(1938-09-05) Good News, Bad News, and Great News
Details for Good News, Bad News, and Great News
Summary: Worthington calls Graham in for a meeting to deliver some news.
Date: September 5, 1938
Location: Ministry of Magic
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As the door of Chief Auror Worthington clicks shut, he gestures without looking up to the chair across from his desk. "Have a seat, Cohen. I've been going over the reports on the Vengal case. There's good news and bad news." Finally, he glances up from the file in his hands, his sharp eyes meeting Graham's.

Graham is moving towards the chair as he's offered it luckily it's not far but he turns to stop and speak properly with a salute. "Thank you sir." the young man is confused a bit but he sits lightly spotting the file the other hands but he can really only wait "What sort of news?" he says unable to help it though after this he's likely quiet watching.

"While you were on your little getaway," Worthington gives the younger Auror a smirk, "Aurors Scholtz and Rooney were following up on the missing memories. It seems some witnesses saw them come into the Leaky Cauldron that night and then disappear up through the downstairs ceiling. We're assuming that the owner was in residence at the time. Furthermore, the staff at the Cauldron confirm that one of their boarders was a man named Rolo Gastley. Ring a bell?"

The young man winces internally trying to keep his face straight however it might show a bit given it might have been poor timing. "Yes, sir that's what the pair from my memory said about keeping Gastley's memories locked up so he wouldn't be able to finger them both." he seems interested now it's no doubt. He sighs now though "I would imagine upon the return of those memories he wouldnt stay at such an open location for long?"

Worthington nods solemnly. "You would imagine correctly. That's the bad news. No one has seen Gastley since earlier that day. But if what you remembered is true, his testimony could be a major cornerstone of this investigation. I've kept this file away from Auror Abbott. But if she has ears on the street, it's only a matter of time before she gets word about the sighting at the Leaky Cauldron. Find him, Cohen. We need Rolo Gastley."

Graham is kicking himself for missing this chance but he also knows it's important to try and have a life outside work or well he hopes he can keep the two separated very much so. "I am back in it sir full steam ahead, he wont stay missing for long." he says trying to boost the confidence in him from the other. "I will start at the Leaky Cauldron, he had to leave in quite a hurry maybe he left a clue where he was going."

Worthington nods, rising from his seat. "Perfect. I have every confidence in you. Ah, there is just one more thing before you go. Your badge, please." As he gestures to the desktop, he opens a drawer, and produces a shiny new badge. "I think this is overdue by now. Congratulations, Auror Cohen."

The young man is prepared to be told he wasn't showing enough dedication or something of the like. So the reaction regains his focus. "Thank you sir, that's good to hear." he reaches to his jacket pocket offering the other his badge lightly concern in his face until he's given his full auror's badge Graham is silent a moment before standing giving another salute "Thank you sir, it's an honor." he manages.

Worthington gives Graham a firm nod and returns the salute. "Your dedication and performance on this case have been exemplary. You've earned it. Now, go make us proud."

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