(1938-09-14) Home, Sweet Home
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Summary: After seven months out of the country, Reece returns home to find that not everything has gone well in his absence.
Date: September 14, 1938
Location: Reece and Nova's Flat
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Nova's on the couch, her feet bare. her eyes are closed, and a book is laying on her chest. Not only are there new locks on the doors, but new protection spells are up, no apparating in without setting off an alarm (Thanks Graham!). the couch is slightly less cluttered, as most of the sleeping things are now on the huge bed in the bedroom, which is, of course, unmade. several new books have been added to the shelves, mostly poetry and Quidditch related. Not many nicknacks have been added, but most are from her original home. Octo is out, but his perch and nest are in a corner, several shiny items can be seen sticking out of the nest without close inspection.

Reece hasn't been seen in Diagon Alley — or England for that matter — for near seven months. Not many even see him now, as the hour is quite late as he makes his way down a familiar old hallway to a familiar old door. A smile stretches over his weary face as he hefts the battered leather duffel bag on his shoulder. He produces a key from the pocket of his equally battered tan leather jacket, sliding it into the lock and giving it a turn-…

Reece gives a little frown. Is it stuck? He rattles the key in the lock, trying to get the teeth to catch inside and open the door to his flat.

As much as Nova likes to act tough, the incident with the honey pot really spooked her, so when she hears someone trying to get in, it immediately wakes her and her hand goes to her second most deadly weapon, a heavy paper weight rock on the table. She has better chance of striking someone with that then casting, she knows. And biting someone could get her thrown into Azkaban. She'll move off the couch, the springs only making a slight noise as she moves towards the door.

Reece frowns as it becomes clear that the key isn't going work. "Tell me the landlady didn't rent it out to someone else," he mutters. "Should be all paid up." He sighs, putting away the key and drawing his wand. With a shrug, he aims at the keyhole and says, "Alohomora." The click of the lock brings a satisfied smile to his face, and he turns the knob, pushing the door open to step into the flat.

As the door swings open , it shows a rather pissed off looking tiny warrior of a woman. She's dressed in what's most likely her lounge sleep wear, loose pants and a tank top. And in her hand, pulled back, ready to be launched at the head of the intruder is a baseball sized rock. this wouldn't be such terrifying concept, except a Nova throw is probably more lethal than a wand's spell. There's moment where it looks like she may throw, before she realizes //who's standing in front of her. "Reece?" She sounds somewhere between surprised and still asleep.

Reece's tired reactions are slow, but he has enough wherewithal to get the notion that he might be in danger. "Mafi!" he exclaims, rather ungracefully stumbling back against the door. He swings his duffel bag defensively in front of him while fumbling for his wand. Finally his brain seems to register the voice, and he peeks out from behind the bag. "Nova?" He sighs in relief, then laughs, dropping the duffel bag to the floor.

Nova doesn't loosen her grip on the rock until she hears Reece's voice, and even then she just drops her whole hand. She'll mutter something in her native tongue and then sigh, "Merlin, you scared me!" She now sounds annoyed and tired, but more like herself. Her eyes quickly roam over him, making sure there's nothing outwardly wrong with him.

Reece tucks his wand away in his pocket, and steps right on up to Nova, opening his arms. Though he still has enough good sense to let her decide if the hug is going to happen. "I'm sorry about that. My key…" He shakes his head, brushing if off. "I've missed you."

Maybe it's taken nova's sleepy brain all this time to fully register , but she suddenly realizes Reece is right there and will launcher herself into his arms. her arms wrap around his torso tight, almost needy. She'll not say anything, but lets out a shaky sigh, again, not very Nova like.

Reece smiles and welcomes her into his embrace, squeezing her tight and lifting the little woman a few inches off of the floor. "Hey, heeey…whatever it is, it's alright. I'm here." He reaches back blindly with his foot to nudge the door shut, cocooning them in the safety of the flat.

Nova's not crying, but she is holding him tight. Her face is pressed into his chest, and she'll mutter a few more things, even if he could understand Navajo, it's too quiet to make out. Its the sounds of the door closing, ironically cause that's what woke her up, that snaps her out of her daze holding him. She'll step back, but leaves her hands on his arms, "Reece, i am so happy you are well!" Again she looks him up and down, "You look healthy, have you come to stay? Or are you just visiting?"

Reece's concern gives way to a happy grin. He nods his assurance, "I have come home to stay. Oh! I brought you something." He crouches down, untying his duffel bag to dig around inside. "Ah, here it is." He stands, holding up a necklace that appears to be made of carved bone and leather. But at the center of it is a oval of bright amber, and inside the amber, frozen in time, a bee. "It's an African honey bee. A woman in Tanganyika made it. It reminded me of you, so I traded her a bottle of sake for it."

A strangle mix of emotions crossed Nova's face. Joy, happy, nervousness,apprehension, fear. She'll settle for neutral and ail tilt her head, "It is very pretty…" her hand will go up to touch it. She stops an inch or two from it though and looks up at him, "Things have happened." Cause, that explains everything.

Reece nods solemnly, saying calmly, "So I have gathered. Come, let's sit and talk." He hefts up the duffel bag, hauling it to a spot by the couch that isn't quite so in the way. He sets the amber necklace upon the coffee table, and settles into the couch with the kind of weary sigh that comes right from the bones.

Nova watches him then nods, although she moves to the kitchen to grab two bottles of ale. It's a Honey ale, it's all she has…she wasn't really expecting him back, or she would have gotten him somethings. padding back into the room with her bare feet, "I am sorry about greeting you at the door…I was half asleep." She'll hand him the opened bottle, "You look exhausted. do you need sleep?" She' offering him a pass, if he needs it. to deal with things later.

"Yes, but it can wait." Reece graciously takes the offered ale. "And please don't apologise. I startled you, and considering that my key no longer works, I imagine there's a story behind that…whenever you are ready to tell it." He shrugs off his beat-up jacket, hanging it over the arm of the couch for now.

Nova sits down on the couch, not quite next to him, but the reason for that is she quickly turn to face him, pulling her legs up underneath her. "The short story is, I lost the key, and someone else found it. I had to replace the locks, and had Graham Cohen come and put new protection charms up." She's clearly leaving things out, uncomfortable with the whole subject, but Reece has a right to know, it's his place. "I have an extra key for you, in the bedroom. I would have sent it, if I had known where."

Reece frowns sympathetically, offering an open hand to her. "Nova, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad you had a friend to help you along. I…don't think I know Mr. Cohen. Is he a good friend of yours?" His soft eyes search hers, trying to find a way in without being intrusive.

Nova ponders how to tell the rest, and will nod, "Graham is. He is an Auror, so the charms will last." She lets him take her hand, and will look up into his eyes, her defenses actually strengthening as she looks at him. "I had through Octo had stolen the key, he was acting weird. It took me a while to realize what had happened." She's hoping that will explain enough to Reece the nature of the issue. a very tight smile is given to Reece, she's still not telling him everything.

Reece furrows his brow, gently squeezing her hand. "Nova…were you hurt?" The confusion on his face is plain enough, but he is most interested in listening to what she's willing to say, not prying into something that obviously disturbed her.

Crud. Nova has no poker face, just ask Hadrian. "I…I injured my knee at practice, and it was not healing. I even went and got a bed..we thought the couch may have been aggravating it. But…who ever it was had potioned some of my honey with a slow heal potion. We do not know if it was a fan or…who…or why. I only noticed something was wrong after a while. Octo was acting weird. Things were moving when I was not home…" She'll shrug, her eyes having gone down to her hand in his. "So the new key."

Reece nods, closing his eyes for a moment and giving her hand another squeeze. "What a horrible ordeal. How are you doing now? I fully understand your reaction to my unexpected entrance. I'm so sorry, it was thoughtless of me not to knock."

Nova makes some kind of whatever noise, "It is your home, I am nearly watching it for you. you should not have to knock." Lifting up the hand that's holding her's she'll let it drop to her knee, "All healed now. No twinges, even."

Reece smiles softly, nodding. "Good. But I think you know that your knee isn't what I was asking about."

Nova lets out a soft growl, letting her eyes wander to the window that's open enough for Octo to come in and out. "I am fine. it is down and over. I have had no issues once the honey pot was found." She'll angrily take a sip of her ale.

Reece gives her a knowing smirk, but he leaves the subject for now. "I'll see to it that additional Anti-Unlocking Charms are placed on the door." He takes a swig of his own bottle, relaxing against the back of the couch. "You look nearly as exhausted as I am. Perhaps we should get some sleep."

Nova huffs, "I didn't have it up, as I was at home…" It's clear she hates that she had to have it at all. She'll blink, never having fully woken up and will nod, "Yes…I…there's a bed, but I understand if you would prefer your couch. Familiarity is a comfort." She's not going to push him, either way.

Reece chuckles, giving the couch a few test pats. "Seven months is long time to lose a sense of familiarity. But yes, I'm sure I'll settle into the couch again in no time."

Nova nods, unsure if she's disappointed or not, but will stand. "we should get breakfast in the morning."She'll give him an honest smile and then lean over and places a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, "I am glad you are home safe." She'll then make her way to the bedroom.

Reece lightly touches her cheek with his free hand when she kisses him. His eyes follow her all the way to the bedroom. "Good night, Nova. I'll see you in the morning." When she's disappeared, he eyes the front door with a slight frown, but finally nods to himself and lays back on the couch. Home, sweet home.

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