(1938-09-08) Hogwarts Governors Remove Dippet
Details for Hogwarts Governors Remove Dippet
Summary: The Daily Prophet reports the removal of Armando Dippet as Headmaster of Hogwarts.
Date: Sept. 8, 1938
Location: London
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The Hogwarts Board of Governors announced today that they have voted to remove Armando Dippet from his position as Headmaster of Hogwarts. The decision comes weeks after a press release from Dippet himself proclaiming that he and the Hogwarts students accompanying him are not prisoners at Durmstrang, but guests. That announcement was met with considerable criticism from the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Even Minister for Magic Gambol herself denounced the statement, insisting that "Armando Dippet is clearly under duress, and wishes to protect the children that have been abducted with him."

According to the Chairman of the Board, Enceladus Malfoy, the decision to remove Dippet was a difficult one. "While we did vote unanimously, it was only out of necessity. We all wish for the safe return of the children and Mr. Dippet. But in the meantime, the school must be able to function, and that means leadership."

Malfoy went on to explain that, for the time being, Albus Dumbledore will continue as acting Headmaster until a new Headmaster is chosen. Several governors (who declined to be named) expressed their support for Dumbledore as the new Headmaster, but it seems there are those that oppose his appointment. "The Board is in a stalemate," explained Malfoy. "But this matter is our first priority. Hogwarts will have a new Headmaster soon."

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