(1938-09-08) Evelyn Joins The Mud Club
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Summary: Evelyn seeks out Briar who's doing some Domestic Club fun in the Club room to ask to join the Prefect's other Club.
Date: September 8th 1938
Location: Club Room

Club Room Ground Floor
Sun Sep 08, 1938 ((Sun Sep 08 10:16:23 2013)) (Hogwarts Castle)

It is a summer night. The weather is cool and raining.

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

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Mid morning at Hogwarts on a Sunday always means a bustle of activity. At the beginning of the year, people are always just getting back into the swing of things. That includes those who are just starting their fifth year and are starting to study for their O.W.Ls. Like, for example, the quiet Evelyn Eibon. This year, however, she is making a big step forward, out of her comfort zone and into the activity that many other students seem to take advantage of. She wishes to join a certain club.

After having made a quick stop back at the Ravenclaw tower after breakfast, Evelyn makes her way back down to the main floor. Tentatively she allows her feet to step toward the Club Room. And, with slight hesitation, she opens the door and enters the room. There's one person she is looking for in particular amongst those who make themselves at home here. The Eibon girl clears her throat as she looks around and says, "Umm…well, Briar Crocker?" Who normally shouldn't be difficult to find, but Evelyn, who doesn't keep much mind to other students, especially those from other houses, she isn't completely sure as to who the girl might be. "Excuse me. I'm um…uh…I'm looking for a Briar Crocker?" She asks somewhat timidly of those in the room.

Briar is cheering up a first year who's feeling a bit home sick already and is sitting up on the counter with the other young Hufflepuff girl and when she turns to face towards who's calling her name she presents quite the face! They were seeing how many just finished home-made marshmallows Briar could fit into her mouth. So it's safe to say her appearance is rather chipmunk like. "Womp mr!" Is her muffled chubby cheeked reply but the wave of her hand towards herself hopefully gets the message across. If her lips weren't so stretched she'd obviously be grinning as her cheer up duty seems to have worked because the little girl next to her is having giggle fits with her own filled mouth. When Evelyn gets closer the candy bowl filled with marshmallows is offered up to her. "Wohnwhon?"

It's certainly an interesting first impression for Evelyn to have of the Hufflepuff Prefect. She approaches her and the first year girl in a slow but steady pace. Plucking a single marshmallow from the bowl, she offers a tiny smile. "Ummm…yes, thank you." She murmurs to her, just barely audible over the first year's giggle fit. She toys with the marshmallow for a few seconds in her hand before popping it in her mouth and chewing on it softly. Once swallowed, she speaks again, saying, "It um…uh…well, looks like you're having…having lots of fun." She adjusts her Ravenclaw themed tie as she speaks. "I'm um…I'm sorry to interrupt. I should come back later." She turns her head to start to leave, not wanting to interrupt Briar and the other girl.

Briar is trying her best to eat and not choke on the marshmallows packed into her mouth. She's not cleared enough and in fact has even more trouble talking now because it's all gummy in her mouth so she makes a little attention getting chirp and waves her hands gesturing for the Ravenclaw to come back. She even goes so far as to stretch a foot out to hook on a near-by chair and slide it over. Once it's in place she gives the chair a gesture and then tries to give Evelyn as encouraging a smile as she can with her lips not purposefully pinched closed as she works on her mouthful.

Glancing back toward the older Hufflepuff girl, Evelyn glances between her and the chair, finally taking a seat down to wait. "I'll um…well, I'll wait. Let uh, let me know what you're ready for me." She then looks to her lap, producing her wand from a pocket and twirling it around on her lap while she waits for Briar.

Briar takes a full minute to finally get her mouth clear, "Sorry about that." Her American Accent much clearer now as she leans forward offering her hand to shake with Evelyn. "I'm Briar. What can I do for you?" Something catches her eye and she nudge the First Year Badger, "Sweetie, why don't you go on over and help with that fudge…" A few others are across the room wrestling to get some fudge out of the cauldron and into a cooling vessel. Once the girl is off and things looks like they aren't going to explode her full attention rests back on Evelyn.

Evelyn waits until Briar isn't distracted by elsewhere in the room before answering the question. She offers the teensiest of smiles and starts to speak. "Well, if umm…well, if you uh, I suppose I'll start with my name. I'm Evelyn Eibon." She places her wand gently onto her lap, resting her hands on top of it. "I hope you uh…um…well, don't mind the topic Miss Prefect, and I don't see why you wouldn't, but I'd like to um…well, enquire as to joining the Mud Club, and I was informed that you were the one to, well…discuss about that." She clears her throat, blushing a little bit.

Briar looks to Evelyn with a smile that's a bit pinched because she doesn't want to embarrass the little Eagle with just how adorable Briar is finding her. "Miss Prefect? That's a first. Please, it's just Briar. Oh! The Club, why sure." She leans to the side and digs around in her robes to pluck out a small spiral notebook and a very nice silver fountain pen that's etched with vines and flowers. "Alright. Name… Evelyn Eibon. Age? Reason for joining and beyond that, sign right here and you're in. Signing this means that you have no intention of malice or espionage against this club, that you will hold the things spoken in the meetings in confidence and that you will do your upmost to spread good will to all human beings, no matter their Blood Purity or any other factor some may use as grounds for inequality. We are all equal in this club and we aim to spread that mind set." She schpiels about the club policy while holding the notepad so that Evelyn may sign. "Sorry about the speech, but after what Medusa tried to do last year, it's necessary."

"Of…of course, Miss…um, I mean…of course, Briar." Evelyn blushes some more. "Age? I'm…um, presently I'm fifteen." She responds to that question in short order. In regard to her reason for joining, she is a bit more hesitant and less forthcoming, at least as immediately, as she was as far as her age. "Well, you see, um…I'm a half-blood, you see." She barely says that loud enough to be heard, which is likewise how she speaks for the rest of her explanation. "And…well, you see, my mother was a muggle-born. Which was, I um…well, imagine was quite a shock for the otherwise quite pure-blood Eibon family." She looks at Briar, giving her a look as if to ask if what she is saying is too much. "And, well…you see, um…after hearing about that new club that Professor Flint has started…and knowing what um…muggle-borns can go through, as one of my best friends is a muggle-born, and thinking of what my mother may have gone through at times." Evelyn shakes her head. "I um…I wanted to, you know, uh…well, help?" She seems almost unsure of herself.

Accepting the notebook and pen, Evelyn signs her name in the appropriate spot and passes the book and pen back to Briar. "I um…well, I don't want to…you know, ruin anything to do with this club." She murmurs. "Um….well, thank you for having it. I'm glad that I can um, well, join as well." She speaks a bit louder now. "I think that uh…well, that this club is very important. I um…I hope to help those I care about, through this club. If I can."

Briar is still trying her best not to make any sort of expression of 'awww she's so adorable!' so it's making her face twitch perhaps a bit oddly. "That's perfect, thank you." Briar is usually a huggy person and this is just that usual time she'd lean over and hug Evelyn. The younger girl just looks like she might faint if Briar did that, so it's just a hand offered over to her. "I hope that this club can make a difference. There will be a donation's jar at every meeting, this is to help provide supplies and food and drink for the meetings. Hopefully we can stuff the jar and expand into using the money to help out those in need. Would you like a pin?" Briar doesn't wait for an answer, she digs into her pocket and pulls out a little lapel pin with the Mud Club Logo. "Because of all of the trouble, you don't have to wear it of course." She shrugs and coincidentally that act makes her own club pin sparkle right next to her glimmering prefect badge. "Spread the word yeah? Especially to anyone you see being harassed. The purists are a growing minority. This club is out to hurry the dwindle into extinction. We can only do that by sticking together."

Evelyn reaches out one hand to shake Briar's while the other places her wand back into her pocket, the smile on her face spreading just a little bit larger. "Umm…well, how much money is…you know…needed for supplies and food and drinks?" She asks tentatively toward the older student. "And…um…well…uh, what kind of support do you mean? For those in need? What kind of need?" As the badge is handed to her, she looks at it for a good few moments before pinning it onto her uniform. "I've um…well, got a cousin in my year who's a prefect. And um…well, one of my best friends is a prefect. I hoping that between them and…well, some other stuff, that nobody will bother me about it." She murmurs quietly, blushing once again. "I'll um…I'll talk to people. I hope we can do some good."

Briar settles on her spot on the counter more. "There's some pretty big misunderstandings of what the Club is about. So if you can educate, it would do a world of difference. By support I mean like Hair Growth Potions for those that were getting their hair sliced off. Or whistles to help deter bullying. This is a support group - a safe place for those that are made to feel worthless by purist. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join. The only reason trouble started last year is because of Purist Spies and their plan back firing because other Purists not in the know of their scheme labeled them 'Blood Traitors'. So that backfired on them big time. But /we/ get the blame like we are some trouble starters. Which reminds me, another club rule is no violence. We won't be better than the bullies we are against if we start fights. I doubt you will, but it's part of the schpiel too, if you start a fight, you're on your own."

"Oh! Potions! I'm good at those! It's one of my best and favorite subject, next to Herbology!" Evelyn says, actually excited about the prospect of helping by using some skills she actually has. One of the few things she doesn't actually take her time talking too much about when talking with others. At the mention of fighting, she shakes her head. "I um…well, no. I wouldn't fight. I don't, well…um, I'm not actually much of a fighter to start with." She murmurs. "And um, well, you see, I'm more of a…well, slink away if possible person."

Briar gives her a big wide smile, "Good! I figured, but yeah, gotta say it. As for the donations, it's a donation, so what ever you want to give. Not required or anything either, purely voluntary. I can cover the cost myself for the meeting things. But it's nice to have some help. Do you think any of those friends of yours would like to sign up too? Maybe get the whole Eibon Clan in the club. The more the merrier. Thanks again Evelyn. Glad to have you. You look a bit like you'd like to do some of that slinking away now. It's fine. Have a great rest of the day. Weekend after next, might have a little get together in Hogsmeade. Do something like gather flowers and buy some sweet treats or whatever bring it back on the grounds to just give the First and Second Years something nice. Would you be interested in that?"

"I'm…well, happy to give as much um…you know…well, monetary assistance as the group needs. Whether it's uh…well, for supplies for potions. Or um…well, for um…for treats. Or whether it's for purchasing um…you know, more badges or information booklets or what have you." Evelyn says to the older girl. "I um…I can't promise about all the Eibons at the school for the moment. But um…I can talk to…well, you know…my friends and family. Although a couple are Slytherin. Not that um…I mean…you know…well, not that that should mean that they are not good people, but it is more difficult for them to uh…to be associated with people who are um, who are half-blood or muggle-born." She murmurs quietly, looking down at her feet and blushing. "I'd like to go and help with the things in Hogsmeade." She adds, looking back up to Briar. Standing, she smiles a titch at Briar. "Umm…well, thank you, Miss Prefect…I mean…Briar." She readjusts her Ravenclaw tie a little bit. "And um…thank you."

Briar smiles and bobs her head replying one more time, "Well they would be welcome if they wish to chance the backlash. Like I said, only people not welcomed into the club are those out to do it harm from within. You take care now, we'll meet at the Gate Hogsmeade Saturday after lunch. Maybe make a scavenger hunt out of the afternoon. See ya!" She waves and then hops up off of the counter to go help the others wrassle the sticky goop out of cauldrons and into the molds.

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