(1938-09-18) Job Hunt
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Summary: Reece is trying to get his old job at the Leaky Cauldron back.
Date: September 18, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Reece has waited until the busiest time of night at the Leaky Cauldron has passed before making his appearance. So there are only a handful of patrons about to pay any mind when he opens the door from the back courtyard, holding it for his companion to step in with him. Still, a few of those handful do take note, and even recognize the former barman, giving waves of greeting.

"Long time, Reece. 'Eard you'd gone off ter China or summat."

"'Ello, Mister Jones. 'Ow was the South Pole?"

"Why, Reece Jones! So good to see you again. Say…I don't suppose you have any of your old Euphoria Elixir on hand? Hmm?"

Nova rolls her eyes, finding it humorous that Reece is more recognized than she is. Fame is so fickle. She said she'd come with him, but now she's not so sure it's such good idea. What's she gonna do, stand behind him on s stool, nodding? "Should I just go grab a table, or…"

Behind the bar, cleaning up the large burly cockney bartender and owner of the Leaky Cauldron perks a little and swings his head towards the back door. His walrus like handle-bar mustache bristles and squirms about as he schools his lips into a straight line. "Wot in the blazes do ye fink yer doin' here?" He barks loudly at Reese as he lumber-stomps out from behind the bar. "Jus fink yeh can waltz back in here!?" With shoulders squared he closes the distance between him and his former employee cracking his knuckles, every pop coming along with another stomp closer. Whiskers still bristling.

Reece shuts the door behind Nova, securing against the chill. "Certainly," he nods to Nova. "We could do with an evening meal, anyhow." At Mick's blustering approach, Reece cannot help but smile. Some things never change. "Mr. Dodderidge," he greets the older man, extending his hand. "It's wonderful to see you again."

Nova only tenses slightly when the owner makes his way at Reece, but then it all seems good. She';; roll her eyes, mostly to herself, and she'll step back, looking for an empty table to grab.

Mick swats away the offered hand and it's one final moment of his false bravado before he uses the swatted away hand to use as a tug to bring Reece into a big rib crushing hugs. That hollow thumping sound of a fist doing three strong slaps against Reece's back before the younger man is taken by the shoulders and pressed back so he can get a good look at Reece. "Well, where de 'ell 'ave yah been!?" A tree trunk thick arm slides around Reece's shoulders to lead him over to the bar. Nova is given a nod and a smile as per usual greeting when she is within the Leaky Cauldron.

Elly is within the kitchen, she's long heard the arrival of Reece, the floor in the kitchen might just start showing signs of wear for all the pacing she's done since overhearing the entrance. Fingernails are nibbled on and she fidgets and talks to herself, debating what exactly to do.

"Ooogmph!" Reece's eyes go big as Mick nearly squeezes, then knocks, the wind out of him. "Af…*pant*…Africa, mostly. Say, could my friend get a bowl of your wife's sensational soup?" He gestures over to Nova, giving her a wave to join them at the bar.

Nova shakes her head, indicating she's fine at the table, for him to do his thing. She'll pull the chair out and pull her feet up, so her knees are in a very high Indian position. She'll order a drink and food from a waitress and just keep an eye out, so there's no drama with Reece.

Mick gets a bit of a sad look in his eyes, though he puts on a brave face at mention of his wife. "Sho, get Ells righ on it." He then bellows, "El, Soup for Nova!" It makes Elly jump in her skin but she recovers quickly and ladles out the soup she remembers Nova prefers into one of their dark rye bread bowls that are shaped to look like a cauldrons. She reaches her arm out to place the soup on the serving sill for one of the other wenches to pick up and serve the Quidditch Star.

Reece is a quick study of others' emotions. So when a man like Mick actually shows a moment of vulnerability, it's like a beacon in Reece's eyes. He's just about to put on his soothing counselor's voice when the call goes to Elly. His brow lifts hopefully, "Elly's here?"

The big lug, Mick nods and swallows any final bit of vulnerability. "Aye, she's in da kitch. Been workin' in dere most like as of late." He's steeled himself so there's no more vulnerability in the man as to hint as to why Elly might be taking greater duties in the kitchen lately. "Might take'r a bid ta get out'ere."

Reece nods solemnly. "Of course. I don't want to interrupt business. Actually…business is the main reason I came to see you, Mick." He leans against the bar, looking for all the world like the barman he was, just on the wrong side of the counter. "I've just gotten back to town a few days ago, and I'm looking for work. Naturally, I'm inquiring about my old job."

A meaty calloused hand rubs at his moustache and over his mouth perhaps to stall and disguise his uncertainty from his old friend. "Hrmm." Mick's steely blue eyes angle towards the kitchen before returning to his old barman. "Yeh sure dah will work out?" He claps a hand on Reece's shoulder, "Yeh know I wonta. Just don't know how tricky it'll be. I know I could use someone I trust behind the bar to give me more time wif Ethel…" Things must be bad as there's that vulnerability again. Just for a flash, but Mick never shows this sort of emotion, particularly twice in one conversation. "So, by nights end, if ya still wont it, yeh shall have it mate."

Reece's features soften in a sympathy for the gruff old man. He gives a deep nod, clapping his own over Mick's on his shoulder. "She made her choice, and I respect that. I'll be fine." His eyes shift to the kitchen door, and he lowers his voice a bit. "Will she?"

Mick leans on the bar and lowers his voice real low. "Just between yeh an meh mate. Don't know if she's feeling as solid in her choice as she lets on. We love Jack, he's a Dodderidge now. Hell, he'd have been even if they din't get hitched. Wif da war churnin' more loudly now. He's been away more den he's been here. She's awful lonely. Tink she's still 'urtin cause yeh left. Tween yeh an' me, righ? I don't fink it really sunk in what 'er choice was really gonna mean for 'er life. Dere's somefin else ye should prolly be braced for…"

But he doesn't get the chance to give the warning because Elly has finally made her way out of the kitchen and the apron she's wearing is in such a style that if anything it accents that a 'Squidge' is due sometime late November. "Reece." Is all she can say, she's obviously feeling awkward, conflicted, happy, sad, nervous mostly.

Reece is the sort of man that thinks a lot. His mind is always wandering into the possibilities that he may face. There's no doubt that he had considered that he might come back to an expecting Elly. But prepared or no, even the ever calm Reece is taken aback for a moment. His jaw hangs open, his gaze seized by the woman's swollen belly. The seconds pass like minutes, but at last he manages to collect himself, and his lips stretch into a mile-wide smile. "Elly. By God, you're glowing." He slides from his stool, extending his arms to her.

Elly is all sniffly and on the border of soft happy sobs when he opens up his arms. As quick as she can she waddle-dashes to place herself within those arms and hug him tightly with tears streaming down her cheeks. She doesn't have her father's strength, but the way she clings to him has the power of strong emotions behind them.

Reece welcomes Elly's embrace, squeezing back as tight as he dares without putting too much pressure on the little one growing within her. "Elly," he whispers into her shoulder. "Merlin, how I've missed you." After a short eternity, he pulls back to look her in the face. "I have something for you." He digs into the pocket of his weathered leather coat, producing a pouch woven with bright colours. "This was given to me by a medicine woman in Nigeria. There are many herbs and talismans inside, used in midwifery."

Elly is a bit snotty nosed when he reaches into his jacket to pull out her present, so she quickly uses her own hanky (something she's kept on hands since the hormones turned her into some sobby weepy doppelganger of herself.). The pouch is taken and hugged against her chest. "It's a beauty Reece, thank ye so much. I'll show it off tomorrow at training." She leans forward to place a grateful kiss to his cheek. "Can I get ye somefin? Special today was Venison an' Cranberries…?" She doesn't have a present for him, so she replaces it with hospitality and nurturing, as she is so prone to do.

Reece reaches to cup her cheek tenderly, his soft smile sending all of his warmth her way. "That sounds fantastic. Perhaps a spiced mead as well?" He settles back onto his barstool, letting Elly do what she does best.

Elly tilts her cheek into the touch and her eyes sparkle with joy and misty happy tears. She nods her head and then Mick reminds them that he is /right there/ with a clearing of his throat before he announces, "I'll get that mead." Elly though she offered to go get the food now seems reluctant to leave. "Would ye like to come back and give ol' Elly a 'and?" Seems that far as she's concerned he is hired back without questions, thusly he's allowed to come into the kitchen along with her.

Reece lifts his brow in mild surprise, but a happy surprise. "If it's alright with Mick, certainly." He lingers at the door, awaiting the official word from the man he's trying to get a job from.

Elly waves a hand dismissing the need to get Mick's permission. It's basically her kitchen now. She can bring who she wants back there! The wench reaches for Reece's hand while the other holds her present against her bosom. "Bollox to tha, c'mon loverly."

Left without much choice, Reece follows along, giving Mick an apologetic shrug. He inhales deeply through his nostrils, letting out a satisfied sigh. "I've missed the smell of this place." He steps right up beside Elly, ready to lend his aid.

To further resolve just how much Reece is still welcomed in the Leaky Cauldron, the knives and cast iron pots don't even tremble or threaten when he steps into the kitchen. It's like a ballet to watch Elly put together a plate of venison and cranberries for Reece. Even pregnant she's adjusted the set up the kitchen just enough that everything is where it needs to be to not put too much strain on her. "Africa hmm?" Is asked with a glance to the bag she's put up on a shelf to keep it clean and out of the way.

Reece nods in affirmation. "I started in France, then to Gibraltar, where I boarded a ship heading down the African coast. Once I disembarked in Bechuanaland, I just started roaming wherever fortune took me. It was quite remarkable." He tilts his head at her, "And what of you? Clearly, you've had a greater adventure than I have." He nods to her belly, beaming.

Elly listens as she composes his plate and smiles in big bright wonder. It's when he's beaming at her belly that she's passing him the finished plate. The now free hand slides over her big belly. Her smile glows with pride and joy. He well knows just how much she's always wanted to be a mom. But he above most knows Elly well enough to also see a hidden away sadness. "Aye, it's been quite the adventure. Have missed ye so much, so glad ye are home Reece. Come in tomorrow before bar opens an' we can catch up more. Righ now ye enjoy this plate an' get back to poor Nova. Aye? Four in the afternoon, dinnae be tardy on your first day."

Reece bows his head gratefully as he takes the plate. "You might just see me before sunrise." He leans in to give her another light hug, daring to kiss her cheek before moving away (lest Mick decide to jerk him away) and leaving the kitchen to take his meal with Nova.

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