(1938-10-02) Final Year, New Game
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Summary: Medusa begins a new game and starts by gathering useful pieces.
Date: 2 October 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.

Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

It is afternoon, classes have finished and a few people are sat in the common room. Most are wisely giving the flaxen haired gorgon a wide berth. Medusa has commandeered, for really she wouldn't do it any other way, a table near one of the portal windows and there are books piled before her. However, her attention keeps drifting to the window and the various creatures which glide past. A mug of some hot drink sits on her table too, steam curling up from it. Quill in hand, she twirls it idly as she sighs and tries to pull her attention back to her studies.

Alphard greatly preferred the window spots, and he generally wasn't one to settle for anything less than what he wanted. Thus it was that he blithely ignored the danger of attracting Medusa's famous glare and -dumped- himself down at her table, right opposite of her. With a succession of solid thuds, he spread out his own study books. In his wake he'd earned a couple of glares from two third years he'd shoved out of the way. He was indifferent to them. Anyone who didn't know to get out of Alphard Pollux Black's way when he was going somewhere, well, they earned what they got. "Hey."

Lifting that icy glare from the opened pages of the book she is studying from Medusa looks up to see who has dared disturb her. Seeing that it is Alphard, the dark to her light a sweet (and if he is clever suspiciously so) smile curves up the ends of her mouth. "Alphard." Setting aside her quill, Medusa, folds her arms and leans forward so she can better lure him i—er smile sweetly at him. "I was just thinking about you." Only for the last thirty seconds.

Somewhere in the back of his head alarm bells might be ringing out, but one couldn't get away from the fact that Alphard really believed that everybody -should- be thinking about him all the time. So when Medusa leaned forward, well, he responded with one of his crooked smiles. "Oh really?" So perhaps there was a little forward lean of his own. Not too eager, mind, because that would go against his sense of aristocratic self entitlement. More like royalty becoming a supplicant to continue on with flowery compliments! "What were you thinking, Medusa?"

If Alphard Black were king then certainly the decidedly pretty Medusa Malfoy would be queen so it is only right that she smiles coyly at him across the expanse of table, books, parchment and quill. "I noticed you walk in, your reflection was cast in the window. You have become quite…" her pale brows lift as she smiles again and gives the impression that the word she uses is not at all what she means, "…taller over the summer." Proping her chin atop the back of a curved hand as she continues to regard Alphard Medusa's lashes lower slowly continuing that coyness before lifting again. "I imagine you are ever so good at so many things. I have heard teachers discussing how clever you are."

Shoulders slowly straightened out beneath Medusa's smiles and coy looks, and if that caused his chest to broaden out just a little bit - to underline the fact that he had grown rather athletic of recent years - then it was surely a coincidence. He propped himself against the table with an elbow, his pale face drifting further forward above the spill of books and study tools. She was speaking his language, now. As efficient as if she was putting him under a spell. Confidently he murmured: "You know, you should come around the Quidditch field sometime. I've been working on my beating, too."

Medusa's eyes widen as if the idea, the very idea of watching Alphard play quidditch were enough to tempt her but then her body draws in on itself in a universal sign of deflation. "I wish I could. Oh if only I could Alphard." She pouts prettily and her gesturing hands encompass the books on her side of the table. "Maybe if I could find someone who is clever to help me with my studying I would be able to come and watch you. Do you know anyone who is good with Defense Against the Dark Arts?" Of course as a seventh year she has her linear exams at the end of the year - the ones which cover material learned in both years six and seven.

The prospect of having a pretty pureblood witch on the stands - watching him be brilliant - was a heady enough thought. To then have it slip out of his hands was enough to make him frown. His dark eyes narrowing, his brows knitting together, his mouth pressed into a thin and hard line of displeasure. He'd never been very good at handling not getting his way. Then the storm clouds dissipated with a snort. He eeeeased himself out of his chair, circled around the table, and then cockily sure of himself eased back down right next to her. "Really, if that's the only thing keeping you.. I'd be -happy- to help. Defense Against the Dark Arts is my best subject. You know, it's been said," by his parents, "that I have what it takes to be one of the greats at it."

As quickly as she deflated mere moments ago Medusa seems re-animated now. "Would you?" She beams a smile over at Alphard, even goes one better and lets one of her feet accidentally touch his under the table. Ducking her head Medusa bites her bottom lip as it had all been unintentional. She reaches up to tuck a strand of her moonlit pale hair behind an ear and watches Alphard from beneath her lashes. "You know, I did hear the teacher say you were the most promising pupil in your year." Flattery will get you nearly everywhere. "Would you like to sit next to me?"

"Of course I will.. I'd be my pleasure to help a fellow Slytherin." Because Alphard was usually such pillar of generosity and community spirit. AT that little brush of her foot, his smile took on sly little quality. In a quieter tone, carried between them on the breath of intimacy, he added: "And you in particular." So he wriggled in next to her, close enough for thigh to bump against thigh, and then turned his attentions to the study material spread out. A quick scan told him what she was up to, and because it -was- his favorite subject, he had already read up on the Seventh year parts, too. "Let's see.. Which part is giving you a headache?" And in a rare bit of offered sympathy and understanding, he confessed: "Arithmancy used to do the same to me."

Were it anyone but Medusa they might get cocky at this point, but she is a player of the long game and it is a long time until her exams. "It just feels like there is so much," she says with a breathy sigh and lifts her head the give Alphard a pleading look. Chewing on the corner of her mouth she asks with uncertainty, making it clear she wants him to guide her - afterall he is the expert - "Do you think it best to start with what we covered last year? Summer is so long and I'm find it hard to remember what we did." That they are so close means he is able to smell the peppery undertones of the otherwise floral perfume she wears and without a table and a pile of books between them Alphard is treated to the full frontal assault — or in this case flanking — of her clothing which presents her figure in the most flattering of ways.

There was a moment where Alphard had to struggle to remember what exactly it was he was meant to be doing. A combination of intoxicating fragrances of the feminine persuasion, plus the view he was getting out of the corner field of his vision, was making thinking harder than it had been a few moments ago. Going into ritual mode proved to be his savior. He unbuttoned his shirt sleeves, rolling them meticulously up to his elbows. His forearms were sinewy hard, pale, and currently also covered with bruises and scratches. Then he rearranged her books so they were -just- so. It helped. "Al-," cough, clearing his throat. "Alright! Though we're gonna need to do this a few times to cover all that ground." The prospect didn't seem to bother Alphard much right now.

"Alright.. first thing.." And from there on, his voice went into lecture mode. If his tone was slightly arrogant and superior both when he explained things, well, he couldn't help himself. At least he was thorough!

Medusa has to work hard this year and she knows it so she tries her very best to concentrate throughout the lecture that Alphard gives her, but she does have a wandering mind. She however, tries to use it to her advantage this time and makes it look as if her mind were wandering to him. At least he is focused and helps her get back on track those few…five…okay ten times when it happens. After a while however she just cannot do it anymore and reaches for her drink. Using her wand she applies a warming charm to it then tilts her head to look at Alphard. "You are an excellent teacher. I learned so much more from you than I did from the professor."

" Well yeah.. but.. she's not that bad. She went to Durmstrang, you know. Sometimes I wish I'd been sent there. They've got a much better policy on who the accept, you know? Not like Hogwarts where they let in -every- sort of riffraff." His features cracked in a grimace of disgust. With a rippling movement of lean muscular grace, he arched his back and slowly streeeeeeeeetched out. Being bent over a book for so long (even if he had spent some of the time watching her instead) had given him a kink in the neck. "What'd you do for summer?"

Lowering the mug of steaming hot chocolate Medusa shifts in her chair, still sat so very close to Alphard, she has to half turn into him so she can see him properly. Giving the impression that she is enjoying observing the movement of his physique — because she genuinely is — Medusa takes a moment to respond. "I have heard the rules on everything are much more strict and besides there are no girls there. Do you think you would enjoy school as much without girls, Alphard?" A teasing smile dances across her mouth.

Absently Alphard ran his nails against one of his scratches, picking at the scabs in a way that was going to leave it bleeding again soon enough. "Strict doesn't bother me. Just have to know how to work around the rules. You know.. there's always some way or another, if you've got the means and the know how." A mischievous glint played in his eye when he said it. "Girls.. well." He tossed out a blithe little shrug. "Some days I feel different about it than others." A glare of cool dislike flew towards the Girls' Dormitories. "Do you know Abbot tried to lie and get me in trouble with Pringle the other day? Just so she could protect her little loverboy Macmillian. No sense of House loyalty at all. An ugly little snitch with a prefect's badge."

Reaching out a staying hand Medusa tries to stop Alphard from picking at scabs. It is rather revolting and she has to mask her features to not show it. "Don't do that, darling. You look so much manlier with them as they are." Pulling her hand back slowly she follows the direction of Alphard's gaze. If she is surprised that Janette has it in her to lure a seventh year the Malfoy girl doesn't show it. A laugh tumbles from her lips and Medusa leans in to whisper, "Would you like me to make her pay for you? Snitches should always pay." Then as if the offer never happened she leans back and states, "I spent some of the summer with my sister and a little with some friends relaxing. You?"

"What?" Alphard asked distractedly, brows furrowed as her hand laid itself over his. It took him a few moments to realize what it was she meant. "Oh. Uhm, sure. You think so?" Thoughtfully he bent his arm this way and that so he could have a better look at the scratches and bruises. "I guess it does." So he would do his best to try to keep his nails from going back. Dark eyes slipped back in her direction, watching her without being too obvious about it. There was more than a hint of malice in them when the sound of a cool: "yes," drifted towards her. "Quiddich Camp. Oh, and traveling around. You know.. seeing places mum can brag about later." Eyeroll.

Something in the predatory nature of Medusa's smile makes it clear that she heard his reply. Her gaze flits to his face and she gives Alphard a look that indicates he has risen in her esteem all that bit more for agreeing and yet when Medusa speaks it is about something altogether different. "Being such an excellent student and teacher, what is it that you hope to do after you graduate?" Afterall, when one plays the long game sometimes it helps to keep up worthwhile contacts.

"Auror. I'm going to work for the Ministry and one day reform the Auror's Office. It's going to adher to -proper- thinking." As he spoke he nonchalantly sprawled back against the seat, one arm stretching oh so casually out across the backrest. The very picture of a young aristocrat in his comfort zone, oozing confidence. His gaze got more direct as he looked at the older girl. "I mean, I know it's dangerous.. but I can handle myself. How about you?"

Another sip of hot chocolate allows Medusa to introduce a dramatic pause into the conversation as if she were listening very carefully and giving Alphard her full attention rather than half listening and half planning what to do to the traitor prefect. "An auror? How noble of you. My sister Edwarlinda is one." And quite legendary too. "Would you like me to put in a good word for you Alphard? It is as much who you know as what you know." She flashes him a sweet smile, "And now that you and I are friends, why it would be so easy to send an owl off to her mentioning how good Alphard Pollux Black is at Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Pearly white teeth flashed inside of his growing smile as Medusa made her offer. When it wasn't so suffused with arrogance that it looked more like a sneer, he didn't have all that bad of a smile. There was more than a bit of darkly charm to it. "If you want to.. I'm sure it couldn't hurt." And his shrug didn't do much to hide or dismiss his eagerness at the prospect of having good words about him floating around. "You didn't tell me your plans, though."

Medusa leans in closer, having noticed the stretch of Alphard's arm has brought it to rest on the back of her chair. "Would you keep it a secret?" Her whisper is breathy and soft and like everything about this encounter designed to entice poor Alphard all the more. Inching in even closer she waits as if giving him the opportunity to dare deny he would keep her secret.

It was an instinctive reaction; as she leaned towards him in a moment suffused with intimate conspiracy, he met her with a little sideways twist and lean of his own. His eyes touched hers. That arm which had wound around the back of her chair drooped just a little, enough to sprinkled a faint little brush of his fingertips against her shoulder. "Of course," be breathed out, his voice as husky stream of budding masculinity.

She turns her head in, cheek mere inches from Alphard's as Medusa whispers, "I am going to be a professional wizarding chess player." Secret delivered she leans back and watches him over the rim of her mug as she takes another quenching sip of her hot chocolate and waits for the reaction, curious to see just what it will be.

He took a deep breath, overdosing on her scent. It took a couple of blinks and a clearing of his voice before he even realized that she had retreated and gone back to her hot chocolate. It was pretty obvious from the surprised cast of his features that it hadn't been any sort of answer he head expected. "Huh," he said, eloquently. Leaning back, surprise gave way to thoughtfulness as he thought it through. A few moments later he had come to a conclusion: "I didn't even know you could be a professional at it. That's pretty spiffy, though. I like wizarding chess. And you do have one distinctive advantage aside from skill."

A pleased smile lifts the corner of Medusa's mouth. "I am glad you approve." She sets her near empty mug aside and shifts on her chair, crossing her legs and tilting them towards him. Everything in her body language hinting, as it has, for the past hour or so, that she finds him rapturously interesting. "I have been told you can be a professional at just about anything, or at least my brother claims it is so." Slender arms fold around a tiny waist as Medusa settles comfortable back, not the tiniest bit bothered by the hand at her back. "What advantage do I have Alphard?" A pale brow lifts curiously. Let's hope the boy doesn't ruin it by putting his foot in it now when it is going so well for him.

"I guess that's true," to her brother's claim. With a languid motion the sixth year slid out of his chair and straightened out to his full height. His gaze idly wandered around the common room for a second or two, looking at who was still present. Calmly he started to pick up his belongings from the table. His voice was fair low when he answered her, finally, playful smile on his lips: "Well. Anyone you play will have trouble taking their eyes off you long enough to make a play. Anyway, I need to get going. Club thing. We'll figure out when to do this again, yeah?"

Medusa's lashes lower briefly as she gives him a coy look. "Most assuredly." Watching Alphard as he gathers his things she says, "And let me know when you want an audience for that quidditch, hmmm?" She sits, watching him as he leaves, smiling sweetly all the while.

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