(1938-10-03) Potions or Commotions
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Summary: Niko and Alphard have a Co-Op Potions Project, conflicting views on the world makes it complicated to to work togther but will they get the job done?
Date: 1938-10-03
Location: Potion's Classroom
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Potion's Classroom

The Potions classroom is a windowless classroom with stone arches running along its walls holding up a low ceiling. Within each ach are shelves that hold glass jars with pickled animal remains, both Muggle and Magical. Under the shelves are cabinets that stand open during class times to give students access to all of the potion making materials they might need. The room itself is a big square filled with a double row of long tables with enough space for four or five students to have a cauldron set up and books open at each one. At the end of the room is a stone dais with a desk set upon it from which the Potions Master can survey the entirety of the room. During classes the entire room is illuminated by guttering torches and the burners underneath the students cauldron making for a rather gloomy atmosphere.

The School has just let out for the day, the Potion's Classrom is empty, dark and dank. Niko makes his way down finding a empty table be puts it bag down, removing a his potion book and the various notes he has scribbled down on piece of parchment. His finger moves across the notes slowly as he opens to book and flips a few pages. Moving to one of the cabinets to retrieve some of the potion ingredients.

A shadowy siluette appeared in the doorway, lingering on the treshold as if some Dark creature held back by deathly serious wards. Eyes glinted. Black, cold, furiously unhappy with the current situation.
"Why always me?" It was asked to no one in particular, but the terrible -pain- and -hopelessness- in his voice said that the world was out to get him. Because Alphard Pollux Black had lived such a terribly unfair life up until now. Wealth and privilige, favoritism and even the Black aristocratic good looks. (For all he was usually doing his best to spoil the latter by constantly sneering arrogantly at everyone and anyone). Sighing again, he reluctantly lumbered into the room to join his partner in the current project.

When Niko notices Alphard, he smiles warmly, "Ah, Black." he says slowly with a nod, "Interesting enough set of Lectures today, wouldn't you think?" he says slowly with a nod, knowing that this boy was in every single same class as he was, "You ready to start our project? I spent some time in the Library taking some notes yesterday, so I think that will help both of us." he says slowly with a nod, still pulling a few ingredients out of the cabinet.
"Would you mind starting the burner and getting the cauldron ready, Black?" he asks softly, the smile still on his face. His tone warm and friendly, the soft smile panted right on his face. He knows that this is going to be interesting but he plans to make the best of it.

Alphard just gave Niko a suspicious glare when the boy tired to do pleasent conversation, as if he was expecting a dagger in his back at any moment, and was going to be more than ready for it when it came. He dumped his things down onto the spot that Niko had saved. "As if I need your notes, Denholm. I've done my own preperations, thank you very much."
"And this is going to work a lot better if you don't try to tell me what to do. Let's get one thing straight: I'm in charge. This is -my- project." Unless it failed. Then it was going to be Niko's. "You're just lucky that Slughorn considered you needy enogh of help that he put you together with me." So he waited a little while… before realizing that.. they weren't going to get anywhere unless he actually -did- turn on the burner and got the cauldron. So he did it. But only because it was -his- choice.

Niko smiles, "Wonderful, perhaps we can compare notes to see if the other caught something the other missed." he says softly as he sits a few ingredients down onto he table, his finger moving counting as he refers to his notes in thought for a second. The warm smile still on his face, seemingly unaffected by how bitter his partner is.
Niko chuckled softly, his gaze moving to Alphard, his eyes warm, "Black." he begins his hand moving up and running through his hair, "Lets clear a few things up shall we?" he says slowly sitting his notes down on the table, "This is, our project." he says first, watch him finally turn on the burner. "If you do not want my notes, that is perfectly fine. However, I am not going to allow you…" he says slowly looking up at the ceiling for a moment.
"Allow me to phrase that better, we are going to work together, we are both in Professor Slughorns class, he paired us up, so now for the sake of this project we shall work together." he says with a small wave of his hand, "If you do not like you are more then welcome to leave." he says with a small nod, "However Black, I certainly look forward to your cooperation and talent to compliment my own cooperation and talent, allowing us, together, to perhaps do better, then most in our class." he says, the soft warm smile still on his face as he looks at Alphard.

"You," Alphard declared, stabbing a vicious finger in Niko's direction, "could not hope to 'compliment' my talents. And I'm not going anywhere. You'd just tell Slughorn that I bailed on the project and have me fail." Something he 'knew' because it was the sort of strategy he might have employed himself. "I see through your smiles, Denholm." With exaggerated motions he tested the various settings of the burner. His scowl could have curled milk. "The moment you joined that club, you showed the world your true colours. You and your goons might be out to terrorize and destroy the wizarding world, but you'll not ruin my grade."
He took a deep breath, trying to calm down. His notebook opened up, full of little thoghts he'd made about the project. "What ingredients have you gotten?"

"There is nothing to see through." Niko says with a small wave of his hand, "The choice to leave or cooperate is up to you." he says softly with a small nod. He listens in silence for a moment before he chuckles softly, "So that is what it is?" he continues, nodding slowly, "The Magijugend vs The Mud Club?" he can't help but let out a laugh, the smile still gracing his features, "Well I do not feel the need to explain myself to you, however I am proud of my roots, both wizardly and muggle" he says softly, with a nod.
"Dragonfly Thoraxes, Rose Oil, Lethe River Water and Horned Slugs." he says softly looking at ingredients, then back to his notes, this fingers moving to count what he has out on the table. "You never answered my question, on if you enjoyed today's lectures." he says softly, looking between the ingredients and his potion book now.

"It's not funny," Alphard told Niko deadly serious. "But whatever. Just know I'm onto you." A definitive nod settled the matter.
"How old are the Horned Slugs? Did you check to see if they're still good? Never mind! I'll do it myself." Exasperated sigh as he bullied himself over to pick up the jar and twist it this way and that for a proper look see. Squint, squint, until he was satisfied. "Fiiiine. Will it make you let go of the topic? I liked Professor Merrythought's examples. And I don't even remember what question you had."

Niko goes to answer about the slugs, but simple puts his hands up and sets out of the way to allow, Alphard piece of mind. When he seems satisfied, he says softly, "Of course I checked them, that could throw the whole thing off, if they happened to be bad." he says softly with a small nod.
"Only question I had, was if you enjoyed the lectures today." he says softly with a nod, "Professor Merrythought's examples were excellent." he agrees with a small nod, "Now in my research I read that one Potion Master recommends, grinding the Dragonfly Thoraxes, instead of chopping them. What did you find with your research?" he asks softly, tilting his head curiously to the right, his wild hair cascading down into his face.

A brief moment of shifty eye overtook the young Black, before he put up a mask of commanding authority. "-Obviously- they're supposed to be grinded." Quickly he snatched up his notebook and leafed through a couple of pages. "And the Lethe River Water musn't be brought up to a boil until -after- we introduce the snails. Uve Schwartz-Hoppen makes that very clear." As he talked, he made sure to start taking as much space as he could infront of the cauldron. Marking his territory, making clear who he thought should handle the actual stirring. "Why don't you start with the Dragonfly Thoraxes."
After a moment, he also added: "One lecture I -didnt- like was Professor Viridian's. He has -no- sense of style. I don't care how good he is. If he really is that good under his bluster. He looks and acts like a complete ninny."
Alphard gives you a cookie.

Niko smiles and nods, "Of course, we if we boiled the Lethe River Water, first we would boil the slugs right away and that would ruin the potion." he says with a small wave of his hand. He reaches over and hands Alphard the Lethe River Water, "You are going to need to start warming this up, for the Dragonfly Thoraxes, not going to do me much good to get started, on the grinding when no water is in the cauldron yet." he says softly, the smile on his face, "Perhaps focus more on the potion, instead of trying to still be in charge, Black." his tone is still warm and friendly.
He picks up a small mortar and very carefully starts adding Dragonfly Thoraxes, making sure he gets the perfect amount in the mortar. Once satisfied he begins to grind them in the mortar, "Personally I rather enjoy Professor Viridian, though I agree that he could tweak his style slightly to make it more catching." he says softly.

Alphard gave Niko a withering look of disgust when he dared to instruct the Slytherin. "Which part," he asked archly, "of 'you're not in bloody charge' are you failing to understand?! I'm more than capable of following the steps without you trying to lecture me on them." His motions were annoyed and exaggerated as he wrenched open the bottle of water, which unfortunately meant that he nearly dropped it. A couple of drops spilled, but he somehow managed to react quickly enough to tip the majority into the cauldron. A deathly scowl just -dared- Niko to say a word.
"Well, you would." Poison dripping from his tongue. Leaving Niko to work in the Dragonfly Thoraxes, he sidled over to check on his notes.

Niko chuckles, "Apparently it has fallen by the way side with the part I mention about the fact that we will work together." he says softly inspecting the Dragonfly Thoraxes for a moment, not satisfied he starts to grind them again in the mortar. "Careful with that." he says warmly, despite the look, "Let me know when the water reaches the right temperature, so I can add the Dragonfly Thoraxes, if it would make you feel better you can add the slugs after the Thoraxes have dissolved about half way." he says softly.
"I suppose I would. He is a excellent Professor after all." he says softly, looking back down into he mortar to inspect, satisfied.

"I'm in perfect control, thank you very much," Alphard said, even if it had been quite obvious that he hadn't been in control at all. With a wrinkled brow he read through his notes again. He tested the temperature. Waited. Tested it again. "Now.. And.. have to turn the temperature up for a little while, because the Thoraxes will soak up the heat and lower the temperature. But not too long. Do you think you can manage that while I do the slugs?" It was obvious he had great doubts. Even if, technically, he'd never been any better at Potions than Niko in the five years they'd had it together. No matter!

Niko adds the Thoraxes from the mortar, "I certainly can, I am indeed familiar with adjust the temperature to compensate for this." he says warmly offering Alphard a small warm smile, taking over the Caludron and adjust the temperature ever so slightly and checking it, making a few more adjustments til he is satisfied, "You know, we do not have to be enemies." he says softly, keeping a close eye on the water and it's temperature, "We have all the same classes, are in the duelling club, both play Quidditch." he says softly testing the temperature again bringing it down slightly, "Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think I have ever done you wrong, in the last few years." he warmly with a smile.

"How stupid can you be?" Alphard asked crassly as he opened up the jar of slugs. The stink of them was potent enough to make him have to hold his nose with one hand, while he used the other to employ a set of metal pincers to draw up a slimy little creature. With a sudden nasal voice (for the nose pinching) he continued: "Let's look aside from the fact you're a half-blood. Not -every- half-blood is bad. It's a matter of choice: Whether to embrace your wizard side or allow the taint to overcome you." Turning towards the cauldron, he tried to judge how far into the disollution the Thoraxes had come. "But you've gone -far- beyond just playing with your mud heritage. If you didn't want to make enemies, perhaps you shouldve thought of that before you went ahead and declared your intention to destroy the wizarding world."
Growl. "BAH! I can't tell if the color is right yet. I need more light!" But that meant taking ihs fingers off his nose. He took one for the team, trying to hold his breath while he brought up his wand and then cast out: "Lumos!" He still hadnt breathed in. His face was turning dark as he tried to decide if it was time yet.

Niko chuckles softly, still adjusting the temperature, he "The color is right." he adds softly, with a nod looking at it from the light of the wand, "As far as embracing, I embrace my roots. Both muggle and wizardly" he says softly, checking the temperature again making sure the water does not boil.
"I would like someone to explain to me, how I am planning to destroy the Wizarding World, though." he says warmly the smile on his face, "My intentions are rather simple, if you are refering to the Mud Club, I was invited, because I was told that my views would help a few individuals who are having a hard time." he says softly, "I am only attempting to help those who need help, if we do not hold each other up, who will help any of us?" he asks softly, with nod. "Though like I said, I can not recall a single time I have ever wronged, you. Perhaps you should reserve name calling for those who have actually wronged you." he says with a small chuckle.

"Yuck, that's -horrible-," Alphard complained when he finally breathed in and got a good sniff of the contents. The slug dropped down into the concoction. The light in his wand died off, and vanished once more into the sleeves of his school robes. Concious of how quickly the slugs might degrade - and how much trouble he'd be in with Slughorn if he let that happen - Alphard quickly screwed the lid back close on the jar.
"Perhaps you really are ignorant of what the Mud Club means, but that's still not an excuse! And why would you be -proud- of your Muggle heritage, anyhow?" It was obvious in his expression that the concept was so completely out of this world.. Alphard couldn't even start to understanding it.

Niko quickly starts to stir, the contents of the cauldron after bring the temperature up, "Quickly the rose oil, before it hits a boil." he says softly, still stirring, his eyes focused on the potion in the making, "The Mud Club as far as I am aware is a support group for Students who have one of more muggle parents." he says softly, his tone still warm, "While I have never really required support as it takes a great deal to get under my skin, I am happy to help others." he says slowly with a nod.
His hand still tires the cauldron, changing between clockwise and counter clockwise at just the right time, monitoring the temperature as he does so, his brow furrowed as he looks rather focused, "My mother's side, has a long history of hard working individuals with a resolve that in my eyes, very admirable. My Grandfather died in the Great War, saving others." he says slowly with a nod, "Sacrificing one's self, for the greater good, in my eyes is a heroic feat and something to admire." he says slowly with a nod.

"I was already getting it!" Alphard muttered. Carefully he measured up the rose oil to the right amount. A jerk most of the time he might be, but he did have a fairly decent hand with magic in general. He squinted into the mix, then added the oil just when he thought it would be most favorable. "That's what they -say- it's about. But it's not about supporting mudbloods or halfbloods. It's about making muggle culture equal to wizard culture. It is one step on the road of destroying the foundations that makes wizard kind great. And you're," pointy finger goes there! "Enabling it. As far as I'm concerned, Viridian should be sacked for starting up that 'club', and all the students who signed up should be expelled. Or at least severely punished." Arrogantly he sniffed, then eyerolled at the story of Niko's grandfather. "Whatever. Just stir. I didn't ask to hear the details of your stupid family."

Niko chuckles, "But you did ask, you why I would be proud of my muggle lineage." he says warmly correcting him, stirring and checking the temperature as he does so, his brow still furrowed in concentration as Alphard adds the rose oil. "Personally I think that involving politics in school clubs is a bad idea, however I am not the one who makes those choices." he says softly with a small nod.
As he stirs, small silver sparks start to pop out of the cauldron, "That's good, we have reached boiling correctly." he says softly with a small nod, "You are a good guy, Black." he says slowly continuing to stir, "Don't let other people make up your mind for you, make your own choices and live your own life." he says softly, as more silver sparks start to pop out of the cauldron.

Alphard rounded on Niko with a growl. Push would go his palm against the other sixth year's shoulder, an aggressive assertion of dominance. "Listen to me," he hissed, leaning in close with narrow eyes and features twisted in dislike. "And listen close. I'm my own man. I know exactly what I'm doing, and I'm doing it because I'm -right-. Which is more than one can say for you. I'm not some stupid follower floozy, I'm Alpard Pollux Black." As if that should settle the whole matter. As if just being born into that particular matter over rode anything else anyone else could ever say to him. "So let's jsut get a stupid O on this project, so I don't have to spend another hour on my own in your company."

Niko manages to keep his stirring, from being messed up by the push. A few more stirs and he stops, "That should be it for stirring, now it just needs to sit for a few moments." he says slowly, as he adjust the temperature, very slightly turning it down. "Now let me clear something up for you." he says, the warm smile still on his face, "And you listen close, Black." he says slowly, "You think you are right, you think that you name matters, while to me it is just another name." he says slowly with a nod.
"Black, Red, Purple or Pink, you, yes you Alpard Pollux Black, are no better then me." he says softly, his tone still warm, though a little bite can be heard linger behind it, "Your name might matter to some in your social circle, but, to me Nikolas Jacob Denholm, you are just another Sixth Year student." he says, reaching up and brushing his shoulder off softly were he was pushed.
"And let me make this also perfectly clear for you, Black." he continues, "If you are your own man, not a follower floozy. Then judge people on their actions and not their name or their lineage." he says with a small nod, "Like I said I have done nothing to wrong you, but you choose to cast judgment on me, make a predetermined opinion of me. Who influenced that opinion, Black?" he says slowly, the warm smile still on his face.

"No better? I am better in every way, Denholm. 'Some in my social circle'? The wizarding world was built on the back of pureblood families, and the Blacks most of all. We are the guardians of its traditions. Left to you and your lot," his teeth bared in an angry sneer, "and we'd all behave little better than stupid Muggles. Why am I even bothering to talk to you about this? Obviously you're clueless. So just shut your stupid mouth and focus on the work before turn -you- into a slug."

Niko chuckles, "Typical, avoid the question. Like I said Black, who influenced your opinion?" he says slowly, the potion still sitting for a few moments, "Black, like I said I think you a solid guy. To be clear I hold no grudge for your views, that are your own." he says softly checking the temperature, bringing out his wand he he taps the cauldron and with a few waves of the wand a small cloud of silver smoke raises from the cauldron, "Thank you for your cooperation and talents, I believe the potion should get us both a O." he says softly with a nod, as he starts to put away his things, retrieving a small vial in the process, and carefully filling it from the cauldron. "I look forward to working with you again." he says warmly with a smile.

"The answer is so obvious it SHOULDNT NEED TO BE SPELLED OUT!" Alphard shouted with a sudden explosion of pent up frustration. Just how much he hated being stuck with anyone associated with the Mud Club was obvious in his wild eyes and angry snarls. "A -hundred- pure and untainted generations of wizards. I'm a -BLACK-. You know nothing, and that's your problem. You can never understand the world of magic, too enamoured with your Muggle side. It'd be better for everybody if you and all of your kind just lost your right to carry a wand, and got on with living like the Muggles you so love."
With that he didn't intend to say another word to the other sixth year, just finish up with their project and then stalk off fuming under his breath .

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