(1938-09-03) Courtyard Courting... or not.
Details for Courtyard Courting… or not.
Summary: Augustin tries to impress Lillian, Fiona hangs around, and Angelus twinkles.
Date: 1938-09-03
Location: Courtyard

It is early evening and classes are mostly over by now. Lillian sits on a bench in the courtyard reading what looks like a book in transfiguration. With the book in her lap she is bent over it slightly biting her lower lip as she reads. Her hair is in the way somewhat and she keeps having to push it back. A rather loud group of girls nearby causes her to look up from the book and glance around. She has been here since classes let out and did not even realize that it was this close to dinner time.

"I can help you with that if you need it," Augustin's voice comes very close to Lillian's ear. He's slipped up next to her while her attention was on the girls, and is bent close to see the book. "Hi." He grins at her.

Fiona is an avid climber and at that moment she is up in a tree over looking the benches. She munches quietly on an apple as she watches the group of girls pass by her, noting the different colours of their uniforms but she doesn't say anything to them or to anyone really. Were one to look carefully a small foot in a black shoe is just visible between the branches of the leafy tree. The time of day doesn't seem to be bothering her, maybe it is the freedom that comes with being a tiny first year on the first week - no homework just yet.

It takes all of Lillian's restraint not to jump in surprise when that voice speaks in her ear. She manages not to jump and turns her head to look at Augustin with a soft smile. "Hello. I don't need help but thank you for the offer. Now if you wanted to help me with Potions that would be very welcome." She studies him a moment. "How was your day?"

Augustin slides onto the bench next to her and slides his books onto the ground underneath. "Potions… is not my best subject," he admits with a bit of a grimace that soon turns into a grin. "It was fine, except I hardly saw you at all," he tells her. He's just /pouring/ on the charm. "I'm really looking forward to that butterbeer."

Up in the lofty heights of her tree Fiona rolls her eyes. With older brothers she has seen this all before. Heard it all before no doubt to. Not wanting to leave the comfortable perch she has she eats a little bit more of her apple and lets her blue gaze drift lazily around the courtyard.

"Its not mine either. Explosions involving me tend to happen in that class quite often." Lillian blushes a bit at that next statement and smiles softly. "You must want something else though. You are being -very- sweet today." She doesn't seem to mind this at all though. She leans in and kisses his cheek. "Me too."

"Yeah, I've gone through… four cauldrons?" Gus says, thinking. "No, wait. Five. My first year was particularly bad." He leans back against the bench and folds his arms behind his head. And then oh-so-casually lets one drape across the back of the bench behind Lillian's shoulders. "Is that… is that a shoe?" he asks, squinting up into the tree. He points. Meanwhile, Gus is blushing from the kiss, and the shoe distracted him from responding to what else he may want from Lillian.

Angelus is still getting in the swing of having extra classes than last year, what with electives and all. As he walks towards the courtyard, surrounded by acquaintances, he's nodding his head and saying, "Yea, I'll see you after dinner at practice." He waves simply before parting from his group, now letting out a sigh as he shakes his head. But the youth slows down as he catches sight of the couple, treading at a distance from the bench to give two older students room. He's so not going to interfere with that.

The owner of said shoe stills in her apple eating, fruit poised before an opened mouth. Fiona decides the best course of action is a full frontal assault. She holds the apple between her teeth and spins around to drop down, hanging from her knees. The upper part of the dark-haired girl's body comes into view as she dangles there. Clearly someone has charmed her clothing to not fly up — er down in this case. Likely a mother with an excellent understanding of her daughter's habits. Fiona's long hair hangs beneath her head as she dangles a few feet from the ground. With the freedom to do so she now bites her apple.

"I think I'm on cauldron number seven." Lillian gives Augustin an amused look at the rather obvious tactic and leans against him. She blinks when he changes the topic and turns her head to look at the tree. "Yes that is a shoe…odd." She studies the shoe and peers into the tree carefully. "I think a first or second year is hiding up there." It is then that Fiona drops down hanging from her knees and Lillian laughs softly. "It seems I was right."

"Seven? Oh, you definitely win. I did accidentally burn off my eyebrows. Twice. Not a pretty picture." Augustin joins Lillian in laughing with surprise at the girl's appearance. He seems rather delighted, in fact. "Why, hullo, Chipmunk" he says to the girl. That will forever be her nickname. "How long have you been up here, eh?" He glances around and catches sight of Angelus, and nods to the younger boy.

Chipmunk? Fiona does have her cheeks full of apple at the moment so perhaps it is an apropos nickname for her. She swallows and smiles sweetly at Augustin and Lillian. "Long enough." Hanging upside down as she is the sight of Angelus makes her giggle, "Gel!" The third year is given an enthusiastic wave that somehow doesn't manage to dislodge Fiona from the branch.

Angelus curiously watches the sixth years on the bench, thoughts going through his head as he ponders. He suddenly stops when the girl drops out of the tree and a grin flashes across his face as he turns toward the three near the bench. As he approaches a hand lifts to wave a simple greeting in response to Augustin's nod. When he nears enough so that he doesn't have to call out he says with a smile to Fiona, "Looks like I was lucky I was passing by. Hi." His gaze shifts onto the two older students and he offers a polite dip of his head.

Lillian's head turns to see Angelus as he approaches. She inclines her head and offers the third year a faint smile. She looks at each person in their growing group and leans forward to put the book in her lap back into her bag which sits underneath the bench. With that done she leans back watching the group once more.

"Long enough for what?" Augustin asks, grinning at the little girl. "Long enough to… meet the dryad?" He pauses, hoping for a giggle. "Long enough to… learn how to speak to the birds?" He's gently teasing her, mostly trying to make her laugh. His hand comes to rest on Lillian's shoulder and he squeezes gently. "How was school today, lad and lassie?" he asks the younger students curiously.

"Long enough to recite the Greek Alphabet in its entirety backwards," says Fiona with a cheeky grin. She turns the apple in her hand and takes another bite of it then realizing it is done chucks the core into the bushes to let it feed the ground feeder birds. Reaching up she grabs the branch and flips down, letting her feet find the ground. "Whoa," she says, "all the blood done run to me 'ead," her Irish accent thickening briefly.

A grin tugs at Angelus' lips at Fiona's reply, which breaks into a short laugh. "Impressive," he comments after he finishes. "You might just be able to spy on a Star like me without getting caught," he says playfully with a wink. His blue eyes regard Lillian and Augustin for a quiet second before he smiles and replies, "I'm hoping that my chosen electives don't keep me too busy." He lifts his shoulders in a shrug.

Lillian laughs softly at the banter between Augustin and Fiona. She shakes her head softly and turns to Angelus with a faint smile. "You will get used to it I'm sure. I hope you picked classes that are somewhat enjoyable for you? It always helps the work get done faster if you enjoy the subject…for me at least. I enjoy transfiguration and so it always goes by fast. Potions and Herbology are nightmares though."

"So not too long, then," Augustin replies to Fiona with an answering grin. "Oh, really? What is it that makes you a star, eh?" he asks Angelus with some interest. He nods in agreement with Lillian, and smiles at her, the look sappy and adoring. "She's right, Mr. Star. Do what you love, and it won't seem like work."

Once her head is happy again Fiona bends over to pull up her socks. "Of course I could spy on you," she says to Angelus, not even doubting her skills for a moment. "But we're friend so I shan't need to." The smoothing of the hair comes next and then everything is as it should be and Fiona is looking at the two older students. "But sometimes you have to do things you don't love, like potions, though it seems?"

Angelus shifts his shoulders as he tilts his head closer to one shoulder. "Well Care of Magical Creatures should be easy enough," he informs, "my mother works with all sorts." As he quietly thinks for a second his blue eyes watch the sixth years before he offers a nod of his head. A single brow arches and he ponders for a short moment, a grin slowly tugging at his lips before he shakes his head and it disappears. "I'm starting a club for potions. If you need help you can ask one of the members. Are you in Evans' year? She could probably help you."

"I'm too stubborn to quit…I want to get better and practice is really the only way to do that." Lillian admits with a smile. She turns to see that sappy look Augustin is giving her and giggles softly. "Careful Gus….people might think you have a crush on me if you keep staring like that." She smiles playfully and leans against him once more. She nods to Angelus. "Thank you for the offer. I just might do that. I'm hoping this year will be explosion free if I study enough but more help never hurts."

"Yes, it's true, Miss. Chipmunk," Augustin says gravely to Fiona. "Sometimes we need to do things we don't like, because it's important for some reason. It's important to learn Potions so that we're not ignorant, and we can help ourselves and others later on. It's important to be polite to people, too, because that's kind - even if we don't like the person very much. It's better to be polite, because maybe it'll cause them to act nicer toward you in the future." He seems impressed by Angelus' initiative. "Excellent idea, Mr. Star," he compliments him. "But Lil, I /do/ have a crush on you!" He scrunches down and plants a kiss on her cheek. "And I'm not afraid to show it, neither!"

Fiona is used to being lectured to - at - around - by older boys. She adopts the well practiced look of a younger sister and nods along with Augustin's undoubtedly well-meaning but likely unnecessary lecture on behaviour and learning. She is wearing a Ravenclaw uniform after all. Ignoring the flirting she takes a hop step over to Angelus. "Remember in all of that you are supposed to have lessons from me on skipping stones. Don't forget."

"It doesn't have very many members yet," Angelus admits, but shrugs easily, clearly not worried. He can't help but grin at Augustin and Lillian, but then turns his gaze onto Fiona and his grin widens. "You don't have to worry; I wouldn't miss that." His grin softens into a mere smile. "It's a handy skill to know."

Lillian's cheeks blush bright pink as her cheek is kissed. She smiles happily at Augustin. "Good. I wouldn't have it any other way. I…I like you too you know." Now who is the sappy one? She blushes again and turns her head away from him trying to get her thoughts and blush under control. She sighs and looks over those gathered in the courtyard going silent and thoughtful for a moment.

"I used to do that," Gus says, tilting his head back and closing his eyes for a moment to remenisce about skipping stones. "Ahhh…" He looks at Angelus and gives him an encouraging grin. "Keep at it," he advises. "I'm sure you'll get a lot of club members before too long." He's only too happy to see the pink in Lillian's cheeks, and chuckles a little.
Fiona whispers to Angelus.

Fiona gives Lillian and Agustin a sidelong glance as she leans in to murmur something quietly to Angelus. Her hand goes up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear as a stray breeze tries to carry it.

"Probably," Angelus says on a nod, clearly not having a thought that his club couldn't be a success. He lets out a thoughtful hum as his blue eyes regard the two, but with a light shake of his head he holds back any comment and turns his gaze onto Fiona. He smiles and dips his head in answer. "We could take a quick walk before dinner?" he suggests.

Lillian watches Fiona and Angelus as they talk. She stays quiet for now still thoughtful though her head does turn to Augustin a soft smile on her lips which gives in hint as to what she is thinking about. She raises an eyebrow as they talk about going for a walk and she grins looking to Augustin with a playful smile. "I think we are scaring them off."

Augustin eyes all the whispering going on. "I think you might be right," he concludes. He stands up, grabs his books, and holds his hand out to her. "Why don't we go somewhere and see if we can't figure out some of these potions problems together?" he suggests with a grin. "Leave the courtyard to the little ones."

Scaring? Nope. Maybe Fiona just has an ulterior motive? She pushes Angelus in the direction of the other side of the courtyard. "A walk sounds good." She gives Lillian and Gus a goodbye smile then even though it seems like they are planning on leaving too.

Angelus cants his head slightly as he watches the sixth years. Little ones? Really? He can't resist that. "Big. I'm /big/ Quiddich Star." He does grin with enthusiasm, his tone quite playful. But the youth offers a wave and a polite dip of his head to Augustin and Lillian before he turns to walk with Fiona.

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