(1938-09-12) Lunchtime at Farin Braw
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Summary: The lunch hour at Farin Braw gets interesting.
Date: September 12, 1938
Location: Farin Braw Restaurant

Farin Braw Restaurant

The Farin Braw Restaurant has every appearance of a pub that someone scooped up from a small Scottish village and plopped down in Diagon Alley. The entry door lets into a large room, crowded with wooden tables that are a bit scarred but are kept clean and well tended. Wooden chairs are surprisingly comfortable, because if you don't keep 'em in the seats, their money leaves with 'em. One wall is dominated by a long oak bar, polished to gleaming, lined with high stools for patrons who would prefer to be closer to the 'action'.

Elly enters with a good sized wicker basket resting on her hip since her rather large belly keeps her from holding it in front of her. The smells of baked goods coming from the basket. She bustles and weaves though the lunch crowd, greeting each person with a big warm and Elly Sunny smile as she goes. Finally she stops at the bar and hefts the basket up onto the bar. "Mistah Mac-Doo-gull. Brought ye them samples for that party ye asked for. Try it, ye might just like it." She teases the grumpy grouch as sweetly as ever.

The door opens once more to reveal Serena Greengrass on her lunch break. The small blonde woman slips inside with a shy smile to those gathered and takes a table near a corner and out of the way. Looking things over she orders a cup of black tea and looks over the menu for something to eat as well. She spots Elly and the cheerful woman gets a shy smile in return for her bright one before Serena goes back to her menu-reading.

As a pair of patrons depart, the gentleman balks at the door, exclaiming, "Great googly-moogly!" He and his wife scurry away with a quickness, and the doorway darkens as if a thick cloud just covered the sun. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP come the footsteps of the enormous man squeezing in through the entrance. Once inside, he rights himself as much as he is able, which still leaves him hunched to avoid walking right into the rafters. "'Scuse me," his voice rumbles through the restaurant. "Got a sturdy stool or bench?"

Graham enters not long after Elly pausing off to the side of the door for only a moment before he makes his way inside turning back to the door to wave at the witch he'd just recently met in greeting before "Good Day Miss Greengrass." he says before he makes his way to find a seat finding himself near Elly "Ah, good day Elly." he says with chuckle though he looks to the door a brow arching at the sound of approach though he seems to calm instead of worry more when the large man steps in.

"WHAT!?" echoes out of the kitchen. Having only heard his name, Carmichael marches his way out of the kitchen, eyes flickering about for the source of interruption. He finally has the common sense to look in front of him and he spies Elly, "Oh, allo Miss Hawthorne. Or is it still Dodderidge? I never know with ye pups and ye're forward thinkin'." He goes on to murmur something about Russian politics, but cuts himself short. "What were ye…" he cuts himself short as a giant makes his way into his restaurant.

Carmichael twirls his moustache whilst regarding the towering figure, "I think there might be a tree stump outside. Care to fetch it while I grab you a water tower full of amber?"

Elly shakes her head with a chuckle. "Don't ye young pup me. It's Dodderidge, Jack took on Dodderidge, since them Tripe well…they be tripe." At Berg's entrance she brightens and waves to the big guy. But it's Carmichael's rather accommodating attitude that gets a slightly shocked expression. Her expression reads towards Berg 'Hurry, before the wind changes!'.

Carmichael looks a bit shocked at Elly

"Good day to you as well Mr Cohen." Serena replies to the mans greeting with a soft smile. She glances around jumping slightly in her seat at the yelling from the kitchen. Her attention is recaptured as the giant enters her eyes widen a bit in surprise as she realizes she is staring and quickly looks back down at her menu. Biting her lower lip she will glance up once more a hint of concern in her eyes.

Berg beams an impossibly wide smile at Miss Dodderidge. "Elly! You got yerself a babe in yer belly!" The half-giant gives a light little clap…a mercy, considering the booms his massive paws are probably capable of. He glances back to the "tiny" door skeptically before nodding to Carmichael. "I din't see no stump. I'll just sit onna floor, if'n that's alright, Mister."

Carmichael looks a bit shocked at Elly's response; his brows furrowing and his head shaking. He goes on mumbling about the ways of the world as he wanders back into the kitchen, not remembering to hear whatever it was Elly had to say.

The wiry, monotone Bartleby will begin making the rounds, asking people for their orders in the most awful, boring way possible.

"That's, fine!" shouts Carmichael from the kitchen. Giants eat a lot. The more you eat, the more Carmichael gets paid. Carmichel and Berg are going to be best friends.

The young man cant help but smile, but it's not unkindly as the giant speaks Elly. He decides to go ahead and take a seat to begin looking over the menu a moment. Graham is still watching the scene around him as he does of course people watching being one of his favorite hobbies.

Elly smiling and shaking her head at the Scotsman's antics she begins to set out the tasting plates for him to the side. But Berg's realization makes her down right glow. "Aye Berg, that I do. Squidge will be here come Novembah." A little rub to her belly puts a pause in her distributing little sample plates before the people that are seated, including Berg, Serena and Graham. If ye can sample these and when ye are done, put favorite 'ere, to least favorite 'ere." She taps spots on the table they are sitting at. Berg's table gets three plates of each.

The young man cant help but smile, but it's not unkindly as the giant speaks Elly. He decides to go ahead and take a seat to begin looking over the menu a moment. Graham is still watching the scene around him as he does of course people watching being one of his favorite hobbies.(re)

"Squidge?" Berg furrows his heavy brow in thought as he makes his way to an empty table, his wide hips bumping a few patrons' chairs as he goes. "'At's a good name, I s'pose. Squidge Dodderidge. Kinda rhymes." He settles on the floor by his table with a heavy WHUD.

Elly giggles and leans over to give Berg's shoulder a warm friendly smooch. "It does…don it?" She laughs and just looks so adoringly at the big man. "We weren't gonna name'm Squidge. Now tempted tho. It's just somefing we call the baby." When Berg starts to sit down her hands go to the plates to keep them from clattering. She's obviously a pro when it comes to serving Berg and his kind.

Graham nods to the question about samples "Sure thing." he responds to the samples set down. He smiles not one to pass up the free food at the moment he samples a bit from the first plate though he looks back up listening to the conversation he also holds the table in place lightly. "Very good so far." he adds.

Berg scratches his bushy sideburn thoughtfully. "Know what's a good, strong name? Bergindor." The half-giant nods sagely, as if he's just imparted great wisdom upon Elly. He peers curiously toward the kitchen. "Fink he's really gonna bring a water tower full o' drink?"

Elly chuckles and hmms, "I'll add that to the list." Then regarding Berg's comment about Carmichael, "Knowing him…" She starts towards the kitchen looking like she truly does wonder if Carmichael's gone out to chop down a water tower. "I'll get ye somefin." She pats Berg's arm and then she sneaks past Barleby to see if she can put something together for Berg. "How do ye like tha one?" Is asked Graham with a hopeful expression as she passes him by on the way to sneak into the kitchen.

The young man grins finishing his bite before he answers "Excellent as always Elly." Graham answers to her question though he knows he's tried before "You sure you should be up and running around? Need help or anything at all?" he cant help but ask.

Berg grins like a kid who was just handed free ice cream? "Really? I'm onna list?" At Graham's offer, Berg nods vehemently. "Me too. Anyfing you need, Elly. You jus' say so. Don't want you an' Li'l Bergindor gettin' too tired."

Carmichael walks in from the front door, carrying two buckets in his hands, "Sorry for the delay, lad! I had to thrash a kid who was eyeing my store. Most likely casing the joint!" He grumbles a bit and sets the buckets down in front of Berg, revealing they are both full of beer. "Now! What can I get you!?" He rests his hands on his hips, awaiting an answer.

Berg gets that I-just-got-ice-cream look again when the buckets of beer are placed before him. "Can I have a pig? I 'specially likes 'em wif an apple in the mouf."

Elly instantly looks like she wasn't planning on stepping past the threshold behind the bar when the Owner re-appears. All lah-dah-dee with the basket she brought. Hearing Berg's order she does angle an offer towards Carm, "Just went to Borough this morn, got tree whole hogs in the pantry. I'm sure ye can find an apple." She does love to give the grump little pokes. Just tiny pokes, as if testing his new limits.

Graham finishes the sample's set before him "They were wonderful Elly i've arranged the plates like you asked." he says with a smile though he offers a wave to each "I should likely head home for a sec to check on something. I may be back in a little bit." the young man stands and makes his way out.

Carmichael turns and looks at Elly, as she speaks to him. His forehead kneads around a bit before his eyebrows furrow and he gives a little sniff, "I've got a hog. It'll be out in a bit." He brushes past the woman and returns to the kitchen where the clatter of dishes and pans can be heard.

Berg licks his lips in anticipation, satisfying himself in the meanwhile with Elly's goods. Her baked goods, that is. "Ewwy," he says with a mouth stuffed with biscuits, "Eef aw dawiffuff!"

Elly doesn't speak Giant, but she is quite fluent in BurgMouthFullus. She beams over to the large man and bobs a curtsy, "Fank Ye Berg! Which was yer favorite?" She also gives Graham a grateful smile as she cleans up his dishes just as his lunch is arriving so that he can eat in peace. His favorite plate is set in a different section of her basket. Then the other plates are gathered up. She does a very good job of keeping out of the way so as to not hinder Farin Braw business. "Ye try the samples Mistah Mac-Doo-gull, an' bring them plates wif when ye come for ice cream." Their little late night ritual of unwinding when both their kitchens are closed.

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