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Summary: Following a lead having to do with a former occupant of a house that is under investigation. Graham learns the occupant, Rolo, stayed at the Leaky Cauldron, so he goes to ask Elly for a couple of favors and information.
Date: September 5th 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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September 5th 1938 in the later afternoon, it's a mild day and a nice breeze moves about though it's luckily that it's in between the lunch and dinner time rush so a bit of down time for those who work here. Graham has entered after getting news from his boss and is looking for Elly he moves towards the bar and is glancing around.

Elly is coming back around from one of the doorways that leads to the side alley where her Jack parks the Lorry. She is sniffing and patting at her eyes with her sleeve and pauses after the door is closed to lean on the wall beside the door and try to quickly compose herself.

Graham glances around and spots the one he's after. The look on her face or the way she hides off to the side brings worry to his face though, and he is careful not to draw too much attention to himself as he approaches "Elly lady, are you okay?" the young man asks in lowered voice not wanting others to hear.

Elly gives Graham a brave smile and one last little sniff and she steps over and slides into a warm hug with the Auror. Just getting in for a friendly little comforting snuggle. "Fine loverly, just gets 'arder e'ry time 'e goes to trainin'. The Squidge gets me weepy ovah spilt milk. So when it comes to somfing really sad…well…" She looks up and gestures to her puffy glistening face.

The auror nods at her words and returns the hug "Aye, that's tough but he'll be back hm?" he uses the sleeve from his robe and if allowed will help wipe her up a bit if not he will still sigh Graham gives a smile "Your a tough customer not a fault at all." he says to her

Elly smiles sweetly as he helps her clean up more. "Wish I was tough. I thought I could 'andle all this. But it's so 'ard!" She sniffles again and takes a deep breath and seems to get more composed. A stretch is given upwards so she can kiss his cheek. "Fank ye loverly. I'm alright, really. Wot can ol' Elly do for ye now? Special is Kidney Pie an' soup is Leeky Leaky Soup."

Graham smiles "You do fine Elly." he says nodding and he believes it. "Hm I may take you up on that, but actually I came on auror business. There was a man staying here by the name of Rolo Gastley, he likely booked it out of here real sudden like. I need to search the room he was in." the explanation is in lowered words again not wishing to be overheard.

Elly nods, and her own voice is normal pitched. "Aye, sure we can get ye checked in for the night." As she checks him in, giving him Rolo's room she lowers her voice. "Good timing…was goin to be goin up to clean up after sending off me 'usband. Aye, Rolo, checked in when 'e was evicted. Poor chap. Worried about the old dearie. Seemed to in such a state." She leads him up the stairs with the keys in her hand, chiming as she moves. "Had complaints, codger talked in's sleep. Was screaming so, "They're in my house!" Then in the mornin' he was still in such a state and I asked'm wot he was about because he was already packing. Then 'e shoved off muttering about gettin' to "the old station" sumfing about the "Vampire can help." She pauses to remember, "Vermouth…nae…Vermininion…oh bother… Vermilion!" The last part she cheers out forgetting to keep her voice down. Luckily they are in the previously used, yet to e cleaned room. "Aye, that's the one. Well, here ye are loverly. Enjoy your "stay". Sorry bout the mess…" She gives Graham a wink before she steps back to leave him alone to do his thing.

On the floor close to the door as if it fell out a pocket when shoving or removing stuff there's a tattered piece of paper with 'B. Museum Station.' The rest of the room is messy - no wonder he got evicted! The bed in particular is all pulled up and rumpled. There is even a long body-ish shaped sweat stain along the center of the bed. Rolo Gastley has gone Underground…literally. Now to find him.

The clues:

  • Vampire
  • Vermilion
  • B. Museum Station
  • Rolo had seeming cognitive dreams that 'They were in his house!'
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