(1938-09-11) Welcome Home, Cyril
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Summary: Cyril throws a party at the Natrix to celebrate his return to England.
Date: September 11, 1938
Location: Natrix

((Please include the poses from before Cassius' arrival here.))

That soft blush deepens at Cyril's comment about biting. She watches as he and Chance shake hands before replying to the latter. "I suppose that might work. Finding someone daring enough to risk their toes being stepped on will be the tricky part though." Serena smiles back at Chance the last part of her words holding a teasing tone. She sips her drink and goes back to idly watching the people around her.

Nova makes eye contact as Chance looks at her and she'll grin, he's in a lions den, for sure. No wanting to ruin any chances(ha! pun) for him she'll turn and lean against the bar. She'll work on finishing her drink, and then her plan is to hit the dance floor!

"Oh, it's no problem at all, Mr. Morgan. The more the merrier, as they say." He looks to Serena and offers her another smile, holding his hand out to her, "Well, come on, then. I've got a bum knee and no sense of rhythm. Come, I'll learn your name on the way to the dance floor."

"Oh, it's no problem at all, Mr. Morgan. The more the merrier, as they say." Cyril looks to Serena and offers her another smile, holding his hand out to her, "Well, come on, then. I've got a bum knee and no sense of rhythm. Come, I'll learn your name on the way to the dance floor."

At the tip of Chance's fedora, Rhyeline's cheeks grow warm. Biting her lower lip, she moves closer to the bar, standing out of sight next to Cyril. (Chance and everyone else stands on Cyril's other side.) The bartender leans over and asks what she wants. Caught a bit off guard, she stammers out a request for a glass of wine. But it seems Cyril is about to make off with Serena, leaving the little one without her hiding spot.

Entering discreetly through the VIP (read: wizard-only) entrance, the younger brother of tonight's guest of honour finally appears. Cassius Malfoy has dispensed with his usual entourage of bodyguards, secretaries, and sycophants, but even alone, the man's got presence to spare to fill a room. He flashes a charming smile to those he passes, many of the magical persuasion knowing him for his political work…and plenty of those casting less-than-enthusiastic looks his way. Cassius scans the crowd for faces, arching an eyebrow at the band for what he clearly considers a questionable choice of song.

Serena laughs softly and smiles brightly at Cyrilas he offers to dance with her. She sets her drink down before she accepts the offered hand rising to her feet and allowing him to lead her to the dance floor. "Very well, we shall stumble through this together. My name is Serena Greengrass by the way." She smiles shyly up at him before lowering her eyes once more.

Chance chuckles as Cyril whisks Serena off to the floor. "Than I"ll be sure to fully enjoy myself then." He says with a raise of his glass, that still has a bit more to go before he can head to the floor. Seeing the VIP door open, Chance is not surprised to see another Malfoy, but he does give the man a polite nod. Seeing Rhyeline's reaction he'll smirk and shake his head. "I don't bite either, apparently only Malyfoy's do." He does wave to Nova, since she did make eye contact.

Rhyeline accepts the glass of red wine from the bartender before looking up at Chance. But then, her attention gets snagged by Cassius from clear across the room. Should Cassius' gaze drift her way, she tilts her head to the side and raises a hand in greeting. Hiding behind her glass of wine for a small, but slow sip, she peeks back over at Chance.

Cyril leads Serena to the dance floor by way of his younger brother Cassius. He stops for a moment, looking aside to Serena and saying, "Hold on for just one second, darling." He smiles at Cassius and offers a hand, "I'm glad you could make it, brother. I'm picking up everyone's tab for the night, so get yourself something to drink and I'll be over in a moment." He pats him on the arm and continues to lead Serena onward.

"A lovely name, Serena," says Cyril as the two of them arrive at the dance floor. By this time, the band has switched gears into something a little more slow-dance-y, leading Cyril to assume the position. One hand with hers and one hand on her waist. He at least learned that much growing up a Malfoy.

A second wave is as good of an invitation, Nova takes her half drank drink and will make her way over to Rhyeline and Chance. Grinning widely, "Hello Chance. it has been some time." Turning to Rhyeline, "I think we have met one time before? But I do not recall your name…You are friends with Sophia, right?" It's nice to be next to someone who's almost the same height.

Cassius smiles warmly to his brother, giving Serena a polite nod as well. "Don't rush the lady on my account, Cyril. I'll be here." With a chuckle, he sends them on their way to the dance floor and continues on to where he saw Rhyeline waving. "Miss Diderot, it's wonderful to see you out and about." He gives the expected smiles and abrupt bows of greeting to Chance and Nova. "Good evening."

Serena nods and waits as Cyril goes off to greet his brother. Cassius himself gets a soft smile and a polite incline of her head before her company returns. She blushes a bit more at the compliment she receives and does her best not to stumble as he leads her in the dance. It is quite obvious she lacks coordination though and his toes are indeed stepped on several times. She blushes deeply as they dance. "I am terrible at dancing…I hope you are not suffering too much though?"

Rhyeline blinks at Nova's unexpected greeting. The little one is about to answer when Cassius arrives to join them. A small, warm smile touches her lips as she looks up at Cassius and nods. Looking back over at Nova, she says, "My name is Rhyeline. And yes, a friend of Sophia."

Cyril chuckles softly and shakes his head, "I assure you, Miss Greengrass, I've had much worse." The two of them aren't doing any of those fancy-smancy dance moves that the talented people do. It's a simple back and forth, pretty much. "So, what do you do? For a living, I mean."

Chance nods his head to Nova. "I've had my hands full. My sister and Niece are waiting for a flat to open up, and they've decided that it's better to stay at my place, over Mums. They've kept me busy." Chance says with a smirk before he sips from his glass. "I heard the team did well this year." He'll offer his hand to Cassius and nod. "Chance Andrews, I'm just here crashing the party." Hey, he got permission from the guest of honor!

Serena smiles up at Cyril as they dance. "Well then I must try harder then if I am to be a memorable dance partner." Her smile turns slightly playful towards the end of those words and she manages to avoid stepping on his toes for a little while now. "I am a Journeyman Healer at St Mungo's." She replies to the question with a softer sort of smile. "I plan to specialize in Spell Damage once I become a full Healer."

Cassius chuckles, shaking Chance's hand. "Cassius Malfoy, and I'm sure my brother won't mind a party crasher. You're another celebrant in his honour, after all." He waves toward the barman, ordering a martini.

Nova laughs at Chance's predicament, "That must be…cosy." She'll nod, "We did well enough." well enough! One can't do better! Grinnig to Rhyeline, "hello, I'm Nova, I don't know if you remembered. " She'll tilt her glass in greeting.

Rhyeline's gaze widens as Chance describes his overcrowded living conditions. She tries to hide her grin behind a hand, but her eyes glitter with mirth. Looking over at Nova, she nods, still smiling and says with a nod, "I appreciate the reminder. I'm pleased to meet you again, Nova."

Cyril and Serena continue to sway back and forth as the band plays, "A healer, eh? A noble profession if I've ever heard of one. I might get you to take a look at my knee. It's been poppin incessantly and I can't figure out why." He looks over to the bar where his brother is before looking back to Serena.

"I would be happy to take a look at it if you like. I might be able to help." Serena replies to Cyril with a gentle smile. Her eyes wander across the room briefly taking in her surrounding before she looks back to her dancing partner with a soft blush. "So what to you do with your time Mr. Malfoy?"

"Cozy.. That's a very polite word to use for that. Needless to say, they have taken over my bathroom, I'm afraid to go in there." Chance teases before he shakes his head at Nova. "Well enough? That's not what my nephew said." He chuckle before turning back to Cassius. "So far he has not, so I am happy to drink on his tab."

Cassius chuckles lightly, accepting his martini from the bartender. He smirks out toward the dance floor, watching Cyril sway with Serena. "This is one way to make friends, I suppose."

Rhyeline continues to sip from her glass as the conversation unfold around her. Looking out at the crowd on dance floor, she bites her lower lip. and unconsciously moves to stand just a bit closer to Cassius. Taking another sip, she glances up at Chance and Nova once more

Nova laughs loudly at Chance, "Poor baby. We can go get drinks at some point, if that will help get you out of their hair for a bit." She'll shrug, "I could have down without the bad calls about the fouls, but over all, it was a good game." she'll look the way Cassius is glancing and nod, "That it is." she'll finish her drink,setting the glass on the counter, before leaning into it.

"Oh, nothing too interesting, I'm afraid. Just treasure hunting. Though, I see how the risk might appeal to certain people." The gold in Cyril's eyes flickers as he grins at Serena. "Though, after my recent stint in the Amazon, I'm quite convinced I should learn Spanish."

"Sure." Chance says with a nod of his head. "I just wouldn't dare invite anyone over until they have gone. They tell me it's only another week before their flat is free, but they've been saying that for a month now." He replies with a smirk. "Well I am sure there are more interesting ways to make friends, but at least this is the safest."

"I should be going," says Rhyeline, looking up at Cassius, but glancing over at Chance and Nova as well. She offers them both a small, tentative smile as she sets her empty glass on the counter.

Cassius arches an eyebrow at Rhyeline. "Go soon? I've only just arrived. Well, if you must go, at least allow me to send you with my driver. He'll see you home."

Serena tilts her head to the side curiousity bright in her eyes. "On the contrary I think that sounds very interesting. Still I'm afriad I only speak English and French so I would be little help in learning Spanish." She smiles up at him as they continue to dance.

Nova laughs, nodding to Chance, "I would not wish to see your poor flat." watching the interaction between Cassius and Rhyeline, Nova nods goodbye to the woman as well. she's now back with a room full of giants.

Cyril could prattle on for days about the multitude of languages he's picked up in his travels but instead he responds with, "French? I've always had an interest in that one. Where'd you pick it up?" As he asks this, the music winds down and he widens the gap between the two of them, a smile on his lips.

"Have a good evening." Chance says, tipping his hat again to Rhyeline before he smirks at Nova. "You would think going up with five sisters, you would think I was used to seeing girly items all over the house. My time away from England apparently spoiled me." With his glass empty, he'll lean back on the bar and watch the dancing for a minute.

Rhyeline's soft smile brightens at Cassius' offer. Nodding, she clasps her hands behind her back and says, "Thank you very much." Smiling up at the others one last time, Rhyeline then departs, presumably driven home by Cassius' posh driver.

Cassius sees Rhyeline out, making idle conversation as they go.

"My mother is French it was her who taught me." Serena replies as the song ends. She smiles shyly at Cyril. "Thank you for the dance. It was very enjoyable." She bites her lower lip, lowers her eyes and heads back towards the bar.

Cyril accompanies Serena back to the bar and picks up the glass of scotch he left behind. He looks over to Chance and says, "Enjoying the party, Mr. Morgan?" He looks about the room for Cassius and Rhyeline, but having no luck, he simply shrugs and takes a sip from his glass.

Shrugging, "I suppose it did. This may be good for you then." Nova teases Chance before turning to order another drink, her cheeks already starting to flush from the first one. She'll look over at the two new arrivals talk to Chance and will grin, giving them both a nod.

"Do tell me how tripping over my youngest sisters bra is good for my character?" Chance says, shaking his head and deciding to order another, since it's free it saves him from having to dig out his muggle money! "So far so good, Mr. Malfoy. I suppose the better quest is are you enjoying your own party?" Nodding to Serena he'll smirk. "See, no one broke anything. At least not that I notice."

Serena retakes her seat with a bright smile to Chance. "No and I didn't fall either. I consider that a success." She lifts her drink and takes a slow sip looking over to smile softly at Cyril once more.

"I fear we may have returned at a strange point in their conversation, Miss Greengrass." He offers her a grin and takes another sip from his glass. He smiles at Chance and says, "Oh, I'm absolutely adoring it, Mister Morgan. Who's your friend?" He gestures to Nova as he asks.

Cassius isn't gone for long, returning shortly after he's seen Rhyeline off in his car. He orders a new martini and approaches Cyril, clapping his brother on the shoulder. "I must say, Cyr. Your choice of decor for your little party is…interesting, to say the least."

Chance chuckles at Cyril and smirks. "My apologies, this is Nova Tiva, she plays for the Appleby Arrows. You missed the part of the conversation where I mentioned that my youngest sister and niece have invaded my flat. I am sure out of context, that sounded completely odd." He does clap for Serena and shake his head. "Well than maybe your next one will go better?" Smirking at the younger Malfoy, Chance will shrug. "I think it's fitting, it's defiantly a change from the normal decor.

Nova laughs, now envisioning Chance not only in the dress, but tripping over a bra. Nova looks up at Cyril, smiling, and comments, "Nice party." She'll take another long sip from her drink.

Serena blushes and lowers her head at the clapping. "Maybe it will. I certainly hope so anyway." She smiles softly and sips her drink watching the crowd on the dance floor with mild interest. She glances to the two Malfoy brothers briefly a look of amusement crosses her features at Cassius's comment. She glances to Chance as he speaks next but doesn't make any comments of her own just yet.

"What can I say, brother? I've always had a heart for the campy." Cyril turns and smiles at his brother, taking a sip from his glass. "I'm surprised you weren't busy tonight, Cassius. With this and our dinner plans for tomorrow, I'm starting to think you might tolerate me. He offers a nod and a polite thanks to Nova before his eyes move across Serena on their way back to Cass.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Cassius smirks at Cyril. "But truly, family is family. That is a bond that must be strengthened at every opportunity. Even if I must endure your desire to relive your tropical adventures." He flashes a teasing grin at his brother over the rim of his martini glass.

A head of silver blonde hair can be seen as Michel enters the dance hall. The young man is dressed well this evening, white button up shirt, black slacks and a long black coat that flows behind him as he heads for the bar. With a warm smile to those nearby and a glance around he orders a glass of scotch before settling on a seat to wait for it.

Finishing off her drink Serena smiles and rises from her seat just as the blonde man makes his way over. He gets a brief but curious look before the young woman starts for the exit quietly, attempting to slip out unnoticed.

Chance raises his glass in a sort of salute to what Cyril says about family. He's about to add more when the song changes and he raises his brows. "Well then. I believe this is my song, if you'll all excuse me." He says with another tip of his fedora and downs the rest of his drink. He's off to steal someone's partner, and put his dancing shoes to work.

Nova leans against the bar sown, working on finishing off her drink s she watches the word play between the two brothers. Her eye will roam out to the dance floor, targeting a few partners to just go ask if some one doesn't approach her soon. She'll hrum into her glass as Chance leaves.

Cyril casts a glance around the room and looks to Cassius, "I'm going to head back to the office and shoot the breeze with Wolfgang. If I don't see you before I leave, take care." He smiles at Nova and dips his head, "Thank you for coming out." He pats Cass on the shoulder and heads toward the entrance to the office, where he'll most likely stay til' closing time.

Cassius lifts his glass to Cyril. "Tomorrow evening, then. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't have tiki torches up." He smirks as his brother goes, clearly enjoying razzing the man.

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