(1938-09-20) Hogwarts Pirate War - 1938
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Summary: In an event meant to bolster healthy House Rivalry and let some steam be blown off, Hogwarts hosts its annual Pirate War.
Date: September 20, 1938
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While last year it was practically all just a mass combat, this year while things are set up similarly the focus has shifted. It's all about collecting pieces of the scattered map and working together as a House to be the team that discovers the treasure on said map pieces.

This year the Ravenclaw House are the ones set up within a erected facade Pirate Village set along the perimeter wall and the shore of the lake. Siege and Battle Contraptions and booby traps constructed by those with the knack of the Eagles are hidden within and about the false village. A proud Ravenclaw flag flutters in the wind atop the facade of the Town Hall's steeple, upon the rope beneath the bell in said steeple is another 'flag' flapping about, a piece of the map! The Red X can be seen from as far as the water. Hanging on several of the Ravenclaw doors are old Iron keys.

The Gryffindor House has a massive War Galleon enameled in Crimson with Gold Cloth sails, a rampant Lion as it's masthead. In the Gryffindor Hold there are enchanted shovels and picks that are the only things that can be used to dig up any of the buried treasures.

The Slytherins have a much sleeker faster Schooner painted in green scales with silver cloth sails. A basilisk striking out from the ship acts as their masthead. Around Captain Slughorn's neck is a compass, that will point to all of the missing pieces of the map.

The Hufflepuffs' ship is a rather rich looking merchant vessel, gilded in gold with big billowing black sails. A very curvaceous woman, none other than Helga Hufflepuff given the renaissance treatment (whisps of gold cloth covering the parts of her ivory body to keep things decent) acts as the Badger's masthead. Instead of one mast there are two found at the bow and aft of the ship. Within their hold is scrolls and sheets of the decryption codes that will make sense of the map puzzle.

Everyone has been provided a costume of their choice for the event and the weapons available all look very real but they are harmless. But every weapon when it lands will leave either a smear of goopy staining sludge. Every House has their own colors. Gryffindor a bright red, Hufflepuff bright yellow, Ravenclaw bold blue, and a verdant green comes from the Slytherin House weapons. Every Professor is involved in the War as well, padding out their Alma Mater teams.

Hephaesta gazes out from the roof of the Town Hall, eyes wide behind her Site-Rite Goggles. She fiddles with the control mechanisms on the bulky eyewear, zooming in her view on the distant ships. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," she mutters worriedly to herself. There's time still before the vessels could make the shore, so she occupies herself checking the rooftop artillery.

Artemis has chosen a dress to wear, but she's pulled back her hair into a ponytail, leaving only a few strands to curl around at her cheeks. She swings the sword in her hand with inexperience, but she calls out as she points it straight ahead. "Now let's show them how we don't have to fight dirty!" Is her war cry.

Morigan finds a spot and begins reading a book, her weapon propped nonchalantly against the wall she leans against next to the artillery.

This…is what its all about really…this time of year. Cillian is in full…pirate regalia. He wears his leather vest without a shirt, leather britches and a pair of leather boots that lace up his shins, turning down at the top in true sailory fashion. He wears his Pirate Captain hat with a crimson feather over a maroon bandana, eyepatch worn as a necessity and not an accessory. He stands on the Griffindor ship, taking stock of everything around him, hand resting on the hilt at the blade at his hip, another blade tucked into his boot and a pistol no doubt is tucked somewhere, who knows. He also has a pouch connected to his belt and he has a cloth satchel/backpack slung over a shoulder as he scans the area and then cackles happily, raising his voice. "ALRIGHT, Lets make tis night a night they won't be likely forgettin'…the lush clamtrappers!" He takes a deep breath and pumps a fist in the air giving a…yes, a roooooooar.

Morigan smiles at Hephaesta. "It's only a game, you should really relax a bit more."

Gabrielle, not wanting to be out in the first wave like last year, has set herself up near the flag. Maybe she can just throw herself on a blade to slow the non-Ravenclaws down. Why can't she just punch people?

Josie is dressed up like the poor buccaneer crewmember, shirt with ripped sleeves and pants with ripped legs, and barefoot. On her belt is a pistol and a sword. This year, she isn't up in the crows nest, sticking near Cillian. When Cillian gives his roar, she joins in with a cheer.

Hephaesta looks up at Morigan, shaking her head. "This is a matter of house pride. Right now, every Ravenclaw should be assessing the field of battle and formulating contingencies." She settles onto a low stool, with her bad leg extended awkwardly, which puts the clockwork brace encasing it on display. But it gets her into a better position to adjust the torque on a catapult.

Colton is in tattered battered goldenrod corduroy britches with a golden sash belt. He's shirtless and covered in war paints in crimson from belly to forehead and down his arms, done in the Samoan style of intricate line patterns. His own actual tattoo around his right forearm is exposed, because he can get away with it in this setting! It's new, gotten over the summer and it's a morphing scenic tattoo that shifts from Japan, Hawaii, Africa, Portugal, Brazil and the scene that lingers and comes up the most is that of an idyllic, almost fairy tale Irish landscape, Quinnland. When his younger crew start up a roar he leans over them towards the 'enemy' and shakes his cutlass in the air and gives a mighty roar himself.

There's one Ravenclaw boy who really doesn't want to be here. Well… Maybe just a little. With the Ravenclaws on the shore, Gage is standing off on his own, shifting nervously and scowling as he looks around. He is dressed up as a pirate (long pants and a long sleeved shirt that buttons up topped with a hat), holding a sword in front of him. He steps back, inching away. "…Dis is so dumb," he mutters, his accent heavy.

Morgana has been busying herself with checking the traps that are laid out for the other students before this all gets started. She of course got herself into a costume, and even found herself a fancy hat. She figures that being head girl means she gets to have a fancy hat. As she makes one final check of her team, she'll pause at Morrigan and raise her brows. "While I normally condone studying, now is not the time. Put your book away and at least pretend to focus. I don't intend on letting any other house win this year." Turning toward the rest of the gorup, she'll yell out to him. "I don't want to see any other color in these walls but blue. Be ready."

Morigan closes her book with a sigh. "Fine…" She stands at a crouch, and has a glance about, looking for a cannon, she picks up her musket, and adjusts her clothing and bandana. Her hair in a ponytail composed primarily of her usual braids. She clasps the book to a chain dangling from her sash and picks up her rifle. Her poufy red shirt tucked smartly into her pants, which in turn tuck into her turned over knee height boots. She smiles, greatful for the fingerless gloves, which are keeping her hands warm. She shakes her head sullenly, and loads a cannon, aiming it pre-emptively at one of the ships.

Cillian laughs happily and blows a kiss towards where the Ravenclaws are and then he gives another roar. "We be the LION! The LION that be at SEA! The LION that be no WEE! HEAR US ROAR!" Then he hops down from where he was standing, winking at Josie and tipping his hat at Colton before he brushes off his pants. "We be needin' maps, this dun be somethin' one 'ouse can do on its own. Now I tried to talk to the ghosts already to offer them the snakes in trade for promisin' to listen to them for as long as they want, attend 3 death day parties, and polish some dusty tings. Jest dunno what they'll do. But we be needin' what they 'ave and so…we need the 'elp of our birdies and badgers…" He speaks softly to Josie, biting his bottom lip. "Aha!" Then he runs off to go fetch a shovel.

Kimiko Saito has embraced her heritage, accentuating her buccaneer boots and crimson pantaloons with a billowy shirt resembling a Japanese kimono with golden dragon patterns, tied with a red obi (belt-sash). "HEAR US ROAR!" she echoes after Cillian, finding his spirit contagious. Giggling excitedly, she scales up the rigging a bit to get a better view of the lake and shore.

Gabriel is dressed in full pirate regalia just like Cillian. In truth their outfits are very similar except Gabriel is wearing a white bandana with red polka-dots on his head, holding his hair back. He's taken position at the battery of cannons and from there he yells out, "Sorry Cap'n but yer ship's goin' down to Davey Jones' Locker! I'll be yer Gunny again tomorrow!"

Gabrielle will glance over to Gabriel, "Can lions swim , even?" there's a tease in her voice, but she's not raising it.

Josie nods quickly in agreement with Cillian, "First, the snakes! We need that compass." Then she blinks as Cillian starts to run below decks for the shovel, "Where're you going?"

Mopsus who is dressed up like a Mayor of a Pirate village would be, with double eye patches covering each eye, his walking stick is banged on the steps where he's sitting on a throne before the doors to the Town Hall. "Eagles! Let's make sure those bilge rats know what they will face if they try to pillage our town!" He points his staff at the water, "Fire warning shots, let them cower in fear of our fire power and rise up a wall of explosive water!" There is a pause as he realizes something and further mutters, "We'll apologize to the merpeople on the morrow." Then he bolsters again with a loud, "FIRE!"

Morigan says, "There's a bunch of them on the deck of that ship… I think I can hit them from here." She adjusts the aim of the cannon, pulling out a sheet of parchment from inside her blouse, and a quick and ink well from her pants pocket. She begins scribbling out the math. She adjusts again and with a grin, fires the cannon at the Gryffindors.

Gabriel looks over to Gabrielle and actually takes the time to think that one out before just shrugging, "I really don't know. But I'm sure we can fish them out if need be." Then he turns back to the siege equipment and starts to work on its, getting it ready to fire at the other House's ships. "So? Should we sink Slytherin first?" he asks at large to the people around him. As soon as Mopsus gives the signal he lets fly with the first attack, but he's not firing a warning shot…

Hephaesta hauls herself back to her feet, her clockwork brace giving a little click-whirr as she moves. She tugs on the lapels of her two-toned, blue brocade jacket, and adjusts the bronze eagle brooch over her breast. The white feather in her blue-and-bronze three-corner hat flaps madly with a passing gust of wind. No red in this Ravenclaw's costume. She's an eagle through and through. She gives Professor Mopsus a sharp salute. "Aye, aye, sir!" Manning the catapult she has just adjusted, she summons over a few other students to her help aim it, making a few last-second calculations for maximum splash. Then, with a might KATHUNK the siege engine launches a load of stone, arcing far into the lake.

"To get bloody leve-" Cillian braces himself as shots start to fire out and he grits his teeth, he quickly continues his journey, dragging/toting a shovel with him before glaring towards the Ravencalws, raising his voice. "OI! WATCH WHERE YE BE POOPIN' YE BRAINY PIDGINS OR IT'LL BE MORE THAN BIRDSEED THROWN AT YER BOOK LINED NESTS!" He grrs his teeth before addressing the other Gryffindors. "Direct the ship towards the Hufflepuffs, but take a shot at the Snakes iffen ye dare. If we take the Huffles, we'll 'ave supplies and such, and the Snakes are tough in direct combat! They'll be tinkin' we're fleein' and we can offer the Hufflepuff's a trade off, we need a FLEET to take the Birds." A pause. "Also Hissyfootrhyn's leader's a brilliant yet mad and ugly tosser wouldn't know a diversionary shot from a wanked winkie!"

Dressed up in pirate gear, Angelus has taken the side cannons of the ship. He gives a wide grin at his fellow Gryffindors, but he's quiet, deciding that quietly listen is his best bet. "Aye, Captain," he says agreeably, lifting a hand to salute before both hands return to the cannon. Targeting Slytherin… FIRE!

"RIGHT! NEXT TIME I'LL AIM BETTER!" Getting into it, and giggling madly, Morigan reloads the cannon and aims for Cillian himself. Accounting for movement, wind, she adjusts the aim, makes certain to load the correct amount of powder. She looks to her captain. "Should I aim for the Gryffindor captain? He's made himself obvious, and taking him out would probably weaken them."

Soleil works along with Prof- Captain Slughorn to load munition that doesn't look terribly like actual cannon balls. But the fact that it's Slughorn and Miss Potions Parkinson…it's not a wild assumption when Helmsman Beery calls from the wheel to his Hufflepuffs aboard, "The Snakes have Potion Munitions! Cover up!" Meanwhile on the deck of the Red and Gold Galleon Ship Dumbledore is having a nice little smoke of his pipe on the aft deck, allowing Cillian the Captaincy with laid-back ease. He takes a couple of puffs and then remarks, "Captain, Old Sluggy does seem to be up to some devilish tricks…"

Kimiko wrinkles her nose at Cillian. "Cillian, that's disgusting! We don't have to be crude pirates. We're civilised! Like privateers!" With another giggle, she hops down to the deck, reporting, "Slytherin's hanging back. Probably waiting for a good time to swoop in and strike fast. Oop! There they go!"

Hephaesta grunts as she cranks the catapult back to loading position. She lifts her brow at Morigan. "You'll never get that kind of accuracy at this range. Work to disable their ship. If you think you can hit it, go for their main mast."

Josie nods quickly and steps over to the wheel, if nobody else is driving, to steer the ship towards the Hufflepuffs. Not that she's great at piloting a ship, but she does her best to line up a shot on Slytherin in the process.

Gabriel has gathered a small group of first and second years to help him crank the ratchets on the oversized ballista they've built for this event. As soon as the modified basket is in place, instead of a huge bolt, its loaded with multiple canon ball sized missiles that splatter vibrant blue paint on anything they hit. Gabriel himself activates the release latch with maybe a little too much enthusiasm, aiming at the Slytherine vessel once again, "Avast ye varmints! Yer gonna be sleepin' with the fishes tonight!"

Kimiko gets a crude, "Bollox to dat love, we be PIRATE Lions! ArrrrrROOOOOAR!" From the war panted Colton. He doesn't know how to aim or fire a canon with precision so he gives a cannon a kicking shove and then lights it with his wand, "No mercy! No allies, dis be WAR! Only one house kin win! We be LIONS!"

Lucian Proudmore grips the wheel of the Slytherin schooner, turning hard to bring her about to give Soleil and Slughorn room to aim their secret weapon. He wears a broad grin on his face, not seen this year until now, as he tosses his golden hair out of his face. Clad in a loose green shirt, high boots, and leather gloves, he paints the classic picture of a dashing swashbuckler.

Morigan salutes, and remembers to maintain her composure, her complete glee disappearing into her properly reserved expression. "Aye captain!" She shifts aim to strike amidships on the deck. With the number of people aboard and in the open, even if she doesn't cause the ship damage, she may still be able to reduce their numbers. She goes over her math again. She hopes she can hit one of those loud and obnoxious Gryffs. With a small hidden grin, and she re-adjusts and aims for Dumbledore. It's just a game after all. She fires.

Dumbledore removes his feet from the wheel when Josie arrives, "Well done Mister Davies." Then he grows more stern, "Language crew!" Eyes boring into Colton and Cillian both. Colton looks sheepishly apologetic, "Sorry, Professor, got caught up in it." Dumbledore waves. "Get caught up all you like Mr. Higgins. Stow the vulgarity or walk the plank." This gets a chuckle from Colton and he gives a salute back to the Head of his House.

"Oi, there be nothin' dirty about-its word sounds…aye aye Admiral." Cillian rolls his eyes and then he gives a trilling little screech, like a hawk of some sort and he nods firmly to Josie and others fire. "Potion-well bloody-" He quickly hops down and runs towards the edge of the deck, peering out towards the water before raising the shovel above his head. "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER…." He's moving to a canon, quickly removing something from his satchel and leaning the shovel against his leg as he shoves a few candybars into the canon and then aims it for the Hufflepuff Ship. "WILL YE BE MY SWEETIE?!" He crows before firing.

Artemis brings her hand up to shield her eyes as she scans the water and shore. She starts waving her arms over above her head as her eyes trail towards the Slytherins' ship. "Ah! Over there! Here! We can work together! Badgers and Snakes together!"

With the catapult reloaded, Hephaesta rotates it to aim for what she considers the greatest threat: Cillian's ship…er, the Gryffindor ship. With another loud KATHUNK the volley of stones, bewitched to be harmless, hurtled through the air toward her target.

Gabrielle basically helps Gabriel load and then hides behind him.

Big ship, or small street rat, the concept of avoiding things being thrown at you is still the same. Random direction changes. So, Josie spins the wheel one way, waits a few seconds, then the other, generally heading towards the Hufflepuffs still.

As soon as the shot is fired Gabriel starts encouraging his fellow Ravenclaws to crank the winches as fast as they can. You can see the struggle on his face as he watches the Slytherin ship and finally he sighs as the ballista is ready to fire again. Swivelling it around he aims it at the Hufflepuff ship muttering , "The sneaky snakes are too far away. Lets not waste ammunition." Once the bastket is loaded he grins at Gabrielle, "Thanks Fair Maiden. Lets see if we can turn the Badgers green with a little addition of some blue…" Clank CHUNK! Off go the blue balls of… paint.

Hephaesta grimaces at the notion of turning attention away from the Gryffindors. "Hmm…the Hufflepuffs are tenacious, Gabriel. Maybe you're right. Turn this catapult!" She enlists some aid, rotating the engine again and loading it up for another shot, this time at the badgers.

Morigan sighs, even with the math, it doesn't look as though she'll be hitting that ship from here. She shifts her aim for the Hufflepuff ship. Reloads, and fires again. Having accidentally overcharged with the powder, a somewhat louder than usual thunderous racket is heard as the cannon discharges the ball. Morigan blinks and crouches, holding her ears as they ring painfully.

The cannon beside Morigan explodes out the backside. Well, Morgana wanted to see the walls blue! Unfortunately the blast catches several Ravenclaws, including Mopsus in the catastrophic back-fire. Good sports that they are they all enact their death throes. "Carry on! Fight the good fight! Uhhh…." Those are the last words of Mayor Mopsus before he keels over in his throne and acts rather the slain victim.

Colton swings in the rigging cheering and waving his sword at the sight of the Ravenclaw 'casualties'. "Badgers! Yer next!" He grins and cheers on Josie as the little girl battle the wheel that's taller than she is! "Get'm Jo!"

Gabriel ducks behind the ballista as the cannon 'explodes' managing to get missed by the paint; basically because his crew was too far away from it to be affected, regardless of cover. With a dismayed look on his face he looks around the walls and spots Morgana. "Oy! Rashley! I guess that puts you in charge! The Mayor is dead! Long live the Mayor!"

Cillian just facepalms as his shot isn't working…really…candy showers the water instead as he shakes his head and bites his bottom lip, raising his voice. "OI! Josie! That's it! Keep 'er steady!" Then he takes a deep breath, gripping his shovel. "Why dun they seem to get that if ye sink one ship, we'll be missin' key components, its the treasure we be wantin' not the blood!" He tsks and shakes his head, scanning the area once more and lifting his hand. "Fire on Slytherin' again, take out THEIR cannons, let them slithery gutter pipes be wormin' and flashin' their bellies to the merpeople!" He's at the moment timing however their approach of the Hufflepuffs. Hey! He was their friend last year, darn forgetful folks!

Morigan opens her eyes, and notices she got hit with the paint as well. In a weak, groaning voice she says, "My shirt… it's ruined!" and groans and she falls limp in a puddle of blue paint.

Gabrielle lets out a small meep and hides behind Gab. "I hate this," is muttered before she starts handing him the next paint ball.

Mister Anti-Social is staying off to the side, eyeing the shots being aimed back and forth. Biting his lip, Gage swings his sword as if he were fighting his own enemy.

Being rather not cut out for this sort of thing, seeing as there are no wands, Virgil is as hidden as he can be and has begun to grid off a search pattern for finding the pieces of the map. "We need to check these areas as soon as we can," he tells anyone who will listen, keeping his head down.

Angelus is loading up the cannons once again, giving a thumbs up to his team. "Loaded an' ready to fire, Captain," he says with a grin.

Morgana curses as one of their cannon's backfire, causing a fair bit of casualties. So the chain of command falls to her. "Keep the flag safe at all costs!" She yells out to the reaming Eagles. "Everyone else get into defensive positions! Long live the mayor!" She knows she's terrible with cannons, so she'll get down off the ramparts and be ready for anyone who would dare brave the gambit of Ravenclaw traps they have ready.

Gabriel hops around a couple times in excitement as his crew hits Hufflepuff's ship, sending paint spattering all over a decent segment of the side and deck. "Way to go guys!" Then he realizes that there's an unmanned cannon. Looking around he spots Gage in his corner. "Hey! Hart! We need people on that cannon, take over and do something for the team man!" then he goes back to encouraging his crew to winch back the ballista so he and Gabrielle can reload it as he laughs happily, "But it so much fun, Gabby! We get to be full on pirates for a day!"

Hephaesta grumbles as her attack on the Hufflepuffs plunks harmless into the water. But, undeterred, she and her crew load up another volley. "Long Live the Mayor!" she echoes, and lets the attack fly!

Kimiko hurries over to an unmanned cannon, laughing giddily. She's having the time of her life! "You worry too much, Cillian! It's not real ammunition, so it won't sink anything. Goodness, if it did, we might drown an entire Hogwarts house!" With a giggle, she fires off the cannon at the Slytherin schooner.

As they load the ballista Gabriel realizes the Slytherin's are in range again. As soon as he notices this he forgets all about the Hufflepuffs and swings the ballista in the Snakes' direction. Taking careful aim he pulls on the release latch and, a few seconds later, the paint balls make contact with the green ship, sending bright blue spattering across its sides and deck as well!

Artemis drops her sword to the deck as she cowers from splattering paint, arms overhead. Eeeee! "Um!" She calls out, looking around. "Does that make me out?"

Josie calls to Cillian, "Don't think they're gonna ally this time, captain! We'll have to board and take their supplies!" Of course, most of her own concentration is going in to managing the huge wheel.

Hephaesta let's out a squeal of excitement as her catapult volley lands squarely on the deck of the Hufflepuff ship, splattering blue paint all over!

"Got them!" Kimiko punches the air, leaping in place as her shot douses the Slytherin ship in red.

Gabrielle grumbles but nods to Gab, glad, he's having fun. She'll continue to hide, not realizing the longer she's in, the more likely she's going to be the like the last kid in dodge ball on the team.

"I only worry 'bout one ting…gettin' this treasure so that other people can enjoy it…we'll 'ave a grand ole party no matter what! Its not about the spoils 'o' war, just the honor in the victory." Cillian offers almost gravely before he squints towards the Ravenclaws and then eyes the Hufflepuff ship. "Take out them cannons!" He repeats, pointing towards the Slytherin ship and he's still watching for the Hufflepuffs. "We take 'em with kisses or we take 'em with steel…either way…we need a fleet."

Gage jabs his sword forward at his invisible foe, his eyebrows furrow in rather deep concentration for an imaginary match. As someone calls out his name for a second he glances around, at first wondering if his brother had made it on shore. It brings his gaze towards the Hufflepuff ship and he snorts, at least until he's creasing his eyebrows and is looking towards Gabriel. Gaze shifting onto the cannon in mention, back, he frowns. He /supposes/ he can do that. However as he moves over to the cannon the slight twitch of a smile can't be helped, even if it's brief. He stands awkwardly at the cannon, silent as he moves it one way and the other uncertainly.

Loading Sleeping Draught munitions is a careful tedious task, but Soleil finally gets the cylinders loaded. A moment is taken to fan herself with a silk green hanky. She's like a sore thumb among the pirates, swashbucklers and privateers on the Slytherin Vessel. She's dressed more befitting a London Noble of the age, a coifed wig with silver dusted with a little tight bodiced gown of green and silver brocade of snakes twining about the silver cloth of her wide hipped gown. All the growing Soleil did over the summer was mostly in the chest area and that dress puts said growth on quite the display. She takes a long silver cigarette holder that holds a smoldering fuse igniter instead of a cigarette and she uses it quickly before stepping back away and covering her ears as the cannon shoots the canisters of sleeping potion onto the upper deck of the Hufflepuff ship. But she hears cannon fire and then BLUE AND RED! She stumbles towards Lucian who's also been splattered in paint and they both slump against the wheel looking quite drenched. But Soleil can't help but chuckle-giggle under her breath. "Eeewww. It's dripping down my bosom!" Slughorn guffaws but is a bit too busy ducking behind his Captain's chair to avoid getting hit himself. "The compass is MINE! Ye can not have it!"

Gabriel stands at the walls while 'his' crew winches the ballista back into ready position. With one hand shielding his eyes from the sun he watches the effects of their shot on the Slytherin ship, "Whooha! Nice job team! We got them good. Sluggy almost went down!" He turns back around to grin at his crew and starts loading the ballista's basket back up, "See! Isn't this so much fun Gabby!?" The small boy is having maybe a little too much fun with this, especially for someone that is so interested in being a Healer.

Josie takes a moment to look around, trying to see past the huge wheel in front of her to figure out where the other ships are. Then, she turns the wheel to try to line up a broadside so they can shoot for the Slytherin guns.

Morigan sighs and curls into a ball.

Gabriel notices Slytherin's ship going off course. His desire to take another shot at them is clearly visible on his expression but the council of his better angels wins out and he swivels his newly loaded ballista to take aim at the last ship without a coating of blue, Gryffindor. A moment to get his bearing and then CHUNK, the lever is pulled and the blue balls go flying…

Artemis isn't so sure what to do, looking around questionably and covered in blue paint. So she falls, quickly, to the floor, so not dramatically or anything as she blushes. "I'm dowwwn."

Gabrielle yells up to Gabriel, "It's Aces…Now stop cackling!"

Kimiko screams, laughing all the way as she runs like mad to escape the explosion of blue paint! "Arrr! Scurvy Ravenclaws!"

Angelus ducks away from the cannon he's manning, yelling, "Incoming!" He tucks himself in close to the side, wiggling along the path like mad in escape. "Be watchin' yourselves, me fellow crew."

Nope! Cacklin definitely isn't stopping. "Hahahahaha! Another good hit mateys! Winch, winch, winch! We've got them on the run, scurring on deck like little wee mousies!" Gabriel is hopping all over his section of wall in excitement now, only stopping when its time to load the basket with paint balls and shoot again. This time he swivels to aim at Hufflepuff once more, looking to force their ship aground too.

The noise of the sand crunchy under the bow of the Slytherin ship grinds and scratches and groans as the ship capsizes a bit and the remaining Snake Crew leap off the ship and onto the shore, circling around their Captain Slughorn to defend him as he consults his compass and then points towards the relatively at the moment covered from the wall above facades that zig-zag in narrow alleys towards, "The Town Hall mates! There be our treasure map!"

Cillian adjusts his hat and takes a deep breath, shaking his head and clutching his shovel and pointing towards the Ravenclaws. "It pains me to do this, but we have no choice…target the birds! But aim just slightly off, I want them so distracted and choking on splatter that they can't tell their right pinkies from their big toes."

Josie calls, "Aye-aye, Captain!" And she jumps up, grabbing a high point on the wheel and using her weight to pull it down, to pull the wheel in a fast spin to turn the ship so they can shoot at 'shore'.

Gabriel pulls on the release handle and once more scores a hit against one of the ships, this time with his paintballs landing solidly all over the Hufflepuff deck, splattering it in blue.

Morigan rolls up against the wall, to avoid any arrant paint. With a mild hope that the surfaces may reflect some heat back to her, she once again resumes the fetal position. Being wet and cold is definitely not her favorite combination.

Angelus stays low as he crawls back back to the cannon, carefully peeking over. "Firing!"

The only Ravenclaw that Colton hopes doesn't get hit by the well aimed Crimson Cannonball strike is Ophelia. There is perhaps a little disappointment that off all people that did not get hit by his splash of paint was the girl with a handicap got away paint free. The little Russian Doormouse of Ravenclaw, tiny Akilina however is practically plastered against a wall with paint. Sputtering she lifts up two fingers and swipes the thick lenses of her glasses clean.

Hephaesta zooms in her Site-Rite Goggles on the Gryffindor ship, just in time to see Colton taking aim. Her mind kicks into overdrive, calculating the angle of his shot, the wind resistance…she quickly limps away from the predicted area of impact. As Colton's shot lands well away from her, she laughs aloud. "Ha! You'll never take our t-…" SPLAT! Phae spits out red paint from Angelus' shot. She slowly reaches up to lift her crimson-splattered goggles, revealing a perfectly dry space around her eyes, on an otherwise completely red face. Suddenly remembering to play her part, she clutches her chest. "Oh. Woe is me. I-am-dead." Click-whirr, click-whirr, she limps off to safer havens inside the town hall.

As Gabriel is looking to see the effect of his hit on the Hufflepuff ship he catches the puffs of smoke from the Lion's cannons. Eyes opening wide he hollers, "INCOMING!" And drops to the floor behind the walls crenelations, covering his head with his hands. Once all the splatting of paint stop he peeks over the edge of the wall then hops back to his feet, hollering at his remaining crew, "Winch winch winch! This can't go uncontested!"

Lucky for Gage that most of the paint misses his area, so even though he's not all that big on dodging, he flops backwards and avoids a painted death.

Morigan decides it's time to get away, and heads to the town hall before she ends up with anything else on her, or in her hair. She shudders at the thought.

Gabrielle is barely missed as she dives behind Gabriel, again lowly growly, "I hate this!"

Gabriel reloads his ballista and quickly aims it back at Gryffindor, the Badger's being quite blue at the moment. In his haste to get in a retaliation shot he doesn't take his normal time to aim, pulling the release handle on his weapon a lot quicker than normal. "Gonna getcha, Kittycats…" He does manage to take a quick glance behind him to make sure the Fair Maiden (Gabrielle) is still unsplattered.

Cillian's eyes narrow as he watches Snakes and Birdies interact and he nods firmly, raising a hand as he finds a rope to grip and look between the Hufflepuff and Gryff ships before he's taking his time and preparing to swing over to the other ship. "Concentrate ALL fire on the Birdies, burn those nesting feathershrimp reefs down to the ground! Josie…'old 'er steady!"

Oh look, they're being invaded by snakes. While Morgana is hoping that some of the traps does at least thin them out, she is ready for them when they arrive. Taking out her sword, she starts to 'hack' her way through the Slytherins that come through the village. However there is one Slytherin that she has her eye on, the one that has the compass. Once that vile snake is down, Morgana snags the compass and holds the treasure up high and cries out. "I have the compass!" She says as she makes her way through the 'bodies' on the ground.

Angelus grins and loads his cannon. "Aye, aye!" he calls out and aims fire on the Ravenclaws. Shortly after he's ducking once again out of fire from more of the blue paint.

Josie ducks under the wheel as they get splattered with paint again, avoiding getting hit. Then she's back up and turning the wheel a little to correct as Cillian tells her to hold it steady for the boarding.

Colton is just starting to kick his cannon around to get it directed towards the Town Hall where the Melee was going on, Snakes and Eagles both being taken out in one shot would have been Glori— string of Shelta curse words. Now while Dumbledore might not know the Shelta language, he knows tone. The Deputy Headmaster clears his throat and points towards the railing of the deck and a plank appears and slides out to length. Colton looks indignant, but he deflates and salutes his captain with a blue dripping hand and then tracks blue over the deck on his way to the plank. Blue footsteps are left down the length of the plank and then, "Yeah-hoo-hoo-hoo!" Dead man plank walking! Colton leaps off the plank and lands in the cold lake waters with a *sploosh*.

Kimiko dodges and weaves to avoid incoming fire. Just as it looks like she's about to succumb to a paint explosion, her foot catches on a stray rope, sending her topping over a stack of barrels. SPLAT! The deck is painted red…but when Kimiko rises, she is sparkling clean, shielded by the barrels! She does a little dance of joy.

Cillian is busy swinging from the Gryff ship to the Hufflepuff if he can, just barely missing getting splattered by blue and calling out. "Don't ye be lettin' up! Keep an eye on the Snakes…they may 'ave run aground, but their cannons may still be workin'!" He drops the shovel on the deck when he lands and holds his hands up in a non threatening way. "Before ye shoot, I'd like to direct your attention over there…to the shore…aye…'elp us take them out and we'll share our tools with ye if ye share what ye 'ave and we'll take what THEY all 'ave…then together we'll find the treasure…aye, we're separate houses but sometimes ye just 'ave to nip over to Mister Pots a house down and ask to borrow a cup o' sugar for tea. That's what m' askin, PLEASE can ye spare a cup of sugar and join us for a spot o' tea? M' servin' little birdie sammitches and snake cakes…and the treasure will be ours. Ye give us yer ship, ye get 80 percent o' the treasure."

Snakes. Gage scowls quite personally at them as the invade the lakeshore. Just a game? Hah! If he could pick out two Slytherins from that bunch, he would be over there. But he doesn't, and instead the boy keeps away from the fight and the crowd, scrambling away from the paint only to flop forward. He curses, and just slumps in the grass.

Mistakes are made! Bad life choices are taken! Gabriel turns around with another cackle to encourage his crew after they hit the Gryffindor ship again and in doing so takes his eyes off the threat. A decision that's rewarded a second later with a loud splat and a shower of red paint falling right over Gabriel and his ballista. The small boy freezes for a moment, then slowly raises his hand to pat at his paint reddened hair. And then the hamming begins, "Ack! You scurvy dogs! You got me. Ooooooo the pain! Oooooooo the agony! Everything is going dark. Farewell cruel world. *cough* *cough*" Throughout all this he's stumbling around the wall ending up by clutching onto Gabrielle, making sure to get her all covered in red paint and then falling dramatically to the ground.

Gabrielle blinks down at her human shield that just betrayed her by dying. "When I go, I'm totally falling on you!" It's a decent threat, as she definitely outweighs the boy. She'll huff and look to see who she can try to hit with the cannon, if any. Not that she's any good at any of this…why couldn't she have had paint brass knuckles?

It is safe to say that the Badgers are in no mood for any sort of trickery about a truce, there is no such thing as truce in these Pirate Wars! The ship was laying quite…too quiet. But the moment Cillian and the others of a boarding party came swinging over, dozens of the remaining Hufflepuff that were remaining below decks waiting to get into position now spring out and attack their boarders while some pile into life boats so they can raid the shore. One of those that is headed for shore is the infamous Buckles of Swashing, Briar! She is sad she missed the chance to stab some of the Purist Slytherins that came ashore. But this is about House Pride. Very notably in full swashbuckling gear with some sort of rolled up paper tucked away in her bandolier - (to those in Ravenclaw) the Decipher! While the Lions are fought back off of the Badger's boat Briar and a faction on the Yellow and Black wearing crew make their way to shore in a lifeboat.

Gabriel ruins his scene by cracking open one eye and sniggering at Gabrielle, "First pumpkin juice after this is one me." Never mind that the pumpkin juice is always free…

Cillian just sighs, hands moving to his hips as things go bottoms up and he shakes his head, moving to the edge of the boat, resting there and idly drawing his sword to defend himself if necessary and he just watches the Yellow and Black make their way towards the shore and shrugs helplessly. "If man always stands alone…he'll never 'ave any friends." That said he closes his eyes and bows his head. Then he raises his head once more to yell over to the Gryffindor ship. "Second Cannon! It be TIME to teach Badgers 'ow to be SWIMMIN!'" He points towards the lifeboat with a grim expression.

Gabrielle's sliding on the paint on the floor, but manages to load the cannon. She's horrible at math…and aiming and throwing and anything else, so while the cannon goes off, it basically just splashes into the water , near no one. Her voice is low enough for just Gabriel to hear, "Merlin's balls, that's hard to aim.."

Gabriel hisses up at Gabrielle from the corner of his mouth, "Shiver me timbers, Fair Maiden. Maybe you should go help, our new Mayor with the ground fightin'."

Gage frowns as he glances around the shore. He bites his lower lip as the shore starts to get too crowded, dark blue eyes scanning the shore, until he locks his gaze onto Gabrielle and crawls over to her. And glares over at anyone who dares fire.

Naturally, Briar isn't going anywhere without her bodygu-…okay, her consort…Xander. He piles into the boat with her, taking up the oars so she can defend them as they reach the shore.

Angelus stays onboard his ship, chuckling as he calls out, "Fire!"

Artemis so wanted to team up with another House. But… But she's lying on Hufflepuff's ship, covered in blue. But she can't help but prop herself up a little as she watches the invasion and escape. "Be careful!" she calls out.

Briar vaults out of the boat when it comes to shore. Her consort and other fellow Badgers that came with her protect her as she points her blade at Morgana, "Hey Head Girl. Think you have something that belongs to the Badgers." She's all smiles and playful. Good sport and all, but the American doesn't talk in Pirate, the Brits have a hard enough time understanding her at points without the horrible accent! She approaches Morgan and gives a little bow of her head and goes into a circling stance like a fencer with a saber in hand…and a pistol behind her back. Just when Morgana thought it might be a fair fight Briar swings around the pistol and shoots following the shot with a thrust of the saber at Morgana, leaving burst of yellow were it strikes the Head Girl.

Cillian has given the order for the attack…now he must wait…okay that did nothing so he quickly just shakes his head and then makes his way towards where Artemis is laying there all blue and he reaches into his satchel for something, a bar of chocolate….breaking off a piece and offering it to the 'dead' girl. "I spent too much time plannin' for this all. Want some chocolate? I mean yer dead and all so m' guessin' its alright."

Josie, when Angelus shoots at Ravenclaw again rather than the boat, yells, "Wrong target! Captain said Hufflepuff!" She pauses as she sees the two other houses are meeting in battle and says, "Ok, fire on them both!"

Artemis smiles warmly up at Cillian and sits up fully. So she can't /fight/ in this battle anymore, but how much help was she really? She shakes her head at Cillian's kind offer. "No thanks, it's all yours. You're doing great," she says encouragingly.

The Hufflepuffs that were left behind dealing with the boarding party are now trying to board the Gryffindor ship! Grrr versus Roar!

Kimiko squeaks in surprise as Hufflepuffs start swinging over to the Lion ship. She snatches up a cutlass and charges into the fray, calling out a battle-cry of, "GRYFFINDOOOOOOR!"

"Oops, sorry!" Angelus calls over his shoulder to Josie. "It failed, though." The youth shrugs, but before he can aim towards the shore again, he's backing on away from the cannons as they start getting boarded. "Stand your ground, Lions!"

Gabrielle picks up a sword on the ground and starts to move to try to defend. The quicker this is over, the sooner she can land on Gabe and crush him for dying. Unfortunately, she's sliding around so much, anyone she gets near is basically sliding past her. It's Hogwarts on ice.

Cillian ahhs softly and leaves the chocolate beside Artemis with a wink of his good eye before he gets to his feet and eyes the commotion with a thoughtful hmm, then he redraws his sword and holds it above his head. "I be Cap'n CILLIAN, ye want to fight a lion, take a swipe at a real pirate ye tubby cheeked grub biters!" He gives a little ROOOOOOOOOOAR before running towards the Wheel of the ship, blade a swinging and he calls out to Gryffindor. "Dun ye 'em get that SHIP, REMEMBER WHAT YE BE FIGHTIN' FOR!" Dun dun dun duuuun dunnnnn - okay, wait, wrong toon. Duuun duuuuuu-*insert theme song here*

Unfortunately for Morgana, she wasn't able to get any new traps set before the Hufflepuffs make their way through. So when she takes on Briar, she doesn't have the advantage she did with the snakes. While the fight seems to be going well, Briar brings out pistol and Morgana is slain. Falling to the ground she shakes her head. "Just like a Hufflepuff, can't even have a fair fight."

Josie blinks as Hufflepuff start to board. Leaving the wheel, she draws sword and pistol, running to join the battle, shooting first as she gets close and then jumping into the fight.

"Angelus!" Kimiko cries out. "We'll hold them off! Blast the fighters on the shore! Uck! Noooooo!" Spinning dramatically, a swath of yellow paint across her beautiful dragon-print blouse, she collapses to the deck, "dead".

Gage stays crouched low, feeling far more awkward with his height to stand straight. But as Gabrielle starts moving, the boy trails after her. Noooo, don't leaaaave him alone!

Angelus turns to cast a glance over onto Kimiko, flashing a wide grin. He's about to reply to her, but instead calls out, "Oh no!" He flips his head as he touches his heart. "Ye may as well stab me 'eart if ye be goin' after th' ladies!" And he lets out a war cry as he charges, pulling out two pistols that he starts firing.

Briar bends over to pluck the compass off of Morgana good naturedly. "Yeah, sorry. Guerilla tactics sort of in my blood." Cause she's an American fighting the British, see, see the beautiful historical irony? No? Oh well. "Into the Town Hall!" She waves her cutlass around and then when they enter the Town Hall to find all of the collected 'dead' she smiles and waves and greets them all as she heads for the rope where the map piece is hung. Meanwhile The Hufflepuff aboard the Lion's ship begin to lose their previous advantage, in the moments to come (2 out of 3!) it shall be decided who comes out the victors of that battle to keep or take possession of the prized digging equipment!

Every session practicing swordfights with Cillian and the other pirates helps Josie as she jumps into battle.

Xander stands ready to defend his beloved! Sword in hand, he clumsily batters away attackers' blades…at least until Gage comes to face him. It quickly becomes evident, if it wasn't already, that Xander is not a fighter.

Gabrielle 's surprisingly ok at fighting, despite her using a 2nd year as a shield earlier. But she's distracted by paint begin everywhere , and she's trying to keep an eye out for someone, who's not made an appearance yet. Xander catches her in the arm right as Gage takes him out. Gabby stands there, looking down at the yellow paint on her shirt before shrugging and turning to start walking. If anyone questions her she'll reply, "Don't talk to me! I'm a roaming dead ghost!" A roaming dead ghost that has a promise to keep! She'll quickly zero in on her target and fall onto Gabriel, not actually hard enough to hurt him, but she does smother him some, making sure to smear as much of the yellow paint on him as she can.

Oh, Gage is not leaving Gabrielle's side. He's staying close to a friend, so when it comes to having to fight, well… He has his sword ready, swiping at Xander in turn in a practiced way since his lessons with Arevan. But then he'll frown, looking around.

Angelus fires off his pistols, shouting out war cries as he moves over beside Josie. "I be gettin' ye back, lass." He gives her a playful wink.

Xander stumbles back, tripping over a "dead" Slytherin. Looking down at his chest, a slash of blue paint where Gage's sword connected. "Huh. I'm dead. Doesn't quite feel like I expected." He glances up at Briar. "You're on your own, love."

Briar turns around when she hears the sounds of her boyfriend getting ganged up on. Quickly she turns around spinning in such a way that her blade knocks or cuts the bell rope loose from where it was anchored at the wall. The bell — which is fake, harmlessly comes dropping straight down to the floor. She snatches up the map in one hand and then she points her sword at Gage. "You! You killed my lubber. Prepare to die." She comes down from the dais and looks like she's going to be forced to fight fair-ish. As her pistol is empty and she's holding the map and compass in her off hand. When another Hufflepuff moves to attack Gage she barks, "Blondie Boy is mine!" With a mock scowl - her lips pressed together tightly, fighting a grin and trying to keep in character she faces off with Gage.

Paint splatters left and right as Josie fights. She's small and fast and while she's far from the greatest swordfighter, she has more practice than most of the Hufflepuffs. Unfortunately, that doesn't do much good, as while she manages to stay 'alive', the side of the battle led by Hector and Lance Weasley falls apart and some Hufflepuffs get to the equipment and escape.

Angelus sways to the side, letting out an 'ack' as he's splattered with a nice yellow paint smear on his chest. "Jo!" He says as he collapses to the deck. "Stop them!"

Gage can't help but letting out an annoyed grumble at the fact that he has no one to follow suit. After another glance towards Gabrielle, he spins off and runs for Briar only to give her a frown. He's not quite so into the acting thing, but he does like a good sword fight. His swings are wild, and, //trying/ to not put so much strength in them. Except that he's not supposed to win! He shifts nervously on his feet, biting his lower lip.

Gabrielle Looks up, after thoroughly covering Gabe, making them more Orange, then anything. "Gage! Get the stuffs!" She's a bossy dead ghost!

Josie blinks, looking back as she sees the Hufflepuffs trying to escape with the goods. "Stop them!" And she does her best pirate 'arrgh' as she charges, though it sounds far from intimidating. Unfortunately, the fight does not go well, and she 'falls' at the end of the charge, splattered with paint.

Aboard the Gryffindor ship, a slow clap rings out as Professor Dumbledore strolls through the carnage. "It seems that I have come through the battle untouched," he says, just as a staggering Gryffindor slips in the paint, losing hold of his dagger, which hurtles directly into Dumbledore's chest, leaving a stain of red paint on his robes. "Dear me. I am vanquished." He plops straight down onto his bum, casually finishing his pipe.

So it is that Ravenclaw in the end have all the tools and required pieces of the puzzle to follow along to find their prize. But that Party is for another day, another scene. The rest of the carnage is cleaned up by the faculty. The new Headmaster Flint who did not come down out of the castle until the very end gives a round of droll applause and then reminds the loosing Houses that those with the proper permissions can now take themselves to Hogsmeade after cleaning themselves up. There is mention of a house-keeping cleaning crew at work, and for those remaining behind to NOT get in the way. It seems the new Headmaster is using this time, his first weekend as Headmaster, to make some changes, whip the castle into shape. Woe to anyone that does become bothersome to those (many of the cleaners plucked from the Magijugend ranks) helping the new Headmaster in this cleaning and re-decorating project.

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