(1938-08-26) Quidditch Camp, Day 1
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Summary: The first day of Quidditch Camp, hosted by the Appleby Arrows and Madam Hooch.
Date: August 26, 1938
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To get to the fun part of Camp, all the checking in, introductions and orientation doldrums is over and done with! The campers have been invited to the Pitch for the fist activity. Linc Palancher, beater for the Appleby Arrows and son of the Department Head of Sports and Games is leaning on a dummy that is set up in the center of the pitch. The dummy is covered in suit that in turn is covered in thousands of different sized pockets, each pocket has a small bell sewn onto it. In the air above him is a floating, but stationary dummy similarly with belled pockets, several yards higher away is a dummy that is dancing and floating in the air. "Welcome everyone, to a Camp favorite event. Pickpocketing! These three gents as you can see have hundreds of pockets to choose from. This exercise is great for Chasers and Seekers and is not at all about larceny — I promise." There's the trademark Palancher's Grin. "Everyone starts off down on the ground here with Mister Palancher here. Very simple, reach into his pocket and collect your prize. IF the bell goes off - remove your hand without the prize and return to the back of the line. Once you've successfully gotten a prize from him, you'll mount your broom and go for the second one and do the same thing, onwards to Fred Astaire and the same with him."

Holding her broom, Josie is in line with all the other campers, and grinning practically ear-to-ear in excitement over everything. When the first activity is revealed, she blinks, staring from the dummy to Linc in surprise. "Oh, this is going to be so easy."

Hephaesta blinks at Josie, clutching her broom like a security blanket. "Easy? How am I supposed to get anything out of those pockets without ringing a bell? Give me an hour and some strings and a pulley, and maybe…" She grimaces woefully at the dummies.

Claire has her old model broom clenched in her left hand as she gets into the line. She rocks slightly onto her toes, scanning the campers to search out what teammates of hers have made it to camp. Not that she needs to go up on tiptoes to see over heads, having managed to grow another inch over the summer. She switches from holding her broom to letting it hover beside her as she stretches her fingers. Curiously, she isn't wearing the fine leather quidditch gloves she had started wearing last year.

Linc claps and grins and puts a whistle into his mouth and gestures towards Josie and then the dummy as he takes several steps back away to give her plenty of space. He takes position at the head of the line and taps shoulders when it's their turn.

Josie grins to Hephaesta, and says, "It's all in the motion. Steady, don't shake. Used to do this all the time and haven't made a bell ring since I was eight." She grins and sets down her broom as she steps up to the dummy. Overconfidence is a bad thing in general, though, especially when one tries to show off. She steps up to the dummy and past, but jumps as a train whistle sounds from the dummy. Turning red she picks up her broom and steps back to the line.

Hephaesta nods to Josie, nibbling at her lip. Her confidence is not helped when even the nimble-fingered young girl sets off a bell. At Linc's tap, she approaches the dummy warily, the click-whirr-click-whirr of her clockwork leg brace demonstrating just how stealthy she isn't. She gives it her best try, slipping her fingers into a pocket, and…she squeaks in alarm to the sound of an elephant trumpeting! "Meep!" She dips her head in a habitual move to hide her face behind her hair, but it's tied back in a braid in preparation for broomflying. So her blush is evident for all to see as she passes to get to the back of the line.

Claire reaches out to clap Phae on the back as she passes. "Good try, just getting warmed up, don't get too hung up on it," she says, aggressively supportive. She rolls her shoulder while stepping up to the dummy, arcing her wrist over the shoulder to pick a pocket sewn to the back of its shoulder. Her elbow hits its ear though, and the pop of fireworks chases her to the back of the line.

Linc claps and smiles warmly giving each contestant encouragement. "Next time, next time! Good try, good try! Next…" Tap to the shoulder. "This time it'll be a big prize!"

This time, Josie takes a few moments to get into the right headspace. When her turn comes along again, she's no longer grinning, looking like anybody walking down the street. She walks by the dummy without even looking at it, a hand subtly slips in and out of a pocket on the way by. Only when she's past the dummy does she look at what she got, unrolling an autographed poster the Pride of Portree. "Wow," she says, grinning. She rolls and pockets this as she mounts her broom as instructed.

Hephaesta gives Claire her best effort at an encouraging smile. But hey, if her captain couldn't do it, she doesn't feel quite as ashamed. "Even your drills aren't this hard, Cameron." When her turn comes up again, she tries to steady her breathing, moving slowly and…BOOONG! The deafening ring of a gong announces her failure.

Claire makes a go for a more accessible pocket on the dummy's front, braced for an alarm to go off, and blinks in surprise when it doesn't. Flashing the prize she pulls gloatingly, she says, "I'll just have to make them harder this year, won't I?"

Linc cheers for Josie and Claire's prize of a Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broom Care. "Now, those with prizes, feel free to put them down on the sidelines, I'll keep an eye on them after the event there'll be a gift exchange if people want to wheel and deal for someone else's prizes. Those that have gotten a prize. Take flight up to the second dummy and give it a try!

Josie smiles, taking a poster from her pocket again, putting it on sideline as Linc said. Then, her expression is serious again as she flies up towards the next dummy. She's a little less subtle this time, as pickpocketing while flying is harder, but she flies away from the dummy without setting anything off. She flies back down to set a pack of self shuffling playing cards, decorated with team logos and star players on the backs, beside her poster, a big grin on her face.

Hephaesta's squeal of triumph carries across the pitch as she produces a pair of Paint Bludgers without so much as a goose honk from the enchanted bells. "Cameron! Jojo! I did it!" She limps over to the sidelines to deposit her prize, her embarrassment having turned to beaming pride.

Elise has been watching the pick-pocketing with a bit of trepidation on her pale little face. "I've never tried something like that before," she murmurs to whomever is standing closest to her. "Mother would have skinned me /alive/." She's got her fancy Ravenclaw-themed broom clutched tightly in her hands, but isn't dressed in anything blatantly House-oriented, otherwise, just mauve robes and ribbons in her hair.

Nova 's been watching from the sidelines, not really all that good with kids, instead, she's glowering as she watches. Picking up on a few things she can point out to Linc, to tell certain kids to improve. She'll huff, raising an eyebrow and just shaking her head. Every once in a while, she'll say something that's meant to be encouraging,like, "Well, that didn't suck." strangely enough, that's what's really kind of expected from her, and most of the kids that follow the Arrows would know that, and eat it up.

Graham enters onto the pitch it's definitely not his normal place to be not even while in school though he does have his work broom which he sets lightly in a case of brooms before he continues. He's changed from his work robes and now is more relaxed in a dressed down suit. He looks about at the games going on and finds or rather hears the voice of a friend finding Nova he chuckles making his way over "Ah, Miss Nova, quite motivating indeed. How have you been?" he jokes giving a grin.

Elise's turn, now. She walks up to the dummy and tilts her head this way and that, studying it from every angle like it's the OWLS. Tentatively, she reaches her hand toward a pockket on the dummy's hip - and somehow she manages to pull it off! She comes back beaming. "Look!" she says to the others. "I got a charm bracelet!" She eyes the logo on the dangling charm. "For the Ballycastle Bats," she adds.

Josie cheers for Hephaesta as she gets it, "Knew you could do it!" And, another cheer for Elise, clapping as she watches and waits for her turn to take on the third dummy.

Nova sighs, looking to Graham , "Linc guilted me. You?" And then she'll narrow her eyes, "Pain is motivational."

Quietly waiting in line, Elspeth hasn't been very vociferous, putting all her attention into every drill. This one she remembers, and she sets herself low on her broom when she's given the go ahead. There's a squeak when her hand reaches into the dummy's pockets, but it's not from the dummy. It's from the plushie snidget that she quickly tucks under her arm as she zips away.

Linc tosses a wink over to Nova and then claps and cheers for the prizes and gives pats on the back to those that don't succeed, "Next time." Cue more Palancher GrinTM. He gives his whistle a blow and waves for those at the third dummy to give it a go!

The young man holds his hands in surrender "Fair enough. I guess I can see that point." Graham says in response to Nova though he turns to watch a few more of the students go through the games at hand before turning back "I've been trying to help out when i'm able, though have been busy lately very tired today. Believe it or not I went dancing last evening." he explains "Hows the team and everything going?"

Linc calls, "Make sure everyone has a go, but if you finish all three you can start all over again!"

Hephaesta carefully mounts her broom, flashing a smile to Josie. The girl's usual awkwardness vanishes as she takes to the air, and suddenly she's as graceful as a bird. She zips up to the floating dummy, and with a delicate touch, manages a second pocket picked. This time she pulls out an animated figure of…Linc Palancher? Complete with Sparkling Palancher Grin ActionTM? She eyes the game's host suspiciously.

Smiling when it comes to her turn again, flying up and past the third dummy, it almost looks like she didn't try, except she's holding a rather large package as she flies back around towards the sidelines. "Phae! Look! A full set of real Dragon leather Quidditch pads!" She's definitely excited about this prize.

Nova makes a drinking motion towards Linc, indication he owes her. Glancing to Graham before turning and yelling at someone shorter than her, "Focus!" A huff and she'll respond to Graham, "Dancing, huh? And your feet did not fall off? congratulations." She'll give a half wolfish grin,"Next thing you know, you may even be having fun, be care-Hey! you will end up eating dirt on a broom, if you don't pay attention!" Sighng, clearly annoyed, "This is how people die…"

Elise hops onto her broom to have a go at the second dummy. She approaches it much like the first - she zooms toward it and makes three tight circles, studying the dummy from all angles. She certainly knows how to keep her seat on a broom - for a 12-year-old, she's quite good! Her hand darts out at the same time that she tilts on the broom, so it's all one smooth action - and she zips away with her prize. The dummy remains silent. She lands and shows off her booty - Tutshill Tornadoes Team Spirit Pendant Banner. "Nice!" she says appreciatively.

Graham rolls his eyes at the others words. "Not as of yet, I didnt even step on toes or anything go figure? I didnt say I couldn't dance just that I didnt often." The auror's words are cut off as she shouts again some suggestions for not falling off the broom. "I believe that's why we're here to make sure they don't get hurt badly if they do fall off." he says being cheerful which probably wont help the other but it's his default state.

Linc points to his trademark grin indicating to Nova that he'll give her booze a plenty, if she gives smiles a plenty! To Phae he chuckles, "Lucky pick of the draw! Well done!" He even swoons himself at the prize Josie got. "Mind you, you're lucky that was still in, nearly pinched it myself." He winks to the pick pocketing master and then returns to cheering everyone on and making sure things run smoothly.

This time, Elspeth advances faster, watching her housemate with a little half smile, and chuckling to herself at the doubtful look cast towards Linc. After Elise makes her pass, the redheaded Ravenclaw goes for the dummy, moving faster this time, with her snidget safely tucked away in a pocket. She swoops by, her hand snatching at the dummy, and this time coming away with a Appleby Arrows clanker.

Hephaesta beams proudly at Josie. "That's fantastic! I suppose I may be seeing you on the pitch this year!" She giggles happily at the notion, despite the fact that the girls would be playing against each other. Pulling her attention back to the task at hand, she flies up toward the dancing dummy. She hovers a moment, watching the thing. "It's just physics, Phae…" Her observation pays off. When she identifies the part of the dancer that is moving the least, she zips in, dipping her fingers into the pocket at that location, and circles away, clutching a sphere with two goldfish inside, the bottom of the bowl designed to look like a Quidditch pitch — a novelty item, with fish food that changes the fish's colours to team colours.

Phae gets the 'nice' Appleby Arrows player. At least, the one that she draws out smiles at her. Elspeth draws out a Nova that keeps whacking at her hand with its broom, and ends up getting dropped with a squeak of surprise. She did get a prize, and get away clean… except that the prize gets away, too.

"Good job, Elspeth! Well done, Hephaesta!" Elise has her game face on, now. She narrows her eyes at the dancing dummy high in the air and kicks off the ground like a shot from a cannon. She zips past for her first look, zooms in close, pulls up, reaches out - and comes away with something large and black in her hands. For a second, whatever prize it is that she's claimed seems to overbalance her, and she starts to fall earth-ward. She stays calm, goes with it, and turns it into a barrel-roll instead, pulling up next to Linc and brandishing her treasure. It's a shiny black metal megaphone, medium-sized. "Oh, look at this," she says, all excited. She reaches out to twist the mouthpiece, and the black color magically changes, displaying various team colors, logos, and mottos. "FANTASTIC!" she shouts happily.

Nova chuckles at Graham, but the scowls at Linc. Instead of retaliating, she'll turn and growl at the nearest kid, "Really? Pick it up the pace!" She'll chuckle at Elspeth's luck, although notes which kid ti is, to go talk to her later.

Josie grins to Phae and nods quickly, "I hope so! Been practicing with Demetrius all summer so I can try out for the Gryffindor team." She grins at Linc too, and as soon as she realizes she's allowed a second run through the dummies, she she re-enters the line. Once again, she looks casual again as she walks by the standing dummy, coming away with a Quaffle-shaped bag of balloons.

Hephaesta comes down in lazy circles, finally hovering just a few inches off the ground at the sidelines, where she can deposit her treasures. For the time being, she remains there, floating on her broom. She give Elise an excited wave. "Well done, Harper!"

Linc leans over to help himself to a twist of the mouthpiece on Elise's Prize. It of course changes to the Appleby Arrows theme. He gives her a wink and then blows his whistle to get another round of larceny going.

Elspeth decides that she probably shouldn't let the prize fall to the ground, so she dives down for it before joining the line for a second round at the dummies. She almost bumps into the first one since she's hurrying to change her course and keep her place in line after rescuing the feisty Appleby Arrow and hastily stuffing her in a pocket. She comes away with a bludger… no, wait, that's lint. Shaped like a bludger.

"If I can get a spot on the Ravenclaw team," Elise says to Josie, "And you're on Gryffindor's, we're going to have /so/ much fun!" She grins at Hephaesta and waves back. "Thanks!" She beams when Linc twists the mouthpiece to the Appleby Arrows theme and brandishes it happily before putting it in her pile of prizes. When it's her turn to approach the dummy on the ground she filches a Galleon from one of the pockets. "Wow!"

A little disappointed with her last ball of lint, Elspeth swoops determinedly close to the next dummy. This time, the squeak doesn't come from a plushie, it comes from the dummy itself, as do the bells and flatulent noises that fill the air. The Ravenclaw hunkers down on her broom and zooms towards the last one, trying to look really small and escape notice.

Nova sighs, as it looks like the kids are starting to wind down. She'll give a half grin to Elsie as Linc changes the colors to the Arrows. Picking up her own broom she'll make her way over to Linc and and between gritted teeth, "Why is it I'm the only one here besides you?" she'll nod at one of the kids holding up a prize.

Josie nods quickly to Elise and says, "Yeah!" Then, she mounts her broom and takes her turn at the second dummy again. Once again, she passes the dummy without it making a sound, and returns to the sidelines as she looks at her prize. She gives a cheer as she sees it, "20 sickles of free candy at Harkiss'!"

"Ooh, good one, Josie!" Elise comments. The next time she goes for the second dummy, she decides to test her broom-flying skill. She flips so that she's upside-down, with her legs and one hand keeping her quite secure. The wind whips her mauve robes around her and her hair is coming out of the ribbons enough to make her look half-wild, but none of that matters. She drops a hand into a pocket and comes out with a small action figure. She lands to show it off. "Oh, WOW!" she says. "A Hadrian Higgs doll! Look, he's holding up a tiny snitch! I have to get his autograph on this!"

In the sky a blur can be seen growing closer and closer until the blonde haired figure of Michel flies into view. He lowers his broom onto the side lines and dismounts it with a bright smile. He has a dark blue cloth bag in one hand and is holding his broom in the other. Dressed fairly casual with a well fitting robe on over his clothes he looks around with a smile trying to see what he has missed.

There are death defying stunts…then there are stunts that can be handled by people who take to flying like a fish to water…thankfully, Laurence is doing neither as he is right above the level where normal Quidditch games are played, just above the clouds is where a certain individual wearing a white trench-coat, over his usual light grey colors and somehow his fedora stays in place. He's dropped his gear and such off at a safer location but now he just hovers and watches the children and such interact, actually leaning forward to rest his elbow on the broom handle and hand cupping his cheek. Noothing to see here.

From the direction of the camp proper, another broom-mounted figure whooshes in, buzzing over Linc and Nova — Rolanda Hooch, Hogwarts Flying Instructor. "You're not!" She says to the American chaser with a smile. "The rest of your teammates are making plans for tomorrow back at the camp." She touches down with the ease and grace of a natural broom-rider. She props her broom against her shoulder, looking up at the young riders. "I see a fine crop here. Davies! Harper! Masterson! I expect we'll be seeing you at tryouts when school starts!"

Elise squeals in excitement. "Yes, ma'am!" she tells Professor Hooch.

Josie looks up and waves as Madam Hooch flies in, nodding quickly to what she says, "I can't wait! Been practicing all summer! Really hope I make the team."

Hooch nods firmly in response to Josie and Elise. Then she lifts her gloved hand, and brings it down suddenly in a commanding gesture. "Feet on the ground, campers! Time for the gift swap!"

Elspeth comes to a landing with the other Ravenclaw campers, her broom in her right hand as she watches Madam Hooch. She gives a little grimace as she feels yet another kick from the Nova action figure in her pocket.

Claire has been watching her younger housemates with an eagle-eye. Best way to get a feel for the rookies, sometimes they're too nervous at try-outs to give their best performance. Scouting is more important to her than pocket picking, subtlety is not high on the list of necessary beater skills, so she only has the broom maintenance book she won at the start. "Whatcha get, Els?" she calls out, sauntering towards the girl.

Hephaesta finally sets down on the ground again, landing gingerly with a click and a squeak. She steps up to Claire and the others, clutching her own prizes: Paint Bludgers (for harmless practice with paint instead of bruises), a Linc Palancher action doll, and some colour-changing Quidditch fish.

Josie had only really been hovering a few feet in the air waiting for her next turn, so when Hooch calls she just dismounts and steps over with her broom to where she set all her prizes.

Elise sets down her broom and looks at her little pile apprehensively. " Must we swap everything?" she asks. "I'd like to keep some of these." She's eying the doll, the bullhorn, and the money in particular.

Hooch chuckles, walking up to the mini swap meet that's forming. Already, many of the campers are excitedly trading prizes. "You can keep or swap whatever you like."

Nova will make her way over to the girl,Elspeth, who got stuck with the Nova doll, "Is it giving you problems?" Nova extends her hand, asking for the doll. Her expression is hard to read.

"Does anyone want a Linc Palancher doll? Or these fish? No swap needed, really." Hephaesta offers them up freely. "They're lovely, but I haven't got much use for them."

"One lovely silver charm bracelet for the Ballycastle Bats," Elise calls. "A Tutshill Tornadoes Team Spirit Pendant Banner!" The money and the doll go inside the megaphone, which she stands near, not wanting to give them up. "Anyone? Anyone?"

Elspeth turns first to Claire, beaming from her last catch. "I am having tickets to an Appleby Arrows game," she tells her House Captain in subdued tones, not wanting the words to carry too far… and then one of the players for said team is talking to her. She freezes, and blushes, then nods. With a wince, she reaches into her pocket, and pulls it out, biting at her lower lip as the mini-Nova recommences striking at her hand with the broom.

Nova rolls her eyes, "The company thinks they are being funny." She'll take the doll from Elspeth and will hold it up so she can glare at it a moment, and then she squeezes, not enough to break said toy, but definitely enough to get it's attention. She then growls something low, in a foreign language. the doll freezes, almost scared . Turning it around, Nova pulls out a pen to scribble her name on it's back. She'll hand the mini Nova back, "If it keeps misbehaving, threaten to feed it to Octo."

Josie takes a couple minutes, looking through her stuff to decide what she wants to keep and what to trade. She looks up to Hephaesta, "I'll take the doll, want a bag of balloons or deck of cards?"

"Oi!" Laurence cups his hands around his mouth as he swings his legs over and around, sitting on his broom like a bench as he carefully begins lowering himself down. "How come /I/ never get any special gifts…I mean all I brought were sweets and…oh a few brooms…and I think I have some money on me some where…" He pats his chest and jacket. He pauses to grin and shake his head as he winks at Hooch. "Ahh…Madam…don't you look as beautiful as usual…"

"Oh, Elspeth, how lucky!" Elise beams at the other girl's good fortune, and sends Nova a sweet smile. She looks curiously at Hephaesta's fish. "Are those alive?" she asks curiously. She whips around at the mention of sweets. "Hello!" she calls happily.

Hephaesta hands over the doll to Josie without question. Her eyes light up at the mention of the balloons. "Ooh, I'll bet I could use the balloons…for something, anyhow." Others might see novelties and collector's items. Phae sees components. A familiar voice catches her attention, and she gives Laurence a wave and a smile. "Hullo, Mr. Toulson!" She lifts up the glass sphere for Elise to see. Indeed, the fish are alive and swimming about. "It's got special food that will change their colour to Quidditch team colours."

Elspeth grins to Elise at the sharing of good fortune, but she keeps her attention trained mostly on Nova. "Who is being Octo?" she asks hesitantly, looking up (yes, up) to Nova.

Claire raises her eyebrows and mutters back "Well done," to Elspeth. "Oh -that-'s a neat trick," she says when Nova chastises the doll of herself. "Does it work on real people?" Which is mostly a joke, but you never know when that sort of thing will be useful.

Hooch flashes Laurence a bright smile. "Charmer," she says in mock chastisement. "Alright, everyone. Make your swaps. We'll be heading back to the camp shortly."

Nova snorts, "Octo is a bastard raven who would not be above using this doll insides for his nest." A very small smirk tugs at her lips at Elspeth and Elise, "If the doll knows anything about me, it will know that and behave."She'll turn to look at Claire a moment, "For me, yes." Then again, Nova's known for yelling a lot.

A wry smile at Hooch goes here as Laurence waves to Hephaesta and lowers down a bit more to get a better look at things, tapping a finger against his chin, he's got treats a plenty and folks who want them need only ask him or Michel.

Josie smiles, taking the doll and handing Hephaesta the Quaffle-shaped bag of balloons. "Thanks. I'll get him to autograph this before camps over." Making sure her stuff is secure, she then quickly moves over to Lawrence to join those getting treats.

Elspeth gives a hesitant smile back up to Nova. "Thank you, Miss Tiva," she says, taking the doll back and gently tucking her into a pocket again. Content with her own spoils, she remains quiet during the rest of the swap, giving a glance up to Claire with another grin. "Are you having a good summer, Cameron?" She glances towards Laurence curiously, but remains where she is for the moment.

Alas for Claire, she has only a cat that has never once given a rip about her opinion on anything. He's a very poor enforcer of threats. "Any summer not spent smothered in muggles is a good summer. I've missed quidditch though, it's good to get back to it. I can count on you to help train up the rookies, right?"

Hephaesta nods her thanks for the balloons. She gestures to the doll. "The package says that when you smile at it or compliment it, he'll smile back at you with sparkling teeth, or something." She sighs at the fish. "I'll have to find a home for these. I'm…not good with animals."

Josie looks back up to Phae after getting some candy from Laurence and says, "I'd take them too, but only allowed one pet at Hogwarts."
Elise has disconnected.

"My little tinkering goddess…do you think the girls would enjoy having a fishy friend?" Laurence muses this over, still hovering on his broom as he carefully hands out sweets to those who approach him and he tilts his head to the side. "You're all amazing…you know that right? I wish I could play as well as you all are going to." He waves to those who might look his way.

"Are those counting as a pet, though?" Elspeth asks curiously, turning to hide her discomfort when Claire complains of being smothered in muggles. "My parents are muggles," she reminds the older girl quietly, but she gives a nod of assent. "I can be helping with the younger students, if you wish."

Hephaesta's cheeks turn crimson at Laurence's words. "I, um…yes, I think…the fish would look lovely in the shop. If you want them, that is."

Hooch moves off to one side. "When you're done with your swaps, line up here and we'll head back to camp."

Claire shrugs, waving off the concern. "I'm not one," she says, unable to let go of the topic. Turning to a less controversial topic, Claire says, "We've got to defend the Quidditch Cup! I was a little concerned about fielding a full team this year, but seeing who has shown up at camp I think we'll be okay."

Nova raises an eyebrow to the conversation between Claire and Elspeth, but won't say anything for the moment. Instead, she'll fold her arms and just stand there, eyes roaming the area, making sure no one is doing anything too stupid.

Laurence winks to Hephaesta and nods slowly. "You bring 'em by when you want lovely." Then he looks over at the other young girls.

Hephaesta nods to Laurence, her blushes making her freckles stand out. "I shall." She glances over to Claire, nibbling at her lip for a moment before turning to line up with Madam Hooch.

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