(1938-09-27) I Want To Hold Your Hand
Details for I Want to Hold Your Hand
Summary: The day after talking for the first time, Thomas and Rhyeline find themselves alone with each other, after Graham invites Thomas over, only to pulled away by an Auror emergency.
Date: September 25, 1938
Location: Rhyeline's Flat
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Rhyeline's Flat

A door with stained glass window panels reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's water lilies distinguishes this red-brick flat from the others on either side.

The mudroom opens onto a foyer with stairs leading to a second floor. A long hallway runs alongside the stairs through to the back door. The foyer opens to the right onto the parlor with an adjoining dining room. From the dining room, the kitchen hides tucked into the back of the house. Upstairs, a master bedroom and a guest bedroom allow for guests or even a flat mate. Outside behind the flat, surrounded by tall brick walls, sits a small garden.

The scent of an ever crackling fireplace intermingles with that of brewing coffee and the pure white roses in the bay window facing the street. Gentle lighting lends the flat a warm and cozy atmosphere.

"No… not a pub," murmurs Rhyeline. The little mouse sits on the little sofa in her living room -a loveseat really- and takes another sip of tea. "Outdoors. And- I was invited to go. Someone from the same year at Hogwarts as I was… and- he went to work for the IMC as well. And- it was a coincidence. We saw Brei there. She was in our year too. And when she graduated, she also went to work for the IMC. All three of us did…"

"Ah, well it was a decent day yesterday, though I really should teach you a good hot-air charm leaves ones clothes cold resistant for a little while as they are steaming afterwards." Graham says remembering how cold she was before though the odd way she is describing the others arches his eyebrows "I do know a few people from that department myself "Miss Montague being one, and I met another the other day well you saw him at the pub and I saw him again with Phil."

A three rapid knocks can be heard on the door. Outside, Thomas can be standing, his eyes moving across the area slowly, as he waits for someone to answer the door. His left hand moves up as he checks his watch.

"Ah. Yes, that's who it was. His name is Thomas Carrow… and he-" Rhyeline pauses at the knocking. If Graham happens to keep watching her, instead of turning to glance at the door himself, he might percieve a subtle flicker of nervousness in her dark, expressive eyes. Setting aside her tea, she gets up with slow, careful grace. "Excuse me, a moment…" she murmurs to Graham before heading over to the door.

The young man's gaze flickers to the door but it's only a moment before back and he does catch the look "Are you expecting?" but he trails off as she speaks assuming that is a yes. The look though makes him confused and perhaps uneasy. Graham crosses his arms a little trick he learned to look like he's just sitting back but really it places his hand where his wand is in his sleeve.

"No…" murmurs Rhyeline as she heads for the door. "Not expecting anyone. But- it's not unusual…" She peeks over at Graham with a bit of a grin. "You always came over by surprise." And with that, she dissappears into the Foyer and opens the door just a crack to peek outside. Catching sight of Thomas, the little mouse blinks, looking rather surprised. "…Thomas?"

From the area of the livingroom there comes a chuckle "I guess that your right there. It seemed to work out well all but that last." Graham says the sound carries okay from the distance and the young mans brow arches once more though his hands relax as it's not really a startled greeting which comes back to him.

"Ah Ms. Diderot, I certainly hope I am not interrupting." Thomas says with a soft smile, "Er, well I mean Rhyeline." he corrects himself with small nod and smile, "I was hoping we could have a chat, since we were not able to finish our, outing." he says with a small nod, "However if this is a inconvenient time for you, I will gladly stop by another time or set an appointment for a convenient time, I would rather not wait for another happen chance meeting with you." he says with a small nod, the warm smile still on his face.

Rhyeline opens the door a bit wider so that it doesn't seem like she's peeking out so cautiously at him. "Em… well- I was just having tea with- with Graham. You are welcome to join us. There is enough cake…"

Thomas nods and steps through the door, removing his fedora. "Much obliged Rhyeline, once again I do apologize for the short notice, perhaps I should have sent an owl?" he says slowly with a nod, prepared to follow Rhyeline. "I certainly hope I am not intruding." he says his hand moving up and rubbing his chin slowly.

"Not at all," murmurs Rhyeline as she draws back the door and then shuts it behind him. Leading him into the sitting room where Graham is waiting, she murmurs, "I- I guess you two have met before yes?" Once Thomas is settled into the a seat of his choice, the girl excuses herself to fetch another teacup from the kitchen.

Graham nods at the others words "Indeed." he answers her though is still concerned he wipes that look from his face before he turns back "Greetings Mr Carrow." he says smiling once more as he reaches up to take a sip from his tea cup again. "I hope all is well?" he asks.
@emit %r%t"Ah Mr. Cohen, seems like our paths seem crossing, I certainly hope all is well within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?" Thomas says slowly with a small nod as he unbuttons the third button on his suit and takes a seat in a open chair, placing his fedora in his lap, "Last we spoke you were following leads on a investigation that you had been partaking in for several months. I hope one of those leads, certainly breaks the case wide open for you." he says with a warm smile, "Oh yes, I simply stopped by to speak with Ms. Diderot, sadly our outing was interrupted yesterday." he says with a small wave of his hand.

"Ah Mr. Cohen, seems like our paths seem crossing, I certainly hope all is well within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?" Thomas says slowly with a small nod as he unbuttons the third button on his suit and takes a seat in a open chair, placing his fedora in his lap, "Last we spoke you were following leads on a investigation that you had been partaking in for several months. I hope one of those leads, certainly breaks the case wide open for you." he says with a warm smile, "Oh yes, I simply stopped by to speak with Ms. Diderot, sadly our outing was interrupted yesterday." he says with a small wave of his hand.

Rhyeline returns soon with another china teacup. She comes back and takes up her usual spot in the armchair by the fire. Instead of drawing out her wand as she usually does, she pours tea for Thomas by hand. "Yes…" she murmurs, having heard the last bit of the conversation. "Brei, she- she got upset… I couldn't find her afterwards though."

Thomas nods slowly as she speaks and pours the tea, "That is a unfortunate event, I fear my inquiry of you, perhaps upset her. Though I consider her a friend, often times I wonder if the sentiment is returned." he says slowly, once the tea is finished being poured, he retrieves two sugar cubes and softly drops them in his tea, before pouring a little bit of tea, he takes a small sip, holding the saucer in his hand as he does so, "However, I will broach that topic once, you and Mr. Cohen, finish the topic at hand you both were discussing, I am sure I interrupted, it would be quiet rude of me not to allow both of you the opportunity to finish." he says slowly with another small sip of his tea.

"Well, I- I was just telling him about yesterday," murmurs Rhyeline. She slips her feet out of her ballet flats and tucks them beneath herself. "Brei did get upset after you had- had asked me if I'd like to go with you again to listen to music. But… I don't think that's why she would get upset… she- she struggles against shadows that try to consume her, I think…" She bites her lower lip and looks over at Graham, as if hoping he might have insight to lend. It is clear that the girl is more puzzled and worried for Brei than anything else. The real reason for Brei's reaction is clearly quite lost on her.

Graham looks away from her though back and forth as they speak nodding and giving a small sigh "She, has demons in her past it would seem and so rejects." he pauses as if trying to find the right words "Hm, any light around her. Such as when I say Good Evening to her. It is likely that the thought of merriment with music and the like she couldn't see it only the possibilities of negative outcomes." he takes a drink of his tea "This is just what i've noticed though. I may be wrong."

Thomas smiles softly, "I think it was perhaps that she realized what I was inquiring more so, then you have, Rhyeline." he says slowly, his hand moving up and rubbing his chin slowly, clearly deep in thought, "Rhyeline, I was not asking if you would like to come listen to music with me again, I asked if you would perhaps enjoying doing things like that with me more often." he says slowly, his face clearly one that is in thought, as he takes a slow sip of his tea, "I suppose it would be best to put it plainly, Rhyeline, would you object, if I spoke with your father about seeking courtship?" he says slowly he turns and looks at Graham, "I certainly hope this question has not made you uncomfortable, Mr. Cohen, this is not really how I had intended to ask, though if it has, I sincerely apologize." he says offering Graham a small apologetic nod.

Rhyeline tilts her head to the side as she listens to Graham's explanation. She takes a small sip of tea before giving a little nod. Then her dark gaze flits to Thomas as he begins to offer his own hypothesis. The look of quiet curiosity vanishes as her eyes widen with alarmed shock. She freezes, clinging tight to the cup of tea in her hands. In addition to such an unexpected question, realizing too much at once seems to overwhelm the girl, leaving her speechless despite her slightly parted lips.

Graham looks from person to person though had he known he could likely have warned the other that having an audience would likely not be the time for said conversation. The auror looks concerned for a moment as he turns towards Rhyelien trying to judge her reaction which is hard when she's frozen though knowing her mind is likely going a mile a minute. "I should probably allow you two to discuss this properly." he breaks the silence, preparing to stand up it would seem.

Thomas watches Rhyeline, slowly. This was not how he had intended any of this to go, he takes a slow sip of his tea from his cup, "Ms. Diderot, if you do not find me a adequate suitor, I would certainly understand. It was not my intent to spring this on you in this sense, however I feared that my intentions would be pointed out by another and as a Gentlemen, I felt that this should come from me." he continues as he takes another sip of his tea, "Mr. Cohen, As I stated, I felt that this needed to be broached prior to another individual, letting her know. I am certain you understand, Mr. Cohen and I am sincerely sorry, that this had made you uncomfortable." he says with a small nod.

A cacophony of emotions fills Rhyeline's gaze as Graham excuses himself. Her gaze flits from person to teacup to fireplace to person, like a parakeet without a perch. She does not yet speak, waiting instead for the situation to settle.

"It is not that at all, but as one who had the subject broached for him in public. I understand the need for a proper conversation." Graham says though his gaze is on Rhyeline while he does so a pang in his stomach at what he sees there. He has to make a quick decision though turns his course instead from the door to her in a round about course. He doesn't speak until he's closer "Thank you for the tea Rhyeline." he leans and gives the same sort of brotherly hug he'd done so before only than speaking very low as to still not be over heard "I'm always close by." he says though straightens back up turning back "Depending on how the talk goes we may need to speak further Mr Carrow." he says it's not a threat well not really anyways (yet) he will turn to head out.

Thomas sits quietly, taking a sip of his tea, not saying a word as Graham addresses Rhyeline. When the conversation ends and Graham speaks to him, he nods at the man, "I understand, Mr. Cohen." is says simply, his eyes moving across Rhyeline slowly, taking her in for a moment, the smile on his face fading, one of the rare times it is not planted on his face. "Rhyeline…" he starts slowly, biting his lower lip slowly, "I didn't mean to overwhelm you, that is why I was trying to gently hint at, what I was trying to say at the park." he says slowly, his eyes closing for a brief moment, before opening looking back at Rhyeline.

Rhyeline's dark gaze seems at once vulnerable and cautious when Graham approaches and pulls her into a gentle, brotherly hug. She bites her lower lip at the whispered words, but doesn't respond. However, her dark, quite stare lingers on Graham as he directs the subtle warning towards Thomas. Her gaze flits to Thomas as he speaks to her. She gives a small nod, indicating she understands, but still doesn't speak.

Thomas takes a sip from his eyes on Rhyeline, he sit there silently. He looks over Rhyeline slowly again taking another sip of his tea, "How many Dragons does it take to light up a wand?" he asks slowly, his head tilting slightly to the left, "Just one, their might not be wand or wizard left when he's done." he says with a small wink, the smile returning to his face, followed by a soft chuckle, "Okay, so we have established that I can't really tell a joke. Next on the agenda, do you want me to leave Rhyeline?" he says softly, a warm and friendly smile on his face.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip and averts her gaze, looking almost ashamed of herself. "…forgive me," she murmurs at last. "I just- I wasn't expecting… I mean- we- we've only spoken a few times before…" When she lifts her gaze once more, her eyes shine with such vulnerability and shyness.

Thomas smiles softly, "Come now my joke wasn't that bad." he says slowly. "Rhyeline…" he says slowly, closing his eyes for a moment, "I viewed you as a rival throughout Hogwarts…" he starts slowly, "When I saw you that night, when we shared a cup of tea, you pulled on every last one of my heart strings." he says softly, in almost a whisper, "Then the very next day, bumping into you like that… I view it as fate." he says with a small nod to himself, "I know we don't know each other that deeply, that is why I wish to seek a courtship, I want you to know my intentions clearly from the start." he tries to explain slowly, a fleeting look of uncertainty on his face for only a moment.

Rhyeline studies Thomas with quiet caution. "…others have expressed interest in me before… but- most often they were just trying to get close to a powerful man I served. I- I am not used to- to genuine interest…" At last, a rather deep blush warms her cheeks and she averts her gaze, hoping to hide the vulnerable look of such shyness.

Thomas nods slowly, "I can assure you, that my interest is indeed genuine." he says softly, sitting down the teacup and saucer on the tea tray. "In fact, though I have a reputation, a minor reputation, as a flirt. I have never actually seeked out someone Father to ask for permission for courtship." he says slowly with a nod.

Rhyeline's cheeks remain quite warm as she sneeks a peek over at Thomas. Looking back down into the cup of tea in her lap, she murmurs, "I believe that your interest is genuine… but, I… I still don't know what to make of your request." She bites her lower lip before continuing her quiet confession. "And- I'm… not sure if it would be wise… you- you know so little of me. And I of you…" It would seem she has missed the entire point of courtship.

Thomas chuckles softly, "You are too cute, Rhyeline." he says complimenting her, "My request is simple, grant me permission to seek additional permission from your Father, so that we can get to know each other better. So you can see more the man you got a glance of yesterday, not the Thomas who is always toiling over work, dressed for work, but the man, who surrounds himself by the beauty of the world, great literature, art and music." he says slowly with nod, "I am asking, because you are the first women I have met who I feel can truly appreciate these things with me." he says once again complimenting her, a soft warm smile on his face.

Rhyeline is a cautious creature, not trusting compliments or first impressions. She bites her lower lip, watching Thomas for a moment in silence. "Thomas…" she murmurs at last. "I'm… I'm sure that you've heard rumors about- about what happened in Berlin. About the curse…"

Thomas raises his hand slowly and waves it slightly, "I have heard the rumors, true or not, it does not change my views." he says softly, "Though if they are true, I do want to spend as much time with you as possible." he says with a small nod, "Rhyeline, you have stolen my heart with out even trying all I am asking, is the chance to try and win yours." he says slowly and softly.

Rhyeline averts her gaze as his words settle in. At last, she murmurs, "…you do not need my permission to do as you wish… But… I do not think that- that courtship would be wise…" She still does not meet his gaze.

Thomas sighs slightly, "I am well aware of the fact that, I can simply ask your Farther for permission…" he says slowly, his right hand moves up and rubs the bridge of his nose, "I do not want to seek permission from your Farther, unless you would approve of me as a suitor." he says slowly, "Why wouldn't it be wise? Rhyeline, I implore you to be frank with me." he says softly.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip, peeking up at Thomas. Her dark gaze studies his features, trying to see through his mask of sincerity. At last, she sets aside her cup of tea and draws her legs up, hugging them to her chest. In this moment, she looks so very much like the painfully shy creature who never spoke to anyone at school. When speaks, her voice is little more than a whisper. "…It's not that I don't approve… you seem- you seem like a good man… a rare thing… or perhaps you are so cunning that not even I can sense that there's something hidden. But… that's not the reason… you see-" She hesitates and continues to avoid his gaze, looking instead into the fire crackling in the fireplace. "There are many reasons… but- maybe one is that… well… if I were to feel as hurt as- as Brei did last night… to be jealous… I think that would give my curse enough strength to end me at last…"

Thomas closes his eyes, "You fear that I will cause you pain, that I will be unfaithful or that perhaps my motives are not pure." he says slowly, with a small nod, "To be clear I do not take offense, this is your life we are speaking of." he continues slowly, the smile vanished from his face and his brow furrowed, "Am I understanding your concerns correctly?" he asks slowly.

Rhyeline shakes her head. "No… it's not that- I mean… Brei… she felt- felt jealous without- without cause. It's that- if someone tried to take you… I'd feel jealous…"

Thomas closes his eyes, "What if I could assure you, that your life would never be put in harms way, that you should never have to feel a tinge of jealousy, because I would never act upon any advancement, that I would while courting you, I would be purely loyal to you and that you should have nothing to fear?" he says slowly, with a nod, "If I could assure that on my own life, would you still be fearful?" he asks softly, his gaze on her.

Rhyeline continues to look away towards the fireplace as she hugs her legs to her chest. Shifting, she folds her arms over the tops of her knees and half-hides behind them. "…You cannot promise such things… because you could never hope to control emotions that I cannot even control…" Her dark gaze flits back to him. "I do want to continue to speak with you. You can even speak with my father if you wish. As long as you understand why I maintain distance…"

Thomas nods slowly, his face a little more serious then normal, "Rhyeline, you didn't answer my question, If I could promise you those things from me. Would that take away the fear, that I would be nothing but faithful and that any advance would be moot, would that take away your fear?" he says slowly, repeating himself.

"The emotion of jealousy… it is only a symptom of what the curse would draw strength from," murmurs Rhyeline, looking away once more. "You see- the curse… it was designed to end Ambassador Troy. And- though he was motivated in Berlin by noble purpose… his heart was filled with dark emotion… desire for control… he was a possessive man." A subtle warmth lingers in her cheeks. Keeping her gaze averted, she continues, "I survived because- I maintain so much detachment from such emotions. But- were I to return your affections as much as you would want me to… if I were to be prone to jealousy in the first place… /that/ is what would give the curse strength…"

Thomas closes his eyes and listens, his brow furrows in thought. His face blank and empty as his mind races. He stays silent for sometime, "Even with the knowledge that I would be true to you, that nothing should be feared, even if I was to take the Unbreakable Vow, to put your mind and heart at ease? That wouldn't be enough?" he says slowly, knowing how crazy he must be sounding, his gaze moves up and looks at Rhyeline slowly, the smile forming on his face, "I already told you, that you stole my heart without so much as lifting a finger." he says softly, his tone warm.

Rhyeline looks over to him, her brows furrowing ever so slightly. He still hasn't quite understood. Resting her chin on her arms, she murmurs, "It's not that… it's… 'wanting someone' that would allow the curse to draw strength… Wanting for you to be mine, to make such a vow… that is what is dangerous…"
Thomas nods slowly, his hand coming up and slowly rubbing his brow, "I…" he says softly, his mouth staying open as he searches for the words he wants, his eyes close again, "I understand, Rhyeline." is the only thing he can manage to get out of his mouth, his eyes still closed as he shakes his head, "You can not put yourself in danger." his says this slowly, his tone not much more then a whisper. "If…something changes." he starts with a nod, "Please let me know, Rhyeline." he continues, a smile forming on his lips, though it appears forced, "Perhaps I was too brash, for that I apologize, for any discomfort I may have caused you." he says standing up, his hand moving out of instinct to button the bottom button on his suit jacket. "As always, it has been my pleasure." he says softly, his hand taking up his fedora.

"…you're leaving?" murmurs Rhyeline ever so softly. A subtle dissappointment lingers behind the reserve of her dark, quite gaze.

Thomas stands there for a moment, silent. "Would you rather I stayed?" he says softly, "I wasn't leaving because I want too, I am leaving because…" he says slowly, "I fear I am simply hurting you, that I am overwhelming you. That I have acted to brash and have made a fool of myself, forcing you in the process to recalling things and considering thing you did not want too." he says softly, his gaze still on the ground.

"I enjoyed the book you let me borrow… few wizards, especially of pureblood, are able to appreciate what muggles have to offer… you took me to listen to jazz… I enjoy your company," murmurs Rhyeline, gazing at him before hiding a bit behind her arms folded over her knees. "But- if you do not wish to associate with me because I cannot return your affection, not as much as you would wish me to, then I understand."

Thomas shakes his head, "I never said that I do not wish to associate with you Rhyeline." he says softly, "Also if you think that you can get rid of me that easily, you are mistaken." he says slowly, "On the topic of the Yearling, the symbolism for a child's rite of passage to adulthood can easily be applied to the growths and maturity the muggles are facing, Jody releasing Flag can easily be related to the concept of the Wizarding Community, removing certain policies and accepting their place in a society as a whole, putting away childish nonsense, for the greater good…" he says slowly, "Their is more…" he says slowly, "I still want to take you to listen to Jazz, I want to take you to watch the Theater, I want to show you all these things that I care about, that amaze me, that to me are awe inspiring." he says slowly with a shake of his head, "I thought that you knowing how I felt, you would not want to share those with me. I can't stop how I feel for you…" he says with a soft smile.

A blush slowly emerges in the girl's soft, snow-white cheeks as she listens. "As long as- as you do not expect such emotions from me… I would like very much to continue speaking with you… In another life, things might have been different… but… I think that in this life- I am not meant for such things…"

Thomas shakes his head slowly, "Then, after all the excitement, I shall experience a certain satiation of suffering—perhaps on the mountain pass to a kind of happiness which it is too early for me to know." he says slowly, looking up at the ceiling, "I think not, Art intimates life." he continues, with a nod. "Rhyeline, if you ask for me not to expect, I shalt not, but please always recall that I do care deeply for you…" he says with a small nod.

Rhyeline averts her gaze as he reminds her how much he cares for her. The warmth in her cheeks lingers, perhaps even deepening. At last, she gives a little nod, indicating she understands.

Thomas nods, "Also you can't be mad at me if I buy you gifts, compliment you, on how lovely you look even when you are all curled up, being shy and somewhat grim." he says slowly with a smile, walking over to Rhyeline,his right hand moving slowly to sit on her shoulder, "Rhyeline, I understand, but I do not accept that fate can be so cruel. I won't and I refuse to accept this as fate." he says slowly, nodding his head.

Rhyeline hugs her legs a bit tighter as Thomas places a gentle hand upon her delicate shoulder. Once again, the girl looks rather vulnerable as she peeks up at him, meeting his gaze. Looking rather shy, she remains silent and watchful.

Thomas smiles warmly at her, "Do you want me to stay or would you like me to go?" he says softly, giving her shoulder a soft squeeze. "I would gladly stay and talk more about the book, if you will have me. Though I think we would require a bit more hot tea." he says jokingly, with a soft smile.

"Yes… I'd like that… more tea would be good. And- and talking about the book… but- not for too long… because- Keenan- Healer Keenan, he- he says I'm not good at taking care of myself… I'm trying to be better… and so- I should try to sleep before long…" murmurs Rhyeline. Slowly she tucks her feet beneath herself once more, no longer hiding behind her knees.

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