(1938-09-01) Hogwarts Start-of-Term Feast, 1938-39
Details for Hogwarts Start-of-Term Feast, 1938-39
Summary: The Start-of-Term Feast for Hogwarts' 1938-39 school year.
Date: September 1, 1938
Location: Great Hall
Related: Takes place just after Hogwarts Express, 1938-39



Great Hall, Hogwarts Castle

Braziers that hang by chains from the beaks of griffin gargoyles that line the walls where they meet the high vaulted enchanted ceiling offer warm illuminating blazes. Four long tables are evenly spaced with the heads of the table at the north and south of the room. Each table has a cloth runner down the center and a plush rug underneath of the different House colors indicating to which house the table belongs.

The most westerly table is the Slytherin table. Beside them is the Ravenclaw table. The Gryffindor table is then between the Ravenclaw table to the west and the Hufflepuff table which is the most easterly table. One other table along the northern wall up on a dais for the Professors to sit at and look over all four of the other tables. Also on the dais is one lectern gilded in gold with an owl spreading it's wings at the top of the lectern. Candles line the tops of the owl's wings to illuminate anyone speaking at the lectern. A stool like protrusion comes out of the lectern as well as that's where the first years sit when they are sorted.

There are three sets of doors in the Great Hall. The main exit and entrance that leads to the Entry Hall is a large set of double wooden doors carved with vines and flanked by high stone pedestals each set with a small brazier above the stony 'H' carved in the pedestal. On the eastern wall is a much smaller door just next to the dais that's attached to the antechamber the first years come up from the lake through. Lastly one other door is set into the northwest corner behind the High Table.

As always high above within the obscured stone and wood cathedral like buttresses and crockets the outside weather is reflected in an illusion with all the sound and visuals of the weather, just without the actual effects of it.

Hephaesta limps into the Great Hall, beaming happily, hand-in-hand with Ophelia. "Archie is so excited. I could barely keep him from running into everyone's trolleys on the platform. I do hope he's alright…he didn't want to leave me when the First Years got into the boats."

Gabrielle is now walking into the great Hall, Gabriel on one side, Ripley holding her hand on the other. Her hair is back to a deep red, and is piled up on top of her head, with a drawing pencil holding it in place.

Ophelia chuckles, her eyes fondly scanning the Great Hall before searching out a seat for the both of them, "He'll be fine. And in no time at all he'll be at our table and he can tell you how everything went." She grins and waves as she sees Gabrielle, nodding in greeting to Ripley just before she slips into a seat.

Phoebe heads into the hall with a cluster of other students, some of whom split off but several continue with her to the Hufflepuff table. She takes her seat, perched half-sideways on the bench for now as she watches others arrive.

Celes misses the trip across the lake, the carriage ride just isn't the same. The Second year Gryffindor enters in with the stream of students, at least relieved she doesn't have to face a sorting this year. She slides onto a seat at the Gryffindor table, equal parts curious about her new house mates and hungry.

Conall is leading Morgana into the Great Hall and stretches his back a bit. Having gotten his things put away. Soon enough letting her slip off then. Since their tables are separated. "See you later." He offers and moves along to sit at the front of the Hufflepuff table. Only glancing around a bit and running a hand through his hair. Taking a moment to look around.

Kaiden steps into the Great Hall looking…bigger than he did at the end of the last school year. A little more tan, too. That's right, ladies, the strapping young Quidditch captain has returned. He twirls a pocket watch as he makes his way over to the Hufflepuff table. He's lost in his own little world as he walks; not even taking the time to look around for old friends.

Morgana slips into the Great Hall on Conall's arm, smiling and giving him a nod when they have to part. "I'll see you after the feast." With that she'll head to her own table slipping in with the rest of the Seventh years and waiting for the heard of First Years to come in to be sorted.

After having just celebrated her birthday the day before with her friends (the prefect's badge had been revealed at said party), Elspeth gave Lan a punch to the upper arm when he showed up with similar badge… and hadn't told her. Now the trio, Artemis, Elspeth and Noalan, are making their way into the Great Hall, having secured a carriage together. There's a pause before they have to split to go to their individual house tables, Lan still trying to shrug his robes so that they'll cover up the prefect's badge, at least a little. Elspeth gives him a grin and nudges him in the shoulder again. "It is going to be obvious sooner or later, you may as well be, how do you say? 'getting over it'?" She isn't enjoying her chance to tease him, in return for keeping the secret from her. Not at all. She gives Artemis a hug, and promise to catch up with her after the feast, before she goes to her own table, trying to act as if it's just another meal in the Great Hall, and she's just another student.

Hephaesta squeezes Ophelia's hand, "Do you think? What if he's sorted into another house?" She bites her lip nervously, already looking for the Sorting Hat, as if she might try to convince it to put her brother in Ravenclaw.

For half the train ride Artemis was all teary eyed and missing her parents. But by the end she was doing better. She is now cheerful and excited to be at school, and very much impatient to hit the books. She walks in close to Elspeth and Noalan, looking admirably to either of them. "The two of you will make /magnificent/ Prefects!" she says whole-heartedly before she veers off to the Hufflepuff table.

Ripley walks in with Gabby holding his hand. As he makes his way into the hall, he stops a little bit and looks about it. He lifts Gabby's hand to his lips and kisses it before he releases it and begins to walk over to the Slytherin table. As he gets closer he shoves a hand into his pocket and pulls something out to hold onto it tight.

Gabrielle tries to give Ripley an encouraging smile and will watch him a moment before turning and going towards the ravenclaw table, Gabriel following behind asking about her thoughts of who was going to get sorted into each house. She'll sit so she's facing the slytherin table. When she sits, she'll fidget with a silver ring on her right ring finger.

"He won't be." Ophelia grins, "But if he does, he'll be fine. We've friends in every house, he'll be just fine. Trust me." She shifts in her seat to face the head table, waving Gabrielle over to sit near herself and Hephaesta.

The punch was a tad overboard wasn't it? He'd been mocking being a prefect not long before, he'd hardly send an owl advertising it. Still looking sheepish he walks with his two friends, "I could be the first stealth prefect at the school." He says lamely. "Ya I know, perhaps in a couple of weeks when I go mad with power I'll display it a little more proudly." He splits off from the other two just before the tables and slides into the seat with his house mates. "Good evening all."

Soleil is already seated and seems to have reserved a spot for Ripley beside her. "I'll have you know, there's a big difference between having something specially prepared for someone if chance has it that she crosses my path again. And giggling maniacally and wringing your hands claiming you'll exact your revenge no matter the consequences." She pokes her tongue out at her friend and then reaches out to pet the engorgio'd silver green bellied snake named Sal, their House Mascot as he slithers down the center of the table.

Ripley looks at Soleil and rolls his eyes a bit, "I was not giggling manically and rubbing my hands together. I was overcome with sadness." He settles down on the bench, "Looks like Slytherin won't get too much this year. Pity." As he looks about. "Looks like all Ravenclaws and Gryffindors to me."

Colton comes strolling in with a bit of a cocky proud step. He's rather ruffled up after Pringle frisked him and searched his pockets after the new Ravenclaw Prefect tipped the higher up off that she thought he'd been smoking in the lavatory. So smug because he loved seeing Pringle grow more and more furious as no proof of his rule-breaking could be nailed down and Colton was allowed to join the Feast without points lost or detention. He ruffles the top of Josie's head before he plops down in next to her. Colton tips his black pointed cap to their own mascot a massive male lion with a golden pelt and a full lustrous red mane. "'ey there Godric, been awhile."

Angelus would have given Megan one last squeeze of the shoulders and some words of assurance before splitting, her taking to the boats and him to the carriages, in which he'll ride the carriage that Phoebe was on. But now he strides towards the Gryffindor table, looking all around the Great Hall.

Gabrielle steers Gabe over to Ophe and Phae, "Hey, mind if we sit?" She look a bit nervous and is fidgeting with her ring, but will give them each a smile, "It's not so bad, we at least got to see each other some over break, right?" Gabe on the other hand, is already twisting in his seat trying to locate the whole pirate crew. In his hand is a baseball he's rolling absently on the table.

Hephaesta scooches to make room for Gabrielle and Gabriel, flashing them a welcoming smile. "Of course. Squeeze in." Hey, any excuse to sit closer to Ophelia.

Alphard strides in to the Great Hall, clearing his throat as one student moves too slow for him. "Don't hold me up," he quips, side stepping grumpily around the student and moving toward the Slytherin table.

Soleil points out, "Which is exactly how it starts. You get consumed and next thing you know, you've turned into the thing you are trying to stop. I just don't want to see you consumed by revenge. That's all. You know you're one of the few friends I have, especially now that Balty's graduated. Are you going to try for Captain again this year? Cause no one's going to vote for you, if you seem like you're out of the game." Truly she's only looking out for her friend.

Ophelia shakes her head, letting Phae answer for them both, and scoots as well to make more room. A hand slips back to lean against the back of the bench, so that she is almost but not quite wrapping an arm around Phae. She smiles brightly at Gabby, though her gaze turns questioning when she notes the nervousness.

Lucian walks along the Slytherin table, the Seventh Year Prefect making sure every snake is putting their best foot (or fang) forward.

Ripley frowns, "Rather see Theo come back and take it." Ripley shakes his head, "I have my studies to take care of." As he brushes a hand through his hair and sighs, "I may be too off to do it." He looks down at the table until Lucian shows, "Lucian." He notes with a level tone.

Elspeth opts to move around the table a bit, sliding in opposite Phae and Ophie, and now Gabby and Gabe as well. "Hullo," she greets quietly. Her eyes light on each in turn, allowing that one word and smile to serve for all of them. "How is Whizzbee doing, Ophelia?"

Akilina makes a little squeak as the scootching down further down the Ravenclaw bench ends up with her nearly getting scooted right of the end of bench. In a quick shuffle she doesn't complain, merely moves to the other bench and makes her already small form all the more tiny by curling up, often her hand rises up to push her heavy glasses higher on her tiny nose that's not made to carry such a burden.

Lucian gives Ripley a firm, respectful nod. "Ripley. Did I hear you right? You're not going for captain? I heard you were pretty good."

Gabrielle shakes her head softly at Ophe and mouths "later" at the girl. She'll readjust how she's sitting to try to keep an eye on Ripley, but not be too rude to her friends. "This is the first time I've forgotten to bring a sketchbook to welcoming dinner." She'll give a bit of a shrug, "I don't think I"m going to have much time to draw this year…at least not like I used to."

The Eagle on the perch at the center of the Ravenclaw table takes a moment to stretch her wings out and with a flutter sends some bronze feathers onto some of her houses plates. Rowena looks down at said students like she was some goddess that's just bestowed her followers a blessed gift.

Gabriel turns back from his twisted position to Gabby, "Why not? I'd think you'd have more time with no OWLS or NEWTs this year unless there's-" And his eyes will get big, remembering some thing, "Oh! Oh! Right I…uh…." Looking down desperate for a new topic, "I played a lot of baseball this summer!" He'll smile a bit too big, but at least he's trying . Gabby will just raise en eyebrow and shake her head.

Soleil smiles as warmly as she gets to Lucian as well. "He was. Really good…after I boxed his ears a bit. I've been hoping some more boxing would help him again, not really working this time." She shrugs and sighs.

With a nod to Gabrielle, Ophelia offers a reassuring smile and chuckles softly. "We may all have less time this year for our passions." She murmurs, "I think things may be vastly different this year. I can't believe… sixth year already… " Her eyes drift to Rowena, then down to the feathers, before she reaches over to pluck one from Phae's plate. On a sudden impulse, she reaches up and tucks it behind her sweetheart's ear.

"Just as long as I don't have to do it." Noalan grumbles, the mention of Quidtich catching his attention in the partially overheard conversation between Ripley, Lucian, and Soleil talking.

"Thank you Rowena." Morgana says as she takes the feather off of her plate, since it will probably not taste good with whatever dinner they are having this evening. Nodding to Ophelia, Morgana chimes in. "I almost did not bring my Violin, but I figured I should at least bring it for some form of stress relief."

Hephaesta giggles at the feather in her hair, and hugs Ophelia's arm. "I hope things aren't too different. I know you've got N.E.W.T. studies now, and all. But…don't forget to enjoy yourself, too."

Once the upperclassmen are settled the wide double doors of the Great Hall swing wide open and before a group of eleven year olds Professor Merrythought leads the way inside and down the central aisle between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables. While awaiting the March of the Firsties the Sorting Hat squirms about at the podium giving them a song to march to…

~Last years lot were as thick as a pot.~
~Don't linger in thought.~
~Seek the treasures that are sought!~

~I will sing my song again you get a clue.~
~I will sing it til my stitches are blue.~

~Treasure, booty and glory to claim.~
~If you do nothing, only you are to blame.~

~Welcome Welcome to Hogwarts~
~Where witches,~
~learn riches~
~and wizards,~
~become hazards,~
~to the obstacles in the way.~

~Let's get to the firsties~
~for this is their day!~
~Come, don't dance like monkeys~
~or fret in dismay!~

~I know I don't look it,~
~I can tell my appearance makes you fidgit.~
~But my story is worldly,~
~listen whilest I explain hurridly.~

~Godric Gryffindor built his house~
~with no room for a mouse,~
~only room for the daring and brave~
~then I was stolen by a wicked old knave~

~Salazar did covet me~
~I'm magnificent as you can see!~
~All things great and wondrous~
~makes his house of Slytherin ponderous.~

~But no, he could not have us!~
~A fight did happen, I was torn~
~but Helga mended me, I was re-born.~
~Here you can see the black patch,~
~for good and caring she had no match.~
~But strife and tension did not slake~
~Until Rowena ever wise four statues did she make~

~Each Founder visage in stone was given a gift~
~A symbol of a peace treaty to heal the rift.~
~A secret in treasure gold,~
~A sword for the bold,~
~A cup to nuture and pleasure,~
~A crown of wit beyond measure.~

~Only one gift has been found,~
~But the finder made no sound.~
~Three gifts they have still~
~though hidden for good or ill~

~The Founder's Gifts forever hidden way~
~which of these four gifts will you display?~

As the bronze feathers float down, Elspeth watches the drift of one that lands near her plate. She lets it sit there for a moment, before she adds her thanks to those of her housemates, and picks up the feather to weave the quill end into her braid, letting it hang down over her shoulder. She glances over and catches sight of Lan's grumpiness, smiling to herself before she twists a little to look at Artemis, too. As the Sorting Hat begins it's song, she settles into listen quietly.

Ophelia leans into the hug, "I'll try." She turns to smile and nod to Morgana, "Hopefully, different won't be as- " She breaks off when the doors open, smiling and waving to Archie when she sees him in among the first-years. She listens quietly along with her table, eyes widening slightly as she takes in the lyrics. "Well, then."

Gabrielle goes to reach for a feather, then stops herself. There are others that are more…Ravenclaw and deserve one more. She'll sit quietly , only half listening to the hat while watching Ripley. Although her brow does crease together as she realizes something the hat says and will give both Cillian and Gabe a quick look.

Ripley listens to the song and gives a little smile to it all. Memories clearly affecting the Slytherin boy. He looks across the tables, seeing Gabby and giving her a bit of a smile as he watches her. His eyes look within the first years as they stream into the Hall.

Celes' mouth falls open slightly at the very first line of the Hats song, her cheaks coloring, "Hey." He says, mistaking it's words for a slight on last years first years. to the point that she doesn't even clap when it finishes it's little song. By the end she isn't sure what to think.

Hephaesta waves excitedly to her little brother, Archie, who is far too astounded at the sight of the ceiling and the hundreds of other people to even think to look for her. So much for being clingy.

Akilina uncharacteristically pipes up glaring at the Sorting Hat taking offense like Celes did, "I was nearly eaten by a book for your 'quest'!" She squeaks in protest.

Gage was so looking forward to seeing the threstals pulling the carriages again. Alas, he and Kyte enter the Great Hall later than the rest of the student body. Kyte doesn't wait any time in getting to his seat, really not wanting to attract attention. But Gage slumps against the wall, and would rather merge with the wall than cross the hall to his table. When he does so though, his head is stooped and his gaze locked on the ground, dragging his feet over the floor.

Briar has noticed that Helga, the Badger and Hufflepuff Mascot isn't in the basket she's usually snuggly in at the center of the Hufflepuff Table. It's only when she reaches for the box of treats that's traditionally passed around under the table for Hufflepuffs to snack on during the feast that the prefect discovers where Helga has gone. When the box of Sweets is lifted up it's heavier than usual and so she brings it up onto the table for a moment and with crumbs all in her whiskers Helga pokes her head up out of the box with a long biscotti piece out the side of her mouth still being nommed on. Nom. Nom. Nom. "Well there you are! Shoo. Those are for us. Agent Fawley's going to be cross with you." When Briar realizes she's just said the very british 'cross' instead of her usual American 'pissed' she looks in horror to her boyfriend beside her. "What have you done to me?" She demands in playful whispers.

Blinking, Ophelia glances back at Alkilina, whom after a moment she offers a small smile to. When she turns back she leans over to whisper to Phae and Gabby, "you know, it might not be a bad idea to keep a look out for those. They might cross with research of the, ah… heart."

Gabrielle drags her eyes away from Ripley to look at Ophe and nod softly, "Yeah..I was thinking the same thing. We'll add it to the list." And she'll sigh softly…so much to do! She'll start playing with her ring again.

Angelus, apparently sitting near Celes, flashes a grin to her. "What's the matter, Dashur? You should be rejoicing, you get to relax at the table this year," he pauses and adds in, "next to me," and carries on, "instead of anticipating the Sorting." The blonde haired youth winks at her.

Xander grins proudly at Briar. "I've anglicized you?" He chuckles, putting an arm around Briar and kissing her cheek. His eyes widen when he feels the glare from Mr. Pringle. "Merlin's beard, it's like the man can sense a snog, even when it's not a proper snog," he mutters.

Kaiden sits quietly by himself at the Hufflepuff table and begins to look down at Briar and Xander in contempt; even throwing in a very angsty eye-roll before snatching up a roll and taking a bite out of it. Apparently, his time spent with his uppity family over the summer hasn't done him any good. He'll remain quiet for now, though.

Noalan overhears Akilina comment and can't help but commenting over towards the Ravenclaw table, "You should always carry a pocket full of bookmarks to feed them for emergencies like that." He's a prefect now, it must be true. The rhyme does catch his attention though, he'd just thought the hat was waxing poetic last year.

One by one the First Year students are called up alphabetically to sit on the stool at the podium by Merrythought who's acting as the Deputy Headmaster's Deputy while the Headmaster is enjoying his 'vacation' at Durmstrang.

Ophelia pages Hephaesta, Gabrielle, and Ripley: Can I bug one of you to give me a summary of what I missed when I get back? Pretty please?

Hephaesta wiggles excitedly when Archie is called up to the Sorting Hat. The precocious young man even greets the hat, asking if he should call it "Sorting," or "Mr. Hat." Mr. Hat doesn't take long to pronounce the young man a Gryffindor, dropping Phae's jaw to the floor. Her fingers tighten in Ophelia's hand, as she whispers, "I just knew it." She gives her girlfriend a worried frown, but then immediately starts searching the Gryffindor table for young Josie.

Celes rolls her golden brown eyes at Angelus, "Ya, but I can barely fit at the same table as your ego." She quips back. "Just try to deflate it a little when the first years star showing up." She says grinning a little, never sure how seriously to take Angelus.

Briar smiles to Xander and places a peck to his hand as it slides off her shoulder in fear of Mr. Pringle. "He does, he has this knack for sensing happiness and has an even better ability of sucking all hapiness out of a moment or person. He's like that despair potion made flesh."

Dumbledore rises from the head table, approaching the podium.

Dumbledore taps the podium with his wand for attention. When the Great Hall finally quiets, he lifts his voice to fill it. "Welcome, students, to another year of magical learning and enlightenment. I shall attempt to keep this brief, as I am sure that you are eager to get on with the feast.

"For those of you that do not know me, I am Professor Dumbledore, Deputy Headmaster, and Professor of Transfiguration. In Headmaster Dippet's absence, I am serving as acting Headmaster. In this capacity, I give my solemn vow that I shall do my utmost to honor Headmaster Dippet, and fill his very large shoes.

"I am quite certain I need not remind our returning students of the dangers of the Forbidden Forest. I must emphasize that the forest is strictly off limits, even moreso than before. The conflicts between the centaur clans have reached dangerous levels. As such students are not permitted to even approach the forest, which will be heavily patrolled by our Keeper of Keys and Grounds, Ogg."

"OGG!" comes the bellow of the enormously muscled man in the corner, often rumoured to be half troll.

"Yes, thank you, Ogg," Dumbledore smiles approvingly at the groundskeeper. "Anyone caught violating these rules will, I fear, be serving detention with our caretaker, Mr. Pringle." He gestures to a narrow man that, despite being about three sizes smaller than Ogg, manages to be far more menacing. "With that, I leave you to-…"

From the professors' table, the grim and stony Professor of Ancient Runes, Gervase Flint rises, "Ahem. Professor Dumbledore, I have something to announce." Dumbledore lifts his brow in surprise, but gestures to give Flint the floor. "I wish to announce the formation of a new club here at Hogwarts, that I will act as Mentor for. The Magijugend is a club for those dedicated to a purer form of magic, with a respect for the history and traditions of the wizarding world. If you are interested in joining, you may send a letter of interest to my office. That is all."

As Flint seats himself, Dumbledore turns back to the podium. "Ah…yes. Thank you, Professor Flint. Well, if that is all," he looks to the other faculty, giving any of them a moment to speak if they wish to. When none do, he continues, "Let the feast….begin!" With a wide gesture, the tables are suddenly covered with roast beef, honeyed ham, candied yams, piles of dinner rolls and biscuits, cauldrons of hearty pumpkin stew, and a plethora of other succulent dishes.

Those looking his way might notice that Professor Vindictus Viridian, the Professor of Charms, adopts a visible scowl at Flint's pronouncement, and for quite some time, his eyes do not leave the Ancient Runes Professor. Surely, the apparent discomfort Flint seems to be experiencing as he shifts about in his seat is unrelated.

Noalan groans and covers his eyes at Professor Flints words. Here it comes! He looks across to the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables. Even expecting this exact thing, as cynical as he is, the world once more managed to outstrip even his pessimism, he hadn't expected a professor to start the club.

Ripley looks to Flint and something alights in the boy's eyes. He watches as Flint sits down and nods quietly to himself before the food arrives and he looks about at all the wonderful bits and bobs… And takes nothing to eat.

Briar is all smiles until Professor Flint makes his announcement then it's all frowns, "I'll bet good money that any that 'apply' to his precious little club that are 'pure-blood' will get the most two faced rejection letter of all time…" She looks down to the first member of the Mud Club that's not her boyfriend and get their attention. "Every Mud Club member should apply to this new club, pass it on." Then she starts to eat, or more like just stabbing her thick cut of prime rib over and over again as she glowers at Flint. "I've never liked him. I don't trust him, our great protector of Hogwarts. With his wards and runes upkeep. Bastard, did you see the way he peeked at me and his nostrils flared." She vents out loud but not loudly.

Xander frowns, and puts a comforting hand on Briar's thigh. Crap, Pringle! How does he know?! He retracts the hand, but does offer words of comfort. "I'm sure Dumbledore will keep him in line."

Gabrielle gives Ophe and Phae a small worried look and then glances to Ripley. Her frown stays and she'll tilt her head, watching her boyfriend. If he looks up to her she'll mouth the word "eat" at him with as stern a look as she can. Not that she's really eating much, but still!

Soleil lean nudges against Ripley and rubs his back for a moment before she reaches over to select a few light items for herself and also puts some of the same lighter items on Ripley's plate. "Eat. I hate you for making me some mother hen. Are you thinking of joining?"

Angelus gives Celes a light hearted grin. "It's what happens when you're a big star." But he falls silent to listen to the announcements, making no outward responses but simply listening respectfully to the Professors, watching the Head Table curiously. And then he turns toward the food, smiling warmling to Celes. "Bon apetite."

Ripley is jolted out of his thoughts and looks to Sol, "I was." He says and looks down to his plate, a look of confusion on his face as he knows he didn't put those things there. Then a brow goes up, "Nobody made you a mother hen." he says to her and smirks.

Noalans head remains dejectedly in his hands, head slowly shaking from side to side. "Brace yourself, the war is coming." He says softly. He lowers his hands with a sigh and touches his brand new shiny badge. Blasted head master put him in the middle of it too with the badge too. Suddenly no longer hungry he watches the reactions go around the room, not surprised in the slightest at the reactions, mentally drawing the battle lines in his head.

Hephaesta meets Gabrielle's look with a worried one of her own. "Did Professor Flint mean what I think he meant?" She glances between Ophelia, Gabby, and the other Ravenclaws around her.

Soleil pokes Ripley in the ribs. "Me too." She lower her voice to whisper to Ripley. "This is the best way of finding her. Unlike the Blood Traitor's last year, we'll show them how infiltration is really done." She gives him another nudge and then tells him, "Eat." again with a dry humoured, "Cluck. Cluck." Afterwards.

Artemis listens to the announcements, occasionally looking over to Slyhterin and Ravenclaw's table. But she frowns deeply when her blue eyes widen, looking to the podium at Flint's announcement. Her mouth gapes as she looks around again with a stunned expression. "That is a terrible idea!" she exclaims matter-of-factly. "People will get the idea that it's alright to think like that." She shakes her head, horrified that this is coming from a Professor.

Ripley takes in a deep breath as he looks at Sol, "You think?" he says and then looks back to Flint with a long gaze. His eyes do go back to check on gabby for a bit before he looks down at his plate and pokes at a piece of food there.

Gabrielle frowns, clearly Ripley just didn't see her….She'll look over to Phae, "I think it's something that we should all discuss later." Her head's going in about 10 different directions. What to work out first? She'll glance up to the teachers table, studying each one as she first pushes some food around, and then gives up on that and starts twisting her ring again. Her eyes will flutter over to Ripley once, but won't stay on him long.

"No one can say you lack confidence at least." Celes says back, not sure if she should laugh or not. "Thanks." She adds, starting to serve herself from the newly arrived platters. "A history club sounds interesting. I didn't realize there were old magics. You think it's like pre-incantation stuff?"

Phoebe keeps quiet as she listens to the announcements, her eyes going here and there but not saying anything. She reaches for the food, once it appears, taking some for herself - a little bit of everything, really - and starting to eat slowly, still listening…. but now, to the conversations around her.

Hephaesta nods gravely. If she's trying to be subtle, she's doing a terrible job of it. The sense of dread being felt by many students has settled on her shoulders as well.

Akilina sniffles and has to remove her glasses to clean the lenses. She blows her nose on a napkin and looks to the Hufflepuff table, but her older brother is a ways away with his back to her. "I want to go home."

Ophelia's eyes widen as Flint gives his speech, and without a single moment's hesitation, she twists to face the Slytherin table, eyes searching worriedly for Ripley. She watches him quietly for a few beats before turning back to the Ravenclaw table and her companions, now somber and thoughtful, her eyes on her plate for the time being.

Soleil nods her head in reply to Ripley. Keeping her voice even more whispered now that the Hall is quiet enough to hear a pin drop. "I do. Now eat up, if for no other reason than to look like you're looking forward to joining. We're going to have to really sell it if he's going to believe that you want to join after what that branch of his club did to Leander. Right?" She gives the item on the table a reverent petting. "We can work on our applications tonight."

Alphard gives the table a look as if there should be food on it right … now. Instead of focusing on the annoyance, he lifts his head to glance up and down the table. Hmm. He only looks thoughtful at the announcement, and is then looking down at the food. He reaches out to serve himself some potatoes, giving a student a sharp, smug look when he beats him to the serving spoon.

Ripley gives Flint a good long look as he stabs a piece of whatever meat is on his plate and shoves it into his mouth. He looks back to what he placed on the table and then back to Flint. He mouths some words almost to himself, so quiet that only those very close might hear.

Josie, at the announcement, frowns and looks to the others at the Gryffindor table in confusion. But then, food is there, and she quickly fills her plate. She's quiet, though, as she eats, focusing on the food and whatever she's thinking about.

Ophelia finishes one messy pumpkin roll before finally looking to the others, first Hephaesta, then Gabby, then those others close by. "Perhaps, if everyone's willing… we should meet up in the tower tonight and discuss our plans for the year?"

Gabrielle will look over to Ophe, "I…I need to talk to Ripley , then Dumbledore, if I can get to.I don't want to hang onto the painting. I'd rather just get it hung and be done with it. But yeah. afterwards. Definitely." Gabby will take another sip and look towards Ripley, before mutter softly for only those right next to her to hear, "This is going to make things even more difficult."

Hephaesta glances over to the Gryffindor table again, once more looking for Josie in the hope to see her looking after Archie. But Ophelia's question beings her attention back to the Ravenclaws. She nods after Gabrielle, "Alright. We'll wait for you, then."

"Of course." Ophelia nods to Gabrielle along with Hephaesta, then reaches under the table to squeeze Phae's hand. "We can stop and check on Archie on our way up, then, if you like?"

Josie looks up from her thoughts to look over towards the Ravenclaw table, perhaps looking for her friends there. Then she spots Phae and glances to Archie and back to her, nodding quickly with a smile.

With all that goes on Conall seems to mostly be stunned. OR lost in thought. Either way he has been quiet for a really long time and now just looks around a bit. Taking in the area and the atmosphere. Trying to see who is still here.

The mood of the Great Hall lightens up a bit, at least for the underclassmen as it's time for Dessert! Chocolate, gummy things, pie, cake, candy.

As is traditional at the Start-of-Term Feast, the house ghosts have been making their presence known. Nearly-Headless Nick reluctantly shows off his death wound for the sixth time, eliciting a scream from a poor First Year Gryffindor girl, whose panic isn't helped when he tries to pat her on the back and puts his hand through her chest.

Meanwhile, the Fat Friar "sits" at the end of the Hufflepuff table, actually hovering in a seated position, discussing the merits of salted pork for breakfast with one of the prefects.

At the Ravenclaw table, the Grey Lady floats above, looking down upon her charges with silent approval.

The Bloody Baron looms menacingly back and forth through the Slytherin table, dripping a trail of silvery blood over everything.

Hephaesta catches the smile and nod from Josie, and her face lights up instantly. She nods back, mouthing a very grateful thank you. Her eyes flicker to Archie, who is giggling with a new friend and constructing some sort of tower of asparagus spears.

With a plan in mind, Ophelia finds a smile by the time dessert is served. She quickly slips a slice of ham (wrapped in a napkin, of course) in her pocket for Whizzbee and smiles to Hephaesta, taking a bit of her sweetheart's favorite things from the selections on the table before serving herself a small pile of assorted gummy things with a drizzling of chocolate syrup. She glances up at the Grey Lady, smiling thoughtfully to her as well, before she starts eating. Shall we meet up in the girl's dormitory then, in a few hours?"

Morgana has also been quiet, looking at the feather she received from their house mascot. Flint's words have bothered her, but for now she needs to just focus on dinner, and what she needs to do afterwards. She looks up at the Grey Lady, giving her a quiet nod as she passes. The Hufflepuff table does catch her attention, and she gives a half smile to Conall before returning to her dessert.

Josie grins, saying, "Yes," as the dessert arrives, and once again loads up her plate. She starts to eat almost immediately, but giggles at the firstie who screamed, and says, "Calm down, Nick's brilliant. Most fun ghost I've ever met."

With the feast winding down into dessert Professor Kettleburn moves to gather up the the Mascots. He looks to Helga who's still got crumbs on her whiskers. "I'm not going to hear the end of this…" He says in his rumbly baratone doing his best to keep Helga's state from Josie, afraid she'll tattle to Camilla that the badger got into sweets while he was busy poking at the scorch on his arm through most of the feast. The Engorgio on Sal is removed and he slides the now garden snake size Sal into a sack on his hip. Then a leather gauntlet is put on and with a whistle from the Care of Magical Creatures Professor and Rowena takes flight off of her perch at Her house's table and she swoop over head to settle down on the professor's leather covered wrist. Then in his free hand he takes hold of the handle of his whip and commands Godric to heel and the feral man and the mascots make their exit.

Gabrielle also pockets some food for her pet, but stays away from the desserts, Sir Nibbler has gotten a bit more stuff in his fluff over the summer. She thinks her aunts may have been slipping him sweets. She'll nod to Ophe and Phae, "Yes..a. few hours will work fine. " She'll even force a quick smile and takes a scoop of chocolate pudding onto her plate. chocolate's food! Another quick glance to Rip and then back to her pudding.

Conall grins and looks to the fat friar as he speaks. "Well, nothing is better than salted pork." He offers with a small grin. A hand run through his hair and soon he is turning to look towards Morgana. Giving a smile back to her. He is the head boy now. Need to try and help keep a calm and functioning student body after all.

Briar smiles up at the Fat Friar, feeling a bit less ragey after dessert, "We'll gather up plenty of the good stuff and let it rot up nice and juicy for you Friar." She gives Xander a proud smile. Look at her with her Ghost knowledge she picked up from him.

Xander beams proudly at Briar, giving a wink to the Friar, who winks back appreciatively.

"Chocolate!" Lara can be heard saying from her place at the Ravenclaw table with a tone of delight as she digs in. She'll never grow too old for chocolate. Then she starts a small tour round the table, settling here and there to greet her fellow Ravenclaws and to catch up with the latest news. And to get to some sweets she wasn't able to reach from her place.

Ripley picks something up from the table and shoves it back into his pocket, "I have to go. I have some… Stuff to get put up." He gives a little nod to Soleil and then one to Lucian as he rises from the table and moves off. He only pauses to shove some kind of meat into some bread and looks towards Gabby and gives her a motion as if he was headed to sleep and then just waves before he moves out of the hall.

Professor Viridian takes his leave early, departing from the head table after some kind words to a few of his colleagues. He makes a point of walking past the Hufflepuff table, pausing by Briar for a moment. "Miss Crocker. You and I must speak very soon about your Mud Club. I think the time is ripe that it should see some kind of official status."

Gabrielle will smile when Ripley looks to her but it goes to a concerned look as he pantomimes going to sleep and then leaves. Her shoulder slump slightly, "Or…I guess I can meet in the tower whenever." She'll sigh softly and start to stand, "I'll meet everyone up there." She'll give them all a soft smile and give Gabe's shoulder a squeeze as she walks by.

Conall glances towards Viridian as he speaks to Briar, nodding his agreement. "Indeed. Also." The last to Briar, "That double date you talked about…" Grinning at her since it never happened. A teaseful wink to both her and Xander, if he is still there. Then turning to glance around a bit again.

Briar is about to steal a quick kiss to Xander's cheek glowing in his pride for her knowledge while Pringle is busy telling Colton to put some of the more decorative chocolate Hogs down and stop doing suggestive things with them. But then Viridian's looming and she at first tries to look innocent up at him. But then he reveals his desire for her and she stands to offer her hand to him. "Sir, yes Sir. I would like that very much. Thank you, sir." That's about as courteous as Briar gets and it's all genuine with excitement. In the wake of the news she doesn't care about Viridian or Pringle she gives her boyfriend's cheek a kiss and holds and squeezes his hand. Then a laugh to Conall, "Sorry about that. Things were a bit of a whirlwind this summer. I've got a site I'm working on getting into … escrow. First Hogsmeade Weekend though, we'll go to Puddifoots?"

Satisfied, Viridian nods curtly to Briar, and sweeps out of the Great Hall, his green robes flowing dramatically behind him.

Ophelia finishes her dessert and smiles to Phae, squeezing her hand under the table again. "Are you ready? Shall we go check on Archie? I'd like to get a few things ready before everyone comes up to talk if that's alright." (read: sneak in a quick snog if possible).

Hephaesta blushes softly, so maybe she caught the subtext there. "Oh, um…we should probably ask a prefect if we can go early? They haven't excused us yet."

Ophelia sighs, and not wanting to risk asking permission just yet, slumps back into her seat annoyedly. She stays, if resignedly, until the feast is over.

When Colton continues to mistreat the chocolate animals Dumbledore decides as Head of House that it is time to release the Lions. "Gryffindor Prefects, would you please see that the first years and other students find the Dormitory safely and impart upon them this years Password, please?"

The other Heads of House follow the lead of the acting Headmaster and Mopsus, Slughorn and Beery all instruct their prefects to do the same.

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