(1938-09-26) Rivals And All That Jazz
Details for Rivals and All That Jazz
Summary: Thomas has invited Rhyeline to listen to some Jazz in the park, it appears Thomas has things planned out but with the arrival of his rival, Brei, how will things end up?
Date: September 26, 1938
Location: Ministry of Magic Atrium, Thomas' Flat, Bloomsbury, London
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Ministry of Magic Atrium

This scepter shaped room starts with a long hallway floored in dark polished wood and lined with multiple gilded fireplaces placed between massive, arched brick work columns. People are constantly popping out or disappearing into these fireplaces through flashes of bright green flame. The hallway leads out into a round room in which center of which proudly stands a large golden sculptural fountain, a plaque at the fountain's base reads: Fountain of Magical Brethren. Before entering this room all guests and employees of the Ministry of Magic must pass through a set of golden gates where a security guard registers all magic wands. Once past the gate multiple lifts line the walls whisking people away to the various department on levels 1 through 9. The dark and gold color scheme is relieved by the ceiling, which is covered in a peacock blue mosaic over which unfathomable golden symbols travel randomly.

It has just hit Five in the Afternoon, time to go home for many Ministry workers and the Ministry is a bustle with people ready to go home. Coming down out of one of the lifts, Thomas can be seen, surrounded by a group of his male peers, all dressed their best, obviously some sort of completion between them. "Good job catching that error today Thomas." one of them in a solid grey suit says. "Nah anyone would have seen it." Thomas says moderately, as he continues to walk next to the other men, a air of confidence around him as he walks, his briefcase in one hand and his fedora tucked under the same arm.
They continue to joke and laugh, commenting on the happenings of the day. One of them makes an offer to head off for drinks. Thomas simple raises his hand politely declining, "I am meeting someone here, sorry Gents, I have a prior engagement." he says with a small nod, as his steely eyes scan the area, looking for Rhyeline. Curiously the group of men start prodding Thomas for answers, though Thomas simply waves them off his with hand.

Through a bright flash of green flames in one of the fireplaces, Rhyeline steps into the Ministry of Magic Atrium. This evening, she wears an elegant trench coat over a little robin's egg blue dress that clings to her upper body before flowing past her knees in cascading layers of silk. A red ribbon gathers her long, dark curls in the middle of her back with a large bow.

Biting her lower lip, Rhyeline's gaze scans the rush-hour crowd. A bit self-conscious in her muggle attire, the girl tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. In the hopes of catching sight of Thomas, Rhyeline rises on her tip-toes and searches for him. At the moment, two of his friends are inadvertantly blocking her view.

The group of men keep poking at proding at Thomas, though he finally raises his hand and simply starts to walk away, "I will see you Gentlemen, on Monday. Enjoy your weekend." he says softly, as he continues to look for Rhyeline, finally now free of his peers he spots her, raising his hand in greeting, "Ms. Diderot!" he says softly as he approaches her, his peers looking onward looking at each other, talking back and forth as they gaze over towards Thomas approaching, Rhyeline.

Rhyeline clasps her hands behind her back as she watches Thomas approaching her. Once he draws close enough to hear her soft voice in such a hustle and bustle, she murmurs, "It's alright if you would like to call me Rhyeline…"

Thomas nods, "Then Rhyeline it is." he says with a nod, "Also if that is the case, please call me Thomas." he says with a soft smile on his face, as he walks towards a Fireplace, "We need to stop by my place really quick so I can change, this is a little to former, for the local we are visiting." he says with a small, "I certainly hope that is okay." he continues, the soft smile on his face.

"Thomas," repeats Rhyeline with a soft smile of her own. However, at the mention of a brief detour, the girl blinks and hesitates. "Oh. Em… yes, that would be alright." Her dark gaze flickers past him towards his gawking cluster of office-friends. Her cheeks warm with a subtle blush.

Thomas smiles softly, "Don't mind them, they have the maturity of a Second Year." he says slowly, as he throws some floo powder into the fireplace, "After you, Rhyeline." he says softly, a pleasant and soft smile on his face as he extends his arm, gesturing her to go first.

Thomas' Flat

When you walk through the door of this brownstone flat, the first thing you are greeted by is the dark oak hardwood floors, that seem to easily flow into the solid oak staircase, lined with red carpet, that leads up to the second room. The walls have been painted an eggshell white and have been trimmed with dark oak, and a red ornate Turkish knot rug. Just next to the stairwell sits a small desk with a lamp on it, while just to the left of the door is a coat rack with several overcoats and fedoras hanging on it.
To the right of the foyer is a small den, though it appears to be more of a disorganized library. Bookshelves line the walls, with a large overstuffed chair sits next to a lamp angled in the corner next to a small table. Books are stacked next to the chair and on the floor, the stacks vary inside and the books vary in subject, but all appear to be well loved and read.
To the left sits a cozy living room, a grey cloth sofa and two matching chairs face the fireplace. A coffee table sits in the center of the room. Hanging on the walls are various Van Gogh paintings, though they all seem to be his lesser known works. On the mantle above the fireplace, books of various subjects and sizes have stacked haphazardly.
Right off the living room is a kitchenette, a small oak table is place off to the side, piled high with legal documents and old court records. The kitchen itself appears to be clean, with it's metal white cabinets, matching stove and refrigerator. Though it really doesn't appear to be used that much, except for the two electric peculator coffee pots on the counter.
As you head up stairs you pass by various paintings of, London. Each one done by a different artist. The upstairs contains a full bathroom and two bedrooms, while one of the bedrooms are empty except for box after box on banker boxes, with nothing more then the year scribbled on the front of it. The other bedroom is simple. The closest organized with various suits and ties, a made queen size bed with a black comforter and sheets and a window overlooking the park.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip as she peers over at his friends. Then, with a quick glance up at him, she heads back off into the fireplace. Emerging into his home, she takes a couple of steps out of the way of his arrival. Then she stops, and turns slowly on the spot, taking in his the look of his home.

Thomas appears in another green flash, looking around his eyes narrowing. He puts his arm our protectively of Rhyeline, before suddenly off the mantle a small manx kitten attempts to pounce him, which he catches in his hand and sits down, tapping him on the butt, to scoot. "Rhyeline, Jean Valjean." he says looking from the kitten to Rhyeline, a soft smile on his face. His gaze moves back down towards the kitten, "You best behave for our guest." he says slowly, a soft smile on his face. The little bobtail kitten scurries off behind the sofa, the sound of claws on fabric can be heard before the kitten head appears just above the back of the sofa, as Thomas starts to move towards the Foyer, looking over his shoulder he says, "I will be back done in a moment." he says with a soft smile on his face.

Rhyeline squeaks when Thomas' arm shoots out, but calms when she realizes it was only to protect her from the kitten of doom. Nodding, she clasps her hands behind her back and begins to wait. She peeks over once or twice at the kitten, but soon the sight of so many magnificent books in the den proves to be too great a lure for the girl. Glancing up the stairs, she tucks another loose strand of hair behind her ear before slipping off into the disorganized library.

Thomas comes back down wearing a soft blue long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a grey tie with swirl patterns on it; over this a grey vest can be seen. Aroung his waist is a pair of dark blue slacks with a leather belt, a book with a Russian title sticking out of his back pocket. As he reaches the foyer, he turns to head back into his living room, before noticing the kitten peeking his head into his Library, he turns on the heels of a pair of beat up dress shoes, and pokes his head around the door frame, "Sorry it is a bit chaotic in here." he says with a chuckle as he steps in, his right hand running through his hair slowly, "Been meaning to organize this more, but every time I do, I end up reading…" he says slowly, rubbing his chin as his eye move across all the books.

Rhyeline gives a tiny jump at the unexpected sound of Thomas' voice. Turning to face him with her hands hidden behind her back, her cheeks grow rather warm. "Ah… no, it's- it's a wonderful library," she murmurs, gazing over at him with that gentle shyness of hers filling her gaze.

Thomas chuckles, "Lovely but pure chaos." he says with a nod, "Well shall we?" he says offering her his arm, "Unless you would rather pick through my books, which you are more then welcome too." he says with a small nod, "I hope I am not dressed to informally, just the college students, tend to give me curious looks when I am walking around their age wearing a rater expensive suit." he says with a small wink.

Rhyeline's gaze slides to his books, quite tempted at the thought of staying to lose herself in his magnificent collection of books. But then, turning back to him, she approaches and murmurs, "Another time. Right now- we should perhaps get going?"

A beautiful place to live bordering on Regent Park to the North, Bloomsbury is a residential neighbourhood full of comfortable housing, and small garden squares. The district is also home to a number of educational institutions, like the School of Oriental and African Studies, and Birbeck, and medical centres like the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital.

It is about a quarter past Five, the weather is cool and pleasant as Thomas moves towards the door, reaching up with his free hand and grabbing a black bowler hat, as he opens and unlocks the door and steps out onto Bloomsbury, a smile on his face as he looks back at Rhyeline and heads towards the part of Regent Park that boarders this district, all ready a group of students are setting up their instruments, tweaking them and preparing to play, Thomas' features go a little soft as he approaches. "I really hope you enjoy this, I mean. One of the reasons I live here." he says with a chuckle.

"I haven't been able to explore the muggle parts of London as much as I'd have liked," murmurs Rhyeline as she follows along, keeping close to the young man's side as muggle businessmen and students brush past on their way home. "And- I can't say I've ever gone to listen to music somewhere…"

Stalking down the street on her way through the neighborhood Brei pauses as she spots musicians setting up. She frowns and watches them for a moment. She is dressed in her normal all black clothing, long sleeved shirt, flowing skirt, and high heels sharp enough to be used as weapons. Bright blue eyes are focused on the musicans as she waits for them to play and she doesn't see Rhyeline or Thomas yet.

Thomas smiles and nods, "One of the reasons I care about them so much, while our lives are so driven by our talents, they over come adversity, the cards are stacked against them and they are constantly bettering themselves, both with the arts and machines." he says slowly, it is a odd thing to hear come out of a Carrow's mouth, but he trusts Rhyeline and feel comfortable enough around her to speak his mind, as they get closer to the group of students they have already started, the smooth laid-back, mellow harmonies coming to life as each instrument explodes to life, the hands of the musicians the life given force to each one. He is so focused on the music that he doesn't even notice Brei, he does however comment to Rhyeline "Isn't it lovely?" his cheeks blush slightly as he looks at her for a moment, his mouth opens as if he is going to say something but, eyes close briefly before opening them looking back at the musicians.

Hoping to catch sight of the musicians, Rhyeline stands up on her tip toes. She reaches to hold on a bit to Thomas' arm to steady herself. Peering through the crowd, she notices a familiar face out of the corner of her eye. She blinks, surprised to see Brei at a muggle gathering. Tugging a bit on Thomas' arm, she peeks up at him and then tries to point Brei out to him. Perhaps she hopes that they could go and join her where she stands.

Brei's head tilts as she listens to the music. The scowl on her face lessens as the tune plays. Her eyes casually scan the crowd and she spots Rhyeline. She blinks then smirks and starts making her way over. She pauses when she see's Thomas with her though. The smirk falters and the scowl returns full force. Still she makes her way over and inclines her head to them both offering Rhyeline a small smile that while geninue is quickly gone. "Hello again Rhyeline. I see you are suffering the company of one of my more…cheerful colleages." She gives Thomas a cool look the borders on frosty. "Hello Mr. Carrow." Thoses icy eyes trun back to Rhyeline and soften quite a bit. "I hope you have been well lately. I have been trying to learn spanish lately and thats taking up most of my free time."

Thomas is torn from the bliss of the music by none other then Brei, his brow furrows slightly as this is not how had envisioned this afternoon going, the smile still on his face though as he turns and looks at Brei, "Ms. Montague, I see you are as cheerful as ever. Have you come to enjoy the pleasant bliss that music creates, lifting the heart high?" he says with a small nod, "Ah Spanish, that is on my list, but currently I am studying my French, their is a novel that recently came out in France, while continuing my studies of the German culture and reading a novel in Russian, titled The Gift." he says slowly, with a nod, "Oh and of course enjoying the company of Rhyeline and the divine sounds of music, that is how I have been spending my free time." he says smoothly, rubbing his chin slowly.

"Without immersion, languages are so difficult to learn." It might not be easy to hear Rhyeline's soft voice over the music. Lean in close. Her small smile is warm as she catches Brei's brief yet genuine grin. Looking up at Thomas with a widening gaze, she blinks at the sheer number of languages he's juggling at once.

"I don't do cheerful. I prefer to be realistic and prepared for inevitable disaster rather than have it land on my unsuspecting overly happy head." Brei gives Thomas a cold look, if looks could freeze one solid then the man would be a block of ice right about now. Her tone is snarky and she smirks slightly. "I learned French right after Italian but before I started studying Latin." She glances to the musicans breifly. "They are good. Makes me want to dance." She shakes her head softly and turns to Rhyeline with a soft but intent look. "You still haven't told me how you are doing." The look she gives her is concerned but also conflicted with iritation and a hint of pure confusion.

Thomas smiles softly, "Thats funny, I learned Russian right after Italian, but before I started to study German." he says slowly with a nod, a smirk forming on his face as he leans in and says softly to Rhyeline, "I once say Ms. Montague smile." he says playfully, before Brei makes note of dancing, he rubs his chin slowly, "Well I really don't know how to dance to this kind of music otherwise I would certainly dance with you, Ms. Montague." he says playfully, before looking at Rhyeline, "Are you enjoying the music?" he says softly, "I certainly hope so." he continues with a small nod.

Rhyeline's cheeks grow rather warm as she notices Brei's intent look. In fact, the little one looks almost nervous. But then at Brei's question, she blinks. "Oh- em… I'm well. I- I'm sorry if- if you haven't seen me much. I've-" she hesitates, peeking up at Thomas. "Well… I've been alright. Just need to not- not try to do too much yet." She tries to offer Brei a soft, reassuring smile. Then peeking up at Thomas, her shy smile lingers as she nods. "Yes. I like it. I'm not much for dancing either though…"

Brei gives Thomas a look thats not quite as cold. "Its not that hard to learn….Dancing is one of the few things I actually -like- to do…that and drinking but sometimes they go hand in hand." She smirks and glances to Rhyeline frowning slightly as she remembers thier last meeting. Her eyes study the other woman a moment before she speaks a again. "I will have to take you dancing sometime then if you want to?…I'm sure with enough practice you will be a wonderful dancer…if nothing else we can look terible together." She smirks and turns to listen to the music once more.

Thomas smiles warmly at Rhyeline, "Rhyeline, You seem like the type that admires, beautiful things. Much like I admire beautiful things." he says softly with a small nod to Rhyeline. His mouth opens to say something then, Brei talks about taking Rhyeline dancing and his mouth closes as he focuses back on the music, "Well I figured their had to be something that cheered you up, Ms. Montague." he says with a small nod.

Peeking up at Thomas, she tilts her head to the side just a bit as she listens. Her blush deepens juuuust a bit. Then peeking over at Brei, Rhyeline bites her lower lip, looking a bit conflicted. On the one hand, going dancing would cheer up her pessemistic friend (no small feat), but on the other hand, the thought of dancing fills her belly with anxious, hopping crickets.

Brei turns to Thomas and scowls. "Who says it cheers me up? There is no point in being cheerful. If you feel good then you have something to lose and when bad things happen you have futher to fall…I for one don't want to crash and burn." She huffs and the scowl is heavy as she turns her away once more. "Its pointless…." She says this mostly to herself scowling at her surroundings.

Thomas raises his hand up and waves it slightly, "Always filled with such great views on the world, Ms. Montague" he says softly. Thomas listens to the music quietly for a moment, "Rhyeline, would you care to perhaps do things like this more often with me?" he asks, his tone warm, though a hint of nervousness is slightly present for those who pay attention to things like that. "What I am saying is well, I really enjoy your company." he finishes with a nod, looking at Rhyeline warm smile.

Brei looks between the two of them with a glare and a scowl. There is a flicker of hurt in her eyes as she glances to Rhyeline. But then she turns her head away with an angry huff. "Excuse me. I believe I'm due a vist to the bar." She stalks off skirt swirling around her legs not waiting to hear what Rhyeline has to say in response to Thomas's suggestion.

Rhyeline's brows furrow in subtle concern for Brei. Such pessemistic talk usually accompanies an over-consumption of alcohol. She parts her lips to speak, but then pauses as Thomas speaks up. The little one blinks, tilting her head slightly to the side for a moment. A soft, tentative smile touches her lips. Once again, she is about to speak, but stops. Looking quite surprised and even more worried, she bites her lower lip and peeks up at Thomas. "We- we shouldn't let her go and- and get so drunk by herself like that…"

Thomas closes his eyes for a moment, "Rhyeline, go after your friend. I have a feeling she doesn't want, me around." he says slowly, with a nod. "I understand." he nods slowly, "Perhaps we can catch up another time…" he says, still smiling. His steely blue eyes move across Rhyeline slowly. This was not how he was planning this afternoon to go at all.

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