(1938-09-14) Living Dangerous-Alley
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Summary: Rhyeline's Late Night walk goes badly
Date: 09-14-1938
Location: Diagon Alley

Northeast Diagon Alley Diagon Alley
Sat Sep 14, 1938 ((Sat Sep 14 17:34:08 2013)) (C,1)

It is a summer night. The weather is cool and overcast.

Most of the shops have closed long ago, except for a tiny coffee shop tucked next to the Daily Prophet where a lot of the journalists are known to burn the midnight oil when their offices get too stifling.

Emerging out onto the street, Rhyeline gazes up at the stars a moment, lost in though. Instead of apparating home like many might, however, she sets off down the street. Her pace is slow and meandering and it is clear the girl's thoughts are elsewhere.

A wizard with alcohol on his breath, stumbles up the road. Too drunk to apparate, he has decided to walk home after getting cut off at the Leaky Cauldron. Catching sight of Rhyeline up ahead, he pauses and a broad, lecherous grin spreads across his face. The little mouse continues to wander, unaware. The man stumbles closer, but then getting a better look at her, he pauses and narrows his eyes. "Oi! Ent you that Malfoy's little assistant? That Cassius Malfoy, strutting around like he owns us all with his money and pure-blood nonsense. What about you? You think yer better than all o' us?"

Rhyeline freezes on the spot, her dark gaze wide in alarm at the aggressive tone of the drunk man's voice. Biting her lower lip, she backs up fumbling for her wand.

The action only seems to enrage the man. Seems he's an angry sort of drunk. "Oh, izzat 'ow it is?" His words come in a slurred shout. Stumbling forward he wrenches the wand out of the girl's hand, grabbing her by the wrist. She gives a sharp cry of pain. "We're all just gutterscum to you aren't we. You and the rest of your pure-blood purity movement nonsense."

Diagon Alley is the largest collection of Wizarding businesses in the United Kingdom so it is no wonder that people always come here for their shopping needs. Especially just before school starts this crooked little alleyway is filled to the brink with people, vendors and even a few charlatans. Even at the late hour there are people milling about as the alley becomes more about socializing and less about shopping once most of the businesses close up for the day.
At this northeastern side of the diagonal alley notably the hodgepodge buildings that lean at precarious angles over the alley are numerous shops of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. A fancy shop looms right beside another shop that's so rickety it leans against the nicer shop. Tall numerous leveled buildings make the bare little lot beside it seem all the more empty. This sort of whimsical mismatchedness ends here in a cul-de-sac surrounded by looming buildings to the northeast while the bulk of Diagon Alley extends crookedly to the southwest.

Graham is likely leaving after visit to one of the shops in the alley way. It would seem it's lucky that he had done so. The auror may hear the cry or just the slurred speech and move to investigate, he reaches into his sleeve his wand drawn as it doesn't sound like anything good is happening. He spots what's happening and doesn't hesitate further "You give the rest of us a bad name." he calls to get the assailant's attention, but he's already moving a sharp jab of his wand "stupefy." and a red bolt shoots out.

The drunk wizard seizes both of Rhyeline's wrists. When she aims a weak kick at his shins, he takes it with a grunt, but then gives her a sharp shake. Graham's voice draws the assailant's attention just in time to recieve the red bolt of 'stepefy' dead in the face. His grip on Rhyeline's wrists loosens, but he falls like a sack of potatoes right on top of the little mouse who gives a rather sharp squeak.

It's good to know when magic is best and when not, right now not so much given the situation. Graham moves forward and lifts the drunk wizard off his friend rolling him off to the side his focus turns to the witch kneeling to check over for any injury or anything. "I'm sorry Miss Diderot, are you alright?" he asks once he's sure she doesn't look to beat up.

Rhyeline rubs at her wrists which are a bit pink. Bruises will take time to appear. The little one seems shaken, but much less than one might have expected. Peeking up at Graham, she nods. "Y-yes… I'm alright. I… thank you." Pausing, she looks around for her wand. Where did that man throw it?

Graham stands back to his feet offering the other a hand up if she will take it. He looks about to see if anything is open where he can send an owl.

Stumbling in just then is the short rather inebriated figure of Brei. The woman scowls as she stalks down the street swaying slightly and unable to walk straight. She walks over to the lump that is the stunned man and prods him with her foot. "Whyre you in ma way!? Ijiot!" She pulls out her wand and casts a leviation spell lifting the man up into the air and depositing him in a nearby corner rather roughly. "There..musch better." She grins and then spots Rhyeline and Graham blinking a bit in confusion. Aparently she is too drunk to think properly and frowns as she tries to process what happened here. Looking down she spots something stooping to pick it up, its Rhyeline wand and she stumbles forward offering it to the woman. "Here I sink zis is yours.."

Out of the mouth of one of the alleys leading to the more residential parts of Diagon Alley comes a somewhat bored sounding, "Incarcerus" and the next moment the drunk that was assaulting Rhyline is wrapped up in thick, black ropes in the same uncomfortable position the drunk woman dropped him into. In a friendlier, teasing tone she adds, "You know, I quite enjoy my neighbor. What are you trying to do, Mister High and Might New Auror, turn her into a flatcake the hard way?"

At the sound of someone else's shuffling feet, the little one draws closer to the auror. Perhaps Rhyeline's more shaken than she'd like to admit. Biting her lower lip, she reaches to accept her offered wand with a small nod of thanks. Catching sight of Katherine, the little mouse blinks in surprise. Quite a coincidence for so many to suddenly appear on the same street corner in the middle of the night just after she's attacked. How serendipitous.

Is able to help the other up to her feet easily enough but doesn't get a chance to look for the wand. The sudden appearance of people gets his attention for sure the drunken older witch first moving his suspect which gets an raised eyebrow and than him being tied up all a sudden. He spots the one behind the words and shakes his head "Not at all, seemed easier than running over and slugging him though." he answers the other auror. He looks back to Rhyeline as she speaks motioning towards a bench near by "Your safe, but perhaps you should have a seat a moment to gather yourself."

Brei raises an eyebrow at the suspicious look from Graham. "Wha did I do zis time? Nevermind I don' care!" She doesn't wait for an answer instead she turns stumbling slightly as she tries to make her way further down the street likely going in search of more alcohol. She doesn't get very far stumbling again and then leaning against a nearby wall for support .

Katherine finishes walking up to Ryheline and Graham. As she passes by Brei she looks her up and down once then sniffs lightly, "You might want to go home and sleep it off, Montague. A lady really should not be out in public in your current state. It is, quite frankly, embarassing. Especially without an escort." And then she shifts her attention to Rhyeline and Graham, "Graham's right, Rhye. Sitting down for a spell might be a good idea. You don't have anything other than a few bumps and bruises, do you?"

Rhyeline follows Graham's motion towards the bench and gives a little nod. Watching as Katherine berates the rather intoxicated Brei, the little one bites her lower lip, unconsciously rubbing at her wrists where it still aches. Rhyeline gives another silent nod to confirm that she wasn't badly hurt, but before sitting down as encouraged, Rhyeline tries to slip over to Brei's side. In the hopes that Brei might come and sit down as well, she takes the other girl by the hand and tugs gently.

Graham turns towards the intoxicate witch to answer even though she's moving away for the moment. "You did nothing wrong, but perhaps you should be headed home it is very late. If you need help i'll have someone escort you." he offers trying to be more friendly and helpful now that things have settled down a good bit. "You should rest." but he stops himself further and moves over to help Rhyeline with the drunk witch.

Brei turns her head to Katherine clearly that glare means she is about to say something rather biting. It is then however the Rhyeline grabs her hand and tugs her over to the bench. Brei goes but shoots Katherine a whithering look muttering something, likely an insult in drunk Italian. She gives Rhyeline a faint smile and then Graham is helping her over to the bench as well, she doesn't protest stumbling along as they lead her to sit down. "I'm not wantin ta go ome….too damn quiet..sides its the the three month mark of my Das death…." She goes quite at that looking abit lost and even slightly sad, aparently drunk Brei is more emotional than sober Brei though not by much.

OK, so Kat actually manages to look slightly charinged when she hears there's a decent reason for Brei to be walking around stumbling drunk. But it doesn't last much longer thanthe amount of time it takes her to say, "I am sorry for your loss." And then its gone like it never was as she waits for the people that are going to sit to get to that state before asking, "So what did thatrapscallion in the corner want, Rhye?"

Rhyeline sits close next to Brei on the bench, an arm around her friend's waist to help keep her supported. Upon hearing the reason for Brei's inebriation, the little one's concern deepens. After a small moment of hesitation, Rhyeline peeking over at Graham and Kat, she moves to give Brei a tight hug. At Kat's question, Rhyeline's gaze flickers to Graham before she shakes her head and murmurs, "It wasn't important. He was just drunk."

The young man catches the look given and doesn't say anything further about that though he looks to the intoxicated witch "I'm sorry to hear that, but perhaps staying here is more constructive, once your ready we'll hail the Knight Bus for you." Graham offers though the other auror's words does lead him to the figure of the man "We should probably send an owl, have a constable pick him up to sleep it off eh?"

Brei smiles a bit as Rhyeline settles next to her. The hug catches her off guard and her eyes widen in surprise. If she was sober she would likely have something to say but due to her current state she returns it with a soft smile and leans into the embrace with a content look on her face. Graham gets an absent nod as her lack of sleep catches up with her. It doesn't take long for her to fall into a silent but deep sleep there on the bench propped against Rhyeline. She looks quite content now, peaceful even.

The corner of Kat's lips twitches up in a half smile as she watches the interaction between Brei and Rhyeline. Then it fades as her eyes narrow slightly in suspicion, flitting between Graham and Rhye as she takes notice of the exchanged looks. She is, after all, a trained almost-Auror. But she lets it go by instead saying, "That sounds like a good idea, Graham. Rhye, where do you know Miss Montague here from?"

Whatever the true motivations behind the attack, Rhyeline doesn't seem to want to bring them up. Blinking at Brei so easily slips into sleep, Rhyeline tilts her head to the side. But then, the little one brushes the hair out of Brei's eyes and glances over at Kat. "Mm. A long time. She went to work for the I.M.C. a year ahead of me." Peeking over at Graham, she hesitates a moment before adding, "There's no need to call the Knight Bus."

Graham is listening and watching when the witch falls asleep he watches to see of Rhyeline needs help but she seems okay as she's answering questions and such. "Okay, but i'll make sure you both make it home safe hm?" it's an offer but he will likely check up either way the response goes. He turns to the other auror "How have you been Kat, haven't seen you about lately?" he asks lightly.

Brei shifts a bit in her sleep moving a bit closer to Rhyeline and cuddling against her with a soft smile on her face taking slow even breaths. The dark haired witch doesn't wake though remaining in her state of deep undisturbed sleep.

Katherine shrugs a bit, "been busy with the paperwork side of things. But I heard about your promotion. Congratulations!" Then she smiles towards Rhye and Brei, "If Rhye is taking Miss Montague home I can escort them. She does live across the street, after all."

Rhyeline squeaks as Brei cuddles closer. Ticklish. A subtle warmth emerges in the little one's cheeks as Graham and Katherine offer to make sure they get home alright. 'Em… I'm not sure where Brei lives. But- she sleep in my flat tonight, perhaps. I- I'd appreciate some help getting her there though," she admits in a soft, small voice.

"Ah, know how that goes well you saw that last incident lots of paperwork there. Thank you though I was surprised trust me." Graham says about being promoted but he looks back to Rhyeline as she speaks he nods to her understanding she wants to help the other as much as she can as well. "Of course he moves closer to help move the sleeping witch when needing to so they can make their way."

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