaking close to her before he leans back up and continues the dance.

Phil closes her eyes briefly and then looks up at Laruence and says with a grin, "I have started to look up these words you say." As he twirls her around she laughs and comes back to face Laurence all too readily. When she spins back to Laurence Phil answers his question by leaning in tease, "All you have to do is ask nicely and you can bring your imagination to life."

"Is that it?" Sorcha asks him with a grin, returning the kiss lightly as he drops it, "I thought they saw you rebellious already? Wasn't that the problem?" She steps into the turn and continues to lean into the dance a little as they keep moving on the floor, the film star not getting a lot of attention from her at this point, "So I take it you've settled on everywhere that we're going, then?"

"For the sake of your precious innocence…I hope the words aren't in any of the dictionaries that are easy to find…" Laurence drawls softly and waggles his eyebrows before tilting his head to the side. "Must you tempt me you sultry little minx…" He tsks softly before looking over to Sorcha and Graham, smiling fondly before turning back to Phil.

"It is more precious to you than to me," says Phil with a soft laugh. She lets her fingers curl in the hair at the nape of Laurence's neck and grins, "You say that as if you do not love every moment, every tug or tingle or frustrating groan from a bad pun." Her attention shifts however and she looks over at Sorcha and Graham and jokes, "We could leave them and run off."

Graham smiles and giving a sigh but it's not real "You are probably right." he spins her around again though looks thoughtful "They should be impressed, I caught what should have been my better napping." he gives her a wink at his intentionally vague words given the crowd around them. He nods to her last question "Absolutely, our travel and accommodations are all set. Of course if you think of anything you'd like to do side-trip or anything, they can be changed easily enough."

"Well, I don't know, you haven't given me an itinerary yet to make side trips from." Sorcha says with a teasing grin, leaning in to kiss Graham lightly once again as they move around the floor, "But, I must say I'm afraid my drink is watering down." And, with that, she turns them towards the table to make their way back to the cups, alternating between the table with drinks and the dance floor as the mood strikes until it's time for all and sundry to be sent back to their resting places for the evening.

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