(1938-10-02) For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
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Summary: Reece passes out Knickerbocker Glories all around in celebration of Thomas' birthday. The entire tavern sings with uproarious enthusiasm and Thomas receives many a happy return. And in case you were wondering, Thomas' trip to Berlin was delayed by a day.
Date: Wednesday, October 2, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

"Ah, Mister Bulstrode," Astoria says after her sharp attention is placed on Geralt. Her lips form into a small smile that creases her left cheek. She strides in his direction, shoes clomping against the floor. "Would you be opposed to company?" she asks, her words clipped, crisp, and precise.

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At the far end of the room stands a magnificent fireplace for warming, but also for an occasional arrival. With a great green whoosh, Rhyeline steps with careful grace onto the worn wood floors of the Leaky Cauldron. Her dark gaze sweeps the room as she steps out of the way of anyone that might follow.

Geralt sits at a table near the wall not too far from the fireplace. Astoria stands nearby and the dark haired man offers her a warm and charming smile as she asks to join him. "I would not mind at all. Please have a seat." His eyes wander over to Rhyeline as she enters and she gets a charming smile and an incline of his head as well.

And right as Rhyeline pops out, Thomas comes quick on her heels in a green flash. His hand moves and adjusts his hair slowly as he moves out of the way in case anyone else comes through, "Well postponed a day, but here we are. You happy now, Rhyeline?" he says with a playful tone in his voice and a small grin on his face.

Reece refills the drink of a middle-aged witch at the bar, offering her a soft smile and a quiet word of encouragement. Taking up his always-handy rag, he wipes down the bar, mopping up minor spills and condensation.

Astoria seats herself rapidly, but not without poise. She turns slightly in the chair and crosses one leg over the other. The sound of floo is unmistakable, so she turns slightly to spy Rhyeline… and then Thomas! Focused, hawk-like features watch the pair before she offers both a small smile. Turning, she replies to Geralt, "Thank you," and places a hand on the table's top. "Firewhiskey?" she asks, noting his drink with her eyes.

Rhyeline dips into a graceful little curtsy in Geralt and Astoria's direction as each of them smile at her arrival. Hands clasped behind her back, she peeks up at Thomas with a rather shy smile and gives the smallest of nods. "Yes. You should find a table. I- I'll be right back." And with that, she makes her way over to Reece at the bar. Hesitating, the girl tries to climb onto a stool and beckon him close. She has a secret she wants to whisper in his ear.

Rhyeline whispers: "My friend, he- he is celebrating his birthday tonight. Could… could I order a- a bit of cake for him? And… something special to drink?"'

"Indeed it is….I prefer brandy but I'm rather picky about that." Geralt admits with a slight smirk. "I find that just a little bit of alcohol helps me to think better…not too much though I will likely have tea after this glass. A drunk journalist is not a good thing after all." That smirk widens a bit and he watches Rhyeline as she heads for the bar. He glances over to Thomas and inclines his head to him before looking back to Astoria once again.

Reece is an attentive fellow, as every good barman should be. He moves along the bar to stand opposite Rhyeline, leaning in on his elbows to hear her, an amused smile on his lips.

Reece whispers: Hm…we don't have cake on hand, typically. But I'll tell you what. I can fix him up a Knickerbocker Glory with my special brandy in the mix. I'm sure I could even dig up a candle to put in it.

Thomas now notcing Geralt and Astoria, bows his head in greeting, "Sir, Ms. Bletchley, Evening to you." he says softly with a warm smile. He nods and smiles towards Rheyline, "Not a worry." he says softly as he moves towards a table near Astoria and Geralt, unbuttoning his bottom suit jacket and taking a seat, sitting his fedora down on the table.

"I find most brandy is not to my taste, though I do enjoy an expensive cognac," Astoria answers, her tone losing none of its conciseness. She pauses for a moment, perhaps in thought, until Thomas speaks. "Good evening, again," Astoria says, and not without a hint of irony. And then, "Indeed. The truth is always ousted from our minds /slightly/ easier with a touch of stronger stuff."

Rhyeline whispers into Reece's ear and then pauses to listen to what he says back. At first, she bites her lower lip, looking a bit disappointed, but then her features brighten with a soft smile. She whispers something more before slipping back off the stool. Smoothing out her dress, she looks over towards Thomas and to those sitting nearby him. Hands clasped behind her back, she makes her way over.

Rhyeline whispers: "Yes. That would be wonderful. Thank you so much. And- if possible… could you serve some to everyone who is here right now in the Leaky Cauldron? I will pay… or- if there's not enough… then… something special to drink. I'd… I'd like him to have a good, warm experience for a birthday… Thank you so much…"'

Reece smirks and gives Rhyeline a sly nod. He steps away from the bar, slipping back into the kitchen. His place at the bar is quickly filled by Mick, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron.

Thomas smiles at Rhyeline as she makes her way over, "Have you gotten the chance to start reading the book?" he asks softly, curiously tilting his head. "I certainly hope you are enjoying it, I mean it has always been one of my favorites." he says softly, as she joins him. Reaching up, he does something so unbelievable, that it is sure to shock anyone who knows him, he loosens his tie slightly.

Astoria watches as Geralt makes a departure. She nods to him and then turns, slightly, towards Rhyeline and Thomas. The tie-gesture goes unnoticed. At the mention of favorite books, however, her attention is piqued.

Rhyeline remains standing a moment between Thomas and Astoria's table. Peeking from one to the other, she hesitates a moment before murmuring, "Perhaps… we could all sit together? Celebrations are- are best that way…" Looking to Thomas she adds, "And- yes… I slept so late today because I was up reading it… it- the poems are so beautiful… I got lost."

Thomas smiles softly, and nods, "Would you care to join us Ms. Bletchley?" he asks slowly, the smile on his face. He listens to Rhyeline talk about the poems, his features get warm and his smile softer. "I am glad, it is an amazing book. One of my favorite pieces, I am sure it will look lovely in your collection." he says warmly with a smile.

"Yes, for a few minutes, at least. I may need to excuse myself soon, however. There have been some developments in a piece that require my attentions." Astoria stands and walks in the direction of Thomas and Rhyeline, which isn't very far. She seats herself and crosses one leg over the other.

Once Astoria has joined them, Rhyeline sits between them with Astoria to her left and Thomas to her right. Peeking over at Thomas, she murmurs, "Yes… I have a- a bit of a collection of poetry… but… this is the pearl of the collection…"

Thomas smiles softly, "Always a pleasure Ms. Bletchley, short company is better then no company. I hope all is well, with the your work?" he says softly, his tone polite. His attention turns back towards Rhyeline, the smile on his face warm, "That's why I gave it to you instead of giving you pearls." he says slowly, his tone soft and warm.

Astoria replies swiftly, but not at the expense of Rhyeline explanation or Thomas' reply, "Yes, merely a chance that it is time-sensitive." She quiets soon after, expression intent and focused on the table's two other occupants.

When Reece finally re-emerges from the kitchen, he is carrying a drink tray with two ice cream sundaes on it. He is followed immediately by two wenches carrying similar trays, who begin distributing the sundaes around the room to every patron. Reece himself approaches Thomas and Rhyeline, setting a glass down before each of them. The one in front of Thomas has a candle poking out of the whipped cream. "Knickerbocker Glories, all around," he states with a smile, drawing his wand and lighting the candle with a soft, "Incendio. In celebration of another year blessed with the company of a fine gentleman. Fooooor…" he lifts his voice is song, leading the wenches in a round of 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow', which is soon picked up by the other patrons, followed by applause for the birthday celebrant.

Rhyeline's cheeks grow a bit warm as Thomas' comment makes her blush. She parts her lips to speak, but then pauses upon catching sight of Reece's triumphant return. Though her eyes shine, so very pleased, her shyness grows just as much as she peeks over at Thomas. Yes. This was her doing. The rest of the tavern begins to cheer and sing, "-he's a jolly good feeeeEEELLOOOW!!!" Rhyeline hides behind her own layered sunday and joins the song with her own, inaudible voice.

The door to the Cauldron opens and Miss Eibon is dressed in her simple brown pencil skirt with matching fitted business top to fit the current muggle fashion. She pushes her hair back into place briefly before rolling her shoulders to let her jacket fall away in time to watch the singing by the Cauldron's employed chorus. A faint smile curls her lips, bemusement drawing the edges of her smile up as the others at the table start to swell. She manages to hum along, watching them as she drapes her jacket over her arm and slides her wand into her skirt pocket.

Thomas nods and smiles at Astoria, "Well I look forward to reading it in the Daily Prophet." he says slowly, and nods. "Can I ask what the piece is about?" he asks slowly, before looking back at Rhyeline, noting her blush he goes to say something, but is interrupted by Rhyeline. He watches it all, a smile on his face shaking his head, as everyone starts to sing his face grows a little pink. He picks up the glass with the sundae, and gives a few small bows, when the signing has died down, he lifts his glass, "First I would like to thank all of you, for the stunning musical performance. Second all of the fine folks here at the Cauldron, you will of course continue to get my nightly Fish n' Chips orders. Then lastly, Ms. Diderot, who felt the need to surprise me. Here is to all of you!" he says taking a large bite out of his sundae, before taking a seat.

"…a jolly good felloooow…and so say all of us!" Reece tucks the tray under his arm, and claps along with the others as they finish the song. He nods his congratulations and thanks to Thomas, and quickly steps back behind the bar to let the patrons have their revelry.

Astoria begins to answer Thomas, but then there are sundaes, a song… and sundaes! Her lips twist into a knowing, amused expression while she joins the singing. Afterward she listens to Thomas' monologue, grin never fading, and thanks a wench when her sundae is delivered. She takes a spoon and tastes it carefully, not yet noticing Eden's entrance.

Rhyeline blushes even deeper, looking as if she might burst into a thousand frightened birds when Thomas briefly directs the attention of the entire tavern to fix on the girl. She jumps slightly when the tavern takes up and uproarious cheer in honor or Thomas' birthday and in appreciation for the free and rather alcoholic dessert. Hiding behind her sundae, Rhyeline keeps her gaze fixed on the table until everything has calmed down. It is then that the delicate creature notices Eden out of the corner of her eye. Looking towards the prominent member of the Unity Party, the little mouse offers a soft smile and a respectful nod.

As the commotion calms down, Eden tart to slip towards a chair and table for herself. Though she slows for a moment, fingers brushing at her hip when she meets Rhyeline's gaze. Her smile quirks up further and she nods her head towards the other woman, "Good evening," she greets after covering some of the distance between them, her lips parting into a bright smile. "I think a Happy Birthday is in order," she says, giving Thomas a small tilt of her chin before lifting her hands to wave her fingers in the air at Astoria.

Thomas smiles softly, looking at Rhyeline shaking his head, "Thank you Rhyeline. You made my day before I leave." he says softly, his hand moving up and running through his hair slowly as he takes a bite. He looks over at Eden, offering a small nod of the head, "Evening and Thank you. It was yesterday but that didn't stop Rhyeline, though Miss." he says with a small chuckle. Taking another bite of his sundae.

Astoria sips her dessert from the spoon quietly until, without warning, an owl swoops through the room (perhaps having found an open window) and drops an envelope. Rather deftly, Astoria snatches it out of the air and promptly opens it. Moments later she sighs, closes the parchment, and says, "Do enjoy your celebration, Mister Carrow," with a slight grin. "Please, excuse me," she adds, nodding to those at her table. A moment later she moves towards a reserved private room.

"Good evening," murmurs Rhyeline in return to Eden, although only the keenest of ears will hear her voice over the lingering celebrations going on throughout the tavern. The little one's dark gaze follows Astoria as the reporter takes her leave. Peeking back over at Thomas, she offers him a small smile and a nod. "You are welcome…"

Quiet during the time Astoria takes to excuse herself, Eden lifts a brow, glancing between the two at the faint hellos. The shared moment seems a tad awkward to step in on, but she does however linger long enough to introduce herself, "Eden Eibon," she supplies to Thomas before she then glances once more to Rhyeline, keen eyes narrowing slightly but he warmth never leaving her eyes. "I trust your health is greatly improved, Miss Diderot?" The question is offered in genuine interest.

Thomas chuckles softly, "You know you didn't have too?" he says taking a bite of his sundae. "I would have been perfectly content just sitting and talking to you." he says softly with a small wave of his hand. His attention moves back to Eden, "Pleasure to meet you, Thomas Greyson Carrow." he says softly, still eating his sundae. Looking between the two, as they start talking.

Rhyeline smiles a bit up at Thomas and murmurs, "Yes. But- I wanted to do this." She has eaten a fair amount of the brandy-filled sundae while trying to avoid notice. Perhaps this is why the subtle pink warmth in her cheeks doesn't fade. The warmth deepens when Eden inquires after her health. With a small nod, the girl murmurs, "I am much better, thank you. Though- Healer Keenan, he- he says I should not return to work full time just yet. And- and you? How have you been?"

"A pleasure, Mister Carrow," Sweet smiles for them both, Eden is content to study Rhyeline as if to make sure she agrees with the improved assessment of said health. "Ahhhh, trust in him. He helped me recover from a failed memory charm during the line of duty." She touches the side of her nose and then touches her forehead with a quiet flare. "I am doing well enough, finding England to be a bit less sunny than I remember. I was considering taking a break to the country estates in Scotland." She looks thoughtful, her finger taping the corner of her mouth. "I was thinking of inviting Cassius along, perhaps you and Mister Carrow would like to join us?" Her gaze sweeps over towards Thomas.

Thomas is about done with his sundae, he likes ice cream and he likes brandy, he may have even eaten the candle, oh wait no he blew that out and sat it down on the table. "Well I appreciate it, it really, really really, means a lot to me." his speech is not quiet and fluent as normal, maybe he should have paced that sundae, he looks to Eden and then back to Rhyeline, his hand moves up and softly rubs the side of his head, "That…" he says slowly, biting the inside of his lip, clearly thinking, "That wounds like it sould be wonderful." he says softly with a nod, "That is if Rhyeline, will have me." he says slowly with a smile, it is obvious by his face he is not drunk, but is certainly relaxed and feeling good.

Rhyeline parts her lips to answer, but then hesitates, peeking over at Thomas to let him answer first. When it comes her turn at last, she lowers her gaze murmurs, "I do not think it would be wise for me to leave London at present." She takes another bite of sundae. She hadn't eaten much earlier either.

Looking quite excited for Thomas acceptance, the expectant look offered to Rhyeline is somewhat crushed at her reply. A soft sigh and a shake of her head as Eden giving a soft disappointed look to the other woman. "I think the country air would do you well, if you do not mind me saying so. Perhaps if you are cleared by Keenan to take such a trip you would reconsider?" This is offered with a warm smile before she starts to take a step away towards a table. "Would love to have you if you can find the strength to make the trip. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mister Carrow." Her head dips to him before she adds, "You both have a good evening, I will not bother you any longer."

"If- if Healer Keenan were to give permission then- then I would like to go, yes," murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod. She bites her lower lip, looking worried that perhaps she has offended the lady whom Cassius is currently courting. "You- you are not bothering. But- I should- perhaps go home soon…" she peeks over at Thomas. The little one's sundae is all gone.

Thomas goes to say something, but closes his mouth. "Certainly, it was a pleasure Ms. Eibon." he says with a small nod, "Also I assure you the pleasure was all mine." he continues with a small smile. He looks at Rhyeline, assessing her softly for a moment, "Seems you enjoyed your sundae too, Rhyeline." he says softly with a smile and a nod.

"You just let me know, Miss Diderot," she intones, lifting her hand in a wave as she crosses the room to a smaller table to take up a place by herself, giving Thomas a wink and a knowing smile when Rhyeline cannot see. The Eibon easily allows herself to fade into some quiet moments of her own.

Rhyeline nods with respect to Eden before peeking back over at Thomas. "I… yes. It was tasty… but- I think there was a bit more- more brandy than I expected… I think maybe I should get home…"

Thomas is obviously confused by the smile and wink, looking back at Rhyeline then back towards Eden as she leaves, before shaking his head slightly. He looks at Rhyeline as she speaks, nodding slowly, he smiles softly, "At least let me walk you home." he says slowly with a nod, "Thank you again Rhyeline." he says softly, "You have me the best birthday to date." he says softly, "You really are a beautiful person you know that?" he asks tilting his head a bit to the right.

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