(1938-09-15) A New Day
Details for A New Day
Summary: The morning after Reece's return home, he and Nova lay the foundation for the future. (Mild mature situations.)
Date: September 15, 1938
Location: Reece and Nova's Flat
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Reece and Nova's Flat

This flat is an unusual blend of the plain and the exotic. On an otherwise bare wooden floor is an intricate Persian rug, upon which is a simple, weathered wood coffee table. A discoloured, ripped couch hosts various pillows of velvet, silk, and other expensive fabrics in a variety of designs from around the world. A bookshelf constructed of rough-hewn planks set upon cinderblocks is home to a small library of books written in various languages. Upon the cracked, faded walls are a Chinese scroll, a Italian painting, and a Russian tapestry, as well as dozens of framed moving photographs from around the world.

The single bedroom is no longer a bedroom at all. Two tables fill most of the space. One is covered with a wide assortment of bottles, phials, and other potion-making equipment. Upon the other is a bizarre contraption with numerous tubes and pipes connection several copper containers.

Reece hasn't moved an inch by the time the sun is streaming through the window. The exhaustion of travel rendered him immobile, and the feel of being back on his couch apparently put him into a state of deep relaxation. When the sunbeams finally reach his eyelids, he lets out a sigh, slow sigh, announcing the beginning of wakefulness.

Nova's asleep in the bed, having had a hard time falling asleep. She's curled up in a ball, taking up a very small percentage of the bed. Octo came in in the middle of the night and is perch over the couch, watching Reece.

Reece's eyes crack open with a light groan. Blinking away the sleep, the black blob above him slowly comes into focus. "Ah…hello. Octo, I presume." He pushes himself slowly upright, rubbing his face and taking stock of the flat now that he can see it in the light. "She didn't change much, did she?" He hauls himself to his feet, and pads barefoot to the kitchen to take stock of food supplies.

Octo narrows his eyes at the man on the couch. He smells like the apartment, but Octo isn't sure of him. He's not in bed with Nova, so there's bonus there. He'll stretch his wings and lazily flap over to the kitchen, making sure this new human doesn't mess with any more of Nova's foods.

Reece smirks over at the winged sentinel, chuckling softly. "Don't worry. She won't mind. Trust me." He briefly returns to the couch to fetch his wand, which he then uses to light the fireplace. Soon he's got a few eggs cooking in a pan with a rasher of bacon. "Don't suppose you know if she prefers them runny or hard, do you?"

Octo cocks his head studying Reece before making a scoffing noise. He almost sounds like he's doing an impersonation of Nova. The bird will bob his head watching Reece for a minute more before deciding something and spreading his large wings to move towards the bedroom. With in moments of him leaving a rather loud squawking yell can be heard…it almost sounds like someone yelling "Move it!" and then a thump as Nova hits the floor. And then birdie laughter.

Reece winces, peering back at the bedroom. "Alright then, Nova?" In moments he appears in the doorway, giving Octo a look like the bird was a misbehaving child.

Nova's on the floor, the blanket twisted around her lower half. The tank top strap has fallen and her hair is half way out of the braid. All in all, she either looks a mess, or adorable, depending on how it's taken. She's snarling up at the bird, who has a twinkle in his eye. "I won the bloody world cup! Why can you not let me sleep in, ever!" She'll sip her head around as Reece makes his presence known. Her cheeks color some, "I am. He is just an awful bird." She'll start tying to untangle her legs. The bottoms she was wearing are no longer on.

Reece chuckles, moving over to crouch down and assist her in the untangling. Though he's not so crass as to try to expose her lower half; he does try to keep the blanket covering her up. "I suspect he meant to ask if you prefer your eggs runny or hard."

Nova glares over at the bird, "A feather pillow, Merlin help me." It takes her a moment, "I…what?" As he helps with the blanket she'll huff just kicking it off completely. he's seen her naked, no need to be shy now. She'll rub her face, and then reach over to touch his hand, letting out a soft sigh, "I am glad you are back. I have thought I had dreamt it."

Reece shrugs, not especially shy, so much as letting her make the choice — and he's certainly not complaining now. He turns his hand over in hers, grasping it to help her to her feet. "I can't describe how happy that makes me to hear. I'm very glad to be back. But…runny or hard? Soon runny won't be an option."

Nova lets him drag her to her feet, "Oh….runny." She'll grin up at him and turn to throw the blanket back up on the bed. Her eyes lock Octo and she'll hiss, "A Pillow!" before turning and following Reece to the kitchen.

Reece pauses to appreciate the view of Nova from behind before hurrying back to the fireplace to tend breakfast. He frantically removes two eggs from the pan to a plate. "They may not be as runny as you prefer, but I'm afraid it'll have to do. This is the last of the eggs." Soon enough he's got everything plated up and set on the coffee table. "You know, closing the door would keep Octo out so you could sleep. Or is he the type of pet to scratch at closed doors?"

Nova grins walking over to the plate. "It is fine. Thank you." She'll sit down on the couch, folding her names legs underneath her, "I could not do that. What if he needed me in the middle of the night?" She'll tilt her head, her messed up braid over a shoulder.

Reece settles on the couch beside Nova, seeing that they each have a plate in their laps. "Ahh, that's real love. He drives you crazy one moment, but the next it's complete concern. Charming." He gives a warm smile to both woman and bird. "I hope your eggs are alright. I'm a better brewer than I am a cook."

Nova rolls her eyes, but there is affection in her voice "He is an old grumpy grandfather bird." Nova's mouth waters some, she doesn't usually get warm breakfasts, besides tea. "It looks wonderful. thank you." She'll take a bite and close her eyes , nodding.

Reece eats in silence for a few bites, savouring it as if he's not had a proper breakfast in a while, either. "I've missed this." He sighs contentedly, glancing her way, and making only a minimal effort not to stare at her bare legs. "I suppose we should talk about living arrangements. To be honest, I'm fine with them the way they are right now, if you are."

Nova's healthy eater, so she'll be shovel food down just as fast as Reece. Fork half way up to her mouth, she'll pause and turn to look at him. "You are fine with this?" She sounds like she doesn't quite believe him.

Reece lifts his eyebrows in surprise. "Why wouldn't I be? I count you as a friend. You've cared for this place for months now. I hardly have grounds to tell you to move on, even if I wanted to. Unless you prefer to live alone. In which case, perhaps you should stay here, and I can find new accommodations."

Nova then throws her head back and laughs loudly. "I could not kick you out. That would be horrible of me. It is your home. i was merely watching it for you." After she gets the chuckle out of her system, "We can stay, if you will have us. But know it will not upset me if you ask us to leave." Besides Octo, Nova's never had an adult roommate, besides team mates when she first moved here. Seemingly in a much better mood now, she'll unfold her legs and lay them across Reece's lap, leaning back to finish off her eggs, "Then, what is your plan for the day? Do you have running to do?" Nova has a planning face.

Reece's smile threatens to swallow his face when she agrees to stay. He sets his finished breakfast aside and rests his hands on her shins, gently massaging them by reflex. "The only plan I have is to try to get my job at the Leaky Cauldron back. But I expected to spend a few days reacquainting myself with London first. Why? You have something on your mind, I see."

Nova laughs, "No…I need to go shopping. I had to throw out all the food, and have only been buying what I needed." The cupboards were rather bare. "So we have tea and honey, besides that, not much else." She'll wiggle her toes some, enjoying the leg rub.

Reece nods firmly. "Shopping, then. We'll restock the cupboards. Do you cook? I'm really only useful for the basics, myself. But I can make enough to survive on."

Nova wrinkles her nose, "Merlin, no. But I can open cans." She'll huff, "I had to throw out all the honeys you sent me. I was so mad…"She'll twist on the couch, into a more comfortable position, legs still on Reece. "I have food for Octo, but could stand to get him some more treats. And we're out of fruit."

Reece nods. "We'll make do." As she shifts around, his eyes shift to her bare lower half. He chuckles as his cheeks flush. "Not that I'm lodging a complaint, but should I expect nudity as a regular occurrence at home?"

Nova raises an eyebrow, "This is not nudity. I can be nude, but this is not." She'll lift a foot to poke a toe at his chest. "I can find clothes, if you are uncomfortable." She's grinning though, enjoying his flush.

Reece laughs softly, shaking his head. "It's only mild physical discomfort, and you hardly need to bare yourself to get that reaction." He shrugs. "Do as you feel most comfortable. This is your home, and I have no object to naked beauty, partial or otherwise."

Nova nods, "Good. I have to dress in layers for most of the year because of the horrible weather. I hate to have to at home." She'll keep her foot against him though, watching him. "Tell me of where you went.Did you find the peace you needed?" Her head tilts, honestly watching him.

Reece tilts his head with a slight noncommittal shrug. "I hope I did. I cannot say for certain until I face that which unbalanced me. But I can say the tour did me good. I started in France, though I didn't end up staying there for long. Paris is beautiful, but there is something about the atmosphere there that I find disquieting. I ended up in Gibraltar, and from there I took a ship down the African coast. I roamed quite a bit, mostly in South Africa, but even as far north as Uganda and Sudan. I just went wherever chance took me. I decided that I needed to lose myself before I could find myself again."

A small, but true smile creeps onto nova's lips. She's honestly happy for her friend. "Good. I am glad. You have been missed, but if you are better for the trip,it is worth it."

Reece rests a hand on her thigh, smiling gratefully. "Thank you. I'm sorry to have left you alone. But I'm stronger now, and I believe I can be a better friend to you now." He looks around at the walls, calculating in his mind. "We'll soon have some new decor as well. I had a number of things shipped to London. I'll just need to collect them from the storing house that is keeping them."

Nova looks to the walls as well,twisting some to look where he was, "I did not do much, but I can move the few things I have. What do you have coming?"

"A few masks, a tribal shield and spear…some other things I can't remember." Reece grimaces in embarrassment. "We'll sort it all out in time. Say, would you object if I set up my potions lab out here? I fear it won't leave us much space."

Nova frowns slightly, "Could it be…less? I fear Octo will be interested in it. it was rather shiny." And she'd rather not lose the whole living room. "Something we could cover up, so he is not tempted?"

Reece strokes his chin thoughtfully. "Hm. A good point. I suppose we could look into some repelling charms to keep him at bay, or a concealment charm so he can't see it. But then he might just fly right into it. It may be just be time to invest in some expansion. Perhaps a new room." Such magical construction won't come cheaply, that's for sure. "But again, we have time to sort it out. I can leave the lab packed up for now. In the meantime, as much as I do not want to ask you to cover your lovely bum, we should probably go to the market." He grins, setting her feet on the floor and rising to help her up. There are errands to run!

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