(1938-09-04) One Sweet Mess
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Summary: One of Michel's candy experiments goes horribly wrong, Nova battles a chocolate panther, and customers are confused…
Date: 1938-09-04
Location: Sweet Temptations

It is mid afternoon and Sweet Temptations is empty. Even Michel is nowhere to be seen. The door to the back room is open though and the shop isn't closed. Perhaps people have a second sense to know that something is about to happen here…from the back room there is flash of light along with a rather loud bang. The blonde shop owner can be seen stumbling back out of the door. He is facing inside the room and quickly backs up and shuts the door. He props himself against the now closed door with a look of alarm. "Oh dear….I..I..think I have a problem!" Something hits the door and the flustered blonde lets out an "Eep!" of fright and looks around for something to keep his newest…creations at bay.

Nova pushes open the from door. She's had a bit of a honey sweet tooth, and is still nervous about bringing pots home. After stepping in and not seeing anyone, she'll turn to look and see if the open sign is up. so, her back is turned, but as soon as the bang and Michel come rushing out the back door, Nova's wand is drawn and she's pointing it at the door, and Michel. "What on earth is happening?" She has that annoyed tone she often has.

"Thank goodness. Save me! I have made a terrible…" A bump hits the door behind him. "horrible.." Another bump that shakes the door and send the man running to hide behind Nova. "Mistake…" It is then that the door flies open to reveal the source of the commotion. Fifteen very life like colorful candy birds complete with flapping wings fly out into the shop followed by a large chocolate panther. The candies have apparently been subject to an animation spell gone wrong and Michel watches in horror as the birds fly around trying to escape the animated chocolate cat and making a huge mess in the process. He peeks out from behind Nova's shoulder looking quite distressed.

Nova is normally quick on the draw, for just about anything…except chocolate tigers attacking candy birds. Her eyes go wide , and she actually stands there with her jaw open, only snapping out of it when Michel ducks behind her. She's not a very big shield, Raising her hand she'll cast, rather loudly a transfix spell, at the tiger, causing it's legs to change into caramel blocks. It doesn't break the animation spell gone wrong. The tiger is still snapping and trying to attack, but is not pretty stationary. Nova stands there with her wand pointed at the candy, and will look over her shoulder at the man behind her, an eyebrow raised.

"Don't look at me like that! How was I supposed to no that spell reacted badly with sugar?" He gives he an innocent look and then promptly ducks behind her again as a candy bird flies past them. Nova stands near the door with Michel hiding behind her while animated candy birds ransack his store. At least the chocolate panther has been neutralized…well if immobilized by having caramel blocks for legs counts as neutralization. Michel for his part is trying to stay hidden and wincing every time something is pushed or knocked over. "Definitely not my brightest idea…" He admits quietly as another candy bird flies by narrowly missing his hair.

Nadya jingles her way into the shop, tiny bells and coins dangling around her waist. Her air of general disinterest quickly evaporates when she encounters the room full of confectionery avians. She pauses, eyes going wide as she takes stock. "Is this a new product…?" She asks warily as her hand slips into the folds of her skirt to finger her wand.

Nova glares over her shoulder , now wanting to just throw spells around, but it doesn't look like Michel actually has a wand, "What do you want me to do?" She'll give Nadya a small, run while you can look before turning back to Michel, "Do you want them all down?"

Michel had dropped his wand after the explosion so no he is basically defenseless. He looks from the angry Nova to the crazed birds and back again. Nadya's arrival get a nervous smile. "Hello…as you can see we are experiencing a minor difficulty here…I was experimenting with animated candy and…well the results are quite obvious I think." He turns to Nova and flinches a bit under that look. "I don't know…I would like to be able to figure out what went wrong but the shop is more important at this point I aah!" A bird flies right by getting caught in his long blonde hair and apparently gets stuck. The resounding wail of Michel's despair carries out the door and across the alley. He flails and bats at the creature trying to dislodge it. Clearly panicking is now an option.

Nadya decides Michel had the right idea, and lingers close to Nova, who seems much more willing to engage. "A good, strong Freezing Charm would likely do the trick." As she speaks, her accent seems to weave in and out of something vaguely foreign. She winces at Michel's misfortune. But at least here her nimble fingers can be of some help. "Hold still. Let me…" She moves over to try to disentangle the candy creature from poor Michel's locks.

Nova growls softly taking aim again and casting another transfiguration , turning a diving bird into rock candy, which falls and shatters on the ground at the three wizards feet. she didn't count how many birds actually flew out of the room, she's not a seeker, they should be happy that she's getting any of them at all."how many?" The tiger is now trying to roll towards them, the caramel blocks starting to melt causing the tiger to be shorter.

Michel freezes and sighs with relief as the bird is finally removed from his platinum hair. He gives Nadya a thankful smile and tosses his head back reaching up to check for bald spots..or melted candy. Satisfied that his hair is unharmed he takes a looks around at the mess and then realizes he was asked a question. He blinks and the responds with growing horrified realization. "Fifteen birds…a panther and…wait I seem to have misplaced the monkey…oh dear!" He darts for the back room narrowly avoiding the tiger and looks into the room that serves as the kitchen/workshop. He takes a step back then another then he ducks low as a monkey made from white chocolate swings through the doorframe and into the shop proper. It lands on the counter and Michel quickly back his way into a corner trying to make a tactical retreat over to Nova and Nadya.

Nadya gives Michel a reassuring pat on the arm, but when another bird nearly smacks into her own head, she ducks and whips out her wand. "Oh, enough of this." She lifts her wand toward a cluster of birds, incanting a clipped, "Immobilus!" With a flash of blue light, three of the sweet beasties stop dead in the air, hovering harmlessly in place. "Quick, snatch them up before they move again." Already she's moving toward them to start collecting the birds immobilized by her Freezing Charm.

Nova considers just apparating out, but Michel just looks pitiful as he tries to get back to them. She'll aim and cast again at a specific bird making another bird dive bombs towards the wizard. it turns into pink cotton candy and floats down . Growling at Michel, "Grab the frozen birds!" He doesn't have a wand, better for those with wands to keep firing.

Michel nods at the order and quickly pulls a large empty bag out of one of the nearby counters. Dodging his way over to the frozen birds he quickly snatches the and puts them in the sack looking around carefully for more bird to round up he tries to stay out of the way of the women with their wands and the animated candy. The monkey leaps into the air and lands on the panther both go rolling across the floor smearing chocolate and caramel as they go. Michel watches wide eyes and positively horrified. He doesn't have time to worry further though and though bird makes a beeline for his hair and this time he remembers to duck. He pops up a moment later and skirts the edge of the room till he is back in the safe zone behind Nova.

Nadya's next Freezing Charm only catches a single bird…though she'd been aiming at the monkey. She huffs a sigh, and keeps at it. "I must say, Candy Man, you have an interesting way of keeping things interesting in your shop." She smirks wryly, tossing another spell.

And another bird goes crashing to the ground, shattering into a hundreds of shards of rock candy, this time tinted blue. "Merlin! Why did you spell all of them?" she'll growl as one flies into her hair, or maybe it was aiming at Michel, but ended up in her braid. Nova lets out an indignant yell and moves to grab at the bird.

"This?" Michel gestures to the mess and the rampant candy animals with one hand. "This was -not- intentional. I thought why not make some cute animated candy animals?…it will be fun I thought…it seems I was mistaken…though maybe with smaller animals it would be..safer." He catches up the next of the frozen birds his eyes narrowing slightly in thoughts of his next experiment. His eyes widen and he rushes to Nova's aid carefully pulling the bird free of her braid and tossing it into the sack with the others. He then backs up and gives his best 'I didn't think it would be this bad' look.

"This is getting a bit beyond me, sweetlings," Nadya freezes another bird, but it's quickly becoming evident that she's out of her element. "Will they run out of energy?"

Nova agrees, and takes aim at the money, which seems to be doing the most damage. Her spell fires out of her wand, hitting the monkey and turing it into an iced snow sculpture, rainbow flavored. The tiger is still moving, which causes the monkey snow cone to collapse. "You owe me so much honey…" She winces as Michel pulls the bird out of her hair.

"You both are getting all the free sweets you want for helping me with this….unanimated of course." Michel adds that last bit with a nervous smile and ducks as another bird trying to fly into his hair. "What is it about my hair that they like so much?!" He straightens up with a huff and collects the next frozen bird. "That's…" He does a quick count. "Ten…so there are five left.."

Three more birds are stopped in their tracks with another well cast charm from Nadya. "Nearly there. Stop that tiger, I'll finish off the birds."

Nova snarls at she casts at the tiger, who's legs are already caramel blocks. As her casting hits the feline , it transforms into a jiggly gummy cat. It's stripes are now white, almost glazed looking. "This is the most ridiculous thing ever…." Even with the snarl on her lips, she's starting to laugh.

Michel pokes his head out from behind Nova. He eyes the gummy cat, he blinks, then he laughs. He can't seem to stop laughing either. Finally after a good long minute the laughter dies down to giggles and he covers his mouth still looking highly amused as he goes to collect the three birds. "Just two left and then…." his eyes widen in horror. "An then I have to clean this up…" A soft whimper is heard and Michel's lower lip trembles slightly as he takes in the mess around him.

Nadya immobilizes another bird, then puts her hands on her hips, evaluating the grand mess as the last candy bird flits about over their heads. "Hm, I suppose I could lend a-…" There's a light clacking sound as a jelly bean hits the floor. She looks down at the bean, then up at the bird. "Did that bird just…? That's it. My work here is done." Quick as she appeared, Nadya slips out the door, away from the confectionery madness.

Nova glares at Nadya, as she makes a break for it. the laughter has left her as soon as it appeared, not ok with having to clean this all up. Casting the last transfiguration at the bird up in the rafter, it explodes into pinwheel peppermints, all raining down, and cracking as the hit the floor. Letting them all hit the floor before she lowers her wand, she'll slowly turn to look at Michel.

Michel gives relived sigh though he does shoot a look of distress at Nadya's retreating back. "She seems to dislike the idea of cleaning as much as me…" He turns to see Nova staring at him and gives an innocent look. "I owe you all the honey treats I have in stock…and more. Thank you for the help. This will never -ever- happen again…well maybe…but the animals will be much smaller." He smiles sweetly giving his best innocent look before going to find his wand.

Nova considers following Nadya, but the promise of honey keeps her there. When Michel comes back, her arms are folded and she's nudging the gummy tiger with her moccasined foot. "What are you going to do with these?"

Michel grimaces and starts casting banishing and cleaning charms on the larger parts of the mess. Once the largest parts are dealt with he goes into the back and after a few minutes comes out with a large box. He sets it on a clean spot on the counter and looks to nova. "Everything in there has honey in it. You are welcome to whatever you want…or all of it. I will also be making some fresh pastries for you as well. Thank you again." He smiles warmly and goes about his cleaning once again. Candies fly off the floor, jars are repaired and replaced, and mess disappears as he works diligently on the clean up.

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