(1938-09-01) Hogwarts Express, 1938-39
Details for Hogwarts Express, 1938-39
Summary: The students get ready for the upcoming school year, gathering at King's Cross Station to take the train to Hogwarts.
Date: September 1, 1938
Location: King's Cross Station, Platform 9 3/4
Related: Takes place just before Hogwarts Express, 1938-39

Platform 9 3/4, London

This platform is very similar to any other platform in King's Cross station except for a few details. At the beginning of the platform there is a wrought-iron archway bearing a sign that reads Platform Nine and Three-Quarters occupying the same space as that taken up by a wide brick column at King's Cross station. Right under the arch of the skylighted ceiling, jutting out from the second column of the platform, there is a clock with large colorful sign hanging under it that clearly marks this as the platform for the Hogwarts Express. This platform is also noticeably cleaner than most of the other platforms at King's Cross station although no less noisy.

Hephaesta is fussed over by her mother, the love Aphrodilia, while Phae herself fusses over her little brother, Archie. She adjusts his coat and straightens his red hair with an approving smile. It helps her to ignore her mother tugging and pulling at her own outfit here and there. "There you go, Archie. You look the perfect little gentleman."

Archie grins proudly at his big sister's praise. "I can't believe I'm finally going to be at Hogwarts with you!" He suddenly throws his arms around Phae, completely ruining all of the work done on both of them, earning a resigned sigh from Aphrodilia.

Over to the far side of the platform, off to where it's Earth and not platform the merry band of Quinnland Irish travelers has gathered to send off their young wizards and witches. Leaning against the platform passing a fag with another young man of his clan Colton seems to be defending his decision to return to Hogwarts, "Cannae be a Curse Breaker wiffout meh NEWTs yeh daft git." The other lad quips back, but he's speaking Shelta so it's a speedy gumble of squashed together strange words. But they still seem amicable enough as the fag is still willingly shared.

Fiona looks up from her brother's trolley, where she is sat perched atop the pile of suitcases and reading her book. Dressed already in black first year robes she shakes her head at the gushing embracing her mother is inflicting upon her siblings. "I do not see why you are being so dramatic, Eniri," she tells her brother. "Just let her get on with it." She herself is sporting a lipstick mark on her forehead and her other brother Gilroy has one on his cheek - he is taller than their mother now. Behind her Gilroy snickers and pushes the trolley on a bit further, "Mother, we cannot stop every five feet so that you can kiss us all over again." Their mother ignores the protests. "I cannot help it," declares the eldest Donnelly, "all of you will be at school now. I am sorry your father could not make it today."

Gabrielle comes up the platform rather slowly. Not only does she have her trunk on the buggy, but three large flat packages wrapped in brown butches paper on top. She's pushing the cart slowly, to make sure nothing topples off. Next to her are two older witches. The taller one is talking softly but rapidly and trying to keep Gabby's attention. The short one, who's a bit more stout, is walking a tad slower with her hand on her lower back. It hard to tell if Gabby's going so slow for the safety of her luggage or to let her aunt keep up.

Angelus is quite excited to be getting on the train, even as he's simply cool and casual about it. The reason for his excitement is because he's walking up beside his little sister, looking to her with a grin. He has an arm around her shoulder to lead her toward the train.

Est arrives from The Hogwarts Express.

Alexei arrives from The Hogwarts Express.

It's probably the hairless cat sporting a tiny scarf in Hufflepuff colors that'll draw the most attention to the new bunch of arrivals through the portal - said fur-challenged feline weaves through legs and trots along happily. Lucille, standing amidst the tiny knot of the Harper family, stands on her tiptoes to peer over her trolley with a pout, "Winston! You better not run off far - the train might leave without you. And then where would you get all your scarves?" Her younger brother, Oliver, rolls his eyes and jabs at his sister with a finger, "If it were me - I'd want that cat to run away! He looks /stupid/!" Lucille sticks her tongue out at her brother as she leans into her trolley, inching it forward through the throng. Also with Lucille are the rest of her family - along with her brother are her lean and scrawny father Theo and curvy mother Cecelia. Not to mention her uncle, Tristan's family - including Elise. It's not hard to notice that /some/ seem to subconsciously edge away from the Harpers as though expecting some kind of bus to fall out of the sky on top of them.

Elise and her parents are here, too, walking quite near to Lucille and little family. Elise isn't yet wearing her school robes, but instead is wearing pretty blue robes with delicate bronze embroidery around the hems of the sleeves and bottom and neck. Her hair is braided in a pretty French braid and bound with a bronze ribbon on the bottom, and she looks pleased as punch to be all dressed up for the first day of school. She's carrying her broom with her, a Ravenclaw-themed little thing that looks fast and sleek, while her father pushes her luggage cart, and her owl is carried by her mother. "He doesn't look stupid, Oliver," Elise says, coming to the defense of her cousin's cat. "He looks grand!" If she or her parents notice the people edging away from them, no one gives any notice. Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Harper are quite determinedly happy, today, the very picture of a loving family.

Soleil, with her trunk rattling, no doubt filled to the brink with Potion supplies. The Slytherin sixth Year has her hair in double braids down the sides of her head and they are often played at and toyed about by her hen pecking mother as they walk. "Yes mother, of course mother." A very waned and force smile is given to her father's bad joke about not joining any field trips to foreign schools. While he gets jabbed in the ribs by his wife, Soliel just takes a moment to kiss their cheeks, give a rather curt farewell and turn back around to push her trolly up to the luggage area where it will be sorted and loaded by the Express employees. As soon as her back is turned the brave fake face melts away and she is frowning and morose as she looks about the platform to decide where she should go.

Tiffany emerges from the barrier alone pushing her luggage trolly, having said goodbye to her parents back in the muggle world. Wearing a light blue dress and with her hair down. She timidly weaves her trolly around bystanders until she reaches a clear space to load onto the train. telling, she focuses on her task, not looking around for anyone.

Lucille flashes her cousin a million watt smile at her words, "He looks more than grand - he's /fasihonable/." She shoots her brother, Oliver, a look and sniffs, "I'm sure mom and dad are getting /you/ a /toad/ when you go to Hogwarts for the first time. It'd fit your warty personality /just/ perfectly." Oliver move sin for a pinch, though Theo intervenes with a long-suffering sigh, "Enough - your sister is going away for a while - you should be courteous, at the very least." Oliver gives his sister a fake sounding, 'Sorry!' and then darts off to find some other children his age that may be waiting with their families. Lucille's mother Cecelia starts the fussing - straightening this and brushing that - though not much must be done.

"Moooom - I'm fine," Lucille whines, ducking out from under her mother's arm, "You'll mess up my hair!" She manages to escape for a few steps to get over to Elise, beaming, "Your outfit is grea, by the way! And you got a /broom/ - I still can't believe it."

Elise giggles at the thought of Oliver coming to school with a toad. She hugs her broom to herself. "I know!" she squeals, all happy-like. Then she glances around and sees Gabrielle. For a second, she hesitates, and then she waves. "Hi, Gabby!" she calls, sounding about as cheerful as she possibly can. "Do you see any other pirates?" she asks Luci. "We should sit with them on the train if we can."

Gabrielle seems to be arguing with her two aunts as she slowly makes her way up. She'll shake her head no as the taller Aunt Irene seems to be trying to press something into her hands. Irma the shorter woman, is smiling and nodding in agreement. She'll even reach a hand up to tuck a lock of now deep red hair behind Gabby's ear. It's a very motherly thing to do and Gabby breaks a little and stops to throw her arms around the woman. Taking the opportunity to slip the coins that Irene handed her into Irma's pocket. Irene doesn't seem to notice, as there dust….yes, it's dust in her eyes. Gabby will look up as she hears her name called and gives a tight smile in the direction on Elsie and Lucille. Turning back to her aunts with a warm smile, "You don't have to stay till the train leaves, if you want to beat the crowd out."

Fiona looks up from her reading again when the trolley she is riding on stops. She looks behind her at her brother Gilroy to see what the hold up is then forward when he nods in front of them. "Ah," says the small slip of a girl. She hops off the pile of suitcases only to be swept up into her mother's arms for a hug and another bright red lipstick mark leaving kiss. Fi suffers good-naturedly through the affectionate embrace and does return it, albeit sans lipstick. "I will be fine, Mother. I have Gilroy and Eniri to look after me and there are others too." She looks around and spies a few people but hones in on Angelus and his sister and waves to them, "See mother, they look like nice people." Her brothers are shaking hands with and talking to their old friends, having been at school for a few years or more now.

Artemis has her arm linked with her mother's, staring at the train dubiously and not looking terribly excited to get on. Leaving her parents is always the hard part, as she draws in deep breathes to let out, but tears are already in her eyes. "Ohhhh," she lets out as she turns to hug her arms around her mother again, shifting to hug her father again. "You'll see your friends and will be fine," Natasha says, smiling down at her daughter. Her older brother is quiet, following along with the family and keeping to his self.

Briar, is a 'Muggle-born' who's adopted parents weren't vetted and so this is the first year that she's had a family of sorts wishing her well. Hand in hand with Xander Briar says good-bye to /his/ family. Hugs are even given out and then she gives Xander a kiss to the cheek. "I'll let you give your good-byes. I'm going to tour about, see if anyone needs anything. Meet the Firsties." Hands are reluctantly plied apart and she starts doing as promised. Prefect badge shining the Seventh Year Hufflepuff begins to mill about saying hello to everyone she passes. Underneath the badge is a round pin with a brown splat in the middle, it's roundish in shape and within the mud it's been designed to look like someone's used their finger to scoop the mud away to reveal the yellow background in the form of an animated winking smile. Mud Club represent!

Lucille tucks a stray curl of blonde hair behind one ear and bounces excitedly on the balls of her feet, "This seems much more exicting the second time around - I was /nervous/ last year but now it just seems exciting!" It seems her face might split from all the wide grinning. Noticing Gabrielle when her cousin calls to her, Lucille stands on her tiptoes and waves enthusiastically while calling, "Hope your aunts like the paint job on the house, Gabrielle!" She then turns to scan the crowd, frowning, "I'm not sure if I see anyone else yet - it's so crowded! But I am sure we can find them on the train."

Young Archie Mulciber is darting about the platform, staring wide-eyed through his glasses in wonder at all of the other students. It's not his first time here on the platform, but it's the first time he's been so invested, being his First Year at Hogwarts!

Hephaesta hurries after Archie as quickly as she can, her clockwork leg-brace click-whirring rapidly as she tries to keep up. "Archie! Be careful! You're going to knock someone's trolley over!"

"There's Briar!" Elise says, recognizing another Mudder. "HI!" she yells over the din, standing on tiptoe and waving happily. "How was your summer?" Who knows if the prefect will even hear the little second-year over the noise of children and families. She grins at Luci and nods. "Yes, I know what you mean," she agrees.

Stepping onto the platform where there are so many others, Alexei looks around for a few moments, as if looking for someone in particular now. Turning to look to Akilina, he offers her a bit of a smile. "It will be quite good to get back to the school again. Of course, it's good to be home as well, but there's something special about the school."

Colton wolf whistles over at Gabby and then offers her a big playful grin. Her Aunts are given randy winks and a tip of his cap. "Ladies." He then is passed back his cigarette and takes a long drag before continuing a conversation in Shelta with his smoke buddy.

It's a little bittersweet getting to the train this year, and while Morgana had insisted that she could make it to and from the station on her own, her grandparents insisted on coming with her. Her grandfather, a tall man with salt and pepper hair is pushing the trolley behind Morgana and her Grandmother who are pleasantly chatting to each other, making their plans for Christmas already. She does smile at several people, recognizing fellow Ravenclaws and wondering just when all of these new first years got so small. Once they're in the thick of it, Morgana's grandmother starts to fuss over her color and other things, even though Morgana looks exasperated at it, and ready to go off and find her friends. "Please Grams, I'm not eleven."

Among the crowd somewhere is Conall. Saying goodbye to his mother. Smiling and giving her a brief hug. "I'll see you and dad soon enough." He tells her with his usual bright smile. Carrying his guitar in t's case as well as a hat on his head. Low spoken words and soon a grin on Conall's face. "It'll be fine. Just tell him to rest up." Glancing around a bit. "You should get going." He tells his mother, not wanting to keep her longer than needed. As to which he just get a stern look in turn. Unspoken words that is relayed through that look.

Gabrielle 's aunts look over to where Gabby waved then to the little girl who is yelling about their house, "Is she one of the dear ones that helped?" Irma's already waving back . Gabby blushes slightly at Colton's greeting, and her aunts both raise an eyebrow. Although Irma then chuckles at the wink. Grasping Gabby's arm to whisper something that makes Gabby look slightly mortified and blush even harder.

Lucille spots her hairless cat, Winston, wandering nearby. She pauses a moment to sneak up on him and grab him before he can roam off too far. Winston gives a little disgruntled mraow of disappointment, though doesn't struggle. Hoisting the cat up into her arms, she trots back to her spot and peers in the direction of Briar, "Oh - yeah. I should get my Mud Club pin out of my trunk when we're in the train!" She cocks her head to one side, watching the smoke curl up from Colton's general area, "Is that boy /smoking/? I didn't think boys did that." She boggles at the mere thought, obviously equating smoking to old men in her flighty brain.

Akilina's bottle glass lenses on her thick glasses do wonders to magnify the pink puffy just barely finished sobbing and crying. She's just said good-bye to her family, but there's a lot of family and it's all Muggle so she's just there with her big brother Alexei. Sniffing at her running nose she uses the back of her sleeve to mop at her face. "Books don't try to kill me at home."

Briar does seem to hone in on her name and she beams over at Elise and waves and heads her way to greet the other girl with a hug. "It was great." Her American accent thick as ever. "Lots of time spent at the Royal Gardens and with Xander and his family who are fantastic. I think I even spotted a shoppe in London that's been up for sale forever. If I start the bidding and buying process now, I should have a business by the time we're out of school. So yep, awesome summer. How about you?" The question does seem to extend to everyone in her and Elise's vicinity.

Hephaesta catches up to Archie just as the young boy has found Conall, declaring loudly: "Whoooa! Is that a guitar? Can you play it? Let me see?" The curious kid is already inspecting the guitar case to unlatch it when Phae gently takes his hands and pulls them away.

Hephaesta looks up at Conall, smiling meekly. "So sorry. He's just excited, is all."

It's about then that Morgana catches a familiar guitar case and hat. For a moment she'll shake her head at her grandparents and speak to them softly. "I'm just going to go say Hi to Conall real quick." Is that his elusive mother? That stern look that she is giving Conall almost causes her to pause, but she does walk up behind the Hufflepuff boy and lightly touch his arm. "Hello Bard." She says, but takes a step back when Archie and Phae come around. "He looks to be very excited." She says with a faint smile.

"All aboard!" The conductor of the Hogwarts Express calls, leaning out of the engine window the Engineer tugs on the chain above his head and the steam whistle bellows steam and noise loudly. It's 10:30 AM September 1st, 1938 and the train is now open for boarding.

Trying to look innocent to his mother though Conall's attention does get caught by spotting Briar and other fellow Hufflepuffs. Giving them all waves and smiles. Studying Alexei for a bit as well and waving to him. As Archie comes Conall blinks and his attention shifts to the boy as he starts to chuckle. "It is." He offers. Grinning at Hephaesta. "It's quite fine." Turning back to Archie then. "I could play. But I need to get on now." He offers with a friendly smile. "I could play if you are going on. Else I will have to play some other time." Trying to get it latched up again though, for now. "Hi, Hephaesta. Had a good summer?" He finally asks before turning to Morgana and smiles. "Hi Muse." He offers and smiles. Turning to his mother as well with a grin. "I get to get on." Saved by the bell, so to speak. Offering to lead them all on.

Alexei puts a hand on his little sister's shoulder, offering her a bit of a smile now. "It will be fine, Akilina. Sooner or later, it will be fine." A brief pause, before he adds, "And then, in time we can work on getting things better for our family." Looking around, he spots Conall as well, offering a grin and a wave in return now.

Fiona extracts herself from yet another smothering motherly embrace and looks around for someone as she hears the announcement to board the train. A frown draws her dark brows together. She takes her small satchel from the trolley and boards the train with her brothers, looking somewhat more subdued now.

Archie literally leaps up, punching the air. "Yes! I'll be on the train! I'll come see you then! Come on, Phae, we have to say goodbye to Mum and Dada!"

Phae shrugs helplessly at Conall, not even getting a chance to answer him before she is being tugged off after Archie. She does manage an apologetic smile and a wave to Conall and Morgana before she is yoinked away.

"I don't like how smoking smells," Elise says, at the exact same time, and in the exact same inflection, as her mother. Her mother laughs at it while Elise turns a bit pink in the cheeks. She hides her embarrassment by returning Briar's hug. "I got a broom!" she tells the older girl, brandishing the thing with gusto. "Isn't it wonderful?!" Then there's the sound of the call to board. "Oh!" she says. "Come on, let's go!"

Gabrielle aunts both make disapproving noises at the conductor but do quick hugs and there's promises to write from both sides. As Gabby gathers up the big wrapped packages in her arms, she'll not have those stored with the trunks, Her aunts are shoving a small package on top, "For you and your friends…for the ride." Gabby can already smell the cookies from the bag. With an I love you both, Gabby will turn and start boarding the train.

Lucille listens with keen interest to Briar's words as the girl comes towards them. She does give her a bright, toothy smile and a little bounce on the balls of her feet, "I'm Lucille, by the way - I'm not sure if we've met formally. I'm in the Mud Club, too." She looks about to say more, though the train's steam whistle and the conductor's call has her bouncing once more in excitement. All this bouncing makes her have to hoist up Winston, her cat, before the poor thing falls out of her grip. "Let's go - we need to find a good compartment! I think dad has got my stuff on the train already." She looks over her shoulder and beams as her parents arrive to give the final farewells - kisses and hugs and the like. Oliver, her brother, gives her a wave with his tongue sticking out. Lucille glares at him before starting towards the train.

See Conall, see Conall run for the train. See Morgana, lingering behind for just a brief moment. "Hello Mrs. Quinn, it's nice to finally meet you, even if it is quick. Morgana Rashley." She says offering her hand real quick, turning to smirk back at the Hufflepuff boy. Besides, the train isn't going to leave with the out the Head Girl right?

Hephaesta hugs her father goodbye, and gets a few last minute touch-ups from her mother. Then, hand-in-hand with Archie, she boards the train.

The Hogwarts Express

This passenger train has a sort of timeless air about it, for though it displays the very latest in locomotive technology, its styling remains generally old-world in nature. The floors have well-kept tapestry carpet runners, the walls paneled in rich hardwood. Each compartment features plush seating for up to six, wood and glass doors for some sense of privacy, and of course windows to wave good-bye at the station or watch the countryside roll by. The baggage car is at the rear, while the Prefects whom have their own car are stationed toward the front, nearest the engine.

Hephaesta leads Archie by the land to an empty compartment, and shows him. "Now please sit still, Archie. It's a long ride, and if you're good, I'll buy you some sweeties from the trolley."

"It could work, I don't know. But I'm not sure that mother and father would want you to miss the train," Alexei replies as he steps onto the train, smiling a little bit. Looking around now, as he starts looking for somewhere to sit now.

Once Elise runs into the train she finds an empty compartment. "Come on, Luci!" she calls to her cousin while she carefully places Jeeves' cage out of the way. "Have you seen anyone else?" she asks. She's grown a few centimeters over the summer, so most of the first-years aren't an obstacle, but she has a way to go yet before she'll be able to scan a crowd for more than a meter in any direction.

Soleil heads directly for her usual compartment. Some second year that was trying to be all bold now that he isn't a first year any more quickly learns that sitting in Soleil's usual spot is not a good way to start out the year and he's quickly changing compartments as Sunny curls up in her spot and cracks up her NEWT level Potions book.

Lucille scoots along behind her cousin Elise, a little bounce in her step that makes her blonde hair bounce too. She peers into he compartment, beams and lets Winston down onto one of the seats with a *thump*. The cat yawns once and settles down, his scarf slightly askew - he seems more interested in staring at Jeeves the owl. "There are just so many people," Lucille frets for a moment, "I haven't seen anyone! How sad would it be if we didn't see /anyone/ until we got to the castle?" But then she brightens a little, her happiness unable to be dampened for long, "But the sweets cart should be along later — that'll be fun, at least. I actually have more pocket money this time!" She jingles her pockets noticeably, "We should see if there are any first years or other people to meet - new friends are always good."

Morgana has said her goodbye's to Conall's mother, promising to come visit next time and not keep her only son away from home for so long. Once she files into the train she starts to look for a vacant spot to sit and set down her things. "Is there anywhere you want to sit?" She calls out to Conall, waving to Gabby as she disappears into the train herself.

Conall shrugs about where to sit. "Anywhere works." He assures her. Smiling and nodding to Gabby in passing. "We'll find you later." HE tells her with a grin. Following Morgana and tapping on his leg with two fingers. Humming a bit to himself.

Fiona settles down with her satchel on an empty seat after looking to check that it was in fact not promised for someone who had yet to arrive. She tucks her small frame into the seat and leans her head against the back of it as she settles down to read. Every so often she glances nervously towards the door to the compartment.

Gabrielle , once on the train, stop a moment to readjust her grip on the arm load before bumping into Gabriel and making him carry the cookies from her aunts. He's already gotten the bag open and 3 cookies in before she realizes and huffs, pushing him to the nearest compartment…which happens to be the one that Fiona is in, "Mind if we join you?" She'll ask the newbie with a smile.

Briar is helping a first year boy, holding his hand even as they search for a nice calm compartment for him to relax in. Spotting Gabriel and Gabby and another obvious new student in a compartment she slides the door open and tilts her head to the boy. "Room for one more?"

Fiona looks up from her book and shakes her head, smiling at them, "No I don't mind. I was hoping to see this boy I met over the summer. He doesn't have any friends or family at Hogwarts but so far I cannot spot him. Otherwise all the seats are free - his might be free too if he doesn't find me." She peers out the window at the waving family members and then looks at Gabby and Gabe, the latter of whom she doesn't know. Once he is looked over she looks at Gabrielle. "Your aunts sent cookies?" Her head turns again towards Briar and the boy, not knowing either she merely nods and eyes the boy with something like a cross between curiousity and dismay on her face.

Morgana nods to Conall and gives him a smirk. "Your mum seems nice." She says thoughtfully before she frowns just a touch. "Isn't there some super secret Prefect cabin we're supposed to go to at some point? I've heard rumors about it, but I"ve never been." She says, teasing Conall just a bit. Passing by a near by cabin she raises her brow. "Do you smell cookies?"

"She is." Conall replies to Morgana as he looks around. Chuckling a bit. "I enjoy just being here so I haven't bothered looking for something like that." He offers playfully in return. Following the smell of cookies. "Only barely."

Briar steps aside so the firstie having a bit of shell shock can get settled in one space away from Fiona. He gives her a grateful smile and the just sort of sits there very quietly. Briar offers a warms mile to Fiona. "What's his name? If I come across him in my rounds I'll let him know where you are." Spotting Conall and Morgana approach she lifts up her hand to give Conall's shoulder a congratulatory pat. "Head Boy coming through!" She teases with a wink but then looks back towards Fiona waiting for the important bit of info.

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "Yes, they would let me leave without them." Gabby will gentle set her large flat wrapped packages in a seat and sits down, only to jump back up as a squeak from her pocket erupts, "Oh!I'm sorry Nibs! you ok?" And she'll pull out what appears to be a custard colored ball of purring fur. She'll nod to Briar, sure, "I think we'll have plenty of room." she'll tilt her head, not sure who Briar's talking about.

Gabriel will wipe his hands quickly on his pants and ofer one to Fiona, "Hi!I"m Gabriel Ward. Nice to meet you.What's your name? Are you excited? What house are you wanting? Gabby and I are ravenclaw. Do you wnat to be ravenclaw? Gabby's aunts sent cookies, want some?" And he'll show the bag towards Fiona.

Fiona closes her book over her finger, using it to hold her place. "Hello," she says to the boy. One must be polite and all that. Her head turns towards the prefect and she says to Briar, "His name is Adam Irving." She eyes Gabby's squeaking pocket then only to be spoken to by Gabriel. "Fiona Donnelly," she says, her Irish accent coming out. "I shall likely be in Ravenclaw, but then one never knows."

"Maybe we should find the cookies, there is no telling how long before the cart shows up." Morgana says, spotting Briar and giving her a smile. Though the other girls words cause her to pause for a moment and look at Conall. "Really now? Head Boy? That's interesting news." SHe says with a raise of her brow, she does however poke her head into the cabin and smile. "Do I smell Aunt cookies?"

Colton hops onto the train at the last second as it's pulling away from the platform. "Never fear, Colton is here." He calls in his best comic book hero voice, which is of course thickly laced with his Shelta accent. He takes a bow and strolls down the aisle to seek out some place to flop down. Winks and smiles are bandied about freely. "Allo." "Good onya." "Lookin' grand."

Ripley is off to the side and is looking towards the tracks. He's got a trunk for himself and he's sitting on it as he looks down at something in his hands that he turns over in them and stares at for a long while. He's been there for a long time, quiet and keeping to himself.

Conall grins to the words from Briar and the follow up from Morgana. "Well yeah." He offers with a smirk. Tipping his hat as so people might know who they are talking about. Smiling to Gabby. "Cookies?" He asks teasingly.

Gabriel grins wide at Fiona, "Ravenclaw's the best. I mean, the other s are too, but you'll like Ravenclaw." He'll sheepishly take a few more cookies before handing the bag back to Gabby.

Gabrielle raises an eyebrow at Conall, "You got Head Boy and didn't tell us?" She'll offer Morgana the bag of cookies, "Eat all his apple crisps, he doesn't deserve them." Gabby will move the three large butcher papered wrapped packages behind her, to make more room for anyone to sit. Sir Nibbler, sensing cookies about, starts squealing at Morgana, who now has the bag.

Fiona looks up at Conall and Morgana as the pass by and gives them a little wave, remembering them from Gabby's house, but she doesn't but in to their conversation. She instead is trying to see if she can get a treat from the selection baked by the legendary aunts. "Gabrielle, may I please have a cookie?" she asks ever so sweetly, giving the older girl a dimpled smile.

"I hope you're not expecting me to call you boss now." Morgana says with a raise of her brows and when Gabby offers the baked goods she'll grin. "Yes, that is a fantastic idea." She says as she snags one from the bag, and even gives one to Sir Nibbler. "Bassie should be around here some where, I know you would be lonely with out your cat shaped heater." She says to the little puff ball, before waving back to Fiona.

Tiffany stumbles slightly as the train begins to move, her heavy bag swinging with the motion causing the smaller sachel under her arm to slip free. The snap pops open when it hits scattering some well used water color containers and paint brushes onto the train floor. The fourth year girl quickly stoops to collect the fallen items, creating a bit of an obstruction in that portion of hall way.

If one looked at the trunk that Ripley is sitting atop of, they would see a name that wasn't his on it. Finally he moves off the trunk itself and into a seat nearby. His look isn't one of completely happy as he rides along and looks out the window. Still, he clutches something in his hand as he does so.

Sir Nibbler will gladly eat Conall's cookie, grunting as he tackles the cookie Morgana offers him. Gabby scratches at his back a moment and then nods to Fiona, "Of course, they're for everybody. I'm pretty sure aunt Irene charmed the bag to hold double, so everyone should be abel to have some." She'll glance past the students in the doorway,looking for someone she hasn't seen yet. she'll frown slightly, looking back to the packages behind her, almost nervously.

Est enters the car, steering a smaller boy ahead of him by the shoulders. He plunks the other boy down in an open seat and instructs sternly, "Sit there. Stay out of trouble." Puffed up with responsibility, a fingerprint smudged prefect badge pinned to his lapel, Est turns around to see if anyone noticed his mature act of authority. Behind him, the detained boy stands up and exits from the same door he was escorted in from, clearly not impressed.

Soleil reaches over laying her book on her lap so that she can rub at Ripley's back beside her. Quiet and mostly keeping to herself since her father's bad joke on the platform absolutely ruined her mood.

Conall smiles and waves to Fiona as well before looking ot Morgana with a grin. "I suppose not." Gasping dramatically about them eating all the apple crisps. "But. But. But…" Trying to offer puppy eyes to them both before grinning wide. Briar getting another wave as well. "Been well during the summer I hope?" Glancing to Gabby then and raising a brow. She might be able to guess what it is. Especially as he grins at her. Looking towards Est as well, giving him a thumbs up.

Fiona scoots to the edge of her seat and reaches over to take a cookie from the bag then settles back against the seat again. She opens up her book again and resumes reading, nibbling on her treat as the train takes her ever closer to the next chapter of her life.

Tiffany scoops the last of her dropped supplies into her bag, and quickly moves into a free seat in the nearest cabin to clear the way.

Morgana seems to really think it over for a moment before she reaches in and offers a cookie to Conall. "We can't have the Head Boy deprived of his favorite snack already. It might make him grumpy." She will hand the bag off to anyone else, not wanting to hog all of the cookies. She'll chuckle at Est's actions, slowly shaking her head but not pointing out to the new Prefect that his words did not take hold.

Ripley gives a nod to Sol and shrugs a bit. He uncovers what is in his hand which shows a small pot metal fox that looked well loved. He looks down the way to see the others and possibly check on someone down the way before he settles back down and sighs, "Thought I was good about it all until this morning and seeing I was all alone. So used to the flurry of me running all over and Leander already packed and peering at me. Doing all this together."

Soleil leans over to just lay a chaste kiss to Ripley's temple. "You know who you should talk to? Xander. He's gone through all of this too. Would you like to talk or play a game to keep your mind off of it? Or we can just continue to sit here. You know I don't mind the quiet."

Gabrielle rolls her eyes at Conall's theatrics. She'll bite her lower lip a moment and then ask teh compartment, "Can one of you watch these,"She'll indicate the packages behind her, "For me? I just want to check on something." She'll stand up, keeping Sir Nibbler tucked in her arm. She won't leave till she gets the confirmation her packages will eb looked after.

Gabriel nods, offering to not only watch the packages, "I can hold the bag of cookies for you too?" He'll eye the packages, now curious as to what's in them, but a stern look from Gabby keeps him from asking.

Est beams with pride, the Head Boy gave him a thumbs up! Some latent instinct makes him turn around to check on his prisoner (or, more likely, he thought of some witty comment he felt would help the boy meditate on his wrongdoing more effectively) and finds the scoundrel has skedaddled. "Hey!" he says, though the boy is too long gone to hear it, and Est leaves hot on his trail.

Ripley shakes his head and looks back towards the door of the compartment. "Not really." He sighs out again and then falls back to pay his head on top of the seat. "Why is this bringing all these feelings back up?" He shakes his head and moves to get up and paces a little in the compartment before he leans and rests against the window.

Soleil shakes her head, "You're going to feel like this for the rest of your life Ripley. A part of you is no longer tangibly around. There will be easy moments, there will be moments when you feel like your soul is being ripped apart. Time does provide the learning experience in how to cope with the way you are feeling. But it won't ever go away." She looks up at him and pats the bench seat next to her. "A good hug or snog tends to help feel better. I can offer the hug, but you'll have to track down Gabby for the other."

Conall nods to Gabby as well about the cookies and all. Grinning to Morgana as she seems to take some pity on him. "I'll keep an eye on it." He offers. Seeing others offering as well only makes him grin and nod. "Seems everything is well guarded." He smirks at that. Taking a moment to rest, if briefly, on the train.

Gabrielle nods in thanks and will slip past everyone standing in the doorway. She'll start peeking into cars, looking for her boyfriend. As she does she'll shift Sir Nibbler into the crook of her elbow more so she can reach her hand into her pocket. She'll pull out a thin silver ring and slip it onto her ring finger on her right hand as she looks.

As Ripley stands at the window and looks to it, a nose pokes out form under the seat and a large eared red face pops out and looks up to Ripley. The fox comes up and grabs hold of Ripley's leg to allow himself to pop up to the window and then stretch up to look at Ripley. "Hello, Aristotle. I know. I miss him too." As a hand goes to pet the beast and lift him up to rest about his shoulders.

Phoebe started out in a compartment near the back of the train, but as things have gone on, she's decided to slip out and see what else is to be found. She's gone by a few places here and there, and as she walks along she encounters Gabrielle in the corridor. Phoebe offers a smile and a small wave to the Ravenclaw. "Hullo."

Morgana figures that they'll be watching Gabby's stuff for a a bit so she'll settle down in a seat next to Conall and leans over to say something to him quietly before pulling a few pieces of parchment out of her satchel. "It'll be interesting to see who the new Prefects will be." She says quietly.

Soleil smiles softly upon seeing Aristotle and she looks rather misty and missing Leander herself. She allows Ripley his deep in thought time though softly she does offer. "I have some honey if Aristotle would like some?"

Gabrielle 's just pulling her head back out of a train car when Phoebe talks to her, "Oh!Hi Phoebe. How's it going?" She'll shift the puffskien in arms a bit, he's trying to crawl down and away. He can tell Gabby left the cookies back with Sebastian's pet human. she'll glance behind Phoebe, keeping an eye out for Ripley.

From one of the lavatories comes the very faint scent of cigarette smoke.

Ripley reaches up and brushes a tear away from his cheek and clears his throat as he looks back to Soleil, "My soul hasn't stopped ripping apart." He says to her and moves to flop down on the seat next to Soleil. "Doesn't ever stop." His eyes flash about a good bit as his mind flips around from thought to thought before he comes back to the room that he is in and he gives a little bit of a smile. "I will find her." He notes and looks to Soleil. "I will." As Aristotle comes down a little as Soleil offers him a little treat. His nose wiggles a bit, sniffing the air.

Somehow the critters always know these things. Phoebe smiles at the sight of Sir Nibbler's squirming, watching him a moment before looking up at Gabby again. "Good," she says. "It's been nice to see ever-" oh, but not everyone's here, are they? "-everything. I'm looking forward to classes this year." She smiles. "What about you?"

Conall nods to Morgana. "I am sure that they are all quite good." He offers and smiles. Putting his hat aside for now. Smiling to the whispered words from Morgana. "Same." He offers in return and gives her a brief hug. Looking around a bit. Seeing as Gabby had moved over to another cart. He himself rising. Not leaving, just rising. Keeping an eye on the package still. "Just stretching my legs."

Gabrielle gives a weak, understanding smile. She knows.Event though she was fighting with him, she still wish he, and the rest, where here. She'll nod, looking down at the puffskien, "Yeah, after last year, I'm hoping this one won't be as demanding." She'll nod towards the compartment that everyone else was in, "My aunts sent cookies, if you want any….I really need to try to find Ripley. I'll find you later and we can talk?" She'll give the younger girl an apologetic look.

Soleil opens up her knapsack and pulls out a vial of the amber thick fluid. She unstoppers it, tilts it so it dribbles in a thick line down the side of the test tube like vial and then offers the fox the messy side of the glass after stoppering it back up. "That's what I mean about time. It is the worst thing but eventually the pain turns into a throb and you learn to cope. Finding her isn't going to make it better. I understand the desire but it's not going to help. I'm not saying don't do anything if you cross paths again. Just don't ruin the life Leander sacrificed his for by being consumed by grief and revenge."

Awkward. Phoebe nods, though. "I'm sure you'll do well," she says, then smiles. Cookies, yes, those are a good alternate topic. "Do they send them by owl, during the year?" she asks with a little laugh, then nods. "But, thanks." Cookies are good! As for the talk later, she just nods and waves Gabrielle off. "Of course. I'll be around."

It is like something pops inside of Ripley's head as the fox hops off to lick at the amber liquid. Aristotle is cautious at first but the sweet smell pulls him in close. Ripley on the other hand lays his head back on the seat and chuckles a bit, "Oh, I will find her. I want to know why…" And then his face goes somber, "I have to know why…" He says, quietly and grave, before the laugh comes. One born of pain and hysterics before he calms it and closes his eyes.

Gabrielle chuckles softly to Phoebe, "Yes, so if you have any requests, let me know." Gabby will wave and continue down the hall way, looking into windows for Ripley. eventually she'll see him and Soleil. She can't hear them, but tilts her head at his expression. Her hand lingers on the handle for a moment, not sure if she should enter or not.

Soleil reaches up her free hand after petting Aristotle to pet Ripley too. "I can tell you why. She's a psychopath that was given free reign to do as much damage as she could. So she did. All you'll get out of her is taunts and rubbish. I mean it Ripley, if you waste your life on hunting her down I'll kill you a second time, after she's done with you. Cause I'm not exactly seeing her being the chatty sort."

Colton continues to enjoy his cigarette in the bathroom. He's at least got the window open and is doing his best to keep the smoke from drifting towards the door. But just the faintest scent continues to drift.

Ripley mods to stand up again and he looks to the door of the cabin. Gabby stands there but he doesn't see her for the moment, "She's all I see. I see her staring from around corners, in my dreams, always just out of the reach of my sight. She haunts me." His hand goes to the window of the door as he reaches out to touch the glass and touch the woman's face. Then he comes to and sees his hand touching right in front of Gabby's face. "Gabby." He says, the whole tension leaving his body and a smile growing over his lips, "Hello, my dear." And he smiles, earnest.

Morgana smiles at Conall's response and nods as he stands up to stretch his legs and she'll take a few moments to scribble on her parchment real quick. Someone might be a bit anxious about the upcoming Prefect meeting. However something else catches her attention and she gathers some of her things up to go investigate. "I'm going to just go for a quick walk." That's when the Head Girl heads toward the bathrooms, following her nose just a bit. She won't intrude, but she will lean on the wall waiting for whomever comes out.

Gabrielle blinks, this looks rather….she take a half step back, but the Ripleys's looking at her, she's caught, but then he's not really looking at he, which has her even more worried. Sir Nibbler has quieted down sensing Gabby's worry and just nuzzles into her torso some. Gabby will give Ripley a soft smile, "Hey…I just wanted to come check on you…" She'll give Soleil a small nod, not quite unfriendly, more confused.

Soleil pinches the bridge of her nose. "I was there, remember, it could have well been me she could have aimed at too. She haunts me as well. I have a bottle of potion in my bag at all times reserved just for her if I ever see her again. But I'm not going to waste my life obsessing about her. You shouldn't either." She gives Gabby a waned smile as she puts the honey back in her bag after it's been licked clean by Leander's Fox. "He's waxing revenge again." She warns the other girl as she collects up her things. "I'll leave you two be, before I lose every shred of respect for my friend." As she passes them by to squeeze out the door she does give Ripley's cheek another chaste kiss.

"I'll think on it," Phoebe says on the matter of those cookies, then smiles and gives Gabby a wave as she heads off down the corridor. Phoebe herself will head on as well, giving Morgana a small and respectful nod in passing, then going to another compartment where she sees one of her yearmates and slipping inside to say hello and chat for a bit.

Colton pops out of the bathroom smelling rather minty and fresh. Seeing Morgana there he grins wide to her and greets merrily, "'Ello pretty. All yers." He moves to step aside and give a gentlemanly bow and gesture towards the bathroom while holding the door open for her.

Ripley reaches and opens the door for Gabby to come in and for Sol to go out as he leans in for the kiss from Sol and then looks to Gabby. "She carries a potion and yet she doesn't think as I do." He looks to Gabby and places a hand on the girl's cheek before he leans in and rests his forehead upon Gabby's. "Every shed of respect. Bah." He chuckles low, "I doubt that." He grins.

Gabrielle raises en eyebrow, but won't say anything as Soleil leaves. The arm not holding Nibs will sneak around to give him a tight hug. "She has no business scolding you if she's carrying a potion specifically for that girl. She'll close her eyes as he rests his forehead against hers, "Sorry..I know you said you wanted to be alone…I just wanted to check on you." Sir Nibbler, having spotted Aristotle, starts squirming and grunting to get down and meet his new best friend.

Morgana crosses her arms and raises a brow. "Is it now?" Nodding her head toward the bathroom. "You can either hand it over, or I can start taking points before the train even reaches Hogsmeade." The Newly Minted Head Girl says, holding out her her hand for the cause of that nasty smell in the bathroom.

Conall is just relaxing with the package for now. Humming to himself. Tapping on his knee and continuing on the tone. Glancing around a bit. He does try and glance out but not really knowing what is going on anywhere else at the moment. He is curious about the package though. Just giving it a look and a shrug.

After buying a few snacks from the trolley, Angelus is once again walking along the train. His hands are on the young brunette's shoulders who is walking in front of him, assured by the hands on her shoulder. The girl keeps glancing out the window at the passing views. Angelus offers her more fudge flies, and she pops a total of five into her mouth, chewing them instead of speaking. But the boy speaks, "Maybe you can ride on the boat with Fiona," Angelus suggests. "The two of you could be friends."

Aristotle gives the little fluff ball a sniff and then a sneeze as the fluff tickles his nose. The fox paws at the ground and gives a little yip towards Nibbler, in a playful mood. Ripley keeps hold to Gabby and then slowly pulls away from her. "Getting close to the castle." As he looks back out of the window and sighs a bit more.

Gabrielle will set Nibs down and will just nod to ripley . she'll sit down, and tries to get Ripley to do the same and watch as the two pets play, meaning mostly Aristotle batting Nibs around while he purrs.Gabby will lean her head into Rip's shoulder and stay that way till they have to leave the castle.

There's plenty to talk about when you haven't seen someone all break, and so Phoebe spends some time talking to her friend. A voice from the corridor is what manages to draw her attention away, and she looks up to see Angelus being an escort. She lifts a hand to him before he's quite passed by. "Hey Eibon."

Angelus grins when he turns his gaze to the greeting girl. "Wait, May," he says as he slows down. "Evans," he greets, a grin tugging at his lips. "I don't think you've met my sister yet." He taps her shoulders, and Megan offers Phoebe a smile and a pleasant, "Hi." Angelus lowers his eyes to his sister. "Megan could end up in Hufflepuff if my guess is right."

Phoebe smiles to Angelus, and then her gaze drifts to look over Megan curiously. Now, who is this girl? Hmm… Oh, a sister. The smile hadn't gone away, but it definitely increases a little at that revelation. "Hello," she says. "Nice to meet you." Her gaze lifts back to Angelus again, and she lifts an eyebrow. "Oh?" Back to Megan, as if it'll be obvious. Maybe her Hufflepuff-sense will twitch… or maybe now. Either way, she smiles. "Well, if you do, I'd be glad to help show you around."

Colton looks at Morgana quite puzzled. "'And over wot exactly? Last time I checked…yee weren't Gryffindor lass, much to my chagrin. Would be nice to 'ave ya. Now, why don't yee go find yourself some Ravenclaw to pester bout points, aye?" You have to know the rules and loopholes in order to be a true mischief maker. Colton is smiling to Morgana the whole time, "We best get out of the way, a queue is startin'." With a wink he makes to head on back to his seat.

"Hey!" There's a call from down the train, an older boy with dark hair peeking out from a compartment. "Where's that trolley? You should have started over here so the better of us aren't kept waiting." By better of us, Alphard clearly means him. Clearly. He sighs in disdain, clucking his tongue as if to hurry along the person pushing the trolley, waving a few coins grumpily. "You'd think a turtle was working the trolley," he grumbles in a lower voice.

"I never said I'd be the one taking points away. Either you hand over the cigarettes, or I can speak with your head of house." Morgana says with a shrug, still holding her hand out to the Gryffindor boy.

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