(1938-10-01) Cats and Fleas
Details for Cats and Fleas
Summary: Boys and idle chatter, with a cat.
Date: October 1, 1938
Location: Grounds, Hogwarts

It's just before dinner-time on a Tuesday, and Augustin, for once, has all of his homework done and nothing else to do. So he's taking a walk. His tie is untied and hanging loose around his neck, his top shirt button is undone, and his robes are shoved to the sides so he can jam his hands into his trousers pockets. A black-and-white cat is walking with him, meowing and looking up at him. "Meow?" Gus replies in return. "Meow-meow?" The cat seems content to talk with him, even if the boy may be spouting utter nonsense in cat-language.

Slumped in the grass, not too far away, Gerald can be found doing something not to uncommon. Reading. Knees bend, book open on the grass in front of him, the young man mouths the words silently to himself. His books are piled next to him, along with his discarded robe and a pile of books that look to belong to someone else. That someone isn't there, but by the looks of things they wont be gone to long.

From the direction of the entry courtyard, Adie Selwyn comes dancing in. Yes the short blonde boy is doing some rather complicated footwork with a spin thrown in here and there. He is quite graceful as he dances by Augustin spinning around the taller boy with a merry laugh. With a final twirl he bows at the waist and grins at the other boy. "Hi!" He smiles happily and straightens up studying the other for a moment.

"Hullo, Adie," Gus says. The black and white cat walking next to him watches Adie's antics, but she doesn't seem impressed by his graceful display. The cat is, after all, a cat, and that particular species usually has the last word in beauty through motion. Instead, tail up, she saunters over toward Gerald and rubs her cheek against his pile of books, purring loudly enough for all three of them to hear. "Looks like she likes you, Cornfoot," Gus observes. "Careful, she's got fleas." The cat gives him a narrow-eyed look, almost as if she understood that.

Gerald watches the dancing display through an upturned gaze, and while the attention is paid to the other boy, Gerald does offer himself a faint chuckle of amusement before his eyes drop to the text again. Of course, it only lasts for a short moment before his studies are once more interrupted, this time by the feline. At the very least, Gerald looks perfectly at ease with her intrusion, and even offers a hand out to her idly as he reaches with his free hand to turn the page. "Fleas never killed no one." He chuckles easily enough, glancing toward the cat as her eyes narrow. "Though, keep that up and you may need to sleep with one eye open tonight." You know how women can be.

"Fleas killed around half the population of Europe and Asia," Gus retorts with a cheerful grin. "Black Plague, you know." He watches the cat rub her cheek on the books and then extend her whiskers toward Gerald's hand. Seems she likes his smell, as she steps forward and tries to get him to pet her with a "Prrrt?" Augustin grins a bit. "Nah, I gave her tuna, earlier. We're good friends for life."

"Yeah well, you have me there." He jokes lazily. He does in fact reach to stroke the spot between the cat's ears. He does give a glance toward the two others, eyeing both carefully before he offers a faint smile to Gus, "I guess my petting pales in comparison then. Tuna trumps attention tenfold. Guess I'll have to up my game." Or at the very least, ignore his studies for the moment. He does glance toward the pile of books though, frowning to himself. As Adie finds other things to amuse himself with for the moment, Gerald takes the opportunity to point out the more graceful teen, "Does…he always dance around like that?" Stuck in his books, perhaps Adie has slipped through his notice till now.

"Hehe," Gus chuckles. "Cats are fickle creatures, though, there's no denying that. What's your plan to trump the tuna?" he asks curiously. He glances at Adie, and then back, and shrugs. "Eh, pretty much," he admits. "It's rather adorable."

"I haven't the slightest idea." He chuckles easily, offering the feline one more moment of attention before the hand leaves. All the better to put the book away with. As Gus answers his Aide-related question, Gerald merely nods, his brows arching slowly as he sends a sidelong glance back toward the other boy. "I…suppose so." He admits reluctantly. "I'm a terrible judge about that though." He does allow a smile seconds later as he looks back and then toward the rest of the grounds, "I'm pretty sure that my study partner forgot what she was doing.." he admits with a sigh, "Again..women."

"I hear you, mate," Gus says at Gerald's last comment. "Well. I'm off, then. Good luck with the studying, and the cat." He grins a cheerful grin and waves, and meanders away.

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