(1938-10-03) A Quiet Word
Details for A Quiet Word
Summary: Medusa seeks out Janette for a little chat, the ice princess makes an enemy of the gorgon.
Date: October 3, 1938
Location: Sixth Year Girls Dorm, Slytherin Dungeons, Hogwarts
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Medusa rises from her bed in the part of the dormitory that the seventh years have claimed. It is well after dinner and she is perfectly clean, no hint of earlier mischief about her. Gold and silver silk pyjamas and a matching robe cover her while a pair of silver slippers cover her feet and that mysterious pinky toe people like to speculate about. Her slippers make a slapping sound against the stone floor as she makes her way into the sixth year part of the girl's dormitory. Some of the other girls give the Malfoy a wide berth one even makes an excuse to go find something in the common room. All this despite the sweet smile that Medusa is wearing when she drops herself onto the end of Janette Abbott's bed. "Good evning, Janette."

Janette is curled up on her bed. Incredibly perfectly made lacy white dress is pervaded around. Her head is lowered a bit, for this reason it is really easy for these frosty curls hide girl's features and, very curiously through the book pages running grey eyes. However, girl keeps her lady's posture, sitting with the straight back, keeping the book on knees, turning page after page, nipping it just with two fingers. Each of her moves is fulfilled with genteel spangles, obviously saying - I may be a princess,be careful, when you approach me. However, when another Slytherin girl sits on her bed, Janette quickly clothes her book and hides it under the pillow. Marble gaze, as usually, finds colleague and icy tone answers "Good evening, Medusa."

The book is given a glance, mostly for the title and idle curiosity than anything else. Medusa has adopted a casual pose, leaning some of her weight back on a hand. "I heard some rather distressing news." Everyone knows how Medusa always hears news. "I was hoping it wasn't true and just had to come see you to check it out myself." She sounds and looks concerned for poor Janette.

Janette's brow jumps up slightly surprised. "Distressing news?.." drawls the girl,taking a scratch of the back of her head and frowning slightly, maybe even flinching. Quickly the hand is lowered and fingers start playing with the snowy dress.

With her other hand Medusa reaches up to flick her long hair back over her shoulder. "I heard that you were put in a compromising position by an older boy." Because of course Medusa would never do that ever. "There are some truly disreputable rakes in this school and I would hate to think that dear sweet Janette was being taken advantage of." She tilts her body towards the younger student. "Is that what happened Janette, did some boy make you do something that made you uncomfortable?"

Janette's eyes widen. She opens her mouth slightly,then closes.Opens again, then closes. No, she does not blush. She becomes angry,indeed. "What do you mean?" irritated voice questions. "What do you mean by "do something that made you uncomfortable?!" For some reason,her hand raises again near the back of her head, and Janette takes another scratch, frowning slightly.

Sensing Janette's discomfort Medusa moves in closer, sliding down the bed. "Well only you can say what makes you uncomfortable. I know what I heard would have made me uncomfortable." She reaches out a hand and gently touches Janette on the arm, "Are you alright Janette? Is what happened making you feel bad? Or is it something else?" Smiling sweetly, kindly even, Medusa says, "You can confide in me Janette. I know how hard it can be to be unique and pretty in this house."

Janette sniffs at the "unique" and "pretty", obviously saying, that she knows, she is one of these. However, when Medusa touches Janette's arm,she moves aside. Oh, she doesn't like, then someone touches her. That sweet rumor,that her skin is cold as ice may be ruined, if everyone will touch her! Girl frowns slightly, making her fingers form fists. "I do not feel uncomfortable. I feel angry. Oh, and I feel offended. Indeed." Ghostly girl straightens her skirts, pouting slightly: "One day, that Alphard… Black guy… He will drown in his own arrogance. Oh, I do hope so, he will drown…" Girl bites her lip and punches the bed. "If you are speaking about him… Indeed. I was at the owl tower, when he came. He is always so offensive. He called me stupid, that I am nothing. And… My cloak was lying there… He stepped on my cloak! Just to make it dirty," grey eyes fulfills with all the possible colours of hate "You know, how important for me is always look natty. So, I pushed him slightly. Saying, that enough… and… He slammed me at the ground, I hit my head and he started to kick me! I don't know… If not Douglas… I would…" Girl inhales deeply and whispers something under her nose about potions or poisons.

Medusa doesn't seem to notice Janette's discomfort at being touched or perhaps she does and still pats the girl's arm anyway. However, she does pull her hand back after that. "Janette, you are an Abbott are you not? I cannot remember a Malfoy ever marrying an Abbott but surely you know better than to so emotional. So out of control." The older girl laces her hands together and rests them on her lap. "Emotions make us say and do things without thought. Emotions should be controlled whenever possible. Alphard Black stepped on your cloak. You pushed him. That seems a tad excessive for a bit of name calling and stepping on fabric which a house elf will wash for you anyway. However," here she pauses briefly, "that is not what I was speaking of. But it does worry me. You like Douglas Macmillan do you?"

"If I want, I control my emotions,if someone steps in my way…I do whatever I want. But nobody can touch me. Like that!" The girl waves with her hands, as she would like to shoo Medusa. "You are all the same. Blacks, Malfoys. So proud about yourselves, that… You both are worth of each other…" Though, even if the girl is angry, she speaks silently, that nobody around could hear. "Also, I don't need your lectures and it is not your concern who I like and who I don't. My father doesn't pay you for lecturing me, okay?" Janette mannerly tosses some curls back, shooing with her hand once more.

Medusa's gaze narrows and she levels her gorgon's glare on Janette. "Think carefully little Janette Abbott about what you do in this moment. You are a small insignificant creature in this place and the Headmaster who thought you were worth that badge you have is no longer in charge. If it came down to it who do you think the new Headmaster would support?" She arcs a brow as if to emphasise her point. "A freakish little Abbott who likes to pretend she is some kind of ice princess or a Malfoy?"

"I hear a threat, yes?" Janette smirks. "I hear threats each day. Usually, from people, who are afraid of different opinion, discussions, and does not trust themselves. You are not like that, Medusa. A grain of salt, honest salt, shouldn't bother you, you know. To make treats. Shouldn't you remain all "Oooh, I am so awesome" style, and just walk away proudly?" giggles the girl. "Sometimes you are… Sooo… I look at you and it just make me sad. Poor littles have to do all the work for you. You as Alphard. No true friends, but many followers, which are just afraid. I am not afraid. That is why you shouldn't become all angry and make me treats. If I wear you, I would really like a person, who is not afraid to say me, what he thinks, who is not ready to carry things for me, you know. Because just that person, can become true friend. Because the time, when we need real friends, usually always comes. But… if you have just followers, they won't show up. While I may… " Janette giggles glancing at the girl, trying to see if she got the point, actually. Obviously, expecting to see how angry she will become.

"You have made two serious errors now Janette Abbott." Medusa perfectly and sharply enunciates each T-sound in the younger student's name. "First, you decided I am not worth listening to. Second, you have made unfounded assumptions based on nothing but speculation." She slowly rises to her feet. "And I will let everyone in Slytherin house know you see yourself as being so much better than all of us. So much better than all the Blacks, Malfoys and Lestranges." Medusa knots the belt of her robe a bit more tightly as she stands looking down at Janette. "You have one day to come to me with an apology. I suggest you use the next twenty-four hours wisely."

"Oh, don't worry!" nods Janette, grinning a bit evilly, and taking out her book, from behind the pillow. "I have many things to do." And she continues reading. Even a bit relieved, that Malfoy girl walks away.

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