(1938-09-18) Wandering Conversation of Pirates
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Summary: Josie and Cillian chat in the armour gallery about Flint, blood purity, Rowena Ravenclaw, the nature of beauty, and the Hogwarts treasures
Date: September 18, 1938
Location: Armour Gallery

It's after dinner, that little bit of free time they have before curfew, and Josie comes wandering into the armour gallery, peeking around as she steps inside to see if Cillian is there.

Cillian can be found in the Armour Gallery, laying on his back, knees up as a large book rests against his thighs as he looks thoughtful, turning the page slowly and continue reading. He has a small basket near him as usual, stuffed with a few left overs from dinner, sandwiches and sweets and the like.

Josie smiles, "Hi." She plops down, but the smile is gone quickly, "Can't believe they picked Professor Flint. He's as bad as the people at Durmstrang, with all that purity stuff."

Cillian chuckles softly, gesturing towards the picnic basket. "Hello…" He greets politely enough, turning another page of his book and exhaling softly. "He's weird, aye…but its not the headmaster that makes the school, it be the students."

Josie considers that, and then says, "Yeah, I guess. Even if he suddenly said the mud club wasn't official anymore, it'd still exist just like it did before this year. And I guess this way, Professor Dumbledore'll still be teaching. If he was headmaster he wouldn't teach anymore, and transfiguration wouldn't be nearly as fun."

Cillian ahhs softly and hmms, lowering his book and turning on his side to face Josie for a few moments as he listens carefully to his friend and just nods a bit. "Aye..see, there's lookin' on the bright side o' tings." He tilts his head to the side. "It won't be that bad of a year."

Josie nods quickly again and smiles, reassured it seems. "Yeah. It'll be ok. There's too many half-bloods and muggle-born in the school for him to stop teaching us." Perhaps something she was worried about. Now that she's reassured, she's distracted from her thoughts and curious enough to ask, "What were you reading?"

"I dun believe the word 'half-blood' makes any sense at all.." Cillian sighs and then looks to the book he was reading and then he chuckles softly. "One of the biographies 'bout Rowena ah, Ravenclaw…" He admits before scratching his head. "How's the Quidditch goin'?"

Josie shrugs, "My dad was a wizard and my mom wasn't. What else do you call that?" She pauses and says, "Except my dad's a muggle-born so I guess that means I'm more muggle than anything anyway." She shrugs again and says, "But the whole pureblood stuff doesn't make sense anyway. Why should it matter? It's like saying I'm not English because my mom was half Italian." She pauses and adds, "Though, it would be nice if Hogwarts made Italian food sometimes." Then she answers, "I tried out. Still waiting to hear if I'm on the team, but I really hope so. Can't wait to play with Colton."

"Blood is blood. Its the same." Cillian murmurs softly and then he smiles softly. "Yer a good flyer, Josie, m' sure ye'll get what ye wish for."

Josie smiles again and says, "Thanks. I hope so." She asks then, "So, was Rowena Ravenclaw's life interesting? She must have been really smart. Wonder if she was as smart as Hephaesta? When she was Phae's age, I mean."

"She was…and very beautiful jest like the rest of ye girls be." Cillian smiles a little sadly before sitting up fully and looking down, idly scratching above his eyepatch.

Josie shakes her head a little and says, "I'm not beautiful." She doesn't sound like she's being modest, but truly believes it. And she doesn't sound the least bit unhappy about it either. "I'm still too much a boy. I can wear pretty clothes, but they're not me."

Cillian just gives Josie a look at that. "Yer very beautiful Josie, that doesn't mean ye 'ave a pretty oo ooo laallaalaaa girly girly face and clothes, but yer as much of a girl as any girl I know."

Josie smiles a bit again then and says, "Thanks." She may not care much about being beautiful, but she seems to like the complement at least. "I just mean…" She wrinkles her nose then and shrugs, unable to find the words to explain it.

Cillian just sighs and looks to Josie, offering a hand. "Ye dun 'ave to explain. Yer happy aren't ye? Being who ye be?"

Josie takes the offered hand and nods quickly, smiling, "Yep! Very happy."

"Then that's all that be matterin'. If yer happy then I'm happy and if we're happy then there's nothin' to be shamed or unhappy about!" Cillian declares, squeezing the hand gently and hmming softly. "M' hopin' to learn enough about the founders of the school to find somethin' of their hidden tings…to help protect and keep them secret."

Josie nods quickly and grins at Cillian's declaration, "Right!" She glances at his book then as he explains and says, "Well, if anybody can find anything, it's you. You're really good at that history stuff." She pauses and asks, "Should we keep it secret? What if we could use them to help get the prisoners back from Durmstrang? Or something important like that?"

"There are two or three…firsties who think there's treasure they should find to make 'a name for themselves'. I told them they should join us…but aye. We need to keep it secret, see how we can use 'em and still keep 'em safe…" Cillian nods slowly.

Josie nods a little and says, to the mention of the firsties, "That's stupid. I wanna be famous too, but for something I do, not just for finding someone else's treasures. So yeah, secret's best." She then says, "I gotta get my potions homework done still. Think I'm starting to figure that class out," she adds with a smile. "See you later!" She hops up then to head out and back to the dorm.

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