(1938-09-30) Christmas Plans in the Owlery
Details for Christmas Plans in the Owlry
Summary: Douglas is up to no good, Janette discovers his nefarious plot, and Gus bleeds all over everything.
Date: 1938-09-30
Location: Owl Tower, Hogwarts

Owl Tower, Hogwarts
Mon Sep 30, 1938 ((Mon Sep 30 14:12:30 2013)), (Q,4 U)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

The Owl Tower's floor is covered in owl droppings, straw, and small animal skeletons. Six huge windows are embedded both in the bottom of the north and south wall sections of this rounded room. The windows are open to the elements and allow the owls to fly in and out as they please. The tower is quite tall and has many recessed arches for each owl to have their own home. The walls below each of the recesses are also covered with splotches of owl droppings and actually give an interesting contrast to the old stone work behind. During the winter, the room is quite cold and there is a danger of ice on the floor. Arching off the south side at the top of the tower, is a sky bridge that leads to the palisades of the castle.

It's fairly late on in the evening, and the school is generally hushed, but up in the owl tower, there are always birds coming and going at night. Ruining the general aesthetics of the place, however, Douglas is sprawled in an empty archway, one knee drawn up to his chest, as he tends what appears to be a teeny, tiny fire with a teeny tiny copper pot on it.

Pale fingers are running through the edges of the letter, while a young snow-white lady paces to the Owl Tower. The wide smile is dancing on her colourless lips, when she cuddles that letter to her heart. Silent humming may be heard. May be heard until the girl sees that boy.

She cants her head, letting frosted curls sway in the air playfully, and grey eyes are curiously stuck to the boy. However, smile disappears and coolly voice demands "What are doing?"

Douglas starts guiltily, knocking the pot from the fire and spilling some kind of grainy, sloppy mush to the floor. "Ah! Merlin's bloody beard, don't creep up on a lad like that!" he responds, exasperated, as he tries to rescue his experiment by scooping it up with one sleeve. "And what are you looking so cheery about, anyway? Did you just win something?"

Janette frowns suspiciously. "You did not answered to my question. What is this?" she speaks slowly, pronouncing each word very clearly and points at the mush.

"Win? I never play anywhere," she adds "to won something. I have no time for games.It's just a letter from my father," very proudly explains girl and straightens even more,raising her chin and tossing some white curls back.

"I'm trying something for potions class," Douglass dismisses, shifting so he's mostly in the way of his mushy mess. "Letter from your father? What is it, a job offer or something?"

Janette sniffs "I love my father and I can be happy getting a letter from him, without any specific reasons…"

Though, quickly a smirk appears on her lips and she more curiously comes closer "Potions, you say. And what exactly you were doing?" she chuckles, mannerly muffling the sound with her hand. "I see that it is going not very well…" she chuckles once more, examining the working place of the boy.

Douglas pulls himself upright to stamp out the struggling fire with one foot, lifting his robes well clear. "It was all going just fine until you showed up," he defends, sniffing. "Anyway, extra homework is actually encouraged, you know. You can't get me in trouble for practicing potions."

Janette pouts "Why I should want to get you into trouble?.. I am not some kind of…" she gasps a few times nervously,before closing her eyes and, likely, counting in her minds to calm down.

After a few moments she adds "But you could find a… better place for doing your homework… And you could just say, that you need help," girl chews on her lip, shifting from one foot to another. Sparkles are glinting in her eyes. There are nothing more interesting than potions for her "So, what you were preparing?"

"It's nice and cold up here, and I can't burn anything down," Douglas points out. "And I'm not usually disturbed." He turns to gather his pot and scoop what he can back into it. "Well, it's… sort of potions homework, anyway. Not exactly issued to us as homework, but…" He clear his throat. "I'm trying to make butterbeer."

Janette starts laughing quite loudly and she almost loses her letter. "What the hell is butterbeer?" she rolls her eyes and even gives a gentle punish for the boy, to his shoulder.

Though, suddenly she remembers who she is. Girl blushes and quickly, straightens her cloak, straightening again and giving that marble look once more. "I don't think it's homework… I smell a trouble…" and her child inside chuckles again, but she tries to remain that haughty lady, she wants to be.Or should.

Douglas flashes a crooked grin, beckoning her down to see. "Look, they sell it in Hogsmeade, right? And it's… well, it's sweet, and kinda of spiced and beery and… well, I thought I'd try it. So we've got grain and sugar and butter and cloves and water, and I was going to boil them down and then let it ferment, right? And see what we've got by Christmas."

Janette frowns a bit "But that's not good, you know. I should tell it to the professor, you know…" her gaze now slips to the ceilings and she elegantly sways, humming a soft melody. She could look like a ghost, if not that Slytherin uniform.

Douglas rubs at his face. "All right, you want in on it? I'll give you ten percent if it sells, all right?"

Janette gasps "What do you think I am?!" She turns her back to Douglas "You are a trouble maker and acting like a child. Grow up." Janette starts whirling her curls "You are making it not just for yourself, but for selling it?! And you just tried to bribe me? No way… I am a lady, I am a prefect and I am from honourable well known family. I won't get into such business. Prepare yourself for trouble!.." she glances at Douglas, observing him from feet to hair. When her grey orbs are fixed on his eyes for a moment, girl blushes and turns away, starting incredibly slowly walk away. She hums the melody once more.

Douglas pulls back to hurry after her. "Come on, come on, don't dob me in!" he pleads, giving her his best, hopeful smile and moving round to get in the way. "Look, you're probably right, but think of how much fun it'll be, eh? And it's not like anyone needs to know where it came from." He holds up both hands, walking backwards as she walks. "Besides, nobody would suspect you. You're perfect!"

"You got to be kidding?!" girl's eyes widen. "Get out of my way. I will never ever speak with you again. I don't want trouble." Girl pouts and stares at the man with marble expression. "You and your friends were so happy making fun of…" she pauses a bit and blushes even more. "… fun of m…people…" finally she finishes. "So, try to be happy and facing the consequences of your other sinful actions." She hides a curl behind her ear, brushing with the pale fingers through the slightly coloured cheek. "I am a young lady and I shouldn't be seen around you. I recommend you to learn some manners, will be helpful for your future." Girl comes quite close near the boy (just from inertia) and touches his arm, just to toss it away, but… for some reason she quickly jumps backwards, clasps her hands around herself and her cheeks become so brightly red, and all this whiteness around just emphasizes it more. "Just let me go…"

"If you never speak to me again, I will be heartbroken," Douglas insists, hands still up, but slowing his rearward retreat. "Look, seriously, honest to god, I apologize for anything I ever said to upset you. Sometimes…. you know… you say things so you look cool, and… yeah… look, here, we'll get your letter sent off, all right? And then say nothing more about it. Fair?"

Girl bites her lip and retreats more from the boy. Now she looks a bit scared. Totally by accident, she raises her hand, to check these burning cheeks, hoping to extinguish the fire, but she is unsuccessful. "You are making it again… You are just teasing me. I have some pride not to…" she just shakes her head fiercely, still looking scared of the boy. Nervous gaze slips to his arm, sometimes, where she touched him.

Douglas shakes his head, crossing a finger over his heart. "I swear I'm not taking the piss. Honestly. What can I do to make it up to you?" he asks earnestly, flashing that hopeful smile again. "When are you free tomorrow? I'll show you the most awesome thing I ever found. Deal?"

Girl starts very nervously rubbing her fingers. Nervously and angry. Angry at the boy and, of course, herself, for acting like this. After some more moments, she manages to straighten again, but she tries to keep safe distance from the boy, who made her blush. Nobody makes her blush! Janette tries to laugh ironically "And what it will be? Some kind of stone? Bug or other boyish thing?.. You try to bribe me… I am not silly. You wouldn't come and you have nothing to show me…"

Douglas nervously runs a hand through his hair, making it messier if anything. "Look, I can only show you if you promise not to disturb them, okay?" He watches her carefully for a long moment, before explaining, "There's a nest. Up in the roof. And if I'm right, the eggs are going to hatch any time now and there will be owlets flying around tomorrow. I'm going to train them," he tells her solemnly. "It's what my dad does for a living, so I know what I'm doing."

Girl's features softens. She chuckles a bit and bites her lip playfully. Strange sparkles appears in her grey eyes. "Baby owls…You… the boy, who cares about making fun of others, destroying things, can be sooo… soft and like the baby owls… I heard that just good people like animals. Show me them now…" Janette glances at the boy ,but when her eyes meets his, she blushes again, so girl just turns the gaze on the spot in the wall.

Douglas half smiles. "Hey, who said I like destroying things? But look, you've got to promise you won't tell anyone anything. Not about the owls and not about the beer. That's the deal," he insists, flicking a quick glance up towards one area of the rafters.

Girl smirks "I won't tell about the beer, if you will promise me not to do this. It's not because of me or others, it's just for your own safety and good name, you know…"

Douglas's brow draw together in puzzlement. "Not to do what?" he queries, moving beside her to rest a hand casually on her shoulder. "Train the owls, or chat you up?"

Douglas, who looks a bit puzzled and stands in the way for Janette, rests his hand on her shoulder. (Where are some mush filled on the ground?) Janette flinches at the touch and roses blooms on her cheeks once more. She withdraws from the boy, clasping her hands around herself again. "I… I meant…beer thing…" she takes a scratch, immersing her pale fingers to her white curls.

"But it'll be awesome!" Douglas insists, giving her an encouraging grin and an expansive wave around, back still to the entrance. "All three bits. We'll have the best Christmas ever! Tell me honestly you don't want to try some. Just a little bit."

In comes Augustin, carrying a note in one hand and a dead vole in the other. Looking up at the owls perched around he says, "Nice juicy treat for the owl who'll deliver thi —" He cuts off when he sees the other two students. "Oh, hello," he says to them.

Janette nervously shifts from one foot to another. The blush just grows up and the girl feels being in quite a hesitation. She blinks a few times staring at the boy, and even offering him a bit warm, shy smile. She opens her mouth to say something, but is interrupted by Augustin. Smile fades from her features and she once more becomes as cold as stone. She does not say anything.

Douglas turns on his heel, immediately taking a pace away from Janette and switching on a quick grin for Augustin. "Hey, Gus. Didn't see you there. What's up?" he greets, smoothing one hand through his hair before tucking his thumbs into his belt. "Post to deliver? Anything fun?" He holds out a hand for the note. "Let's have a shufti, then?"

"It's not — no, nothing fun," Gus says, dropping the hand with the note in it. "Just a letter to me mum," he explains. For some reason his cheeks pink up, and he shifts his eyes first one way and then another. Someone is a /terrible/ liar, perhaps? Or the letter might contain something Gus feels is embarrassing? "What are you two doing?" he asks, obviously trying to deflect the attention away from himself. "Snogging, eh?" He glances from his friend to the silver girl Doug just stepped away from.

Where is strawberry?! Janette is strawberry! She pouts at Augustin and tosses a bit disappointed gaze at him. Or the gaze, which would say "I told you, that you and your friends, can't be friendly".
She crosses her hands on abdomen, still not saying anything, trying to be straight and haughty, but some kind of sadness flashes in her orbs. She nervously opens the letter she has and takes a few steps away, reading it,or pretending on doing something.

"No, no, no!" Douglas denies sharply. "No, we're not! She was… we were… discussing potions homework," he eventually decides upon, nodding firmly, and reaching to pluck the note from Augustin's hand. "What is it, dear mum, please send me more cash, I need to pay for somebody to make me good looking?"

"Potions ho-waugh!" Gus squawks when Douglas successfully plucks the letter from his hand. "Hey!" The letter reads, "Dear Mum, I got your letter. I really do love Lillian, so I won't join the Mud Club. Just please don't try to break us up like you said you would if I did join. I honestly think she's the one for me. I was thinking of asking her to meet you and Dad this Christmas break. Maybe for Boxing Day we could all meet in London and have a nice dinner. School is fine, studies going well. Please tell Dad to take his potion while they're harvesting this time so he doesn't swell up again. Give Moxie a pet for me. Love, Gus."

Janette remains silently reading her own letter, which has more than one page. She is near the slightly opened window and a small breeze tickles her nose, playfully swaying a few curls. She gives no attention for the boys for now.

Douglas scans over the note, grin spreading over his face before he holds it up, waving it up. "Awww! True loooooove," he mocks his friend. "She's the one for you, eh? Awww, how cuuuuute." He waves the note over towards Janette. "He's getting married, and he never told /any of us/."

"GIVE IT BACK!" Gus bellows, rushing toward Douglas. "You've no right —" He'd have done his level best to tackle the other boy, only his foot hits the mess of Douglas' spilled cauldron and he slips and falls chin-first onto the hard stone floor. There is an audible crack and Gus rolls onto his back, clutching his bleeding chin and howling.

At first,Janette gives no attention to Douglas and how he teases the boy, but when Augustin falls, she gasps "Look what have you done! You just can't not get into trouble, yes?" she says for Douglas and extends her hand to Augustin. "Congratulations for finding love. I do hope it will teach you some manners and politeness, but now you should go to the doctor." Though, Janette glances at Douglas and her lips without any sound whispers to him.

Douglas hurriedly drops to his knees, discarding the note and instead checking Augustin over, offering an arm. "Come on, come on, let's get you to the doctor." He eyes Janette in disbelief. "I didn't do it! And I'll only promise if you agree to the other bit, too."

Gus is down, but he's not out, not yet. And as magical dueling is forbidden, and as he's still angry at Douglas for stealing the letter, and as that anger is now fueled by the pain of his bleeding chin, he hauls back and punches his friend in the gut. It's not really /that/ hard a punch, since the boy can't get good leverage from his prone position, but Doug will surely notice it. "/That's/ for stealing my letter, you prat!" he growls. He pushes himself up and cups his still-bleeding chin again. "Now be a good friend and patch me up. Don't think I need the Healer's work, honestly." He looks over at Janette, frowns a bit. "I have perfectly nice manners, to those who have nice manners to me," he tells her. "If you think otherwise, check your own behavior, first."

"You were the first to make fun of people, now you got,what you are worth…" resents the girl at Augustin. Though,then she turns her head to Douglas, her features softens slightly,but then Janette frowns a bit and just whispers "One day. I just give you one day to find me and speak about it without interruptions, Douglas," chuckles the girl, blushes and hurries away.

Douglas doubles over, winded by the unexpected punch, and coughs, clutching at his gut. "Oh come /on/! That really necessary?" he wheezes, balling a fist and threatening Gus weakly with it. "Oh great! And now she's gone! Nice one, Gus. CHEERS FOR THAT."

"Scourgify," Gus mutters, cleaning up the blood that's gotten on his robes. "Yeah, it was necessary," he tells Douglas. "You had to go blabbing my private business in front of the Snowsnake, there. Here is some advice for free, mate - if you want to woo a girl, don't make fun of someone else's romance. She won't have any reason to trust you won't do the same about your romance with her, eh?" He points to his chin. The bleeding is slowing. "Quick heal, if you don't mind."

Douglas hesitates for a moment as he pulls out his wand, before taking the man's note again, holding it up to the bleeding chin and managing a poor, "Epoxymise!" He tucks the wand away again, giving Gus a helpless smile. "Hey, it's the best I can do. That'll stop you bleeding everywhere at least, right?"

Gus stares at Douglas. Just /stares/ at him. "You. Are. Useless." He shakes his head, the letter flapping around with the motion. "Completely useless." Reaching up he yanks it off again. There's more blood, and now his letter's stained with it. Making a frustrated growl he rips it up and crumples it in his fists before shoving the lot into his pockets. "I was trying not to go to the Healer, because what is he going to ask, first thing?"

Douglas thumbs his chest. "Do I look like a healer to you?" he defends himself, rolling his eyes. "You wanted it fixed. I fixed it! Just go to the healer and say you tripped, duh. Which, by the way, you did."

"On that puddle of —" Gus pauses. "What /is/ that, anyway?" he sniffs. "Smells like hops." And now he's curious. "Were you brewing something?"

"No," Douglas immediately lies glibly. "It's just some potions stuff, you know. Nothing important."

Augustin gives Douglas a look that says he /clearly/ doesn't believe him. "Do you even know what my family does?" he asks. "We own vinyards. Wine. I know my alcohol." He snorts. "This," he points, "Is alcohol. Hops. Some kind of beer." His face brightens. "Were you trying to brew /butterbeer/?" he asks.

Douglas pauses, eyeing Augustin for a moment, then lowering his voice. "So… you, uh… know the recipe, right?" he suggests hopefully. "I'll go in with you on it, if you can make it work. I get the ingredients, you make it, I market it and sell it, we undercut the competition and we've all got butterbeer for Christmas."

"No, I don't know the recipe," Augustin tells him. "But if you want a nice woody red, I'm your man." He gingerly removes his fingers from his chin. The bleeding's stopped and there's a nice scab forming, now. "Wait. /Snowsnake/ knows?" he asks incredulously.

Douglas holds up his hands. "What can I say, I'm a persuasive kind of fellow. Except you charged in right as I was making sure she wasn't about to go and blab it to everyone and their dog!"

"So you /weren't/ snogging," Augustin says wonderingly. "Huh." He pauses to let that sink in. "From the color in her cheeks I'd have guessed she'd just been kissed." He grins a little. "Maybe she /likes/ you and /that's/ why she didn't tattle right off. OoooooooOOOOOOOH!"

"Gus," Douglas responds with supreme self confidence, thumbing his chest with one hand and tucking the other into his belt. "Of course she likes me. I mean, look at me. I'm every girl's dream."

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" comes Gus's witty rejoinder.

Douglas shoves an elbow into Gus's side, rolling his eyes. "Women love me, man. Seriously. You should just watch and learn a few tips. Even snowsnakes blush. On which note, I'm going to try to catch her before she gets the chance to go blabbing to anyone."

Gus oomphs at the elbow in his side. "Learn a few tips?" he repeats, grinning. "Who was it that landed the prettiest girl in Slytherin — nay, the entire school — on our first day? Oh, that's right," he says smoothly. "It was /me/. And I'm this far from proposing." He pretends to brush a bit of dust off his sleeve. "Snowsnake was blushing, true, but then again, that might just be because she's so /pale/. No color at all to that girl. It was probably the wind in here, not your oh-so-suave seduction."

Douglas shakes his head, thumbing his chest once more. "Nuh uh. She's fallen hard for the Doug-man. And if I play it right, I might be able to keep her sweet enough to get me through my exams, too."

Gus sucks in some air through his teeth, grimacing at his friend. "Good grief, Douglas - and here I thought that /she/ was the cold and ambitious one." He shakes his head. "You're telling me that you'd seduce a girl and lead her along, just to take advantage of her studying skills?" He shakes his head again. "Aren't you wearing the wrong colors?"

Augustin doesn't look terribly impressed by this. "Right," he drawls. "Look at you, playing with poor girl's hearts. Just keep in mind, mate… witches aren't to be crossed /lightly/."

Douglas shakes his head. "Look, man, I'm not doing anything but trying to get her on board with this little Christmas earner for now. I'm not about to go and ask her to marry me, for crying out loud. I'm not /that/ dumb."

"Mmhm," Augustin says, still disbelieving. "Well, if you're truly all Gryffindorish underneath that money-grubbing exterior, you'll pull out that famous chivalry when you deal with girls." He shrugs. "Just some friendly advice."

"Well, maybe if you're a bit more Hufflepuff, you'll just leave me to it and quit giving me advice I don't need?" Douglas suggests, folding his arms. "So what if maybe I /do/ fancy her a bit. It's not exactly any of your business. And no, I'm not about to do anything dumb."

"Hufflepuffs are loyal and steadfast!" Gus protests. "I'm trying to be your friend, /honest/." He puts his hand to his heart, somewhat wounded. "Alright. No need to get your knickers in a bunch. I'll leave it be."

"Right," Douglas decides firmly. "And if, /if/ I happen to spend time with her, as my /friend/, you can just tell everyone quite clearly that she's just helping with potions. All right?"

"Butterbeer isn't potions-making," Augustin says, confused for a moment. "Oh. /Oh/. You really want me to lie?" he asks. "Does that sound like a good idea to you?"

Douglas squints a little. "Well… how good are you at lying? I mean, I don't want you spreading that I'm making this, either. Not until I'm ready to sell it. How about you just never say anything about me at all?"

"Not that great," Gus admits. "But I can't never say anything about you. You're my friend. People will find it odd, won't they?" He puts his hand to his chin in a thoughtful pose, wincing at the sudden sharp reminder that he's only just cracked it on the flagstones.

Douglas rubs at the bridge of his nose. "Well… just… just try, all right? I mean, how hard can it be? Just don't say anything about me being /here/ or doing anything. Or just phrase it so it's believable. Or, just, look, I don't know! Just lie better!"

Gus raises his eyebrows at Douglas. "I'll try," he says. "But Lil will probably find out. She's sneaky like that."

Douglas wrinkles his nose. "Well, that's no good. She's a Slytherin. It'll be everywhere by lunchtime. If she asks, tell her not to tell anyone. Nobody at all. All right?"

"She's my girlfriend," Gus says, just a hint of warning in his tone. "And the girl you're going to… dazzle with your wit, ahem, also happens to be Slytherin. A Slytherin /prefect/, no less." He shrugs. "I can /ask/ her, but /telling/ Lil to do something just… doesn't work, mate."

"Do your best," Douglas decides, patting his friend on the shoulder. "But remember, if anyone hears about this, I will know it was you."

"Or Snowsnake," Gus lobs back immediately. "No guarantee that /she/ won't tell. It's kind of her job, after all."

"Well, I'll grant you that she might tell about the butterbeer," Douglas relents, "but she's not going to say anything else, is she? And incriminate herself? Not happening."

Gus blinks. "The.. what? Aren't the butterbeers incriminating /enough/?"

Douglas waves him down. "It's not like I'm any good at potions. I'll claim I was trying to make something else."

Gus and Doug are in the owlry, it's night, it's cool, there's a breeze, and there's a mess on the floor next to a small copper cauldron. Gus shakes his head. "I don't know," he says to his friend. "It just occurred to me, anyway, that this was an exceedingly poor choice of location. The /owlry/, really? What if one of them defecates in your cauldron? And people are in and out all the time, sending letters."

"Not at night," Douglas points out. "Besides, I need to be by the windows to let the smell out, I need it cool enough to work, and I won't set fire to anything here!"

Angelus has a letter to send out. The envelope is held in his hand as he enters the owl tower, but as he steps in, looking around, he finds himself looking curiously at the two. Arching a brow and tilting his head, a brief grin tugs at his lips. "I wouldn't want to be on the side of that prank," he says by way of announcing his presence, a short snigger escaping from the boy.

Augustin sighs at Douglas and shakes his head. "There are half a dozen suitable empty classrooms," he says. And he might have said more, had Angelus not entered just then. Immediately his expression goes flat. "Why, if it isn't Magijugend Angelus," he drawls. "How perfectly horrid." He crosses his arms and stares at the boy.

Douglas turns, spies Angelus, then returns his attention to Augustin, brow raised. "Clearly I missed something here. Did he piss in your cornflakes or something?"

For a brief moment Angelus frowns, arching an inquisitive brow at the Hufflepuff. So he turns his eyes upwards, and grins as suddenly stretches out an arm as a reddish owl flutters down to perch on his arm. He strokes a single finger against her belly, opens his hand with a treat for a nibble first. Holding his arm carefully, Angelus doesn't move very much, keeping rather stiff, but he turns to look towards the upperclassmen. "You're going to take out your frustrations with Flint on me, Rousseau?" His shoulders shift casually. "'Cause I had to join some stupid club?"

Gus glances over at Doug. "This one here thinks he's better than," he tells his friend. Then something the younger boy says catches his attention. "Had to?" he asks. "What do you mean, /had/ to? Flint forced you at wandpoint or something?"

Douglas shrugs a shoulder. "What does it matter what stupid club you're in? I'd join the domestics club if I thought the girls there were pretty."

Angelus flicks his eyes onto his owl, examining her quietly as he thinks. He glances to the window and then cautiously approaches, the tip of his tongue touching his upper lip. When he lowers his arm and the avian hops off onto the ledge, he works on attaching the envelope for travel while she's busy with her treat. He turns to look back at Augustin and raises his shoulders lightly. "Not by Flint," he answers. "It doesn't matter, does it?" He glances toward Douglas, a smile slipping across his lips before his gaze slides back to Augustin. "It's thanks to you that I knew how to get /in/," the boy says appreciatively. "Saves me a load of trouble from…" He trails off and ends up frowning. "Don't start shunning me," he says rather pleadingly. "I don't want to be stuck tagging along with some of the cold-hearted pure-bloods I've seen."

"Sure it matters," Augustin says. "My mum tried to make me join. Flint saw that I wasn't the kind of pureblood he was looking for, kicked me out. Mum nearly killed me when she heard I'd threatened to join the Mud Club." He frowns and stares down at his crossed arms. "It's hard to know, sometimes, who to be loyal to - my parents, or my friends." Seeing as how he's not a member of the Mud Club, it's rather obvious who won, and it's clear that Gus is still conflicted about his choice. Maybe even ashamed. "Thanks to me?" he asks. "Or him? What?" Douglas gets a why look, and he shakes his head. "You — you need a girlfriend."

"Well, I'd even join the Mud Club," Douglas decides, then pauses to think. "Well, actually, I probably wouldn't, if I think about it, but the principle's the same. And yes, yes, I know, I know. I'm working on it, Gus, I'm working on it!"

Very young pale petite girl enters the Owl Tower once more, her hands nervously wraps the tiny paper. She is mumbling something under her nose and looks quite upset. Though, she walks straight and haughty, as usual. "I can't believe! I am so stupid. How could I…" she freezes seeing the boys. "Oh…"drawls girl "You are still here…" she goes through them, not giving any glance. Her destination is window. She raises her hand and a beautiful owl sits on her arm. Girl attaches the letter quite nervously and whispers "Please,hurry!" And the bird leaves, whooping a few times before that. Janette watches her owl until that bird vanishes in the horizon. The wind takes her frosted lock and tickles colourless tip of the nose with it. But girl remains there. Not moving. Just staring at the point, where owl was seen last.

Angelus turns back to his owl, who finishes her treats and presents herself as being ready by unfurling her wings. She's soaring out of the window before the boy turns back to Augustin and Douglas. "Family first," Angelus responds without so much of a thought. "Always choose family first." He nods, as if that's just common sense. He glances towards Douglas, but he doesn't say anything to him. He's looking towards the entering Slytherin, quietly and thoughtfully watching the prefect before he turns his head and lets out a sigh. "Now that I've sent my letter I should be going. See you later, Macmillan." He tips his head towards Augustin. "I'll see you around, Rousseau. Take it easy."

Gus just can't stop the grin that flits across his mouth at Douglas' words, and he shakes his head. When Janette walks through them, once her back is turned, Gus gives her a significant look, then looks at Doug, then at her again, then at Doug. Angelus not answering his question causes Gus to frown, but he doesn't press the issue. Instead he simply nods at the younger boy, almost begrudgingly. Once Angelus is gone, he turns to glance between Douglas and Janette again. "Well. I guess I'll leave you two to finish your conversation," he says. The dead vole he leaves on the floor for some enterprising owl to fetch later. He spins on his heal and heads for the door.

Douglas gives Gus a thump on the shoulder. "Go get your chin looked at before somebody starts asking why you've been smashing yourself in the face. Since you're a bloody awful liar." He rolls his eyes, shooing the other boy with a gesture of both hands before ambling over towards the window and Janette. "Nice plumage," he selects as his opening gambit.

"Of course! It was my father's gift. He always chooses everything, what is the best and nicest…" she answers for the boy,trying to be coolly, but at the same time remaining quite cautious. When the boy comes closer, she takes a few steps farther,near another window and stabs her gaze to the sky. "So, you won't do it?"

Douglas leans back against the wall, folding his arms. "I won't do what? You want me to stop my barrel of Christmas cheer? Think of the joy on the little faces of all the kids when they wake up Christmas morning to a foaming mug of it."

Janette just sighs. "Why you must be like this? Why you must be like a child?.. You know well, it's against the rules…" The Snow White shakes her head and, likely, first time in her life really lowers her head in an honest sadness and disappointment. "I tried to save you from trouble, but you are eager to get one…" But quickly, girl remembers, how she must be. All marble. Like a sculpture. She just starts walking away. Once more. Slowly. And incredibly silent whisper leaves her throat "I am sorry…"

"You'd really get me into trouble for it?" Douglas asks, moving round to block her exit again, hand going to her chin to lift it. "Come on, surely you can let one little plan slide. For me?"

Girl tosses his hand away fiercely and just jumps backwards from him. Grey eyes widen. She looks like just saw something terrible. Like a guard of Azkaban or something similar. Nobody touches her. Nobody.
"What are you doing?" she asks in quite an angry tone and now becomes afraid of herself, covering colourless lips with fingers. She has never been so emotional before. "Why I shouldn't do it? Give me a good reason? It's my job. I will save many young people from you. What if your experiment will go wrong? What if you will do something wrong and people will get sick? And you should get a lesson. You do not listen for me. Maybe you will listen for professor…" She turns him her back, crossing her hand, trying to comfort herself. Trembling voice explains, trying to look cool "I just gave you a chance, thinking, that you might be…normal. These passion for little owl.. and stuff.."

Douglas spreads his hands wide. "I am normal!" he protests. "How about if I test it on myself first? I don't want to make anyone sick or anything. Honestly, I'm a good guy! I am! What do I need to do to prove it?"

"Just don't do it!" shouts Janette. Yes. She shouts and frightens herself again. She shakes her head, immersing pale fingers to the white curls "Why? I am so stupid stupid stupid. Why I am dealing with you at all? I don't do this…" and suddenly she stops. From angry, she becomes worried.
She ponders a few moments "Wait wait wait… It is not the fun you need. Oh, I am so silly…Sell. You want to sell it. Not the trick, what you need…" she gently slaps her forehead and starts speaking in a much softer tone. "You need money, yes? Do you have some kind of problems in your family? You need help? If something, I can try to help. We can find another, more suitable way to help you earn money. Or… If you mother or father is in trouble with jobs, I do believe, I could ask to help them!"

Douglas's eyes widen as she shouts, and he immediately takes a pace back. "What? No! My family are just fine, thank you! I told you, my dad breeds owls! He doesn't need any help with a job. Maybe I just want to make people happy, hm?"

Janette ooohs. "You could make people happy being nice with them, not selling them beer. Can't you find another fun thing to do?I am sure your head is full of ideas how to get into trouble. But do that, when I don't know…" Girl shrugs and glances through window thoughtfully "After all… You don't need to make everyone happy. Sometimes it is enough to have a few people, who you want to make happy. That brings less problems…" and she blushes…yes…again…Damn!

Douglas quirks a half smile, tucking his thumbs into his belt and watching her. "Well… let's say I don't make the beer. What do you suggest to make a few people who matter happy, then? I mean, I can't show /everyone/ the owlets."

Girl remains quite cautious, but corners of her lips jumps up a bit. "Well, if you have these few people, who matters for you, you don't need to do the same thing for each of them. Different things can make different people happy. You will feel much more fun, trying to find out, what would make each person happy. For example, maybe your one friend would be happy getting a flower, maybe another would like just to speak with you or hug you, and the third to see owls, while your father would love to see your good marks, do you get it?" chuckles the girl and starts nervously playing with her curls.

Douglas grins at that. "I think my father's long since given up on me getting good marks, and will settle for me graduating without getting expelled. What would you like?" he asks frankly, leaning back against a wall to watch her.

"Me?.." a grin flashes in her features, but she turns away, that the boy could not see, how she bites her lips and grins. Like /really/ grins. She stands there, staring at the wall somewhere. "Right now… I want you not to go with the beer thing… And then… you could show me the little owls?.." and she glances at the boy, finally. And there is no that cold so called Snowsnake anymore. She is just simple, widely smiling petite girl as white and as pure as snow.

Douglas holds up a finger for her to wait, flicking that grin once more before glancing upwards and grabbing for a beam as he steps a foot up onto one of the arched window ledges and uses it to pull himself, monkey-like, onto the exposed rafter, legs and arms hooking around it as he lays flat. "If I give you a hand, do you think you can climb up here?" he asks, holding one arm down for her.

"Climb?!" girl gasps and cleans her uniform for no reason. "I do not climb. I am a girl. Are /they/ there? What if I will fall?.. You won't hold me…" Girl chews on her lips "Do you climbe there? You are not afraid?"

Douglas points upwards and ahead of him to a join in the rafters. "The nest's just up here. If you want to see it, you're going to have to come up here. I'm not about to move it or steal the eggs! Come on, you won't fall. I promise! I've been hiding up here for years and never fallen."

Janette sighs "What happened for me? What the… I am doing?…" and she touches boy's hand with her own. Touches and squeezes it, blushing vividly. She freezes for a moment. Just staring at the point, where her hand touched his. And yes, she is not cold as ice, as people like to whisper. She is warm. Maybe that blush is just because it is so hot inside? Indeed. It has to be the air.
And finally the girl appears where the boy. Though, she does not let his hand. Moreover, she closes her eyes. She is really afraid to be there and her second hand /totally by accident/ raises just to grab the boys arm too. Now she is keeping his hand with her both, almost cuddling. ALMOST. "Quickly. Can we do it quickly?"

Douglas grins, gesturing with his other hand. "Foot on there, and boost yourself up. I've got you, so you're not going to fall, okay? Foot up, then lift, and then just hang on here. I'll move up a bit once you're up, so you can see the nest. All right? Ready?" He begins tugging her arm, nodding with encouragement.

"Foot up, then lift," repeats the girl in a bit trembling voice. She repeats that and struggles to appear where she is told to be.
When finally she is in the right point, without any bad accident, she sighs in relieve and stabs her grey gaze at Douglas.

Douglas gives her a broad grin and a thumbs up. "Just hang on there," he instructs, crabbing along the rafter to balance to the next one along before motioning her to move forward. "Move really slowly, and don't touch anything. Mama owl can get pretty possessive if she thinks you want her eggs."

The young girl as smoothly and silently as kitten comes closer, speaking in a whisper: "Will you do the same what your father is doing? After school? I mean you will travel around the world, climbing everywhere, where you can find danger and owl?" girl chuckles and… oooohs… Seeing the treasure, about which Douglas was speaking.

Douglas exhales, eyes fixed on the nest. "Not likely. My mum wants me to get a secure job at the ministry. She says my aunt's got a position all lined up for me. All I need to do is show up and it's mine."

"Oooh…" drawls the girl, peeking at the boy now. "What that would be?" Then she admires the eggs a bit, before adding another curious question: "Why you…" but the question is not finished. Girl glances at the bottom and her pale fingers grab the boy's arm "It is very beautiful, I would love to see the process, when they will get out, but could we go back?"

"I don't know, something with potions or the like, I think it was," Douglas admits, shimmying backwards to be able to support her. "Right, same thing in reverse, then. Foot back down where you put it to start with, yeah?"

Janette just nods and follows the orders of the boy. She can't concentrate on the speaking, while she can't feel ground, firm ground under her feet.

Douglas grins a little as he watches her, perhaps with just a hint of amusement as he drops to the ground and dusts off his hands, moving below her to offer his support and an arm to steady her. "Down you come, then. Just hang on to my shoulder."

"Shoulder…" whispers under her nose the young girl, a bit too loudly though, but her hand finds his shoulder, of course. Safety is more important than shyness. She does not say anything more, until they are still not in the safe place.

And once she's down, Douglas gestures upwards with a triumphant smile. "And there you have it. I'd wager good money they'll be hatching in the next couple of days. You want me to come and find you when they start to crack?"

"I would love to! Really," girl nods fiercely. "I have never seen this before…"
When Janette finally feels firm ground under her foot, she sighs, while her lips are forming wide grin. She starts bouncing: "I did it! I did it! I was there!" she points at the dangerous place. "Can you imagine?! I did it!" and she will bounce and will spin around herself, letting the white curls sway all the directions, until the boy will appear on the same ground. When she will bounce straight to the boy's armful, hugging him from excitement and joy.

Douglas laughs aloud, looping his arm around her shoulders as he's hugged. "Er, well… sure. I mean, uh, well done?" he supposes, glancing up with some puzzlement as to exactly what the fuss is all about. "But you can't tell anyone, all right? I don't want a million studens up here, poking and prodding and taking the eggs."

Girl totally forgets to blush or something, but she quite calmly withdraws from the boy nodding: "Of course! I swear, I won't tell, but…" and smile disappears "You still did not made your promise to me…"

"But I did show you the eggs," Douglas protests, holding up his hands. "So you totally owe me one. But… yeah, all right. I promise I won't try to make butterbeer to sell before Christmas."

"But you will make it later?.. You will do it, still? Please… If you will do that, you will get me into trouble too. Promise me, that you will never make butterbeer, while you are in Hogwarts…Please," and she stabs her gaze at the boy, the gaze, which really says "Please…"

Douglas raises a brow. "Oh come on, how are you going to get into trouble for it? You won't know anything about it, remember!"

"I know everything… I will feel bad, if I won't warn people. Just… Can't you just promise honestly? I owe you for owls, indeed. I can help you to study. You will surprise your father with the results, indeed. But you must promise you won't do it. Just promise and I will leave you in peace," she rolls her eyes, becoming /that/ marble Snowsnake again "I know how you and your friend Augustin doesn't like me. So, just promise and you will be free from me… Is it so hard?"

Douglas raises the other brow to match. "Who said I don't like you? Gus? Well, Gus pretty much takes the piss out of everyone, don't mind him. If I /don't/ promise, do I get to see you more, then?" he suggests, flashing a grin.

"Yeah, I will become your personal ghost, flying around all the time, trying to keep you out of trouble…" sighs the girl about the stubborn boy, with who she can't make a deal. "But…" mishievous grin appears "If you promise to forget the beer, you will may to chose if you want to see me more or less and that will happen?.. Deal?"

Douglas grins broadly, folding his arms. "Well, for the purposes of making you happy, then, I'll promise not to make butterbeer until I'm out of Hogwarts. And for the purposes of making you happier, I don't mind if you want to see me more. I mean, it's understandable. I'm irresistible and everything."

At first, girl grins widely, until the boy starts bragging. Janette just sighs with a grin in her face and rolls her eyes. "Thank you…" and she just turns to leave.
She takes a few steps, but stops to peek at the boy once more: "And people usually do not break promises, which they give for me. I deal with that cruelly, just have that in mind…"
And she takes a few more steps, before stopping again. Playful tone whispers "I can be irresistible too…and everything…" and she paces farther.

"I'll accept /mostly/ irresistible," Douglas calls after her, running a hand through his hair and grinning crookedly. "But I'm totally intrigued by the promise of everything. You want me to get you out of classes if the owls hatch?"

Girl just vanishes, not answering him anymore. Or just leaving him one more reason, to meet with her before owls hatch.

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