(1938-08-27) Quidditch Camp, Day 2
Details for Quidditch Camp, Day 2
Summary: On day two of Quidditch Camp, Linc introduces the campers to Knock'm!
Date: August 27, 1938
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts
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Linc is once again gracing the Hogwarts Pitch with his precence. Trademark Palancher Grin warm and welcoming the Campers as they fly in. "Welcome to Knock'm. Everyone on a Quidditch team needs to know how to dodge a bludger." That's right ladies and gents, it's Dodgeball — Quidditch Style! "Everyone grab a bat, I believe we are graced with two of our Hogwarts team Captains from last year. Christmas and Claire, You will be team captains. It'll be a coin flip to see who selects fist." He passes Christmas a stack of rolled up Gold Tunics and Claire gets a pile of Silver Tunics.

Kimiko is in the stands with a handful of other observers. She's holding a Gryffindor team pennant in one hand, and a pom-pom in the other. Adorning her head is a felt hat in the shape of a lion. The thick felt ribbon that make up its mane dangle down to her shoulders. "Pick Gryffindors, Weaver! Wooooo!"

Christmas stands in the middle of the pitch with his broom in one hand. He eyes the players carefully while he frowns in concentration. After biting his lip, he nods and calls, "Solstice." He beckons to her with his free hand.

Michel walks onto the pitch with his broom in hand. The blonde looks around with a curious gaze and smiling warmly to all who look his way. He stays near the side lines for now watching the young ones and observing.

The Gryffindor in question is busy plucking at her dress and not truly paying attention. She shifts on her feet and its a moment or two after her name is called and she turns about, finally getting a look at the hand that is beckoning her. A brow lifts but the pale eyed fifth years steps forward, crossing the pitch to take up a gold jersey from her Captain, pulling it on over her head so it bags around her chest and waist.

Claire grins, showing lots of teeth. This is her event. Accepting the tunics, Claire flips one for herself over her shoulder and tosses the rest out as she makes her picks. Teammates first, of course, but then there's only Gryffindors to pick from. She's at least seen Eibon play before. "You playing?" she calls out to the adult on the sidelines. "We need one more to make it even."

Linc explains the rules of the game as the teams are being divvied up. "There are two teams. The teams will remain on their assigned sides. Silver Team to my Left. Gold Team to my Right. There will be four bludgers in play. If you get hit by a bludger, you go to the sidelines. If you get knocked off your broom, you go to the stands or Mediwiz Tent if you're hurt badly and are out of the game. When you get hit, yell, "OUT!" If you get hit after you've yelled out, please yell, "FOUL!" and let me know who hit ya. Because they will be sent to the sidelines too. When one member of a team goes out, the captain calls a member of their team back In. Any questions?"

Elspeth catches the tunic thrown to her with a grin, and pulls it over her head. At the sound of the name Eibon, she starts to smile a little wider, then realizes it's the younger one, and her expression freezes, before she manages to school a neutral demeanor, and she gives a nod to their smallest teammate. The last pick gets a more natural smile of welcome.

Michel steps forward with a smile, carrying his broom in hand he walks over to join the group. "I could play yes. I'm not sure how good I am but I am definitely willing to give it my best." He takes a tunic and puts it on listening to the rules carefully.

Josie smiles as she's chosen for the gold team, stepping to pick up a bat and gold tunic, pulling the latter on quickly. She smiles even brighter when Cillian is picked as well, "This'll be brilliant." She looks back to Linc, quieting and listening closely as the rules are explained.

Christmas snatches his tunic out of the air and shrugs it on over his shirt. He nods to Linc after his head pokes out of the opening, while he is still shoving one arm through a sleeve. "Understood," he agrees.

Cillian just looks very very…very unsure about this entire thing, forcing a smile to Josie and taking a deep breath as he winks his good eye and gets his gold tunic and bat. "Oi…jest me color…"

Michel adjusts his tunic and picks up a bat as well looking around at the others. He doesn't seem to mind being the only adult playing and even seems a bit excited if the smile is anything to go by.

"Got that, team?" Claire says, pulling on her jersey. "Hit, don't get hit." She gives a few warm up swings of the bat. "Oh, and most important: win."

"Goooo Gryffindors!" Kimiko doesn't seem to mind that she's technically rooting for both teams. "And everyone else, too! Knock'm good! WOOOOO!" She bounces in place, waving her pennant and pom-pom excitedly.

Linc strolls towards a box that looks similar to a quidditch box, though obviously modified to only have 4 bludgers chained down within. Floating on his broom he uses his foot to open the box that is thrashing about on the ground and man do those bludgers look mean and out for blood. With his own bat in his hand he gives a button on the side of the box a kick and the bludgers growl as they take flight. Let the chaos begin!

Angelus sits on top of his Cleansweep Three, hovering a few inches above the ground. He hesitates a moment when his name is called out by Claire. He frowns briefly as he glances over the other Silvers, arching a brow and shooting a glance over to Christmas. Letting out a sigh, he flies slowly toward his team after shrugging. "I guess I can lend my skills to you guys for a change," he says, flashing a grin.

Solstice is not quite ready so that when the bludger comes rushing at her, Solstice lets out a sound as it slams into her and sends her spinning. She remembers at least one of the rules, "OUT!" She manages to fill the void with sound enough as she rubs her arm, bruising slightly as she lands and steps off to the side. But she lifts her head as Christmas is whacked at and she blinks, lifting her voice, "Watch out!"

Christmas is flying in a nice angled pattern while he takes careful aim. He pulls his arm back, arching it like a cobra preparing to strike, and hurls the bludger toward Angelus. The bludger whizzes toward the opponent, but misses him by a few inch to land with a thud on the ground.

Claire kicks off and goes straight for a bludger. With a solid THWACK she hits it towards Solstice. Take out the greatest threats first is her strategy.

Michel mounts his broom, rises into the air and begins to fly around. He goes fairly fast zipping around the area. He turns his head from side to side watching for bludgers and an opportunity to make a strike of his own. So far so good.

Elspeth isn't a beater, and isn't quite sure who she wants to aim at, but Christmas was picking, so he seems to be something of a team captain… and he goes for the smallest on their team first. Never mind that the smallest is the Eibon that she doesn't really trust, she takes a whack at the bludger trying to aim it at Christmas. It's a close call, but at least she hasn't been hit, yet. She flies in a circling pattern, keeping an ear out for the familiar growl.

Angelus shoots forward and rolls away to avoid the Bludger coming towards him.

Josie bites her lip as Solstice is knocked out so quickly, tensing up slightly and gripping her bat a little harder. Her Comet 140 isn't the fastest broom on the field, but she flies in a pattern she learned from Demetrius, likely one used regularly by pro Beaters. When the bludger comes near, she swings her bat to send it in Elspeth's general direction, though not very accurately.

Angelus turns his broom around, flying after a nearby Bludger as his blue eyes track the one aimed at Elspeth. "Nice move, Rosen," he calls out and swings his bat, hitting it toward Josie.

The little pirate captain is on a broom and…his depth perception isn't really the same as most people's so he's looking around with a concerned expression, swinging his bat at a random person and then having to swerve pretty damn quickly to keep from getting hit. Cillian just blinks.

Michel looks around as he flies seeing Cillian send a bludger towards one of his teammates. He sends another bludger towards the boy. It is close but misses in the end.

Josie swerves to the side quickly, then lets out an 'eep' as she's hit by the bludger, barely holding onto her broom. She rubs at her shoulder as she flies down to the sidelines.

Christmas soars high into the air on his broom, gripping the handle tightly while his other hand raises the bludger to his shoulder. He chooses his target, and dive-bombs toward Elspeth, waiting until the last minute to hurtle the heavy ball toward her. The ball tweaks the end of her broom but not enough to cause any real difficulty for her.

Elise is late getting here - don't ask her why. She arrives with her hair flying out of its ponytail, but her broom clutched in her hand. "Sorry!" she gasps. "Long story. Can I still join the exercise?" she asks Linc. "Please?" She looks up to the people on brooms swinging bats and hitting bludgers, and blinks twice. "Cillian!?" she half-shouts, disbelieving her eyes. Then an enormous grin splits her face.

As Josie and Christmas join her, Solstice moves over towards them, plucking at her gold jersey as she watches Cillian fend for himself. "I didn't even realize we had started when I was hit…" She lifts her sleeve to get a look at her arm. Biting her lip, she lets it fall back down and she lifts her voice, "Go Cillian!" She cheers him on, then hesitates, glancing to Christmas and Josie, "Are you both well?"

"Son of chocolate biscuit!" Cillian has yet another bludger coming towards him and he manages to avoid it by quickly rolling/steering to the side. "I be given' the world chocolate, and what do they give me…attempts at bruisin' that's what…" He raises his voice and looks to Elise. "M' only up 'ere because ye are going to tickle me to death iffen I dun!" He swings his bat once more and hmphs softly hitting the bludger in another random direction towards Michel. "M' sorry, yer the purtiest one up here m'lady!"

Claire keeps on the move, hunched low over her broom. She dives down to a bludger, batting up upwards at the opposing captain with a bowling motion. Every time one of her teammates gets a hit on the enemy, she let's out a shout of approval.

Angelus keeps an eye out for the Bludgers, flicking his gaze over the players and humming a thoughtful tune to himself as he bobs his head in a nod. He shoots his gaze towards Elspeth's shot before he rolls away and maneuvers freely through the air without apparently coming close enough to a Bludger.

The Cleansweep 3 that Evelyn gave her last Christmas is fast, and Elspeth dodges at the last minute, turning to swing at the bludger, sending at whatever gold she can see. She has to look for a bit, because there's only one gold left, and by that time the bludger is almost by her, so she has to reach for the strike, not making a solid hit, it whizzes past the little pirate. "Not bad, Eibon," she congratulates, managing to not sound grudging when he takes out someone on the other team.

Michel watches things around him carefully as he flies. He is hit in the arm by a bludger. Wincing a bit he call out. "OUT!" and flies to the sidelines. His head turns to Cillian as he does so looking highly amused and blushing slightly. "I will take that as a compliment but I am afraid I am a man not a lady!" He calls back good naturedly.

Josie grins and cheers for Cillian, "Good shot!" She looks back to Solstice then and nods quickly, "I'm fine, yep. Been practicing Quidditch all summer with Demetrius, been hit by a bunch of bludgers the last few months." She looks back up to the match then, grinning.

Linc gives Elise an apologetic grin, "You can join - if you can go find someone else to join as well. Got to have even teams for this game. Sorry cutie." Then he overhears what Josie says and he calls up towards her. "Tell Bennett I said to pick on someone his own size and get his as— self out of retirement!" The jibe at his old Beating partner comes including the one and only Palancher GrinTM.

"Alright," she says to Linc, understanding, but rather disappointed. If Elise can't fly, she'll cheer. And what does she have with her? Why, the magic bullhorn, which she switches to silver and gold, and a generic "Go, Team!" logo. "Go Cillian, go!" she cheers through the magical device. "Claire, hurrah, excellent!" She jumps up and down, almost as excited to be a spectator as she would have been to participate. Yes, she knows she's cheering for opposite teams, but oh, well.

"He's doing splendidly," Solstice says and glances with Josie towards the pitch. "You practiced…that sounds like a good idea. Do you plan to go out for the team?" She touches her broom, keeping it at her side as she casts her gaze up and over at Linc when he speaks at Josie, a brow lifting. She glances once more to Christmas, considering him for a moment before drawing closer to him. "Should not have picked me, not very good at quidditch."

Not bad? Angelus smirks and looks over his shoulder to where the voice came from. "It's pure awesome," he remarks, his lips twitching a tad as he turns back, dipping downward slightly.

Josie giggles and nods quickly to Linc, "I'll tell him!" Then she nods quickly to Solstice and says, "Yep. I really hope I get on the team. Been working really hard." Looking quickly towards the bullhorn aided voice, she grins and waves to Elise.

When Christmas spots Elise coming into the pitch, he swoops down and brings his broom to a stop hear Linc. "Let Miss Harper take my place," he suggests. "You're never too young to start learning the game," he comments. He shrugs off his tunic and steps back.

"Oh, hurrah!" Elise says. She puts the megaphone down, whips the tunic over her head, grabs a bat, and zips up over the pitch as fast as she can. It's not until she's nearly to the others that she realizes what team she's on - gold. With a grin, she joins them on their side of the pitch. "Hullo, Cap'n," she greets Cillian. "You've done well for yourself, it seems. I'm very proud." She salutes him with the bat and then puts her game face on. There seems to be a bludger near her, so she zips up to it and whacks it with her bat, straight at Claire! Seems her aim is terrible, though. Whoops!

As the new round starts, Elspeth glances at a bludger meant for her, and this time goes for another one of the older players, leaving the smallest ones alone, as she can't quite bring herself to hit at them. She instead sends her bludger towards Josie, and gives a little raise of her bat when she sees it find her target.

Josie grins once again as the new match starts. Mounting her broom, she flies up into the air, doing couple quick maneuvers. When the bludger comes at her, she dives towards the ground, but is not fast enough, getting hit in the side. "Out," she calls, going down towards the sidelines again.

Claire shouts wordlessly as the rest of her team knocks out the competition one by one. Seeing her chance, she darts forward, right to the boundary of her side, and smacks a bludger straight at Solstice!

As her other members are going down, Solstice, who rarely is seen on a broom let alone playing quidditch is likely the next. This realization leads to no surprise as the bludger headed for her is noted far too late for recovering. It slams into her leg and skips forward to clip her wrist and nearly causes her to lose control. A soft sound is made as she wobbles and manages to stay astride. She manages to find her voice, "Out!" She sweeps back down, looking to her team mates. "Good show, too bad about all that."

Kimiko squeals and shouts her support from the stands. She's taken off the lion hat, and is cheering emphatically for everyone now.

"I'm a better luck charm than I thought," Angelus comments playfully, flashing a grin. "A pretty nice shot, Cameron." He sways through the air as he flies around freely, circling around as he asks, "I can pick a team," he announces.

"Can we play again, then?" Elise asks, looking hopeful.

Elise's question is answered in the affirmative, but as Christmas gives over from being Captain, Elspeth is assigned as the new captain to repick teams. Ravenclaw vs Ravenclaw, the two girls start picking their teams.

Noalan gets off his rump on the grass, having quiet enjoyed watching Gryffindors pelt each other with a couple of Ravenclaws in the way. He's not exactly eager to join the fray but at least he's on the opposite team as Angelus. Mounting up, he joins his mixed team. "Who wants to volunteer to be my human shield?" He smirks.

Claire doesn't bother to dismount her broom, hovering a couple feet off the ground while she points at Elise and Angelus and beckons them over to her side. "Welcome to the winning team, Elise." she says with a grin.

Elise switches her gold for silver, and crosses over to Claire's side. "Glad to be here," she replies to her fellow Ravenclaw. "You're quite good," she says admiringly. "Let's /murder/ them!" She makes a serious face and brandishes her bat like she means it. If only her arms weren't so skinny, she might look more ferocious!

Angelus heaves a sigh, casting a look towards Elspeth before simply shaking his head. He keeps his thoughts to himself though, and smiles lightly as he glances toward Claire and to Elise.

As they take to the air, this time Elspeth finds herself facing her own captain. Without much hope, she takes a smack at the nearest bludger, her eyes might even be closed as she puts all she has into it. She knows that Claire is the best at this, and she needs to knock her out for them to have any hope at all.

Noalan never even considered being a beater when growing up, and his time spent hovering in one place during a game makes this particular game a bit alien to him, but he manages to get over his natural inclination to avoid the bludgers and smacks one at a player completely and utterly random…

Claire hasn't even locked onto a bludger to attack with when she feels the familiar thud of a bludger in the shoulder. She's clearly shocked when she scans the opposing team for who hit her. She plasters on a grin (more of a grimace, really) when she identifies Elspeth as her assassin. "OUT!" she calls flying to the sideline, obviously peeved despite putting on a good natured facade.

While Angelus is keeping watch of the Bludgers, he's keeping a closer eye on his brother. He's pretty sure there's going to be one flying from his direction, so he's well prepared for it when it does. It takes some maneuvering to avoid it though, releasing a breath as he sways to the side and pulls up - right into the one that Josie shoots at him, and causing a grimace. "/What/?" he half squeaks and half chuckles. "Davies, you aren't still mad at my previous hit, are you? How can you be bad at a face like this?" He flashes a grin before he adds in, "I'm out!"

First Claire, then Angelus are knocked out, and Elise finds herself all alone on the silver side. "Ack!" she squeaks, lobbing a bludger as hard as she can toward Elspeth. She misses, of course, because her aim is terrible and her arms resemble twigs. "SILVER!" she cries, prepared to die in this battle — figuratively speaking.

As this third round starts, Josie once again flies into the air, and this time tries to keep her eye on the bludgers, rather than focusing so much on her own maneuvers. She grins as Claire's knocked out so quickly, but soon her attention is back on the game, just in time to swing a bat and send the bludger at Angelus. She grins at the question, shaking her head quickly, "You were just the bigger target."
Elspeth is shocked when she finds that she actually hit Claire, but then she remembers that she has to dodge. Luckily, the one hit at her doesn't come too close, and she's flying around in an arc, looking for the next bludger, and realizing there's only Elise left to hit. She gives a grimace as she considers.

Elise squeaks like the mouse she's nicknamed after, leans low over her broom, and starts using her flying skills, which are rather good for a girl her age. Clearly, what she lacks in upper-body strength and bludgering skills she makes up for in agility in the air. She'll do absolutely everything she can to avoid getting hit and knocked out, thus clinching her team's loss. Desperation lends strength to her arm and she bats a bludger toward Elspeth. "SILVER!" rings her clarion battle-cry.

Angelus hums thoughtfully as he watches from the sidelines. His expression is genuinely surprised at Elise's maneuvers, an eyebrow arching. "Cameron, I think you might have a new addition to your team," he comments, his lips twitching lightly.

Unwilling to plaster Elise from her broom, Elspeth gives a half-hearted hit to the bludger, sending it in the girl's general direction without trying to hit her. She pays for her mercy mere moments later as the smaller girl exuberantly sends the bludger back, and it clips her leg. Glancing down in surprise, Elspeth gives a bemused shake of her head as she calls 'OUT' and glides down to the pitch.

Claire is braced for a loss when Angelus joins her on the sidelines, but when Elise dodges every bludger sent her way, clenches her fist in hope. When she knocks out Elspeth to boot, Claire whoops with delight and reenters the fray. "Well done!" she yells, flying past the mighty Ravenclaw with her hand up for a high-five. "Way to turn the tides of battle, Elise!"

Noalan feels a little bad about teaming up against the Elsie, but if they end it quick then maybe they'll have time for one more game. Swivering he smacks a bludger in her direction.

Despite the fact that Elise is a fellow Pirate, and thus one of her best friends, Josie doesn't hold back as she bats a bludger towards her. Not that it helps, as Elise so skillfully dodges every bludger heading her way.

Elise wildly gives Claire a high-five in return, her cheeks flushed pink with her success. "Thank you!" she shouts breathlessly, grinning from ear to ear. "Let's win this!" There's a bit of a manic gleam in her eye. Oh, yes - she LOVES this sport!

Oh, Angelus can't hold back his laughter. He starts out with a stifled snigger as Elspeth ends up on the sidelines, but then ends up laughing out as Noalan joins her. "That's sweet, Noah, you cared more about kissing than winning the game," he teases.

Claire beams. A bit of murderous spirit is exactly what she likes in a player. Roaring, she belts a bludger at Lan. Because he's closer, not because she has any compulsions against clobbering second years. "Eibon, in!" she shouts, pointing her bat at Angelus.

Elise zips over to the nearest bludger — one that was very recently aimed at her — and lashes out with her bag, sending it sailing in a neat little arc straight toward Josie! Too bad it misses.

Josie bites her lip as Claire reenters the field and so quickly knocks out Lan. This leaves only Josie, and moments later she just barely dodges a bludger sent her way by Elise, it only missing her as she defensively raises her bat and deflects it. Diving towards another bludger, this time she swings her bat and sends it at Elise.

Elise is hit on the shoulder and spins a few times. "OUT!" she shouts, and glides down.

Already used to Angelus and his attitude, Elspeth sublimely ignores him, not paying attention to his snigger as she instead watches Claire zip back into the fray. Her brow furrows as she watches the Ravenclaw captain target Lan and send him to the pitch. She leans over to murmur something quietly Lan with a self deprecating smile, but then she hears Elise calling "out" and gives him a shrug as she hops back onto her broom, zooming up into the air to try and redeem herself, and bring her team back to life.

How quickly the tables turn. Noalan pulls a desperate turn to avoid the attack coming from the returning Claire, but is unable to avoid a solid thump. The collision sends him skidding out of play before he even can lift a hand and croak "I'm out." Grateful for the breather he has a chance to reply to Angelus, "It is shaped like your last girlfriend, but that was, in fact, a bludger." He gives Elspeth a return smirk as she shoots back into play.

Angelus lets out a whistle as he shoots through the air, once again on the move. He slows down after a quick circle and lifts a hand to give a thumbs up, all ready to win this. "Let's go!"

Angelus flies after a Bludger, winding up his bat to hit when… WHAM. Another one hits his forearm, hissing out as he reflexively draws his arm back in while dropping the bat. "Davies, I'm sending you to Slytherin next year," he calls out playfully before he dives downward to achieve his bat. "Out again!" he calls out on a chuckle. Once his hand closes around his bat, he pulls up quickly and whirls off to the sidelines.

Claire flies at the bludger aimed for her, bat up to rebound it straight back at Elspeth. It's a bold move, but Claire never was the subtle type.

Josie seems to really be finding her stride in this game, flying back up into the air towards another bludger, swinging her bat and sending it flying at Angelus. She just laughs at his joke of a threat, flying on.

Barely back in the air, Elspeth hits the first bludger she sees at Claire, trying to get the captain back down again. It does go straight at the intended target, however, Claire sends it back, too quickly for her to dodge. She gives a shake to her head, calling "Out!" as she glides back down. However, she's not gliding back alone, so she turns to Lan with a grin and calls, "Eibon in" to give him his shot. Josie's still up, and so she just watches the younger girl hang in there while the older ones switch off.

Noalan gives Elspeth a two fingered salute as he takes to the air again. This supposedly quick game turning into a real slug fest.
Claire isn't whooping and hollaring anymore. She has a white knuckled grip on her beater's bat and pushing her outdated broom as fast as it can go. A smack of a bludger and spinning away before another one can catch up with her

Josie bites her lip again as the game once again seem to come down to her, at least for her team, as Lan joins and then so quickly gets knocked out again. She swings her bat at another bludger, sending it in Claire's direction but missing.

No sooner does Angelus pull off on the sidelines, he smirks when Noalan is off again as well. "Come on, Noah, let's show them what Eibons are made of."

Noalan is still in the process of gaining alititude and entering play again when Claires bludger shoots his way. He shifts enough to avoid a direct hit, but the bludger still manages to clip him. So much for his grand return. "I'm out." He says, swinging shamefully back out of play.
Elspeth bites her lip as Lan doesn't even have a chance to return to play or touch a bludger, but she couldn't expect much different from Claire, knowing her Captain as well as she does. She gives him a smile when he touches down, reaching out a hand to give him a reassuring pat that she doesn't blame it all, and waits to see if Josie can hang in there.

Angelus zooms in from the sidelines, blue eyes watching Josie sharply. Watch it, missy! A good natured chuckle escapes him as he shakes his head, but zips off after a Bludger quickly, winding up to take a swing. He's not getting smacked again - BAM! He sends the sphere soaring.

People who have seen Claire play before will recognize her war face. She whacks a bludger with everything she has. She has to hand it to Josie though, that girl can fly.

Josie swings around as she dodges a bludger from Claire, but manages to fly right into the one from Angelus. Hit dead on, she's knocked right off her broom. Luckily, she knows enough to tuck at the right moment, so a fall that could have broken a bone instead just leaves her winded on the ground, trying to catch her breath.

For a fraction of a second, a grin starts to slide over his face before he clears his throat. Instead, Angelus glances down to the ground with a look of concern. "Yikes," he says, wincing and diving swiftly down after her to touch down. "Sorry about that, Davies. You alright?" He'll offer out a hand if she needs it.

On the pitch, Josie accepts the hand up, and then nods quickly, "Yeah, I'm ok. Um.. kinda sore, but mostly ok I think." Then she looks around quickly, relieved as she sees her broom also landed in one piece, stepping over to pick it up.

Angelus fights the urge to boast about the totally awesome shot that came by his hand. He winces again as he nods to his housemate. "Weaver definitely has to bring you on the team next year. You were pretty awesome there." He moves his arm to drape around her shoulders after helping her up, clapping a hand over her shoulder. "The games should be interesting for sure with all the talent coming on." He jumps forward onto two feet and waves to her. "I'm going to go change for the campfire tonight."

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