(1938-10-01) Best Friends For Never
Details for Best Friends for Never
Summary: The young haughty lady Janette Abbott meets the young arrogant Black boy.
Date: 1938-10-01
Location: Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts
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Slytherin Common Room Dungeons

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.
Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

Poisoned apples, Are so tempting,
And you should not be afraid,
'Cause if you refuse to take it
You might never meet your fate.


Soft, but strangely scary at the same time voice ripples through the empty common room, fullfilled with darkness and a few trembling lights of canddles and fireplace.
A young petite girl sits in front of that fire and flames are able to dance on her pale features. Even if she is sitting on the ground with crossed legs, her back is straight and she elegantly slides with her fingers through the frosted curls.

If you don't lie
In a coffin
Prince might notice you're too tall.
Just a little
Drop of…
Girl continues singing and swaying, this late night in the empty common room.

Alphard's initial entrance was quiet and unobtrusive in every way. He drifted down from the boy's dormitories, his dark robes a shadowy swirl about a rakish frame. A match for his equally black eyes and the sleep-mussed tussle of his full midnight mane. Born of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, he carried with him the mantle of pure bred aristocratic grace. Thorouhgly dignified.. until he no longer was. A broken spell, replaced instead with a guffawing teenage boy whose hands were at his belly; body doubled over; eyes vicious laughing at the pale haired girl whose song had graced the previously empty Slytherin common room.
"Merlin's beard," he breathed out, gasping for some breath. "Really? Hah. Okay, okay. I have to know! Whose the Prince you're lusting for? Same one who got you late to Potions?" He had a grin. It was cocky and much too sure of itself.

When girl hears the guffawing, she quickly jumps up on her feet. Pale cheeks bloom in roses, while girl cleans the dusts from her uniform, which has no dusts at all. She just does that gesture, before standing in all her haughty manners of the lady, who she considers herself being.
Marble tone clearly announces "It's just a song, I heard once, when my father and I was forced to visit these… " girl frowns in massive contempt "… muggles world in the East."
Janette tosses some curls back and takes a seat on cushion, placing her hands on knees mannerly. Grey eyes, framed by rimy eyelashes, are stabbed at the boy. "This song is about snow, not some kind of prince. Snow, which graced me with his colour, to be special." The redness fades from her cheeks and now girl sits as a marble sculpture.

"Sure, sure. If you say so, Abbot. -I- think you were sitting there mooning over some boy. Dreamingly staring into the fire, singing about your Prince, living whatever moment caused you to be late at Potions.. over and over and over and over and over again." Impervious to the cool cutting stare of Janette, Alphard continued to invade the common room. His tone of voice was a teasing sing-song, the sort of childish taunting that he should have grown out of by now. "And I'm sure it was very very special."
With a teenager's aplomb he threw himself down into one of the chairs by the fire, his strong lean limbs spread everywhere they please. Like he didn't have a bone in his whole body. When his robes parted they revealed that even here in the common room, even this late, he still made sure that his attire was immaculate. His shirt having not even a hint of a wrinkle to it.

Janette just sniffs: "Think whatever you want, I don't care."
And girl crosses her hands on abdomen, deciding to sit in an awkward silence better, than speaking.

"Whatever I want, huh?" Alphard continued to tease, head lolling over his shoulder as he gazed at her almost upside-down. A few strands of stray black bled into his features, obscuring his vision until he -puffed- at them. "Is that a challange? It sounds like one! Let's see what sort of story I can concoct. The secret life of Janette, when out of sight and her Prefect's badge forgotten." He grinned. "Since you're so quiet about it, I'm guessing it has to be someone unacceptable. A Gryffindor.. half blood?" He made a mock gasp. "So you were.. uhm, sitting in the.. say.. Owlery. Because you were waiting breathlessly for a letter from dad to tell you which unwholesome Muggle place you were going with your dad for this year's holiday. When out of nowhere comes Prince Gryff. He looks at you. You look at him! Your face turns red. You know, like it did when I walked in on you. Red! It's a moment. Breathless!" He play acted it out, hand against his chest, fluttering. "True love at first sight! You were so befuddled you forgot you had potions!"

"What if?!" she shrugs coolly.
"It's better than sitting here alone all cocky to tease another, creating silly stories…"
Girl starts whirling her snow white wand in her pale fingers. "You know, I could use it or something. I heard it's better not to tug lion of his whiskers…" drawls girl, but shrugs once more.
"Though, I would be wasting my time on some kind of…" girl bites her lip, stopping the words leave her throat.
She hides one lock behind her ear.

"You're trying to compare yourself to a lion, now?" As if to prove his supreme lack of concern, he let his body arch into a ripple of athletic grace. His arms reached out, his legs vibrated with tension, and all of him groaned in yawning glory. Then, just because he could, he let his fingers reach for Janette's hair. He wouldn't so much try to -tug- on her hair, as just playfully flick at one of her snowy white locks. Mock taunting her.
"Oh fine, oh fine. It's not like I really care anyway! Hey.. wait." Suspicious squint. "What was it you just swallowed there!?"

When the boy flicks one of her white curls, girl jumps up on her foot and usually grey eyes just start tossing flashes of lightings at the boy "Do not touch me. Never touch me! And better do not speak with me at all!"
She crosses her hands on abdomen, turning the back for the boy haughtily.
Janette paces near another cushion, which would be far away from another Slytherin, in a manner of the Queen. When she slips to her throne and fixes cold gaze at the boy, Janette adds: "If you have just childish thoughts in your head, come back to speak with me, when you will grow up from all the silly teasings."

Alphard rolled his eyes at Janette's reaction, muttering out a: "Whatever." His expression was boredly arrogant as he stretched once more, then gradually transitioned from his teenage slouch into a bit more dignified posture. Mostly straight backed in his chair, one leg folded over the other, his black eyes meetings hers bluntly and without an inch of give. "Like you're such a bastion of maturity, anyway."

"More than you, indeed. I think boys never grow up…" drawls the girl, not turning her eyes away, as it would be some kind of challenge.
Well, except my father and brother. They are just perfect," proudly adds girl after some time.
She examines the boy in front of her as he would be a stud and she would be very rich rider, who is thinking on buying it, but is not sure if the stud will be valuable.

"Yeah? At least I manage to get to class on time, don't I?" Mockingly retorted. If Alphard unconciously straightened out even further under Janette's critical gaze, then he was not going to acknowledge that in a million years. It was pure coincidence, that was what it was. In every way he looked a Black as he sat there. Confident, cocky, arrogant, superior. Dark of hair and dark of eye, and he had the sort of athleticism that added a physical component to his presence. A kind of threat he was more than happy to employ to bully weaker students at Hogwarts. "So are you done admiring me, or should I pose some more?" His brow lifted.

Janette just sniffs once more. "I see nothing to admire, actually. If you are one of the Blacks, that doesn't mean everyone should admire you and you can walk, with your nose raised, around, you know. Not the surname, but the person glints in the dark. You…" Janette giggles "You just blur with the dark," playfull sparkles starts dancing in her eyes and she becomes quite proud about her thought.

"Actually it means exactly that. My family is one of the pillars of the wizard community, and by right of birth that's what I am as well." He delivered the statement with complete conviction, having been spoon fed the message that he was special since birth. "And I'm twice the wizard you are, anyway. So who are you to talk? -I- am going to join the Aurors once I'm done here. What are -you- going to do, huh?"

"Oh,yes! Sorry. I forgot. You are one of these guys, who can't reach anything themselves, and they use their family name to get things done. Sorry…" whispers Janette in pitiful tone.
"I will have my own biggest potions shop in the world. And you will be the one, who will come to buy my best potions or… potions, you know," very firmly states girl.

Alphard threw his head back and laughed, a cruel and dismissive sound. "Watch your tongue, Abbot. I could pummel you anytime I wanted, and no need for anyone else's help." He uncoiled from his chair, lifting up to his full height as he walked towards her. There was a narrow glint to his dark eyes. "You should come by the Duelling Club sometime. We can see how much skill you've got in that wand of yours." Sniff.
"Whatever. Like I'd need to buy potions from you. You're not any better at it than I am. Bah. This is pointless. Why am I even bothering with you?! I'm going to get something hot to drink."

"Maybe, you are bothering with me, because your arrogant stance left you all alone and you have nobody to talk with? I am sure it's pretty boring to be around people, who respect you just because of your family name. No true friends, you know. Or at least honest people to speak, without frames?.." smirks Janette.
"But please, go, take your drink and stop bothering with me. I won't be sad about it at all, I am sure…"
Girl does not comment about club. Clubs are stupid. She is not in need of them.

"You're wrong, I have plenty of friends!" Alphard declared haughtily.. and perhaps a bit too insistantly. He had his nose up in the skies, and was looking down it at her. "A better class of friends than you'll ever have. I'm just picky about who I associate with, because I have -standards-. But what would you know about that? You're too weird to be in any club at all. Like I said. I'm going." He was just going to give her one last glare.

"I am pretty sure, that the friends, chosen by the standards, might be not friends at all, when you will be really in need of them, my dear…" chuckles Janette, easily noticing that insistence. It may be the sign. Sign, that she actually has truth in her sentence.
"Go, enjoy your hot drink. I am sure you will find much joy speaking with your cup. Just make sure, that it would have all the standards you need…" smirks girl.

"Abbot.. sometimes you're so stupid it's toxic," Alphard told her. With that he turned on his heel and marched to get himself something nice and hot to drink before giong back to bed again. His strides were long and fierce, intending to carry him out of the common room and away in no time at all. His robes whipped around him in a furious whirlpool of midnight black. "Idiot girl." The last muttered under his breath.

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