(1938-08-28) Kid in a Candy Shop
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Summary: Fiona discovers the new candy store owner does deliveries and buys one of the world's biggest lollipops.
Date: 1938-08-28
Location: Sweet Temptations

Summer evenings are a precious thing, especially for those who have not yet started upper school but are about to. Little Fiona Donnelly, with her dark hair in wonky pigtails and her dirt smudged nose has been peering inside the new sweet shop for several minutes. Having decided to come inside she pushes the big door open and with all the panache that a soon-to-be-eleven-year-old can have waltzes in. Hands go immediately to her hips. All manner of pockets in her dungarees bulge with those odd things children collect on their adventures.

It is early evening and most of the shoppers are clearing out. Michel is taking advantage of the slow period before closing time to take inventory of his remaining stock. The blonde goes from jar to jar counting and writing the numbers down on the parchment he carries. He glances towards the door when it opens spotting the young girl and offering her a warm smile. He sets the paper and quill down on the nearby counter and steps forward. "Hello there, can I help you Miss?"

Fiona is used to shopkeepers. She has spent the better part of her summer in the Alley buying things for school. As such she moves over to Michel with the boundless energy of youthful enthusiasm that only a candy store can inspire. "I want to have your biggest roundest sweet. One of those ones that you almost have to unhinge your jaw to eat." She shoves a hand deep into a pocket, leaning over as she does so and pulls out a handful of coins of various values. Despite her urchin-like appearance she clearly has money. There is a hint of an accent as she speaks, something rural and Northern Irish.

Michel grins and nods. "As you wish. Do you have a particular flavor in mind?" He leads the way over to where he keeps his large lollipops. The biggest ones are the size of a dinner plate and then are are several sizes that are slightly smaller. He has many flavors as well some of them mixed with others flavors and some of them just one flavor. He turn back to the girl with a smile. "Well take your pick. The flavors are cherry, strawberry, green apple, peach, mint and chocolate, then we have the combined flavors cherry vanilla, strawberries and cream, peaches and cream, chocolate vanilla and chocolate mint." He watches her with a smile waiting to see what she picks.

"Not very wizarding flavours," observes Fiona. But still she points to the strawberries and cream one. "Do you do deliveries? I am going to school soon and I might want to order things. I hear you can get just about anything delivered to Hogwarts." Something about the way she says it makes it sound as if she is organising plans in her head. "Maybe one a month. Just enough to keep me going."

Michel shrugs not bothered by that comment. "I come out with new candies all the time. I will probably create some new flavors for these at some point as well." He picks up the candy she wanted and goes over to the register to ring up the purchase. Once its paid for he hands it over to her with a smile. "Yes I do. I haven't got much call for deliveries yet but I am certainly willing to do it. Here." He opens a drawer and pulls out a rather large booklet. "That is my complete selection of what I sell. Its charmed to update when I add something new to my stock. There is also several forms in there if you want a custom type of candy or pastry. I do custom orders but they tend to be more expensive. Just send me a list of what you want and the money by owl and I will have it shipped to Hogwarts." He tilts his head looking at her curiously. "Do you have any idea what house you will be in?"

Fiona unwraps the giant lollipop and licks it as she looks at the booklet Michel shows her. With her free hand she takes the booklet, wondering what kind of goodies are in it. Her blue gaze lifts upwards towards his face. "Oh, I should think I will be in Ravenclaw. Though two of my brothers have been in Gryffindor. Donnellys almost always end up in Ravenclaw. What about you? What were ou in?" She licks the candy that is almost as big as her head.

"I was in Hufflepuff…though I think I was almost a Gryffindor. I can be daring and brave but I think I was better suited for Hufflepuff. I had several friends who where Ravenclaws though. Good luck to you wherever you end up. Hopefully you will do well. Do you have a subject you are looking forward to learning more than the others?" Michel smiles watching her a moment before looking over the list he was working on before she came in. "I was fairly good at potions and herbology but the Dark Defense teacher always cringed whenever I entered the classroom. I was terrible at that subject." He chuckles a bit looking over the counter at her with a warm smile.

Fiona peers up at Michel. "A Hufflepuff?" She looks him over more closely this time as if trying to figure out what in him was Hufflepuffy. "Was it because you were so pretty?" Another lick and the giant lollipop isn't getting any smaller. With luck it will last her until school begins, maybe longer. "My brother Aidan is kind of pretty but not pretty like you. He's more…quidditch supply shop model pretty."

Michel laughs softly shaking his head. "I'm not sure my looks had anything to do with it but thank you for the compliment. I suppose the reason was my work ethic and my habit of being loyal to my friends. Though the fact that I find it hard to refuse helping people might have had something to do with it as well." He tilts his head to the side studying her curiously. "And what kind of pretty am I then? I can't say I have been called pretty by many people before. Most tend to use the word handsome." His tone is playful, clearly he doesn't mind being called pretty and judging by the grin he has he is very amused.

Fiona considers that and says, "Being loyal to friend and helpful are good qualities. I have some good friends, but they are not all going to Hogwarts." She licks a bit more of her lolly and then says, "Well you're like a lady pretty almost but not quite a lady pretty because your face isn't so round."

Michel nods but then she makes the comment about him looking like a lady and he laughs again. Its a soft sound and he covers his mouth to hide it. Finally the laugh dies down into a soft chuckle and he lowers his hand. "Well I -do- take after my mother in looks. I suppose its more true than I originally thought. She is much prettier than me though." He winks at her and chuckles lightly once again.

"I look like my mother too," says Fiona. "Could I really order anything from this book?" She sounds very happy with the idea of candy by post. A little too happy.

Michel smiles and nods to her. "As long as you have the money yes. You can order as much as you like of anything or everything in that book. I come out with new flavors and completely new candies all the time so the list will probably continue to grow as well." He looks back over his list trying to determine what he needs to make more of.

"Well thanks," says Fiona. She shoves the booklet into her back pocket and starts for the door, pausing to say, "I like the lollipop," on her way out - just in case he was uncertain.

Michel looks up with a smile. "Thank you. Have a good day then." He goes back to looking over the list and picks up his quill to continue with his inventory as she leaves the shop.

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