(1938-09-01) More Hogwarts Express, 1938-39
Details for More Hogwarts Express, 1938-39
Summary: More scenes aboard the Hogwarts Express as it travels from London to Hogsmeade
Date: September 1, 1938
Location: Hogwart's Express
Related: Takes place just before Hogwarts Start-of-Term Feast, 1938-39

The Hogwarts Express

This passenger train has a sort of timeless air about it, for though it displays the very latest in locomotive technology, its styling remains generally old-world in nature. The floors have well-kept tapestry carpet runners, the walls paneled in rich hardwood. Each compartment features plush seating for up to six, wood and glass doors for some sense of privacy, and of course windows to wave good-bye at the station or watch the countryside roll by. The baggage car is at the rear, while the Prefects whom have their own car are stationed toward the front, nearest the engine.

Lillian had wandered off and wound up in Augustine's compartment. After they talked for awhile and his friend John wandered in Lillian pulled out a book and started reading. She was unable to focus on the book for long though and snaps it closed with a soft sigh. setting it aside she glances out the window at the passing country a faint smile on her lips.

John had long since lost interest in Lillian, since she'd already agreed to have a butterbeer with Augustin, and Augustin is his friend. So he'd gone in search of greener pastures. Gus pulls out a piece of wood about the size of his hand, and a knife from his other pocket, and smooths his robes over his lap. Then he starts whittling. "What's the matter, Lil?" he asks curiously. "Can I call you Lil? You can call me Gus if you like. Seems the kind of thing two crazy kids in love would do, isn't it?" He chuckles.

Lillian turns to looks at him smiling faintly. "I'm fine just thinking." She laughs softly and nods at the question. "It does. You can call me Lil if you like. Or Lilli if you prefer. I have a few friends who call me Lilli." She watches him whittle curiously her head tilting to the side as she watches him work with the wood.

"I like Lil," Augustin says. "It's cute." Whatever he's carving hasn't much taken form, yet. "So… what were you thinking of?" he asks. He and Lillian are sitting in a compartment just talking. He's whittling, she has a book on her lap.

The young Ravenclaw is changed into his uniform, and has decided to take a stroll through the train to stretch his legs. He says hello to various people he has not seen in some time, and ignores the ones he does not want to see slowly making his way down the hallway.

Lucian stalks the corridor of the train, peeking in on the various compartments. The Seventh Year Slytherin Prefect is on patrol…though at times it looks more like a hunt than a patrol.

Lillian smiles and blushes a bit before she answers him. "I was thinking of how pretty the country is and how nice it would be to just take off and go flying around it. I enjoy flying a great deal and I like being outside as well. You wouldn't know that by looking at my Herbology scores though…" Her head turns as she hears someone in the hall and then Lucian sticks his head into thier compartment. She smiles faintly at the Slytherin Prefect and inclines her head to him.

His brother Lloyd is most likely running around here picking on 1st years, a 7th year like Lucian, Aric stops in the hallway and steps to the side slightly to allow the Prefect to pass. Aric simply gives Lucian a nod.

Sitting alone in a compartment Chastity stares out of a window lost in thought. She seems troubled by something and nibbles on her bottom lip as she looks but doesn't really see anything. Whatever she is pondering has her full concentration.

Augustin waves cheerfully at Lucian. "Hullo!" he greets. To Lillian he says, "It's not my best subject, either, to be honest. I'm much better at Charms and Transfiguration."

Lucian pauses briefly as he passes Aric, noting sternly, "Hey, Bookless. If you see your brother, tell him he'd better stay out of the Firsties' compartments." He moves on to the next door, peering it an Lillian and Augustin. He returns the girl's nod, "Yaxley. This Hufflepuff bothering you?" Augustin gets a suspicious glance of appraisal.

Lillian can't help but smile at Augustin's enthusiastic greeting. She nods to him as he mentions being better at Charms and Transfiguration but then Lucian speaks and she turns to look at him shaking her head softly. "No Proudmore he is not. If anything I'm the one bothering him." She smiles faintly but there is a playful spark in her eyes as she turns back to Augustin. "I am good at Charms and Transfiguration as well. I actually enjoy those the most along with Ancient Runes."

"It is not my day to watch him Lucian. Perhaps, if you see him in the first year's compartment you should tell him yourself." Aric nods and shrugs slightly, "Not like he would listen to me anyways." He peeks in where Lucian is looking and looks over Augustin curiously.

While Lillian's gaze is directed at Lucian, Augustin lets his own gaze wander across her face. "Very bothered," he agrees, flashing a smile at the prefect and at Aric standing next to him. "It's hard to concentrate with perfection sitting across from you." Then he looks back down at the piece of wood in his hand and goes back to whittling. It's starting to take the shape of a snake, coiled and poised.

Lucian manages a mild smirk at Lillian's good-natured response. "Alright. Just making sure." Lucian may not be known as the friendliest Slytherin, but no one can question how protective (over-protective, some might say) the Prefect is of his housemates. He gives Augustin a light scoff, "Laying it on a little thick, aren't you, Rousseau? She's a Slytherin, not some addle-brained Gryffindor."

Lillian nods to Lucian smirking rigt back at him. Augustin's comment makes his giggle slightly and shake her head. She glances between him and Lucian with an amused look. "Don't worry Proudmore I think he will learn rather quickly that I prefer action to pretty words. I hope so anyway." She smirks and watches Augustin as he continues to carve what is starting to look like a snake.

Aric folds his hands behind his back, as he observes the interaction between Lucian and his housemates. Aric looks like he is deep in thought…typical Ravenclaw.

"Some of my best friends are Gryffindors," Augustin protests mildly. "No need to sling insults around, though, eh?" He smiles at Lillian. "You mean, I'll have to work to woo you?" He bobs his head from side to side like he's considering that. "One thing about me, I'm not afraid of hard work. You'll see." He takes a moment to tuck his Yellow-and-Black striped tie under his robes, pausing to brush off the curlicues of wood sticking to it. He and Lillian are sitting in the cabin, she with a book, he with a piece of wood he's carving to resemble a snake. Lucian and Aric appear to be hovering in the door talking to them.

Cillian is in his little cabin, as usual. The young Gryffindor wears a scarlet bandana to keep his hair out of his face as he's sorted different types of candies and sweets alphabetically along a bench seat as he lays on his back on the floor, pausing to scratch above his eyepatch before bringing a set of pan pipes to his lips as he gives a trilling note…testing before beginning to play a very merry tune.

Lucian rolls his eyes at the lovey-doveyness permeating the compartment. "Merlin save us," he mumbles, and finally moves on, continuing his search for troublemakers. It's only a few compartments down that he finds a familiar face. He pauses for a moment, staring in at Chastity. But finally he opens the door and leans in. "Um…hey, Chas. Doing alright? Anyone bothering you?" His eyes flicker here and there, only keeping eye contact for moments at a time.

Aric waits till Lucian moves on and says to Augustin in a soft manner, "He has to puff out his chest and walk like a hippogriff. He wants to make sure he is doing his -job- right." He slightly rolls his eyes and says, "He is all bark and no bite." He smiles softly and says, "Hope you guys had a good summer?"

Gabrielle's in a compartment, by herself, with a large brown paper wrapped flat parcel. She'll fret , making sure it's not going to fall over and then opens up a big, worn book. Anyone looking closely would be able to see that it'snot a book on the read list for 6th years. Gabby's outfit looks worn, her raven claw colors a bit faded from last year.

Megan is walking down the corridor with a blue (?!) owl on her shoulder and a leather-bound book tucked under an arm, peeking in compartments as she goes, as if looking for somebody.

Puttering down the train, Evelyn is wide eyed, peering from compartment to compartment, checking for familiar faces of friends, or at least acquaintances. As well, her eyes are kept open for the trolly. Might as well get some candy while she waits for their arrival at Hogwarts, after all.

Augustin chuckles and smiles at Aric. "Well, being prefect is a very important job, after all. Someone has to keep an eye on us hooligans!" he jokes, laughing a little. "Summer was good," he agrees. "I grew about a thousand inches, my mum says." He's filled out, too, and his spots are gone. "Was that a blue owl!?" he asks, startled by the girl who walked past with it on her shoulder.

Cillian hesitates for a few moments, the song tapering off before he gives another trilling note from his pipe, playing a bit louder as he continues piping away at that merry ditty.

"My summer was alright I guess. I'm Lillian Yaxley by the way." Lillian says to Aric with a faint smile. She doesn't comment on her housemates attitude but seems to relax a bit when Lucian leaves. She looks between the two boys and spots the girl with the blue owl as she walks by. Her eyes widen a bit in surprise but she just shakes her head looking amused and looks between Augustin and Aric curiously.

Chastity turns from the window when she hears a familer voice. "Hey Lucian. I'm fine….just conflicted. Daddy has been annoying me lately. Talking about how great a Gryffindor I will be and how I will make him proud….its like he has everything planned out for me and didn't ask me what I want. What if I don't like his idea of great?" She huffs and indeed does seem troubled by this. She flushes a bit. "Sorry. It isn't your problem I'm just worried. I want to be noticed for what I do -myself- not for copying Victor."

Akilina is sniffling and puffy eyed again. She always seems to be rather miserable. Only Moaning Myrtle herself will be able to take the 'Most Miserable' crown from Akilina in a few years when she comes to school. Stepping out of a powder room in th car she gives her mouse-like face a pat with a hankie, embroidered with her mother's initials. On the platform she was barely consolable so her mother gave her her pretty hankie to use. A trumpet comes from under the hankie as she blows her nose before she continues a slow slow stroll peering red-eyed into each compartment. Searching, sniffling and searching some more.

"Do you hear music?" Augustin asks Lillian and Aric. "This /is/ an eventful ride. Blue owls, panpipes, pretty girls, snakes…" he holds up the little wooden snake he's been whittling. "Trumpets," he comments, hearing the noise of Akilina blowing her nose down the hall. He drags a little bit of sandpaper from his pocket and starts smoothing out the snake he's carving.

Lucian lifts his brow in mild surprise at Chastity. "There's hope for you yet. Look, just forget what Actaeon wants. You're finally away from him." He moves into the compartment, sitting across from his half-sister. "There's nothing wrong with being great. You should strive to be great. Just do it on your terms, not his. Keep a little humility, and maybe you'll be a good influence on Gryffindor."

Megan apparently makes it to the end of the train without finding the person or persons she was looking for, and doubles back to check again, occasionally having to turn sideways to slide past other students in the corridor. Her unusual owl hoots as he clings more tightly to her shoulder, not wanting to fall off.

Chastity thinks over Lucian's words and then nods slowly. "You are right. Father always did everything for me…now I have a chance to do things myself, the way I want them done. If he doesn't like it thats too bad." She smiles brightly as she says this. "I won't waste this chance and will do my best to remember your advice. Thank you Lucian." She beams at him and seems less troubled now.

It's not too long before Evelyn runs into her younger cousin Megan and her blue owl. "Are you still looking for a place to sit, Megan?" She asks of her cousin as she approaches her. As she does, she reaches out to the owl to give it a little scritch on its head. "How are you, Cobalt?"

Gabrielle keeps glancing up from her book at the door, trying to not be hopeful about who' passing. anyone that 's observant enough can hear two distant noises, besides her turning the page. A soft purring noise from her robes, and a rustling from the large flat parcel behind her.

Soleil looks rather in disgust as the Muggle-Born Mouse-Girl-Thing blows her nose loudly just as she finally gets out of the powder room. Soleil's been in line waiting. "About time." A little roll of her eyes before she notices a trio of young Snakes come down the corridor. Sol gives them a little wave, but when they block Akilina's way and rather play a quick game of buffing about the little girl between them as Akilina tries to get past (Mudblood Pong!) the little eye roll turns into a larger eye roll before she steps into the powder room to change into her uniform. "Just going to make her blubber more." Is muttered with a shake of her head as she slides the powder room door shut.

Lucian gives Chastity a warm smile — a rare sight to be directed at a family member. He opens his mouth as if to add something, but quickly shuts it. No need to worry her too much just yet. "Listen, since you'll probably be a Gryffindor, there's somebody I want you to meet. She lives on the Fawley Farm with me. She's a Second Year named Josie Davies, and she's not like other Gryffs."

Colton is summoned! Gryffindor Activate! Or more like he's just passing by the Chastity's compartment to overhear her concern. He pokes his head in uninvided like and just rests his cheek against the door frame to give his own two uninvited knuts, in his quick and thick Shelta Brogue - he's not yet forcibly tamed it, not until they get on Campus will that happen, "Oi, nae all Lion's are bad, sure we've got a few tossers. Yers truly included." That comes with a playful wink to the girl. "But dere's dem sorts in e'ry House. So dinnae hold all Lion's accountable cause yer Da's a git an' was a Lion back in olden day. Iffin ye get sorted Gryffindor, yer in for a world of fun. Nae worries love." He also gives Lucian a wink and a little click of his tongue as he winks before he leans back and seems to be of a mind to just keep on butting into other people's conversations with his barely understood anecdotes along the way. It's what he does best!

Megan's owl closes his eyes and tilts his head to give Evelyn a better angle to skritch him. The girl then turns to face her cousin. "Oh, there you are! Yes, I need to find a compartment still. I'd planned to sit next to Angelus, but I lost track of him," she explains.

Cillian lets the music stop, frowning a bit as he crawls to his knees and peeks out of the cabin with narrowed eyes before shaking his head and laying back on his back in his cabin and raising his voice. "Oi! I 'ave all these pasties and frogs and chocolates in 'ere and no more room in me trunk for 'em! All ye own me is a rhyme!" Then he goes back to playing his pipes.

"I hear it as well yes." Lillian says her head turning towards the door as the music stops. She listens for a minute and then turns back to the boys and picks up her book to read. She smiles faintly as she reads occassionally glancing up at the snake Augustin is carving before the book captures her attention once more. She turns the page absently brushing a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear while she reads.

"I've lost track of him as well…as well as Noalan and Dryden." Evelyn says, mentioning Megan's oldest brother and her own brother. "But…well…you could join me somewhere, should you like." She peers inside a few of the nearby compartments and notices one occupied by a housemate of hers from Ravenclaw. "Here's one with only one person, someone I know of from Ravenclaw." She smiles to her cousin and moves toward the compartment with Gabrielle in it. She knocks on the door and gives the older Ravenclaw a little smile. "Do um…well, do you mind if my cousin and I join you?" She asks of Gabrielle, indicating Megan and her blue owl.

Akilina does blubber more! Hey, everyone has their specialties. Her's is misery. Wincing as she's buffeted about her too heavy rimmed glasses falling off her too tiny nose and come down hard on her lip. She just freezes and ducks her head down real low and even says, "Sorry." To the boys, if she's apologizing for being in the way or being born to a pair of Muggles is anyone's guess. The bullies lose interest when their victim plays possum, no challenge or fun there and they each give her one more bump around between them before they continue down the corridor whisper venom to her before they go. Finding herself at Cillian's compartment next she peers in with big tears rolling down her face. "Do you *wheeze-sob* have *wheeze-sob* Lemon *wheeze* Drops? *sob*" The treats on the trolley are too expensive for her. So this candy for a rhyme sounds like a good deal. Might even cheer her up a bit. Might.

Chastity is about to answer Lucian when the older boy butts in. She studies him a moment and when he leaves she wrinkles her nose and turns to Lucian once more. "Please tell me that all Gryffindors are not like him? So nosy and hard to understand….I think I would like to meet this Josie though. Will you introduce us sometime?"

"Hold on," Augustin says. He pops up — completely forgetting that he has a lapful of wood shavings and thus scattering them all over the floor — squeezes out of the cabin, slides along the wall of the corridor until he sees Akilina being ping-ponged around. "Oi!" he shouts. "PREFECT! Where's the bloody prefect when you need one?" He muscles his way toward the girl and her bullies. "Leave her be, you inbred chavs," he growls at their backs. He follows her to Cillian's compartment. "You alright?" he asks her. "Spare some chocolate for the girl, will you, chum?" he asks Cillian.

"Oop…sorry! Excuse me…sorry…sorry!" Kimiko Saito stumbles and bumps her way down the crowded corridor, dodging and tripping over people moving to and from compartments and the trolley.

Cillian just blinks owlishly as he sees tears, music stopping right away as he quickly gets to his feet, tugging a handkerchief from a pocket and offering it as he gestures into his compartment. "Please, come in luv and 'ave a seat. Aye…got some lemon drops and hmm, do ye like bonbons? Easy now m'lady…no one'll 'urt you here…yer now under the protection of Captain Cillian." He nods firmly to Augustin.

Lucian scowls after Colton, waving him off. "I'd stay away from that one. He's one of the worst of them. But yeah, I'll introduce you to Josie. She came here with me to ride the train. She'll probably be with the other Pirates or something. Hang on, I hear someone calling for a Prefect. I'll be back." Lucian rises and steps out of Chastity's compartment, looking up and down the hall. "Who's calling for a Prefect?"

Gabrielle looks up, smiling. "uh..sure. come on in." she'll quickly close the book, trying to put it away in her bag immediately. the purring from her sleeve robe only increases. Gabby smiles at each girl and the blue owl. A puff of custard colored fur can be seen trying to escape her left sleeve.

Having been up and down the train looking for her friends, Pirate and Mud and Slug alike, Josie hasn't spent much time in her compartment. Coming back this way, she hears Cillian's call and quickly moves towards his compartment, not yet realizing that Lucian is looking for her a short distance away, and ends up arriving moments after Augustin and Akilina arrive, and backs off quickly so there's room around the compartment door.

"That's me," Augustin says to Lucian. "A trio of young Slytherins decided to disgrace their house name by making this little girl cry." Quickly, he describes the students for Lucian. "They went that way," he says, pointing. "Little pack of bullies," he mutters darkly. He peers at Cillian over Akilina's head. "What're you taking for those sweets?" he asks curiously.

Lucian scowls, nodding to Augustin. "You recognize them? Give me names." Already, Lucian is scanning down the directly Augustin indicated, a predatory gleam in his eye. The hunt is on!

"Hi, I'm Megan," the girl introduces herself to Gabrielle. "And this handsome fellow is Cobalt," she says while briefly canting her head toward the owl on her shoulder. She finds a spot by the window to sit down, and rests her leather-bound book in her lap.

Lillian looks up from her book when Augustin leaves. She stands up and sticks her head out of the compartment catching her fellow snakes as they walk away from the crying girl. Steping out in front of them she puts her hand on her hips and gives the three boys a death glare. "How would you like to face a girl who will fight back? I suggest you stopping picking on girls and be glad I didn't bring my bat!" She pushes past them going after the girl pausing when she spots Augustin standing in the door of the compartment she had gone into. She sighs softly. "I seem to have just had a Gryffindor moment…It was those three fifth years that are always bullying the first and second years." This last part is said to Lucian.

The Trio of Slytherin take no mind of the scolding they receive from Augustin and when Lucian pokes his head out to offer his services, the oldest of the boys gives the fellow Slytherin a smile, or is that a sneer? "Not our fault the girl can't see out of those ridiculous Muggle Glasses. It's fine Lucian. She was crying before she started bumping into us. She apologized, everything is fine." He explains and the lad might grow to be a Barrister with his ability to construe lies as truth.

Evelyn takes a seat next to Megan and smiles timidly at Gabrielle. "Megan's umm…well, my cousin, as I uh, as I said." She looks between the two girls. "Another Eibon at the school. She's a first year!" She almost sounds excited and, perhaps, just a little bit proud of her younger cousin. "Ummm…so…Can I ask you a question?" She seems a little confused and is looking at Gabrielle's sleeve.

Nor does the trio give Lillian any mind as well. All three, perfectly innocent in this dreadful misunderstanding! It's the Mudbloods fault.

Gabrielle smiles back,"Hi Megan." she'll grin up at the owl, "Hi Cobalt….Hve a good summer?" she seems to be asking all three. the fuzz ball in her sleeve moves out more, no body parts can be seen, just fur. Looking to Evelyn, "Uh…sure? What?"

"Just a rhyme mate, but this fair maiden 'ere only 'as to enjoy her sweets." Cillian assure Augustin before he glances towards the exit and just smiles slowly to himself before looking back to Akilina. There's work to be done.

Lucian sighs at Lillian, "You give Gryffindors way too much credit. But thanks." He strides right up to the future barrister, an unamusing smile forming. "Sure, sure. You're completely innocent, Lestrange. Just like you had nothing to do with smashing Briar Crocker's potted plants last year." The Prefect seizes Oberon Lestrange by the collar, and starts dragging him down the corridor toward the Prefect cabins for a private chat with his housemates. "Avery! Riddle! You, too! Get your arses down here!"

Megan reaches into her robes to retrieve a treat for her owl, and offers it up to him. He eagerly plucks it from her fingers and crunches away at it while she leans back and watches the scenery roll by. "Summer was fun, I got a lot of practice flying a broom and playing quidditch," she replies to Gabrielle.

"I um…well, had a good summer. I really enjoyed the camp with all the magical creatures. They're so amazing!" Evelyn clears her throat at that, pointing at Gabrielle's sleeve. "Um…well, why is there uh…something fuzzy trying to um…well…moving around at the edge of your sleeve."

Josie doesn't say anything, just watching the three Slytherins until Lucian drags them off for their private chat. That's when she finally enters Cillian's compartment, "It's okay now, Lucian is handling it. And I know who they are, just in case," she adds to Cillian.

"A rhyme?" Augustin asks. He blinks a few times while he thinks one up. "There once was a girl with big glasses," he starts. "Who was sure to do well in her classes. When bullies were near, she had nothing to fear, because Gus is the kind who smashes." He pauses. "Smashes fear, that is. Not bullies. Though it's /tempting/," he says with a little laugh. He holds out his hand for the sweets. He looks quite satisfied when he sees Lucian stride off with the culprits. "There, see?" he says to Akilina. "That's done, then."

Akilina stops sobbing when she's offered protection from multiple sources, a place to hide and treats as well, all at the same time. Carefully tip toeing around Cillian and his display and organization of sweets. She's just started sucking on one of her awarded Lemon Drops so her face is rather comically puckery as she blinks up at Augustin as she becomes the star of his rhyme. Pale cheeks turn red in an instant and the blush climbs its way up onto her nose and the tops of her ears as she stares as wide as her beady little eyes can widen at the older boy. She tries to say something to everyone that's being so kind to her. Alas, Lemon Drop Pucker Face.

Gabrielle grins to Megan, "I learned flying this summer too." tilting her head, like she doesn't even realize what Evelyn is referring to till the literal fluff ball makes it's way out of gabby's sleeve. it starts squealing at the scent of the treat begin fed to the owl, "Oh, Sir Nibbler!" Gabby softly pats hit to the side of her lap, "Don't be rude, not everyone likes you and is going to feed you!" She's grinnig though, proud of her pet, "Sir Nibbler is a Puffskien."She'll pick him up and hold him out for Evelyn to hold.

Cillian just nods firmly to Josie. "Hey there second in command, meet…the new fair lady. Also…" He looks over to Augustin once more, smirking gently. "Mebbe there's a future for ye yet." He winks his good eye and offers a few pieces of chocolate wrapped in gold foil before turning back to Akilina, he gestures towards the empty bench before hmming softly and looking back to Josie. "We already 'ave a mission and school 'asn't even started yet! Imagine that!"

"Credit? I didn't realize loosing my temper and making bold threats was a good thing." Lillian says with a smirk and she turns away from Lucian to the compartment where Cillian sits with Akilina and the looks to the nearby Augustin. She tilts her head to the side and eyes the pile of chocolate. "A rhyme for a peice of chocolate? Somehow I think I'm getting the better deal here. Very well." She pauses thinking for a moment before reciting. "I try to be good but it never seems to last, I always fail when thinking of the past, I smile and put on my mask, Yet I am never up to the task. Why pretend when you only have once chance? Take off the mask put on a smile and dance." She ends with a smirk. "Is that good enough for some chocolate then?"

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Augustin accepts the gold-foil chocolates with a grin. He winks at Akilina turns to look at Lillian. "Lil," he says. "For you. I had to compose a limmerick on the spot, so I hope you appreciate it." He listens to her poem, tilting his head. A bit of a worry frown appears between his eyebrows. "That's no good," he says. "I mean, it's a good poem. The subject matter is concerning, yeah?" He holds out his hand. "Dancing, though, I can do with that. M'lady? May I?"

"Is that for me? Had I known that you are getting me chocolate I would not have shared my terrible attempt at poetry." Lillain laughes softly blushing a bit and accepts the offered hand with a smile. "You may and thank you." She doesn't comment further on the poem though but she is smiling happily so it must not bother her too much.

Chastity is once more alone in her compartment. After a moment of waiting for Lucian to return she sighs softly and goes back to looking out the window. The door to her compartment is halfway open so she can see out and someone can join her if they like.

Cillian stares at Lilian rather intently for a few moments, that good eye intense and searching before he lowers his eye and gives a tiny bow, moving to select a little bonbon in a pretty wrapped bag tied with a golden ribbon. "A beautiful bonbon for a beautiful girl…dun nibble it all on yer own." He grins before checking on Akilina and tapping a finger against his lips before tapping his foot and raising his panpipes to his lips. "Ahh…hmm, dancin'…" He hums softly before starting another catchy little diddy on the pipes.

Augustin grins and takes Lillian's hand, pulls her close, and starts dancing with her. Kind of a jitterbug, really, all fast-paced, flying feet. Luckily, Cillian provides the music, so no one has to be subjected to Gus' attempt at singing. He laughs, just pleased to have fun in the moment, dancing with a pretty girl, having rescued a fair damsel, and his life looking up thanks to a recently-struck bargain.

Lillian takes the offered sweet with a smile. She is about to thnak Cillian when she is pulled in close. She dances along with Augustin easily keeping pace with the fast upbeat music. She smiles brightly feeling much better than she normally does. Her worries seem to melt away as she dances and for a moment everything is happy and carefree.

Accepting the little puffskiek, Evelyn holds it as if she could break it. "It's….very fluffy." She murmurs, staring at it tentatively. "What, um…well, what do you think of it, Megan?" She glances at her cousin.

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Sir Nibbler will start purring, trying to schnoz his way into hearts and getting treats. the flat package behind gabby makes some more rustling noises, and Gabby just look uncomfortable. Answering Evelyn,"Yeah…he's definitely fluffy."

Chastity gets bored after a moment and pokes her head out of her compartment going to explore. She puases outside a compartment watching as what looks like a Hufflepuff boy dances with a Slytherin girl. She blinks and tilts her head to the side trying to decide what she thinks of such an odd couple. She has been told nothing good about Slytherin house but the girl looks so…happy and not scheming or evil at all. She watches them quitely not wanting to spoil the moment.

"Is it true they use slide their tongues into your nose while you sleep?", Megan inquires while leaning toward the puffskein for a closer look. "And they eat your bogies as if they were sweets?"

Josie grins, "'Course we do. been our mission all along, really, hasn't it?" She glances over as she sees movement outside the compartment, and waves to Chastity with a friendly smile, "Hi, come on in."

Holding Sir Nibbler in one hand, Evelyn starts to pet him with the other, ever so gently. "I umm…well, kinda feel like I'm gonna…gonna break him or something." She mutters. "He seems so…fragile."

Gabrielle shrugs to Megan, "I have no proof they actually do that." That's actually Gabby not wanting to admit and freak out her housemates. She'll plucking the puffball out of Evelyn's hand, "Oh..no. they love to be tossed." To demonstrate, Gabby starts throwing him up and down in the air, His grunting noises turning to squeals of joy. "They love it. Perfect pets."

Watching the little creature be tossed up and down, Evelyn eyes it with curiosity. "It's…different." She says to the other girl. "I um…well, I don't know what to think about it." But perhaps she's over thinking things, like she's tend to do.

Cillian grins and nods to Josie before he notices Chastity lurking out yonder and he waves at her with a friendly smile. "Oi, c'mon in…get a sweet o' yer choice for a simple rhyme…" He takes time to talk as he takes a breath, pipe playing takes endurance.

"Hello." Chastity says as she enters the compartment with Josie and Cillian. She glances to the couple as they dance in the hall and then back to those in the compartment. "I'm Chastity Proudmore nice to meet you." She smiles and studies them carefully.

Once the music stops, Augustin ends the dance by dipping Lillian, and then helping her up again, laughing. "That was fun," he pronounces. "You're good at that, little Gryffindor," he tells Cillian.

Josie smiles to Chastity and says, "Hi. I'm Josie Davies." She looks to Chastity curiously and says, "Proudmore? You related to Lucian then?"

Gabrielle tilts her head, stopping the tossing of her pet, "He's a good pet , Evelyn. he's helped me through more than most of my friends." Sir Nibler, senses something and scurries up Gabby's arm, nuzzling into her neck. Her eyes go to the door of her compartment again, maybe looking for someone.

"I didn't…um…I mean…that's not to say…" Evelyn looks down at her lap, blushing. "I'm sorry. I just uh…well, that's to say, I'm sure he's a wonderful pet. I'm just um…well, used to kneazles and cats and owls and such, I suppose."

"Tell me Lady Chastity, 'ow do ye feel about makin' the school a safer and happier place for folks?" Cillian asks curiously then he looks over to Augustin, chuckling and shaking his head. "Its one of me only gifts, playin' a tun and bringing a smile to those I can!" He chirps brightly. "And I be Captain Cillian, I'd tip me 'at but that's in me trunk." He hesitates and holds up a one moment finger, peeking around outside his component before raising his voice and hoping it carries. "LADY GABRIELLE DO YE WANT A CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE, BAR, OR BONBON?" Then he ducks back in. "Ye wouldn't believe how many girls need chocolate these days. No wonder them sweet shops get such good business!"

Lillian straightens up as the dance ends giggling softly. "It was fun. Thank you for the music. You play very well." That last part is directed to Cillian and she eyes the first year curiously before looking back to Augustin with a soft smile. "You are a good dancer I would very much like to do that again sometime." She blushes a bit and turns to head back to her own compartment.

Gabrielle shakes her head at Evelyn, "it's ok. I'm not mad. He's just really important to me, is all." The flat package behind her makes a noise that sounds strangling like a cough and Gabby's eyes widen.

Chastity brightens as Josie introduces herself. "Oh! Lucian told me a bit about you and he said he would introduce us at some point. I guess I beat him to it." She grins and considers Cillian's words a moment. "That sounds like a worthwhile goal. How do you plan to do this though?" She fixes him with a look of intense curiousity.

Glancing up at the other Ravenclaw, Evelyn brings her whole face back up after a few moments. "I um…I can understand that. It's uh…well, like my owl Septima. She's dear to me." She smiles a little bit, though her brows furrow at the coughing. "What was that?" She asks of Gabrielle.

Akilina's earlier tragedy has the typically rather bright young girl has become a worry eater and while she might like to join in the conversation her shyness gets the better of her, and unfortunately just as her confidence rises, she times it poorly and she unconsciously pops another lemon drop in her mouth and it robs her of speech. Then by the time she's recovered from Lemon Drop face, her shyness has claimed her once again. Vicious, vicious cycle.

Cillian's lips curve in a slow smile as he watches Chastity and he offers a gallant bow to Lillian. "Thank ye kindly m'lady." Then he looks back to Chastity. "After ye be sorted, visit the armor gallery some time eh?" Then he looks over to Akilina with some concern and he just smiles kindly. "Ye come by too, okay? We'll 'ave a surprise for ye both." Then he cocks his head, listening for Gabrielle's response. He's a patient sort of little boy.

"Any time," Augustin agrees airily. He follows her out with one last salute at the others in Cillian's cabin. As he walks he examines the little snake carving he's making.

Gabrielle nods, "I have an owl too,now. She's grown so much over the summer." Gabby blinks at Evelyn, tilting her head slightly, "What was what?" She sounds slightly nervous. "I…it's a secr-surprise. I can't say yet…Dumbledore knows!" Gabby almost sounds defensive, like she's expecting to get into trouble.

"They can um…well, really grow, owls. It's quite something!" Evelyn smiles a little bit. "It's…why is it…oh, I mean, I suppose you can't say why it's surprise. That would negate the fact that it's a surprise. And I suppose if it's approve by Professor Dumbledore…I was just surprised by the caughing."

Josie grins at Chastity, "Yeah, Lucian got kind of busy, dealing with those bullies. Nice to meet you. What house are you hoping for?" Then she nods quickly in agreement when Cillian invites her to the armor gallery. "That is, if Pringle hasn't made a new rule that we can't go there just to mess with us. He's never caught me breaking a rule, and think he wants to catch everybody at least once."

Cillian bahs softly and rolls his eyes. "Pringle jest wants to be loved, and so he acts out…makin' sure others feel like they be in trouble allll the time iffen he can. Its just how he shows he cares." A pause. "And is a pr-" A pause. "…pringle..puss.' He creates a new word on the spot and folds his arms over his chest as he frowns and then moves back to his compartment, looking down the aisles for a moment before clearing his throat and shouting once more. "DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHICH COMPARTMENT GABRIELLE EVANS IS IN?" A pause as he looks to Josie with some concern. "I do 'ope she didn't miss the train, I saved the french chocolate just for 'er."

"Okay I will." Chastity nods to Cillian her head turning slightly to watch as the Hufflepuff and Slytherin leave. She turns back to the two in her compartment. "I bet those two will be caught trying to suffocate each other with their lips by the end of the year…odd couple though." She looks to Josie and thinks for a moment. "Honestly I don't know…I am expected to be in Gryffindor. My whole family minus Lucian expect this but I don't want to follow behind my fathers expectations all the time….he has always done everything for me. I need to do something for myself now that I finally can." She looks very determined as she finishes that sentence, her eyes practically shine with it.

"I got Orbit from Mabel, so she's some American huge owl. I'm afraid she'll be able to lift small ponies when she's full grown." nodding to Evelyn, Gabby starts to say, "Well…I don't think it will be secret fro too long, but i have to get it to him first bef-" and then her name is begin //bellowed "Merlin! he better be being murdered!" Gabby scampers up, tossing Sir Nibbler at Evelyn and grabbing the large painting, hissing, "Be quiet!" at it before hurrying out of the compartment towards when her name was begin hollered from.

"Well…I mean…she'll be good for carrying packages then?" Evelyn says with a bit of optimism. "I'd be interested in knowing…" But then Gabrielle's name is shouted, and she goes to find out where it's coming from. Evelyn being left with a little fuzzy creature on her lap.

Lillian settles back in her former compartment and picks up her book to read once more. She smiles as Augustin follows her in and eyes the almost finished snake. "You really are skilled with woodworking…that looks very well done." She blushes a bit and lowers her head to read some more.

Josie shakes her head to Cillian, "She'll be here somewhere. Big train." She looks to Chastity, shrugging, "Your House isn't about doing anything, it's about who you are. Don't worry about your dad, he's not here."

Cillian peers and waits patiently before eyeing Gabrielle as she approaches and he holds up a one moment finger, ducking back inside and nodding to the young girls in there, all three, before gathering up a few sweets and holding them out towards Gabrielle as she approaches. "Ahh, ye be, here. The chocolate is from France, me Father had me copy 5 chapters of the Odyssey for it in gothic calligraphy…so 'ere ye go. Wanted to make sure ye got it."

Gabrielle's holding the brown paper wrapped package, and will blink, "Cillian? Is everything oK? You were yelling!" She can't tell decide if she's worried, annoyed or relieved that he just anted to give her chocolate. gent ally placing the package on the floor, leaning against her leg, she'll take the chocolate, a small smile spreading on her face. "France, huh?" She'll grin, "Way better than snails!" Summer seems to have done Gabby well.

Augustin settles back down and starts sanding the wooden snake once more, his motions deft and delicate. "Thank you," he says, eyes focused on his work so that he misses her blush entirely. "I think I'll give it to you Friday. Proof of our burgeoning love, and all that," he explains. "You should have somethin' to tell your mates."

"Okay. I will have to find a present for you as well then." Lillian smiles and nods continuing to read her book. She seems to loose track of time continuing to read until the train arrives at Hogwarts.

Cillian just grins at Gabrielle and offers a bow. "Its just a sample to see iffen ye like some of the sweets from there. I can't wait until we go on our trip to Paris!"

Book tucked under his arm, Cathal has been pretty busy lately and has only been writing his friends and cousin since he was pretty secluded where he lived. Now that they're on the train, he's looking for his friends to see what is going on.

Laughing softly, Gabby, "Ok…I can experiment. Don't want to go somewhere where the chocolates subpar. " She'll look down at the cary in her hand, truly happy that Cillian thought of her . "I have something for you and Gab, too. But Orbit's flying them in, I didn't think I could carry them and this." She'll nod down at the leaning package.

Josie continues to Chastity, "Don't worry about it, let yourself get sorted. If you come to Gryffindor, it'll be fun, and you can find other ways to stand up to your dad. But, if you end up Slytherin like Lucian, bet you'll have fun too. Never heard of anybody who didn't like the House they got." Spotting another of the Pirates in the hall she waves, "Cathal!"

Cillian bows again to Gabriel and gives a bounce, pausing to peer at the leaning package. "Ahh, I dun wanna be nosy right now, we've got an entire year for me to be pryin' into yer life." He grins. Then he notices Cathal and waves a hand. "Oi, Strings!" Its a cheerful greeting.

There's not any change in Cathal's expression or his voice when he hears his name called and is attracted to it making the way through the hall towards his friend,"Hello Josie, I trust your summer was pleasant." Then Cillian speaks and he nods to his friend,"Hello Cillian, I hope you have new ideas for this term." He says, his brogue sounding perhaps a trifle odd with the very formal way that he speaks.

Josie nods quickly and says, "It was brilliant. Well, would've been more fun if I could use magic, some chores on the farm are tough. But got to practice Quidditch with Demetrius every day until the camps started, so bet I'm ready to try out for the team this year."

Gabrielle shakes her head, Cillain should remember, she told him! "Hopefully my life won't be so pryable this year. I'm hoping everythign's calmed down. Summer was , for the most part, quiet and pleasant….besides begin bit by the dog, that is." She's smiling up till the last part, where she glances down at her calf, not that any scar is visible.

"Oi ve…the girlies 'ave been workin' overtime, Cathal. Both Mousie and Josie here…quidditch and creatures and all. They're gonna be big at school this year." Cillian taps the side of his nose before looking back to Gabrielle, a hint of concern on his youthful features before he nods slowly to Gabrielle, offering her a small hug if allowed. "Here's to a good summer hm?" He grins at her and backs up.

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