(1938-09-11) Re-arranging Furniture
Details for Re-arranging Furniture
Summary: Adie moves a table in the library. Fiona gets her bag charmed.
Date: 11 September 1938
Location: Library

A few minutes after lunchtime finds Adie Selwyn walking into the library to return several books on Charms. With a smile he turns the books in the the librarian and makes his way over to the section on Transfiguration. Looking over the books here he bounces lightly on his heels as he debates with a thoughtful look which one he should read first. He spots an interesting text on the uses of Transfiguration in a duel and peers up at it thoughtfully. Of course being so short and the book being on the highest shelf is something of a problem….still nothing ventured nothing gained. He glances around and once sure the library is empty of those who would protest and that the librarian Madam Patil is otherwise occupied Adie pulls over a small table and gracefully climbs on top to fetch the book he wants.

A tiny little dark head appears through a gap between books, the head is from the other side of the bookcase. "I can see you," says the head. With a giggle Fiona pulls her head back and walks around the end of the bookcase to look up at the boy on the table. "Marks for effort," she says, a faint Irish lilt to her voice, "but poor execution. Everything hinges on the dismount."

"Who is to say I can't get down as easily as I got up?" Adie replies with a grin grabbing the book he wants and in a show of grace steping backwards and hopping off the table while looking at Fiona. His feet hit the ground once more and he slides the table back into place. "There now no one will be the wiser and I have my book as well." He smile brightly at her. "You are a first year yes? I would think so anyway since I haven't seen you before. I'm Adie Selwyn."

"Easily is one thing. Getting down with style — that is another." Fiona grins up at Adie, well by virtue of being so small she has to grin up at him anything else would require him lying on the floor. "Does my mammoth size give me away?" Curious eyes flick to the book the older boy wanted so eagerly and then up to his face again. "Fiona Donnelly."

"Then next time I shall have to turn a backflip off the table then." Adie says with a grin and a look of mischief that suggests he would do it given the chance. He laughs softly. "Perhaps it does. Though I'm sure in time you will tower above me like everyone else." He smiles playfully and he /is/ rather short for a fifth year boy, standing at just five foot two.

Fiona moves closer and stands right next to Adie as if checking the height differential. "Not for a good few years at least," she says jokingly. "But there is nothing wrong with being a shorter man or boy or manboy." Gesturing to the table with a hand she states, "You don't let it defeat you and look for creative solutions to your problems. Clearly the best of both worlds. I myself would rather be clever and pocket-sized than a big lumbering idiot."

Adie laughs, a happy lighthearted sound. "Thank you. I always tend to find an unexpected way to fix my problems. Not only is it a good exercise in creativity but it attracts a good amount of attention as well. I do love the spotlight." He grins once more and winks at her. "The world has enough people who are tall and intellectually challenged as it is. Sometimes its best to stand out and do things your own way."

"Even when I try not to stand out I still stand out," says Fiona. She reaches over and plucks a book from a shelf. "I wonder if there is a spell somewhere that let's you transfigure a books into those little Russian dolls. The kind that go in on themselves. Then you could carry loads of books without your bag being too heavy."

"Some people are naturals at drawing attention..its nothing to be ashamed of." He smiles and looks thoughtful before he replies to that last thought. "You could always use a charm to make your bag lighter…I know the spell and if you will allow me I can cast it on your bag." Adie offers with a kind smile.

The small first year looks up at him and beams. "That would be lovely." She slips the book back onto the shelf and nods towards a table a bit further on, past the one Adie had used for climbing, "My bag is over there." She doesn't quite skip over to her bag, but she does walk with gleefulness - clearly pleased at the idea of getting her bag charmed.

Adie nods and follows her over with a smile. Pulling out a wand made of ash with a spiraling pattern of vines on it he points it at the bag and with a flick of his wrist speak an incantation in a soft but firm tone. "Perfusorius" The spell takes and he smiles at Fiona. "There it should be lighter now. If it fades let me know and I can recast it until you learn the spell in class. You should study it sometime this year."

Just to test it, not that she doesn't trust Adie, Fiona lifts up her bag. A broad grin breaks out across her face. "Ooh aye, that'd be a good spell to learn for sure." In her excitement her accent thickens briefly before she tidies it away for another day. "Thank you Adie. It is much better now. Those potions books are rather hefty and I was struggling some." Fiona is one of the tiniest of the first years.

Adie smiles brightly and nods his head to her. "I'm always happy to help. If you need help with Charms or Transfiguration let me know and I'll see what I can do." He looks around and his eyes widen. "Speaking of Transfiguration…I should likely get going. It was nice meeting you Fiona." He heads for the door with a skip to his step though he seems to be in a bit of a hurry as well.

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