(1938-08-28) Stubborn
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Summary: Solstice braves the notoriously testy Lucian Proudmore to try to get a foot in the door at the Fawley Family Farm.
Date: August 28, 1938
Location: Three Broomsticks
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The thin waif of a girl enters the Three Broomsticks with a soft smile on her lips. It's an odd sight, the way Solstice appears to be in the here and now rather than drifting aimlessly in her thoughts. She tugs at the suspenders holding up her high cut trousers matched with a bright blue and white vertical striped blouse. She slides her fingers through her wild hair, wind swept. She treks in some sand from the shower, lifting her foot to try to shake it out of the back end of her shoe - sliding her heel out.

The Gryffindor looks about, going for a small table near one of the windows, her foot slipping beneath her bottom on the chair as she leans into the table and lifts her hand to wave the server over, freckles shown on a set of light rose colored cheeks. "Butterbeer…cold.." because who doesn't like butterbeer?

The door opens a minute later with a thunk and the distinctive clanking of glass bottles. Lucian steps in, carrying a wooden crate filled with bottles of what must be milk. He's dressed rather similarly to Solstice — workman's trousers held up by suspenders, his shirt-sleeves rolled up to his biceps, revealing arms shaped by hard work. He nods toward the barman, "Where do you want these?" The man holds up a finger as he tends to a few customers, leaving Lucian standing there with a heavy crate, letting out a grumbling sigh.

Chewing on the edge of her thumb as she waits, Solstice can not help but glance over at the appearance of the crate carrying Lucian. Recognition slips over her features and for a moment she hesitates before finally pushing herself up. Feet hit the floor and she starts towards him, coming in his peripheral as she dips into a low bow, her hand going to her chest. Wordless as caramel hair falls forward like a veil. It lasts a few seconds and then she is rising, straightening up as she tilts her head. "Need some help?" she offers her aid.

Lucian's brows lift at the girl's approach. For a moment, he just stares at her face, searching. Finally, his flat expression subtly shifts, his lips pinching slightly. "Lancaster," he mumbles. "No, I've got it."

A brow arches at his response and then she seems at a loss, toeing the polished floor with her foot. But her soft voice catches and she stares at him, "Stop being stubborn." Stepping forward, she reaches out to touch the crate and truly offer help. "Could just set it down til he's done," she advises him as her own stubborn nature comes to play. Bad influences lately have made the quiet girl far more bold.

Lucian twists to pull the crate away. "Knock it off. I said I'm fine. I think I can handle holding onto some milk for a few minutes." He frowns, casting his eyes around the pub. "What are you doing here, anyhow? Creature Camp is over."

Her hands catch at the crate but do not have hold enough to try to stop it from being dragged away, frowning at him. Lots of frowning between them. "I was at the Quidditch gathering the other day and I stayed to visit with Colton." She glances as well, to get a look around. She chews the inside of her cheek and then asks, "Do you think you could get me near the Hippogryph again?" Hope tinges her tone as her hands move back and slip into her back pockets, tilting her head to get a better look at him.

Lucian blinks. "Colton? That tosser, Higgins?" He shakes his head. "Whatever. Just a minute." At last, the bartender is ready for him, and the exchange is quick. The crate is taken into the storeroom, and a small sack of coins is given to Lucian. Tucking the payment into his pocket, he wanders back to Solstice, his brow knitted suspiciously. "Why do you want to see Dragon again? You're lucky he didn't take your head off last time."

Lips part in surprise at the name Lucian gives Colton, her brows furrowing as she can't reply before he is preoccupied. Her mouth closes and Solstice furrows her brows before she meets him halfway. There is a sharpness to her blue gaze as she looks at the Slytherin with a shake of her head. "He's not a tosser, Proudmoore. He is a deal more thoughtful than you." She is done, quiet for a moment before her voice answers in a much more applicable hush. "I might be lucky but I want to learn…I want to be able to help handle him." She hesitates and glances over at her table and tilts her head towards it. "Sit with me at least, I will get you a butterbeer..even if you just called Colton a tosser."

"Fine. He's not a tosser. He's a brainless git." Lucian's frown doesn't suggest he's especially enthused, but he follows her nonetheless. "I don't need your help handling him. Or any of the herd. Hippogriffs are hard to handle. You need to work your way up to them. Try the winged horses first, maybe." He quickly adds, "Not that we need any more help on the farm."

Shooting him a look, Solstice takes her seat, perching on it much as she had before. One leg folded back beneath her but this time her other foot sets on the edge of the chair with her knee pressed to her chest. "He's sweet…not brainless. Hardly. You should see the things he has collected…what he wants to do…" her voice trails off as if she might be saying something she should not. Instead she drags her nail to her teeth, her thumb catching. "Just leave him alone," that said she then goes on quickly, "I didn't expect to handle them right away…but…" And then he defeats her hope and causes her brows to furrow, eyes flickering downward. "I am good with animals. Certainly there has to be something I can do?"

Lucian leans up against a chair at her table, not quite sitting yet. "It's not really up to me, is it? You'd have to talk to Camilla. It's her farm. Still, she listens to me. Can't say I was too impressed with how you didn't listen to instructions with Dragon." He's not going to let that go, is he?

Quiet falls over her and Solstice drags her fingers through her hair to settle it back as her butterbeer is brought over and she taps it thoughtfully before adding, "One more." She turns the frosty mug around, letting it take up her attention and wandering thoughts as she formulates and answer. "I made a mistake….have you never made one, Lucian?" Solstice trails her finger around the top edge of the mug before looking down at the white foam top. "I think I want to become ranger after Hogwarts…perhaps train dragons or travel and discover and document creatures the world over." Her eyes lift to him and she motions to the seat he leans again. "We can also say I would owe you if you do this for me."

Lucian pinches the bridge of his nose. "You can't train dragons, Lancaster." He slumps into the chair, eyeballing her quietly for a moment. "Look, I know how you Gryffindors think. Everything is some big adventure. It's all about your legend. Well, get that out of your head. Taking care of animals and beasts isn't about us, it's about them."

Watching him closely, Solstice's brows furrow. "Solstice," she supplies him and then finally takes a sip from her mug, enjoying the smooth creamy caramel before she sets it back down. "Not everything is about adventure and just because I am Gryffindor does not mean that is all I think about. I enjoy the animals. It would be like me saying that because you are Slytherin you are just looking to use them for your own purposes. Set the House ideals aside, yes? That is not all I am Proudmoore and Slytherin is not all you are. It is one way to define us that is not every part of us." She draws a breath and exhales slowly. "Talking to you is not easy….or really talking to anyone.." Her eyes drop to look down into her drink again, drawing it closer to the edge of the table.

Lucian's mouth curls up into a barely-visible, triumphant smirk. "Nothing worth doing is easy. Look, I said it's not up to me. If Camilla wants to take you on at the farm, you have to talk to her. But you've got a ways to go before I let you near my herd again. That's as much for your safety as for theirs."

Studying him during that faint change in the curve of his lips. Her eyes linger upon his smirk and then she trails her teeth to her lip, "I will talk to her, but you said she listens to you. I wouldn't mind some support in this," the young witch says, even as the mug is set down before him as the server waits for coin. Solstice lets her legs go from beneath her and digs into her pants pocket. It takes a moment of scrounging and she drags coin, a bit of lint mixed in as she sets it down, leaving very very little for a tip.

Lucian takes the butterbeer, downing a sip and setting it aside. He leans in, arms crossed on the table. "My concern is for the animals, not you. If she decides to give you a chance, then maybe you can prove yourself. But I don't see any reason to stick my neck out to support you with what I've seen so far."

"You saw one example, Lucian," Solstice reminds him, "a very poor one." This she admits freely but watches him as he leans into the table. Her eyes drop to his arms as they rest on the table. She dusts her fingers on her blouse a moment, trailing the tips along her collar before she lets it fall back to the table. She chews her lip again and leans in as well to look at him too. "I won't give you reason to second guess helping me." There is not much more she can say, occupying herself with her mug.

Lucian shrugs, leaning back in his chair. "I haven't even first-guessed helping you. I've got enough on my plate without-…" He shakes his head. "Just don't screw it up, alright?" He takes another swig of his butterbeer, fishing a few knuts from his pocket to add to the tip. He rises, pushing his chair in. "I've got to get back. Camilla will be expecting me." Without waiting for a response, he turns to head toward the door.

Solstice turns to watch him go, having taken up her perch again on her chair she doesn't get up. She hesitates, watching him and then finally nods, "Thanks for listening, Lucian." There is a measure of uncertainty still but as she turns back to her table, her thumb lifts to her lips, catching at her teeth before a slow smile starts to spread. Hope. Its a rather delighted look before she quickly drinks her butterbeer and eyes his own, but leaves his mug where it is.

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