(1938-10-01) Best Friends
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Summary: Angelus and Fiona bump into each other in a coridor and declare themselves to be best friends. There is also candy giving.
Date: 1 October 1938
Location: North Corridor, Hogwarts
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Fiona is standing staring up at the stairs from the end of the long corridor. She looks filthy - filthier than usual - and her cheeks are flushed. It is evening time, though not quite dinner.

A few third years step out of the workshop, heading along the corridor. Angelus is amongst them, nodding and saying, "Just remember not to add it too soon." As his eyes wander along the corridor, he grins at the sight of the girl at the end. "I've got things to do," he excuses himself as he slows down, letting the other kids walk off in the other direction. Turning, the boy walks the other way, and greets when he's close enough. "Hey Fi."

Her head turns and Fiona grins at Angelus, "Hey Gel." She looks him over curiously then asks, "What have you been up to?" As if it were perfectly normal for her to be so dirty and watching a stairwell. Moving casually aside she leans in against a wall. Hey there Angelus, come here often?

A grin touches his lips as Angelus replies, "Just being kind of enough to offer potions help." He's so helpful. "I want to start this club. Then we can brew extra potions if Slughorn drops by." An eyebrow arches inquisitively as his gaze locks on her. "What have you been up to?" he asks curiously with a grin.

"Oh yes your potions club. I'd come to that if I can. But I don't know. I already do dueling and art and broom." Fiona sounds so serious for a moment but the moment is fleeting. "I was up in the owl tower watching some owlets hatch and then a fight broke out and I was helping Alphard get to the infirmary. He's an odd one but not too bad."

Angelus nods his head in acknowledgement. "I think it'll probably stay unofficial," he comments with a little shrug. "Time's an issue," he says on a sigh. "I want to show that I can handle three electives. A fight?" A brow arches again and he considers as he tips his head to the side. "Someone started a fight with Black?"

She grins at him and says, "If anyone can prove they can handle something it is you, Angelus." At his question she nods. "Some eejit of a girl. Pale - looked like an albino. She shoved him and called him names. He shoved back and kicked her when she was on the ground then this Scotish Gryffindor - Macmillan's his name - lept in and they really started to go at it. I tried to stop them but couldn't so I went and got Pringle," recounts Fiona.

A smile slides over Angelus' lips at her first comment. "Thanks," he says genuinely. He watches her as he listens to the events, letting out a thoughtful hum. "Is that how we get when we get older?" He hums, looking along the corridor before he settles his blue eyes back on her. "If I start acting like that when I'm in my sixth year, promise me you'll smack some sense into me." He smirks.

"I hope not, although Aidan did get stupid." Fiona turns so that her back is against the wall. "I promise I will smack some sense into you. I can't have my best friend turning into an eejit over some girl who bats her lashes at him." She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by declaring Angelus to be her best friend.

"Thanks. Now I know I shouldn't have anything to fear," Angelus replies, flashing a grin and nodding his head. He steps up closer to the wall, coming up right next to her to lean his side against it, facing her. "Did I hear you right? Best friend?" He gives her a toothy smile.

Fiona tilts her head back against the wall so she can meet Angelus' gaze. A single brow drifts upwards as she asks, "If we are anything to each other we ought to at least be best friends, right? Afterall, we share secrets." And a love of stone skipping and hiding places.

Angelus's hands clasp down in front of him, tilting his head closer to the wall as he watches her. "I definitely agree," he asserts. "I just hadn't thought about it until you said it." He gives her a smile before he turns his gaze to his side, looking along the corridor before he looks back to her. "Let's step into the club room," he suggests, straightening away from the wall and holding out a hand to her.

Fiona pushes herself away from the wall with a nod and takes the offered hand, following Angelus into the club room. Fiona follows Angelus into the room, closing the door behind them. She looks at him expectantly.

Angelus opens the door a bit to peek in, smiling when it appears empty and pushes the door open further. He'll wait until Fiona steps in before he's closing it again, and leans his back against it with his hands casually behind his back. He hums thoughtfully as he tilts his head, his tongue touching the side of his mouth briefly. "Find any good hiding places in the castle?" he asks with a grin.

Fiona grins up at Angelus, hand going to her hip. "Why do you ask?" She narrows her gaze. "What are you hoping to spy or who are you hoping to spy on?" She might be smaller but the way she stands exudes confidence, especially around him. He isn't her best friend for nothing.

A smirk plays across his lips as Angelus shakes his head. "Nothing that interesting," he explains with a shrug. "Just, sometimes you want to keep out of upperclassmen's way." He lets out a soft 'heh' as he shakes his head. "It's getting cold outside." After a second pause, he murmurs, "Oh, sparks." He fixes his eyes on her as he tilts his chin up a tad. "Your sweets are up in the tower."

Fiona nods because that seems sensible to her. She well understands the desire to avoid older students. "I will redouble my efforts. There are cupboards in here. And you can fit under the tables in the greenhouses. But maybe there are other places too." She strokes her chin thoughtfully. Mention of the candy makes her laugh, "What good are they to me up there?"

Angelus grins at the suggestions, and his eyes wander around the room. "I can always count on you," he states. As for the sweets, he grins wider and nods his head. "I know. Why would leave them up there?" He shakes his head slowly at how foolish he was, but then lets out a chuckle. "We could take a walk up there?"

"Alright," agrees Fiona. Lord help her if he ever gets an ulterior motive to be alone with her. She'd probably walk right into it. Probably. "I sent an order request off Sweet Nothings. I got my catalog in the post this morning."

Angelus nods and opens the door, offering for her to step past and out first. "We just need to get you into Hogsmeade on the weekends." He hums, and then says thoughtfully, "If my aunt visits, maybe I could talk her into chaperoning. The school may allow it if your parents are okay with it." He shifts his shoulders casually, and then murmurs a soft, "Uh, uh…" as he re-considers. "Maybe not." With the door opened, he reaches out to drape his arms over her shoulders, head lowering closer to her ear so that he can speak a little quieter. "Flint might be a little stricter."

"I suspect so," says Fiona in agreement as she heads out of the club room. She waits and then walks along side Angelus, heading up to the stairs with him. "I wouldn't want to get into trouble in any case, he wouldn't let me in the club then." She briefly moves in closer to Angelus as a couple of students pass them headed in the other direction.

"Yea," Angelus agrees with a simple nod. He's thoughtful about it though, musing, but ends up just shrugging his shoulders and dismissing the thought for now. He smiles to her, and starts along the corridor and starting up the staircases. "My brother could've taught me Accio," he says as he turns his head to her as he speaks. "If he wasn't so…" He trails off before he finishes the statement. When the staircases connect to the correct junction, he steps onto the next set of stairs.

Hands in the pockets of her robes Fiona keeps apace with Angelus. "…much of a pain in the backside?" She even offers to finish his sentence for him. Older brothers always so… in her experience. "Do you think it odd that I plan things out, Gel? That maybe I am too old before my time?"

"More than just a pain," Angelus murmurs, sounding a touch bitter that could have almost been imagined. He grins as he glances to her again, tilting his head. "What?" he says on a chuckle. "That's one thing I like about you." He lets out a 'heh' and adds in, "It doesn't hurt to be prepared."

"I was giving Alphard Black some advice on how to get the career he wanted," begins Fiona, trying to explain her sudden shift in conversational topics. "He was agreeing with me then all of a sudden stopped, it's as if he thought 'What is this firstie doing thinking she can offer me advice and why am I being stupid enough to listen.' He ran - well hobbled off then."

Angelus offers her a grin. "See, that's a good thing," he repeats. "By the time you're taking N.E.W.T.s you'll know what it is you're going to do and be set." He nods, smiling sincerely and looks back ahead as he climbs the last set of stairs.

"That is the idea," agrees Fiona as she follows Angelus up the stairs. "Goodness it is quiet up here." She looks around, having never been up this far because well why would she. "I heard the armour gallery is quiet, not too many go in there. And there is that room with the trophies."

"I've seen the Pirates club in the armour gallery," Angelus comments. He walks along the corridor, a faint grin lingering around his lips as he thinks. "It would have been perfect if I had gotten into Slytherin," he states ponderously. "Been so close to the potions lab." He stops when the portrait at the end of the corridor appears, and he turns so that his back is too it, giving her a smile. "I'll be right back."

"You are where you should be," says Fiona, because she took could easily have chosen another house. With a nod she lets Angelus have his privacy to get into the Gryffindor common room and turns her attention to looking at other things instead.

Angelus disappears past the painting and doesn't take long at all before he comes back out into the corridor. The gift bag that he carries in front of him, which he holds out as he steps closer to her, is tied close with a ribbon. It's quite an assortment of candy, too - clearly he didn't just get anything cheap.

"Och Gel," says Fiona, her accent coming out when she sees what he got for her. "Ye're a great friend." She accepts the wrapped gift and leans up to freely, no taunts or jokes required first, kiss his cheek. "I promise when me sweets arrive from Michel's shop I'll share 'em with nobody but me best mate." Stepping back she hugs the box against her chest. "I'd best be off to have a bath now. See later." With a grin she dashes off, holding the sweets tightly against her body so as not to drop them.

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