(1938-09-27) Cigarettes and Cold Chips
Details for Cigarettes and Cold Chips
Summary: Phil and Thomas spend several hours talking without realising it. Late in the game Graham turns up. There is a fair bit of smoking and some chips involved.
Date: 27 September 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

It is just a little past half-past three but the bar isn't quiet. Some people even look as though they have been there for a while. One of them is a dark-haired woman sat at the bar. She has a bottle of what looks to be gin next to her and a glass in one hand, lit cigarette in the other. For all that she appears to be seriously imbibing this early in the day she isn't yet drunk and she doesn't have the look of someone who has a drinking problem. For one thing her clothes are too neat and expensive looking.

While most individuals seem to be enjoying their afternoon, one individual seems have brought his work to the bar. A group of folders scattered across a table, are open and various notes have been scribbled across them. Thomas can be seen, moving between one set to another, his finger moving across lines before retrieving the black fountain pen between his teeth and scribbling more notes. A glass of water and order of Fish n' Chips, sit on his table almost untouched, as the young man's brow furrows as he continues to go back and forth between paperwork.

Working in the bar? Totally not allowed. Phil spins around on her barstool, seeing who else is present on this fine autumnal afternoon. She points over at Thomas, "You there…it is Friday. Friday." She repeats herself for emphasis in case Thomas didn't know what day it was. "How can you be working on a Friday when it is…" she pulls her sleeve back to look at her watch. "…getting in to four o'clock."

Thomas is in the middle of scribbling down a note when he hears his name, his head moves up from his notes towards the directions of the notes the dark brown haired women speaking to him, his brow furrows as he brings his left wrist into sight he looks at his watch for a moment before lowering his arms, "Well I suppose the answer to that is simple enough, I still have work I need to finish from today so I can start on tomorrows work." he says simply, his tone soft and smooth. His gaze moves back to the folders in front of him as his left finger traces a few lines and he starts scribbling another note.

She hasn't used his name yet, more called him 'you' but now that Phil has slid from her barstool and is walking over to Thomas she grins. "I know you," she declares in such a way as to make it sound like she really does. A booted foot pulls a chair out and without invitation Phil sinks down, gracefully lowering herself onto said chair. Her cigarette emits some sweet spice like cinnamon rather than the usual tobacco smell. "Little Thomas Carrow all grown up. I heard you were at the ministry. What have they got you doing? Chasing paper around?"

Thomas' gaze follows the women, his eyes moving off his work for a moment, as she invites herself. "Ms. Rowle, of course by all means have a seat." he says slowly, his tone pleasant a soft smile on his face, though when the comment comes about being all grown up and pushing papers, his eyebrow twitches slightly as his hands move to close all the file folders on his table, his gaze moving over to the cigarette now. "My work for the International Magical Cooperation, is of great importance creating diplomatic and friendly relationships with other Ministries." he says so smoothly, that is sound rather rehearsed.

"Of course it is Thomas. Do they ever call you Tom? Tommy?" Phil eyes his glass of water and reaches over to pour some of the gin from her bottle into it. "You need to lighten up some. Life is full of surprises and today is one of them. You are going to be utterly polite and drink with me. Why? Because you were raised much like I was. To be unerringly polite and do what your elders request of you." A sly grin curves up one corner of her mouth, "And I, not-so-little-Tommy-Carrow am definitely your elder."

"Most of my peers, prefer to call me Mr. Carrow." Thomas says plainly, his gazes moves and follows the bottle of gin. His hand moves to cover the top of his glass, but then she speaks. A soft smile on his face, as he withdraws his hand and slides his folders back into his briefcase slowly, "Well of course, I would be delighted to share a drink and some light hearted conversation with you, Ms. Rowle." he says, his polite smile clearly forced. "I certainly hope you are doing well, Ms. Rowle." he continues.

Phil raises her brows, "'Most of my peers,'" she repeats and then chuckles. "I refuse to call you by your surname because we are not at a meeting we are having gin. Great gin. Neat gin. I will call you Thomas, not Tommy and you may call me Phil." Because that is her preferred name, not Philomena. She pulls off of her cigarette and with her other hand pulls her wand out from up her sleeve and uses it to collect an ashtray from a nearby table. "I congratulate you on your position with the ministry. I am certain the work you do is incredibly helpful to the overall goals of the ministry and that within time you will be doing negotiations yourself." See, she can play nice.

"As you wish… Phil." he says slowly, it sounds somewhat forced but the smile on his face is still present. His hand moves to the inside of his suit jacket and he removes a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes and a small silver lighter, removing a cigarette from the pack he places it between his lips and strikes the lighter, the soft flame coming to life as he lights his cigarette. Taking a soft drag off the cigarette he exhales the bluish grey smoke as he listens, "Thank you, I have worked hard to obtain my internship and am working diligently for a promotion." he says slowly with a nod, "And how your Journalistic endeavors been treating you?" he inquires as he replaces the pack of cigarette inside his suit jacket.

She adds a bit more gin to his glass, clearly he needs more if he is still that stuffy. She is a Rowle and even she isn't that stuffy. "It has its ups and downs. I recently went on a journey across Italy, over the Med and into Greece and Turkey. I wrote a few pieces about it and the editor is deciding what she wants to do with them." Phil, having topped up Thomas' drink, leans back in her chair. "Are you looking to go overseas with a promotion or stay here?"

Thomas takes another slow drag off his cigarette, tapping the butt and allowing the ash to fall into the tray. As he listens, he brings the recently topped off glass to his lips, taking a small sip, "Thank you, I was just thinking that I indeed, needed just another splash of Gin." he says softly, as the question comes he nods, "I have been studying for the ability to go overseas, currently I have mastered German, Russian and Italian." he says slowly with a nod, "While I have also been doing a great deal of research into the Cultures of the Countries' languages I have learned." he says with a small nod, "How was Italy?" he asks as he brings his glass to his lips, trying to conceal the boyish grin, that of a child who just cracked open an adventure book for the first time.

She doesn't answer right away but thinks about it. Phil draws off her cigarette and breathes out of her nose, exhaling twin ribbons of spice scented smoke. "It was of two worlds. The changes there are just starting to touch our people, but they are touching them now. The fascists are not very supportive of magic users because they want to have all the power. I expect in time there will be some who flee to Britain. I heard of people fleeing already to France."

Thomas takes a long hard drag off his cigarette, he nods slowly, "Things are… well they are interesting right now." is all he says slowly, before taking another sip off his cigarette. "I am sorry your trip to Italy wasn't more pleasant, from what I have read it is truly a remarkable place with an amazingly interesting culture." he says slowly with a small nod, "France and America." he says slowly with a small nod, taking another drag off his cigarette.

"I never felt unsafe but I did feel the tension. I am glad we did not go any later than we did." Phil flicks the end of her cigarette sending a small shower of ash into the ashtray. "I speak French and am learning Greek and Italian. I never was all that interested in learning German. I don't like the sounds and they just make new words by lumping a bunch of other words together." She sips her gin. "Plus, it is bad enough romantic languages have masculine and feminine but German has that whole neuter thing too."

Thomas takes another drag off his cigarette, "I am working on French right now and after that Polish." he says slowly with a small sip of his Gin. "Though I am not learning for the sound or preference of a language, I am learning the languages that I think will serve me best in my profession." he says softly with a small nod, "Though I really want to learn French so I can read, La Nausee, I hear it is a wonderful read, however it has yet to be translated." he says slowly, as he flicks the butt, ashing in the tray.

The surprise on Phil's face is clear. "You like Sartre?" She sips her gin a bit less delicately than Thomas does. "I am sure you could pay someone to translate it for you or perhaps find a friend who reads French and ask them to read it to you." She shifts on her chair, crossing her legs. "It is an interesting read."

Thomas takes another sip of his gin, "I like Literature, be it muggle or wizard. I feel that often times, the two worlds have much more in common then we see at first glance and this can be explored through Literature." he says slowly, "Currently I am reading The Gift by Vladimir Nabokov." he continues, with a small nod. "I could, however last time I paid for a translation, it was poorly done and frustrated me more then I care to remember." he says with a small chuckle, "Though I do keep hearing that it is a very interesting read." he says with a small nod.

Phil turns the small glass in her hand and looks down at it as she says, "The humid gaze does not wonder around holding back a tear as if it wished to carry away in it a trembling reflection…" Her gaze lifts and she smiles at Thomas. "You surprise me, you truly do and it is not often that people surprise me these — no I take that back. Ever more I am being surprised lately. But this…this is a pleasant surprise."

"Of the abandoned spot; but in the best corner of our hearts we feel pity for the things which we did not bring to life with out breath…" Thomas continues, as he takes a drag off his cigarette, exhaling the bluish grey smoke. "Despite me being a stuffy politician in training, it does not mean that I have to be as ignorant and unworldly as some of the current ones." he says slowly with a small sip of his gin, "That was of course off the record, Phil." he says with a small playful smirk on his lips.

She laughs and salutes Thomas with her glass. "As a fellow lover of literature I feel it only right to offer to help you with your Satre dilemma, should you be inclined to accept. I am not always drunk when I am here. I can read you some of it sometime if you like." Phil takes a pull off her cigarette then puts it out, the thing having come to the end of its life anyway.

Thomas returns the salute with his glass, "I would be happy to accept that offer." he says taking the last drag off his cigarette and following suit by putting it out in the ash tray, "Also if you need any help with your Italian, I have been told that my Italian is almost flawless." he says with a small smile. "You didn't expect to be drawn into a conversation about great Literature when you came over here, now did you? I actually just finished The Yearling and have it on loan to someone, who I feel will benefit from reading it." he says softly with a nod.

"No," admits Phil, "I did not. And I will take you up on that offer." She leans over and tops up his drink again and then her own. "It makes for a nice change from the usual questions about why at the ripe age of twenty-three I am unmarried. Have I not met any nice pure-blooded gentlemen yet. How is my sister, is she still unwed. Or did I go to the latest Benevolent Society for Witches function and if I did attend did I see so-and-so there because her son is ever so lovely and unmarried still. Though every now and then I also get the - why don't you do a proper job comments."

Thomas chuckles, "They have waited til you were twenty three to start?" he says jokingly with a small wave of his hand, "I am already being pressed as to why, after a year I am still an Intern, why I have not been courting any of the lovely pure-blood ladies. How if it was such and such, they would have already had the promotion, been married and had three pure-blood children. Despite the fact this would all be done in a year, it is obviously my lack of motivation and dedication to the Carrow family name." he says taking another sip of his glass.

Phil nods, laughing softly at that. "Yes, well I was given a bit of slack because my brother Alfred," the barrister in the ministry "married Winifred." His dippy airhead of a wife who's father is on the wizengamot. "And as that was ''the''society function last year I was saved for a while. But time is up now. I was back from my trip for less than six hours before the nagging began."

Thomas smirks, "Personally I think your career choice was a noble endeavor. Bring the current events to the people, providing education on what is happening around people, is truly an amazing thing, in my eyes not to be taken lightly." he says raising his glass to her and taking a sip, "As long as the news is accurately recorded, the people have accurate accounts of the current affairs." he says with a small nod.

"Thank you Thomas," says Phil with genuine appreciation for his kindness there in her voice. It likely isn't something she receives often from those who have clear definitions of what a pureblooded witch should be doing. "Writing is important to me. That's why I wanted to travel. I had never really been anywhere else other than France." She sips her gin having almost forgotten it while they were speaking. "Is that partly why you have chosen your path too?"

"Off the record?" Thomas says jokingly again, "I have always been fascinated by Magical Law, I started to study it in my Fifth Year at Hogwarts." he says softly taking a sip of his glass, "After my first internship, I decided that this is what I wanted to do, not because it was a job suitable for someone of my name, but because the World needs people who are willing to sit and discuss things rather then draw a wand." he says with a small nod, "Also the world needs people like that, but are doing it for the greater good and not the salary and power." he finishes, with a small smile.

Phil grins over at Thomas, "Off the record," she agrees. Her head tilts slightly as she watches him speak. "You are a romantic and an idealist and I am again surprised." She turns her glass in her hand as it rests on the table. "I love doing what I do. I see each story as a big puzzle. I have to uncover the pieces and somehow find the pattern that enables me to put them in the right order and reveal the entirety. But then there is also the writing. I love to write." She leans forward, resting a forearm on the table and says in a soft conspirator's whisper, "I am writing a book."

Thomas takes another sip of his gin a soft smile on his face, "I like to think of myself as a realist, if everyone just does what benefits them, we are not truly living up to our full potential as a society." he says tilting his head slightly to the right as he listens to Phil speak, "The hunt, it is indeed a alluring thing. In your case it is the hunt for truth. In my case it is the hunt for a better world." he says slowly with a nod, "What are you writing about? If I may be so bold as to inquire?" he says softly with a smile.

"It is about the last great Troll War," says Phil as she stays leaning in like that. One never knows when idea filchers are about. "My protagonist is a wizard who is caught up in the war. He, somewhat like a Nobakov character, must decide which path to take. The difficult path will potentially cost him everything he holds dear but looks to be the right path as it will save lives. The easy path will lead to gratification, fortune and those things which tempt mankind to put aside their humanity."

Thomas smiles softly, "I would like to reserve a signed copy when it comes out." he says slowly, "It sounds interesting and I am sure it always have a place in my library." he says with a small nod, "Also if you so desire you can make it out to, Little-Tommy-Carrow." he says with a small chuckle, showing that he can be a good sport.

"It will be my pleasure," says Phil as she sits back in her chair. "I remember you, though I doubt you remember me. You were, what, three years behind me at school? I remember you in dueling club. You were very sure of yourself for such a young boy. But I am pleased to see you as you are. The not-so-little-Thomas." She smiles over at him and sips her gin.

Thomas swirls the glass in his hand, "Many people thought I was going to pursue a career in Magical Law Enforcement, due to my skill and confidence in dueling. However I felt that my confidence would be better served in politics." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Perhaps the adventurous life of a Auror is not for me, I think it would end up ruining my suits." he says obviously joking, "How do you feel about the current affairs?" he asks, the smile on his face vanishing as he asks this, rather bluntly.

The change of topic does not throw Phil but she does take her time to answer, "If you mean the Muggle world then I am concerned. It feels like war is coming. Marching into another country like that, just taking it over." She shakes her head faintly. "It cannot be allowed to stand." With a soft sigh Phil shifts on her chair. "If you mean our own affairs well…I have to admit I like Cassius Malfoy. He has something and I have thought about throwing my weight behind him but there is a lot of weight in the Rowle name even if I am but only one of a few who bear such a moniker."

Thomas doesn't comment at first he just nods, "I think the current events are interesting." is all he says with taking another sip of his glass. Before the smile returning to his face, "Mr. Cassius Malfoy is a very interesting man, I will say that." he says with another nod, "As far as the muggle events are concerned, I am curious to see how the Sudtenland situation is handled here in the next few days." he continues with another small nod, "As far as the Second Sino-Japanese War, I think that that region may face more troubles then we are currently seeing." he says softly.

"I interviewed him," says Phil. "I offered to do the same for the other side but they never bothered. A lot of what he said made sense. But change for our community is slow when it comes." She sips the last of the gin in her glass. "Mmmm," she nods in agreement with Thomas' take on the Sino-Japanese situation. "Reports coming out of China look bad. Very bad."

"And with both communities in Britain closing it boarders, most refugees are heading to the states from my understanding." Thomas saws, his brow furrowing slightly, it is obvious he doesn't like this, "But it is what it is, I suppose." he says with a small nod and a sip of his gin, "I have certain reservations with certain things, that I am sadly not able to disclose, given my position. I am sure you understand." he says with a small smile, obviously being careful as to not be overheard and thus committing political suicide.

As late afternoon waned and melded into evening Phil and Thomas have sat talking. What began as an unlikely conversation and meeting between the pair has turned into a varied conversation. Around them the Leaky Cauldron has become busier, more people coming in and going as the dinner rush passes. Now that it is later the crowd is getting younger.

"No, no," says Phil with a nod. "I do understand. That is also part of why I will not put my weight behind any political movement. I have to stay out of things as much as possible. To remain objective." She reaches into her cloak and pulls out the packet of French cigarettes. Ducking her head she lights one using a match and then after taking a pull from it offers one to Thomas. "I am hopeful that they will find help in America, but the Yanks are so desperate to remain neutral that they may turn people away. The Cubans did. Did you hear about that ship full of Jews they sent back from Havana?"

Graham enters the pub looking like he's just left work still wearing his work robes he likely needs some food for dinner or at least a start. He glances about to see if he knows anyone here spotting two at a table he makes his way through the place "Ah, good day Phil, Mr Carrow." He gives a nod to each in turn.

Thomas waves his hand, politely turning down the cigarette, "I am a Chesterfield man myself." he says softly as he removes his pack of cigarettes and joins Phil in one, striking his silver lighter and bringing it to life as he lights his cigarette, taking a long hard drag off of it. "I did hear about that boat, sad and frustrating to say the least." he comments on it with a small shake of his head, as Graham approaches and greets, "Evening Mr. Cohen, I hope all is well?" he says softly, his tone polite. He gestures towards a chair, "Would you be inclined to join us, that is if it is okay with the Lady." he says looking at Phil with a smile, tapping the butt of his cigarette causing the ash to float down slowly to the tray.

Phil tilts her head back and looks up at Graham, "Hello, Graham. Stopping off for your nightly cider before heading home?" Yes, she is here often enough to know the rituals of others too it seems. When Thomas offers to let the auror join them she shifts her chair a bit closer to Thomas to give Graham room to sit if he wants to pull a chair over.

"I'm fairly well, was a bit of a long day but to be expected. Hope all is well for you both as well?" Graham nods giving a smile "Something like that aye, it's good to see you Phil was a bit quiet about." He pulls up a chair lightly and sure enough his usual cider shows up without him ordering.

Thomas nods to Graham, "Interesting times at at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?" he inquires as he takes another drag off his cigarette, offering one to Graham as he asks. Taking another drag off his, he exhales slowly, his hands moves and rubs his chin slowly, "Though back on topic, I suppose my concern what happens when things if they do draw closer to home." he says slowly.

Phil just grins as Graham proves her prediction correct. She pulls on her cinnamon scented cigarette and finds herself nodding in agreement with Thomas as she exhales, ensuring the smoke goes away from either of her male companions. "I think it will be interesting. There are already some grumblings within Westminster of laws that might be coming back into force. Hints about restrictions which were put in place during the Great War."

Graham shrugs "I've had an on going investigation about seven or eight months worth of it, so things come in spurts for me though I also go on the day to day runs." he takes a sip from his cider "No thanks." he says to the offer of a cigarette. "Hm I wouldn't be surprised if we did have some changes around London, keeping peace by preparing and all that." he says trying to join in.

Thomas tucks the cigarettes and lighter into his inner jacket pocket as he listens, taking a deep drag off his cigarette, exhaling the bluish grey smoke. "I'll have to pass on commenting on Laws." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Well I hope your investigation goes well, Mr. Cohen." he says softly with a smile, taking a small sip of his gin, "I think we are all a little bogged down with work at the Ministry right now." he says with a small chuckle.

"It does seem to be the way with everyone," admits Phil. "I know my brother has been inundated with work. Or so he likes to tell me." She grins a bit. "Siblings will always make their lives out to be more something." Phil takes a pull off of her cigarette and nods towards Thomas' glass, "More gin, Thomas?"

Graham chuckles but shakes his head at not being able to discuss laws and the like. "No worries, cant go into investigation either so we're even there." he takes another drink from his cider "I had to learn about boasting at school don't have siblings so an interesting phenomenon."

Thomas waves his hand softly, "I am good thank you though, Phil. A gentleman doesn't get intoxicated in public, so I need to watch how much I drink." he says with a soft smile, taking another small sip of his gin. "Well things are odd with my brothers right now, so it seems the family has honed in on me. I think if I stay a intern much longer, my Father is going to disown me." he says with a soft chuckle, "Well if I recall you were rather good in the Dueling Club, Mr. Cohen." he says slowly with a nod. "So I am sure you boasted once or twice about that." he continues, before taking a slow drag off his cigarette.

"Fathers are harder on sons and mothers on daughters." Phil leaves her glass empty, not touching more gin either. "My father has always been very understanding of what I do, not so my mother. She is the one who pushes. I think it is the Avery in her. Or at least that is what I tell her in order to annoy her." A soft grin plays about Phil's mouth. "He was good wasn't he?"

The young man shakes his head slightly he tries his best to be humble. "I probably did though quite unintentionally, but I try not to though I'll admit Katherine and I had quite a few duel's which are to be remembered most as I tell it at least, didn't go my way." Graham explains before taking another drink from his cider he looks to Phil seeming to remember, "How was the trip?"

"Very good, I took a lot of mental notes while watching him." Thomas says slowly, with a nod taking a drag off his cigarette, "I feel confident say that he is not someone I would want to cross wands with." he continues offering a small salute with his glass to Graham. Thomas ashes his cigarette in the tray as he awaits Phil to recount her voyages again.

"It was a mixture of pleasure and sadness. There is beauty there, great beauty but also sadness and tension. Things are not well on the continent." Phil stares at the hazy smoke coming from the end of her cigarette and puts the filtered end to her lips to draw from. "We could not have gone if we had wated any longer."

Graham sets his glass back down as he looks over to Phil for her response but he still answers "Well thank you, I try my best to stay practiced is all." he responds though he signs slightly nodding at Phil's words "I am glad that some parts were good though hopefully it didn't spoil the trip as a whole. I was hoping you'd have a great time."

Thomas takes a small drag off his cigarette, "That is what I said, from what I have read Italy is such a lovely place with such interesting people and culture. Though the times seem to cause things to go astray." he says with a small sigh and a shake of his head.

"I did have one funny thought whilst in Venice," says Phil with a grin. "I joked about how if it were a British city which had been under water so long we would have long ago called a plumber to try and sort it out." She takes a drag off her cigarette and laughs a bit at that.

Graham chuckles "I'm sure the Italians, would have loved that thought to be voiced." he says giving a wink over to her before shaking his head. He finishes off his cider setting the glass back down "I guess it's lucky there is still lots to see here in England, still more trips to be had I think, maybe more time off next time if I can manage it."

Thomas chuckles softly at the joke, "Too true." he responds with another drag off his cigarette, "Did you get the chance to visit any of the Museums while there?" he asks softly with a smile, before turning his attention back to Graham, "Indeed more time off would be wonderful, I should be reviewing some files right now, but Phil decided my time would be better spent on socializing. I still have a whole bankers box to sort through this weekend, before given more things to review." he says shaking his head with a sigh.

"I have enjoyed distracting you Thomas," says Phil. "We have passed several enjoyable hours." She leans over and flicks the end off her cigarette. "I did go into a few museums, yes. I saw the Bridge of Sighs. So beautiful and sad. The Piazza de San Marco and the hundreds of pigeons. It reminded me of Trafalgar."

"The museum's sound interesting for sure." Graham says that's his speed for certain he looks between the pair nodding "I would say that relaxing in the pub with Phil trumps sorting most days, but I've been spending lots of time with her and between her and Sorcha I've learned quite a few bad habits." he chuckles he is joking of course though he has relaxed a lot more since meeting the both no doubt about it.

Thomas nods, "As I have been enjoyed being distracted. I have had my nose deep in papers for longer then I care to remember, I will say that I was slightly irked at first, but have rather enjoyed your company, Phil." he says with a small nod, "That does sound interesting, hopefully one day I will be able to visit a few of them." he continues, before chuckling at Graham, "She does seem to have that effect on people." he comments taking a long hard drag off his cigarette.

"Museums are your thing aren't they, Graham." Phil grins at her friend and then turns to look at Thomas. "Thank you for the compliment Thomas. I will bring my Sartre with me next time unless you wish to set a date for the exchange of French for Italian and then I will know when precisely to bring it?" She takes another pull off her cigarette.

Graham nods. "I'll not deny it, but i'm trying to stretch out, my vacation. Had parts that were completely unplanned beyond where we'd be staying," he says as if trying to prove that he's not completely boring after all just mostly boring. He looks to the other, "Indeed, but great company for certain."

Thomas takes another slow drag off his cigarette, "Well I certainly look forward to the articles in the Daily Prophet when they are published, Phil." he says with a small nod taking the final sip of his glass of gin he has been spacing out for several hours, "Good company indeed, he agrees. His eyes fall on his platter of Fish n' Chips that are a few hours old now, poking at it for a moment he takes a bite of one of the chips.

Phil eyes the cold plate of food and filches one of Thomas' cold chips. "Someone else's chips always taste better than your own, even when cold." She flicks the ash off the end of her cigarette.

The auror chuckles "I imagine you have a point. I've tried to cook a bit not sure how well I've done though." Graham says about the borrowed food though he's not tried this by example. "Who have you interviewed Phil?" asks interested in the current scoop at the moment. He knows that he owes her information when he's able to give it.

Thomas chuckles, "Well have as many as you like, I have been neglecting them." he says with a smile. "As for your offer on a time when we can work on Italian and French, really after thinking it over, it would be better for you to choose a time and location, that way I can shift my schedule around for that time, instead of my trying to decided what is less import to shift around." he says with a small nod and a smile.

Since Thomas offered Phil takes another one of his chips and bites it in half. "Well you seem to have a fair bit of work to do. How about if we then meet next week? I would not wish to put you further behind with your work and anticipation of a thing is something which can be excruciatingly divine." She draws on her cigarette and exhales with a smile.

Graham seems a bit confused at this part but turns off his work brain to be over curious about things. He orders another cider which is sat infront of him with some chips having been inspired perhaps. He is silent and simply listening while he eats and drinks a bit.

Thomas opens his briefcase up and retrieves a small leather bound calendar book, and his fountain pen. As he opens it notes and appointments are scattered across the pages, he starts scribbling a few things out and rewriting them in other locations for a moment, before nodding "Next week, same time same place it is then." he says slowly as he closes the book and slips it back inside his briefcase along with the pen, taking the last drag off his cigarette he puts it out in the ashtray. "I am always behind in work, I am the I.M.C. workhorse, I am starting to think that here in a few weeks they are going to run out of things for me to review." he says jokingly, tearing off a piece of the cold fish and taking a bite.

"Well if you wish to do it earlier just send me an owl," says Phil. She leans over and puts out her cigarette. "I should be going. Graham say hello to Sorcha for me." Rising to her feet she tucks her cigarettes away into her cloak again. "It has been a pleasure Thomas. I look forward to our cultural exchange."

Graham nods looking to his friend "I will of course i'm sure she will ask tons more questions about the trip than I have so be prepared, we should all do something soon maybe the zoo?" he says "It was good to see you." he adds giving a smile. He isn't completely sure on the other part but it's not his place right now to ask.

Thomas smiles and nods, "I will be sure to send an owl." he says slowly with a nod. "It has indeed been a delight, Phil. I too look forward to our exchange. Also speaking of time, I am now several hours behind in work and also should be heading home so I can sit down and keep reviewing all these old documents." he says standing up and buttoning the bottom button of his suit jacket, "Mr. Cohen it was a pleasure, I look forward to our next meeting." he says with a smile, extending his hand to Graham.

Phil brings out her wand and with a CRACK is gone, presumably heading home.

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