(1938-09-09) Lost Bracelet
Details for Lost Bracelet
Summary: Looking for what went missing.
Date: Setember 9, 1938

With evening coming around Gage avoids the crowding commons by heading outside. The lone figure by the gates at the end of the drive is pacing with his head down, scowling down at the dirt. His shoulders a little hunched, making himself as close to the ground as possible and by the way he moves it’s almost certain that he’s looking for something on the ground. It’s not yet curfew, but the light isn’t as bright as it had been and thus the wand in his hand – with the string on its end hanging loosely – shining a light at the tip downward.

Gabrielle only saw a figure moving near the gates. Her first instinct was to run and get a teacher, but they're not that reliable anymore. And then Conall, but if it's a danger, she'd rather not involve him. She has a satchel over her shoulder, and has for the past few days. Her wand is out as she makes her way closer, but then she relaxes, there's no disguising who that is. "Gage? Are you ok?"

Gage straightens and swings his wand around at the voice, automatically scowling before he realizes who’s there. He lowers his wand so that the light sprawls out over the ground in front of him again, dropping his head. “Oi tink ‘tis gone,” he mutters bitterly, shrugging his shoulders.

Gabrielle blinks, "What's gone?" She'll immediately start looking at the ground. Her free hand tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, eyes scanning the ground, "What's missing Gage?" Her own wand lights up as well.

“Er-“ Gage suddenly lifts his head back up to lock his dark blue eyes on Gabrielle. “Uh-“ He blinks and shifts on his feet, suddenly embarrassed at the question, and looks away quickly – and back to the ground – yea. As he steps lightly over the ground, gaze searching, he suddenly answers quietly, “A- Uh- Jeweled bracelet.” He turns away to look over the ground at another area.

Gabrielle tilts her head some but nods, "Ok…" A slight frown on her face, "Have you tried to summon it…that sometimes works…" She'll glance over, a thought crossing her mind, but that would just be…odd. Why would Gage send her anything? "Is it yours, or someone else’s?"

“Summon?” Gage murmurs out. He rises and turns to look curiously at Gabrielle, his eyebrows furrowing as he ponders. “Summon ‘oy?” He hasn’t read anything about a summoning spell yet, but the possibilities of what one could do has thoughts running through his head. That could be very useful. Gage lowers his wand by his side, giving a flick as he whispers, “Nox,” and the light blinks out. Then he’s shifting on his feet again, hesitating a moment before answering her last question with a nod. “Both, kind av.”

Gabrielle looks up nodding. "Would you like me to try?" She'll not, unless he asks. An eyebrow raise, "Oh? Did she lose it? Or did you not give it to her yet?" There's not tease in her voice, just knowing will help, if she ends up summoning it. She'll shift the bag on her shoulder, it's clearly heavy.

“’Oy does it work?” The question comes out without waiting for her to finish. “What can yer summon exactly?” Gage glances down to the ground and lifts his shoulders slightly. He glances back to her and nods. “If it’ll work,” he utters. He looks back down and says nothing for a passing minute before he says bitterly, “It fell oyt de day after de big feast.” His eyebrows crease as he falls silent for a second, and then adds, “Oi tink.”

Gabrielle frowns, "I can try. No promises." Gabby lifts her wand and does try, but the object is either destroyed, or being held by something. "It's…not here. Sorry." She'll shrug, "I've summoned my sketchbook before. The bigger the object, or the further away, makes it harder." She'll watch him, slightly worried, "I'm sorry. Is she upset?" Gabby's not sure if Gage is upset because the girl lost it, or lost it. He's hard to read. On a hunch, Gabby will reach up again, with her left hand to move her bangs out of her eyes again. She'll let her sleeve fall down some, her own charm bracelet visible.

Gage focuses his dark blue eyes on her wand, watching her movements and paying attention to the incantation. He scowls and glances down at the failure, cursing himself as a fist tightens at his side. “Oi didn’t give it… yet,” he mutters, shaking his head. “It doesn’t matter,” he says in a low, irritated tone before he lifts his gaze to Gabrielle. “Is it only for objects?” He furrows his brows, considering. “Can yer summon other tin’s?”

Gabrielle nods, understanding now. "That sucks. I'm sorry." Gabby watches him, trying to make sure he's ok, besides just being upset about the missing jewelry. "Only objects. You couldn't like, summon me. But, if the casting was strong enough, you could summon, say….someone's clothes, which would either pull off of them, or drag them along." She'll give Gage a small smile.

Gage shakes his head slowly. He lifts his wand to pull the string over his head, letting it dangle in front of him. “Oi don’t knu… if she’d ‘av loiked it.” He doesn’t pause long before saying in response to the spell, “Not people, but-“ He suddenly freezes, staring blankly at her. Right – that just gave him an image. What he was saying just stutters off and Gage turns his head to look off somewhere else, anywhere else, as he lifts a hand to scratch at his head. “Um-“ His shoulders hunch and he starts trudging in a direction at random, shaking his head. “Oi’ll- Oi’ll look it up.”

Gabrielle tilts her head slightly, and then smiles, shaking her head. "What were you wondering if you could summon then?" She'll shift the bag again, moving the strap to a different part of her shoulder. "I…ok. Bye?" A frown appears now, why is he always running away from her. With that, Gage is removed from the possible charm bracelet gifter list in Gabby's head. It's now back to only Dark Wizards, yay. She'll sigh, looking down to her bag and mutter softly, "Come on, we'll go find a place to sit for a while." Weathers nice enough, she'll start making her way to the grassy knolls.

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