(1938-09-25) What Are The Chances?
Details for What are the Chances
Summary: The day after talking for the first time, Thomas and Rhyeline find themselves alone with each other, after Graham invites Thomas over, only to pulled away by an Auror emergency.
Date: September 25, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

The weather is cool and fair- not quite as cool as it will be in months to come, but it's enough that when Rhyeline enters the Leaky Cauldron, she scurries straight over to the fireplace. Standing as close as she can to the flames without catching fire, the girl hugs herself tight, trembling with cold. "So cold… so cold…" she murmurs to herself through chattering teeth. She should have worn a heavier cloak. Her hood was even pulled up for added warmth.

Graham is distracted from his being annoying as the door opens again. He watches as the other dashes to the fire to warm up "Good evening Rhyeline, perhaps a warm drink to help? My treat?" he offers giving a smile in greeting afterwards. He hadnt realized perhaps it'd grown so cold while he'd been visiting.

Thomas enters from Charing Cross, almost immediately his hand moves up and removes his black fedora when he comes inside, tucking it under his arm carrying his briefcase. He moves without taken a glance around him and takes a seat at the bar, his right hand moves and digs in his overcoat for a second as he places his fedora on the bar, retrieving two galleons he sits them on the bar and orders Fish n' Chips and a water. With a small sigh he rubs his hands together for a brief moment, before unclasping his briefcase and pulling out a black fountain pen and large group of documents. Adjusting the glasses on his face, he flips a few pages into it and his finger starts to trace a few lines, before he begins scribbling notes on the paper.

Rhyeline lifts her gaze at the sound of Graham's voice. Her cheeks are pink from windchill. Honestly, it's not -that- cold. But it would seem she's more sensitive than most. Gazing up at Graham, her shyness seems to deepen at first, but then a small smile appears upon her lips. With a little nod, she murmurs, "Yes, please…"

The auror can stand quietly he notes another entering into the pub giving a nod in greeting before he looks back to listen to the response from the woman standing by the fire "Excellent." he says happy at the acceptance. Graham moves back towards the bar and orders a warm cider non-alcoholic of course. "Good evening." he says to the new arrival as he waits.

Thomas pauses for a moment from writing his notes, his eyes stare at the paper for a moment. His gaze moves up to the other man at the bar who just greeted him, "Evening." he returns the greeting, warmly, "How are you this evening?" he inquires bringing the fountain pen up and tapping it against his chin for a moment, before his gaze moves towards the kitchen, checking on the status of his dinner. The papers still open on the bar, his scribbling's all over the page.

Rhyeline holds out her delicate hands towards the crackling fireplace. Despite the cloak she wears, the little mouse is still trembling with cold. Hearing Graham greet someone, she peeks over her shoulder and blinks in slight surprise upon catching sight of Thomas.

Graham gives a small shrug "Not bad, been trying to het the server there to take a break to no avail, yourself?" he asks in return as the drink shows up he glances back towards the fire "Would you like to join at the table, think I could do a warming charm might help?" he motions to the table where his drink is.

Thomas looks at the papers for a moment then back up at Graham, "Reviewing various trade agreements and laws." he says slowly, before the offer comes to join him at his table, being the gentleman Thomas is, he doesn't even glance at the table but simply nod in agreement, "It would be a delightful, encounter. These documents can wait for the time being." he says as he caps his fountain pen and slips it and the papers into his briefcase, standing up and pulling it and his fedora off the bar, prepared to follow Graham.

Rhyeline stands peeking over her shoulder at Graham and Thomas. The moment Thomas gets up to accompany Graham back towards the table, she turns back to the fire.

The young man grabs the warm drink "Be right back." he says moving towards the lady by the fire "Your drink, but why don't you join at the table?" Graham says to her "I do a decent warming charm would keep you from freezing solid for a little while at least?" he smiles showing he's just teasing.

Thomas nods slowly, as the man leaves for a moment. His food and drink arrives. He places his fountain pen and papers into his briefcase, before taking a small sip of his water. His eyes falling on his food as he picks up and eats a small chip.

Rhyeline accepts the warm cider and shivers upon taking a first sip. "Thank you, Graham…" she murmurs, grinning just a bit at his gentle teasing. Keeping close, she follows him back to the table. "Hello, Mr. Carrow…" she murmurs as she draws closer.

Graham nods "Of course, I hope it helps." he says about the drink he moves slowly not to out pace the other as they reach the table. He pulls a chair out before moving to his own which has his drink there. The young man sits and takes a small drink. "Hm it is a good time of the evening for relaxing, I worked early shift today so it's needed."

Thomas moves from the bar to the table, his fedora tucked under his arm as he carries his briefcase. His food in his free hand, his drink being held by his teeth. He places the food and water down on the table and notices Rhyeline for the first time, his steely blue eyes blink for a moment, before he he says softly, "Evening Ms. Diderot, a pleasure as always." he says, offering a small nod in greeting, as he sits his briefcase on the ground and fedora on top of his breifcase before, extending his hand to Graham, "Thomas Beowulf Greyson Carrow, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." he says in a friendly and warm tone.

Rhyeline stands peeking over her shoulder at Graham and Thomas. The moment Thomas gets up to accompany Graham back towards the table, she turns back to the fire.

He accepts the hand shaking it. "Graham Cohen." he says returning names. He takes another moment to take a drink from his glass as he thinks "I belive I have seen you about the Ministry Magical Cooperation right?" he asks trying to make sure that his memory's not going bad. He looks side long to see how the other is mostly knowing with more people around but asks "How is your cider? I can get you something else if you'd prefer it?"

Thomas picks up a piece of fish and breaks into a smaller portion, bringing it to his mouth he takes a small bite, "Yes, I am currently a intern. Though I am hoping for a promotion soon with as busy as things have, seems I have been doing more work then anything else through the course of my day." he takes another sip of water, "I believe you are a part of Magical Law Enforcement, if memory serves correct." he continues before looking at Rhyeline, "Ms. Diderot, I hope you are doing well. Seems like only yesterday we were talking over warm drinks." he says jokingly, with a small smile.

Rhyeline blinks, but then she recognizes the humor. Smiling, she is about to speak when SUDDENLY Graham is pulled away by emergency auror business. No, he can't tell us what it is. He just has to go. After such an abrupt departure, Rhyeline looks just a bit off balance. Finding herself alone once more with Thomas, she peeks up at him with a touch of shy caution. Though he is now all grown up, she still remembers him well as the cunning, well-spoken Slytherin boy who was always surrounded by a flock of admiring girls. "I… I started reading your book…" she murmurs at last.

Thomas nods to Graham, as he departs offering a "It was a pleasure, Mr. Cohen." before his attention is brought back to his food he takes another modest bite of the fish, followed by a chip. His gaze moves to Rhyeline and becomes a curious one as she peeks up at him, when she speaks he nods, "Thoughts so far?" he inquires, with a small smile. "Florida sounds like a fascinating place, in my eyes." he says with a hint of an adventurous tone in his voice.

"Mm… I haven't gotten far enough to comment yet. I just thought- thought I'd mention that I had started." Lowering her gaze, she takes a small sip of cider before peeking up at him once more. "So… you like to travel?"

Thomas takes a sip of his water, "Never left Europe. Well I haven't had the chance too… Mikhale is the one who does the traveling." he say slowly, taking another sip of his water, "I am focused on my career right now, I am hoping that one day my career will take me to places, I am reading up on German Culture right now, I would love to one day visit." he says slowly with a nod, "Are you okay, Ms. Diderot, I recall you being shy, something I always found interesting, but you seem a bit more reserved then I recall." he says slowly, tilting his head a bit to the right, eating another chip.

Rhyeline withdraws behind her cup of cider once more when Thomas implies a wish to go to Germany. Perhaps the little one doesn't want to remember that she had been chosen out of the apprentice program to accompany, Ambassador Troy to Berlin. Hearing his remarks concerning her reserved manner, the girl blinks. Her dark, expressive eyes show a fair amount of surprise. "… do I?"

Thomas takes another sip of his water, "I think so, we never really talked at Hogwarts, but you seemed shy when I did see you." his hand moves up and runs through his hair slowly, "I mean to say, you seemed shy, but I always viewed you as a intellectual shy, perhaps." he says with nod, "Meaning you couldn't connect with people you couldn't have a intelligent conversation with." he continues, adjusting his glasses.

Rhyeline hesitates at such an assessment, perhaps never having considered that way of looking at it. "Well… I… I never really played with other children much… so… when I got to Hogwarts… I didn't know what to do… And- my mother expected top marks. So… I spent most of my time studying…"

Thomas nods slowly, "And it certainly payed off, I have always admired how well did with marks." he says slowly with a small nod, "I suppose I noticed you where shy, but was always a bit hesitant to speak with you, I viewed it as that you were selective with who you spoke too, not that you were overly shy." he says with a small nod, "I am certainly glad I have gotten the chance to speak with you, I have enjoyed getting to know you, Ms. Diderot."

Rhyeline's cheeks grow noticeably pink as a blush warms them. Her gaze lowers, then flickers back up, then away, back again, and down. "I did not mean to seem… selective. I just-" She bites her lower lip, hesitating before peeking back up and meeting his gaze at last. "I've always just found it difficult to speak up. Annie- she was my friend because- well, she just decided that we were."

Thomas smiles softly, "I didn't mean to make you blush, Ms. Diderot." he says softly, "If I would have known you were not being selective I would have perhaps approached you for a conversation, unless you perhaps had an issue with Slytherin boys." he says jokingly. "How about us, Ms. Diderot, are we considered friends or am I simply a mere acquaintance you happen to keep bumping into?" he says, taking another bite of his fish.

Rhyeline clings a bit tighter to the warm, reassuring cup of cider in her hands. The shyness of her nature seems like it threatens to overwhelm her. In a rather soft tone, she murmurs, "We… we hadn't spoken until- until yesterday…"

Thomas nods slowly a smile on his, "Perfect then, Ms. Diderot then that gives me plenty of room to grow on you and that you haven't decided that you dislike me." he says, clearly playing slightly, though it is obvious now that this is the response he wanted. His hand moves down and he takes another bite off a chip, his gaze still on her obviously watching to see her reaction.

Rhyeline parts her lips to speak, but it seems her voice has failed her. Blushing deeper still, she tries to hide behind her cup of cider once more. It seems clear that while she doesn't dislike him, something about the smooth politician-in-training's manner seems to rather overwhelm the girl.

Thomas smiles softly, "Perhaps even one day we can meet over something other then tea and Fish n' Chips, do you like music? There is often some muggles in Regent Park, who play something they called Jazz that they picked up across the pond when the visited. The park being around Royal Academy of Music, I tend to get free music whenever I am in the mood." he says softly, taking a sip of his water, his eyes focused on Rhyeline, "Ms. Diderot, I am not meaning to make you uncomfortable, though you are cute when you blush." he says, with a small smile, obviously being sincere.

The cider in the little one's cup is all gone. Her insides are now as warm as her pink cheeks. Her dark gaze shines with such intense shyness as she watches the man. In this moment, he might catch a glimpse of the exact girl she had been at Hogwarts, too shy to even speak. But then, instead of trying to slip away somehow, she gives a small nod, accepting the invitation.

Thomas nods slowly, "Wonderful, I think you will really enjoy hearing them play, I certainly do. One of the reasons I picked the area, very lively." he says slowly with a smile, "I will make sure I get ahead of all my reviewing, so I do not have to worry about time restraints." he says slowly with a nod. "When is a good time for you Ms. Diderot? Also if you would like we could visit one of the theaters if you enjoy such things?" he continues as he finishes the last of his food and takes another sip of water, before adjusting his glasses on his face.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip when the young man falls silent, waiting for an answer. She parts her lips to speak and her voice comes in the softest of murmurs, "Any time… I- I am not working at the moment."

Thomas smiles softly "How about tomorrow?" he asks slowly with a nod, "Its a Tuesday but I am sure we can find somethings." he says softly with a nod, his eyes move across Rhyeline slowly for a moment, before he speaks, "Ms. Diderot, if you would rather not, I would not take offense." he says slowly, with a smile on his face.

Perhaps Rhyeline wasn't expecting him to suggest such an early date. She hesitates a moment, lowering her gaze. But then at his gentle reassurance, she blinks and peeks back up at him. "Tomorrow would be alright," she murmurs. "I'd- I'd like to hear about… about what's happening at the I.M.C… and- muggle Jazz is so interesting to listen to…"

Thomas' eyes move up and watch Rhyeline slowly, "Then I will tell you all about the happenings in the I.M.C. while we stroll the park and listen to them play their music." with that said, he glances at his watch and his brow furrows slightly, "Hmmm, I am past my allotted time, I need to be going, Ms. Diderot." he finishes his water before standing up, "Need to review this and all of my evening reports for tomorrow to free up the time, for tomorrow's events. So if you would excuse me, Ms. Diderot." he says picking up his briefcase and fedora, "I will note, that it has once again been a absolute please and that I look forward to our encounter tomorrow. If you could meet me at the Ministry around, oh around Five O'Clock." he says more of a statement then a questions, before nodding his head to her and heading towards the door, towards Charing Cross.

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