(1938-10-04) Unexpected Thank You
Details for Unexpected Thank You
Summary: Janette surprises Niko, outside of his commons to tell him thank you.
Date: 1938-10-04
Location: Roaring Corridor
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Roaring Corridor

There's almost a hush here at the top of the stairwell, all the bustle of students and grinding of gears going on below muted by the total silence above. Occasionally a particularly loud clang of staircase connecting to its landing, or a spike in laughter will reach the ears, but it fades and is quickly forgotten. It's never too silent here in the corridor because very often a stuffed lion's head will look left, then right and then give a thunderous roar before being chided by those in their portraits for startling them.

Ghostly girl nervously paces from one side to another of the roaring corridor. Her intent grey gaze is running through all the people, who passes through.
She is in the Slythering Uniform and clenches something in her hands.

Niko comes out of the Gryffindor common room, in his Quidditch uniform and his Cleansweep Two in his hands. Someone says something to him from the commons, he responds a small response, "I know it doesn't start for another hour, I have a few things I need to work on." he says with a small wave of his hand, before he notices Janette, "Abbott?" he asks softly.

When Niko adresses Janette, she just grabs him of his hand, whispering "Finally!" and girl starts tugging the young buy "C'mon…" and she drags him away from the curious eyes, near the window, where some columns and hangins can give them some privacy.

Niko looks rather surprised, giving a few people a quick two fingered way as she drags him away, a innocent smile on his face. "Everything okay Abbott?" he asks softly looking around, leaning his broom against the wall, "Didn't expect to see you on my way to practice." he says softly with a chuckle.

"I…" sighs Janette. "I was waiting for you to come out…" confesses young girl. "Could you… I never did it, especially… Well, you know… You are…" she blushes brightly. "Not pure blood, you know. But… Could you close your eyes, please…"

Niko looks rather confused, tilting his head a bit to the right causing his hair to wildly cascade down his face, "Waiting for me?" he says, his tone still warm, but the look of confusion on his face, "Yes.. I am not pure blood…" he says softly trying to figure this out, "Umm yeah, I can…" he continues closing his eyes.

When Niko closes his eyes, he should feel, how Janette reaches for his hand and carries it closer to herself. Then, her trembling fingers, whirls something around Niko's wrist. Her a bit nervous voice explains. "You are too good for me. The only one good for me. I… I just needed to say thank you. Really. Thank you for being there, that night…" and girl releases boys hand.
When he will open his eyes, he will see a bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet, made of many colourful threads, but there is a huge stone with the rune in the middle of the bracelet. Girl explains: "I made it long time ago and… There is no any spell on it, anything. But I decided to give it to the person, who I… Who will… Just… For the person, who I trust, and for whom I need. I carried this bracelet myself for more than four years. It is said, that then thing gets a part of your sould," shrugs the girl "That I could be with you, when you will need me. Just because… I owe you. You were there…" and she lowers her head blushing.

Niko smiles softly as he opens his eyes, his gaze falling down on the bracelet he stays silent for a moment, the soft smile on his face. "I'll never take it off." he says slowly with a nod, bring his wrist up and looking up at it, "It'll be my good luck charm." he says softly, looking at Janette slowly for a moment, taking her in, he leans forward and as if he was going to kiss her, but his hand comes up and taps her nose again softly, "Thank you, and you are welcome. If you ever need me, you know you can come to me." he says softly, looking at the bracelet again slowly. "You are too cute, Abbott." he says softly.

When the boy leans forward, Janette almost closes her own eyes, but then his finger touches her nose and she giggles, concentrating her eyes on the tip of the nose for a second. Then she just lowers her gaze, shyly. "I… I am not cute. You are… and… I just… It's just thank you…" SHe starts nipping the fabric of her cloak.

Niko shrugs slightly, "I think you are pretty cute." he says softly, his smile sincere as he looks at her, his tone warm and friendly. "You are very welcome." he says softly with a nod, "You a good person and you are cute." he says softly, with a chuckle before he continues, "If you could just see what I see in you, Abbott, I think you would be stunned." he says softly, reaching to pick up his broom.

She raises her grey look at the boy, studying him intently, with some strange sparkles. She steps forward, shifts from one foot to another. Leans a bit, closer near the boy, inhales, grins a bit mischieviously… But suddenly a bunch of Griffindor students walks not so far away from them, glancing and giggling. The girl turns red and just repeats. "Thank you. I won't disturb you anymore." And she just runs away.

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