(1938-09-17) Pleading for Peace
Details for Pleading for Peace
Summary: Artemis goes to Professor Flint in an effort to avert future conflicts at Hogwarts. Noalan and Elspeth come along for moral support.
Date: September 17, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office
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Artemis walks down the corridor with set purpose, and she isn't to be dissuaded from that. She has a platter of baked goods in her hands and her nearly bursting book bag at her side. "All I'm going to do," she says in a matter-of-fact tone to her friends who are following along, "is explain that it isn't a good idea." She blows out a breath and shakes her head, and then shakes it some more as if trying to toss her hair from her face. "The staffs don't want us fighting at school, so I'm sure they'll understand. Then they can forbid other people from creating clubs." She blows out another breath and turns to stop at a door. Shifting the platter over to rest on one hand, she knocks.

Noalan occasionally attempts to step in front of Emi to block her way but to no avail. "How wonderfully reasonable of you, except, that's the same thing I'm trying to explain to you, and it doesn't stop you, so why should it stop him? I don't think you understand how much momentum has been built up here." He stops as they reach the door, glancing back at Elspeth. He looks apprehensively at the door when she knocks.

Elspeth is quiet on the walk to the office. Her eyes hold a dread for this meeting, and when she meets Lan's glances to her, she manages to tug one side of her mouth up in a rueful half smile. She doesn't seem to share Artemis's conviction, but she can't let her friend walk alone into the office. She doesn't try to stop the boy from his attempts to dissuade the Hufflepuff, although at times she does appear to hope that he will succeed in turning her aside, or at least getting her to pause for a moment.

The door to the Ancient Runes Professor's office is old, craggy, and inflexible, and seems to groan in protest to being knocked upon. But moments later, the clack of the iron latch can be heard, and the door swings open, revealing the spartan working space of Professor Gervase Flint. The elderly man, himself, sits behind a heavy desk, his grim gaze leveled the newly arrived students. His wand, with which he opened the door, is still in his hand. "What is it." The words come out less as a question, and more as a command for an answer.

But it's too late! Artemis has knocked so it would be rude to turn away now. She does turn to the boy at her side though, pursing her lips as she looks at him sharply. "Noalan Eibon, if we can't talk to our Professors-" She cuts off at the sound of the door opening and turns to look in. "Wait here," she says aside to Noalan. Elspeth is perfectly welcome to follow her though. "Hello Professor," she greets warmly from the door. "Do you have a moment?" One hand rests on the frame while the other holds onto the platter, which she motions forward. "Oh, and my mama thought a treat for all the Professors for their hard work would be nice."

Noalan wasn't invited to come along in the first place, he's hardly going to obey her restrictions now. Putting a hand on her upper back, he pushes her into the office to clear the door way. "Just go in." He mutters to her. The last thing he wants is for students passing in the hall to watch this. Once in enough he'll step out of the line of the door way too, to allow Elspeth to enter.

Although she doesn't have the same trepidation as Noalan about the other students, Elspeth does feel uncomfortable just lingering in the door. She doesn't push Artemis, but she does give a little nudge to her arm, escorting her in more subtly as she keeps an eye on the plate to make sure it doesn't tip with Lan's rough handling, and ready to catch it if it should fall.

Had this been the office of Professors Dumbledore or Merrythought, or just about any other professor at the school, the smell of those baked goods would probably bring instant gratitude and good cheer. Professor Flint, however, merely sniffs. "You may place your bribe on the desk," he says flatly, setting his wand down. "I am very busy, and you do not have an appointment. Make this quick."

Whether it was intentional or she really misheard, the word 'bribe' is replaced with 'treats.' She smiles brightly and nods her head just as she nearly tumbles in, indeed almost letting the platter slip out of her hands. But tuts, shaking her head, but mainly to herself as she doesn't bother scolding Noalan for his haste. "Thanks, Elspeth," she offers, glancing to her friend on the other side. The baked goods are indeed set down (much as she might have done at class time). "Yes, sorry, Professor," she says in response to not having an appointment. "It's important." She lets out a breath before she starts, "I'm just… a little worried. I don't think having clubs for one's…" She pauses to think of a term, "…what side of magic they believe in is a good idea. Especially after seeing how everyone reacts to Miss Crocker's club, I don't think we should split people up like that."

Noalan rolls his eyes at Artemis's ham fisted statement of her desire. "Persuasive." He mutters, then says in a louder voice, "It's not so much that their clubs, and more they look like their ignition points for a civil war." Wouldn't matter so much if the confunded head master made him a prefect. "The arms race has already started, the Mud club is now official. All we'll need is an Franz Ferdinand."

One red eyebrow raises at her friends, but Elspeth remains quietly to the side. After making a comment about Artemis's apparent lack of subtlety, Lan pretty much follows up with the left hook that comes in after the jab tests the waters. The humorousness of that particular circumstance isn't lost on her, but the half smile itself is devoid of humor as she listens without comment or any actual expression of agreement or disagreement.

Flint leans back slowly into his chair, his stone-hard stare never leaving Artemis. He steeples his fingers over his lap, and lets several uncomfortable seconds of silence pass. Finally, his eyes shift sharply to Noalan. "You have an astute mind, Mister Eibon. I should like to see you join your brother in the Magijugend. Your grasp of the situation would be a great boon." His gaze flickers to Artemis, a scowl deepening the lines on his face. "Your concerns are duly noted. Is there anything else?"

Artemis turns to look at Lan when he starts to speak, giving him a pursed lip look of disapproval. Then she's looking back to Professor Flint, her smile weakening a little. "That," she says, a little uncertain, "was all, Professor." She frowns and glances to Lan and then back. "I just don't want to see people fighting because they don't agree." She glances down to the ground, frowning.

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