(1938-10-06) Silence is Golden
Details for Silence is Golden
Summary: Douglas is afflicted with a voice changing malady, the pirate club come to the rescue.
Date: 1938-10-06
Location: Entry Hall and Armoury, Hogwarts

Entry Hall Ground Floor
Sun Oct 06, 1938 ((Sun Oct 06 22:14:02 2013)) (Hogwarts Castle)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

The marble beginnng of the staircases leading upwards into the castle face the heavy oak doors that lead outside across a flagged stone expanse that could fit an average house. Looking up, one can see the staircases shifting from one landing to the next, on up into the shadows making it difficult to tell just how high the Entrance Hall really is. The torches in the walls do little to pierce the dimness overhead, but cast light on the suits of armor flanking the front doors and the many doors spaced at odd intervals leading to the Great Hall, Slytherin Dungeons, Staff quarters, and even a broom closet.
Perhaps the thing of greatest interest in this entry though, at least to the students, are the four large hourglasses housed in niches on one of the walls opposite the doors. One filled with sapphires, one with emeralds, one with rubies, and the last with topaz, these hourglasses keep track of the all important House points. The gems in the bottom half represent the points earned so far by houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Its that time of day…right after dinner and such, Cillian exits the Great Hall, already loosening his tie. The young pirate captain idly scratches above his eye patch as he lingers near the exit, looking as inconspicuous as one can with an eyepatch and their hands shoved into their pockets as they lean against the wall. Then there's a 4th year Slytherin who exits the hall. "Oi, slithering off already? With out even a mouse?" The little Gryffindor flashes a grin as the other student approaches him and discreetly a hand slips into his bag as he pulls out a roll of parchment and hands it over, receiving something in a small bag in return and he tips an invisible hat as the student curries off.

Douglas is a little late for dinner, but exits the great hall nonetheless with an apple in hand, which he tosses idly in the air, catching it again. He eyes the younger students for a moment, debating with himself before ambling over. "Selling?" he queries simply, nodding to Cillian.

"Sellin'? Oooh…tsk tsk…what a notion!" Cillian drawls softly in his little accent, flashing a grin and slipping the pouch into his satchel and shrugging. "I simply be providin'…portable tutoring assistance so that me fellow students will be able to get through school without lookin' thick as a rock."

Douglas considers this, leaning up against the wall. "Good business to be in?" he queries thoughtfully. "I can probably name a dozen students who'd bite your arm off, if it works. What's the product?"

Cillian scratches his cheek. "Hm? Well." A long pause. "If ye 'ave a shred of honor and a good heart, aye. Good Business." A long pause. "The product is just as I said, homework." He holds up a finger. "Iffen ye tell though, I'd have to kill ye."

"How good is it?" Douglas queries, looking the youngster over. "And what years do you have? You got NEWT stuff?"

Cillian thumbs the side of his nose before looking around and shrugging a shoulder as he gestures with two fingers for Douglas to walk with him. "They do the studyin', they do the notes, I take the notes and 'elp them get a finished project…using their answers and given 'em a key of what they may need to review to get a decent grade. For a very special few, I do transcription to make unreadable shi-err, stuff more readable usin' a sample of handwritin'. NEWTs…that's more costly though, and I only trade in sugar and sweets."

Douglas stoops a little as he walks, nodding to that. "So I'd have to provide notes and so forth? Go to classes? Never mind, then. Not really interested in that."

Cillian shrugs helplessly. "That's what I have to put on paper." He purses his lips. "I can't go to your classes, and if people asked we never talked but if ye need somebody to study yer subjects for ye…that's done off the record, and it'll cost ye." He folds his arms over his chest. "M' a public servant after all…its me honor to serve."

"I might send a few interested parties your way," Douglas offers, giving a firm nod before finally taking a bite of his apple.

Cillian smiles slowly and bows his head with a soft grin before he reaches into his satchel, pulling out a golden wrapped chocolate coin and he idly flips it, lips pursing thoughtfully. "So." A long pause. "Hows the bein older and such stuff goin'?"

Douglas raises a brow at the question, tucking one thumb into his belt as he munches on the apple. "Hm?" he queries, voice shifting up a pitch. "How do you mean?" He shrugs easily, leaning back against the wall. "How's the being younger and such stuff?" comes his response, pitch definitely higher now.

"Oh. Its pretty okay, I mean…m' still at a good height to knock a nosy blighter in the knockers if I 'ave to and of course…there's still the baby fat that's workin' for me, when I 'ave to smile and look innocent, but really m' just relieved to not 'ave the insane animalistic heat like attraction to other folks that makes me act like an absolute gobshi-err, goober." Cillian responds easily enough.

"Give it time," Douglas insists, sounding more and more like he's been huffing on helium. He stops himself, clearing his throat. "When you're…" He raises one hand to his neck, glancing around with suspicion, then looking back to Cillian. "Is that you?" he squeaks.

Cillian just peers at Douglas curiously, eyebrows raising as he hears that voice go up again and he, narrows his eyes before taking a deep breath and tapping a finger against his lips. "Ahhh…." He trails off. "Say something else."

Douglas looks around worriedly. "Uh," he peeps, then claps a hand over his mouth.

Cillian just looks around with some concern and rests a hand on Douglas's arm. "Ehh, I tink I 'ave an idea of what's goin' on here…its okay, just ah, walk with me. Either yer missin' yer bollocks or ya know…have ye eaten anything questionable lately?"

Douglas lowers a hand to his groin, apparently to check, trepidation replaced with a look of definite relief as he confirms the existence of his boys. "I had dinner..?" he responds, chipmunk-esque, before closing his eyes and leaning his head back. "The bloody Snowsnake. That apple. I'm a damn idiot."

Cillian just eyes Douglas for a few moments, shaking his head. "Yes…ye…" He chokes a bit on a chuckle. "Ahem, yes, ye are. Ye dun eat ANY apples after ye become the topic of gossip." He sighs and looks around thoughtfully before holding out a hand. "Do ye 'ave the apple?"

Douglas lifts the half eaten apple in his hand, giving it a wave, then handing it over. "Chocolate frog if you fix it," he squeaks out.

Cillian accepts the apple with a small frown, tugging a handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapping the apple in it with a small frown before he raises the apple to his nose, and sniffs for a few moments before gesturing for Douglas to follow him into a hallway.

Douglas exhales, the sound a humorous wheeze given his current condition. He runs a hand through his hair, obediently following on.

Cillian really can't help but giggle as he coughs and shakes his head, sliding down to a seated position as he studies the apple thoughtfully. "Iffen its a food, that means…it has to be a potion of sorts, so you can consume it." He bites his bottom lip and tugs a large book from his bag, brushing dust off of it and sniffing the apple once more before continuing to flip through things and purse his lips thoughtfully. "Did it taste at all a tad bit minty or sweet?"

"Tasted like an apple," Douglas returns with some irritation, glancing around to make sure nobody can see him, or worse yet hear him. "Sweet, I guess?"

Cillian purses his lips and flips through the book rather quickly. "I was just helpin' this rather scabby lass out the other day…with…" He trails off and murmurs softly to himself in Gaelic before his eyebrows raise a fraction. "Volubilis? Mebbe…it fits the profile but…" A long pause. "Can ye say Volubilis for me? Jest once?"

Douglas clears his throat, giving a self conscious look around before managing to squeak out, "Volubilis?"

Cillian worries his bottom lip before he just covers his mouth and giggles ever so hard, gasping for air and then clearing his throat before getting to his feet and taking a deep breath. "I 'ave an idea. But…I will be needin' 'elp. Me crew will help with this, but ye may have to get some tings for me." He nods firmly and moves towards the stairs. "Come on now, dun dawdle, ye must come to our lair."

Douglas eyes him, clipping his ear with the back of his hand. "It isn't funny," he insists, voice ever more comical.

Armor Gallery Hogwarts Castle
Sun Oct 06, 1938 ((Sun Oct 06 23:31:07 2013)) (Third Floor)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Empty suits of medieval European armor stand guard along every wall here, polished to a shine and proudly displayed upon low pedestals. Though ages have passed since any of these suits has been worn, there is something strangely lifelike about them, as if they could step down from their displays at any moment and start marching about the castle.


Cillian isn't laughing too hard, no…he's keeping it in very well, even if his good eye is leaking from his trying not to cry laughing as he looks very innocent, sniffling as they pass people and offering something about a dead cat to questioning people and then he quickly slips into the Armor Gallery, looking around warily before looking to the first suit of armor. "Leonard was it? Ye keep watch." He points before gesture for Douglas to follow him further in. He gets to his knees and reaches behind a suit of armor, tugging out medium sized chest and removing a key from a pocket before he unpacks a couple of pillows and then a small cauldron. "Strings, is very smart as well."

Douglas peers behind the armour, giving a reluctant nod of impressed approval, mentally making a note of the hiding spot for future reference. "Yeah, yeah. Smart is good. You know what potion it is? You know how to fix it?"

Cillian taps a finger against his lips and looks a tad thoughtful. "Well." A long pause. "I know what the potion is, it kinda be makin' voices funny but it also really I tink is supposed to be used actually to help to ah, reverse the Silencing charm." He looks down for a moment. "I figured that out after it happened to me last year, did readin' up on how to counter it if it happened again of somethin'. So." A long pause. "If we cast the silence ting on ye /first/ and then give ye another dose of the apple…it might actually restore yer voice." He frowns as he unwraps a bar of chocolate, dropping it in the cauldron and using a long spoon to start crushing and smushing the chocolate up.

"I am so not convinced by this," helium-Douglas warns. "If it doesn't work, I will hunt you down and pummel you into the ground, kid."

"Well." Cillian is quiet. "Ye could just go around pretendin' ye can't talk or go to the nurse and then 'ave to admit another student did it to ye." He quirks an eyebrow before sprinkling something else into his cauldron and he shrugs helplessly. "Imagine 'ow the gossip would go then…"

Douglas levels a glare at Cillian, clamping his mouth shut and folding his arms as he waits, eyeing the cauldron.

"Now this is for afterwards. It'll make ye feel better, inside. Less stressed. We may 'ave to give you a cup before hand as well, so ye dun piss yerself with anxiety." Cillian eyes the entrance with a small frown before looking back to Douglas. "Come now, iffen the potion is in the apple, its still there now, so all we 'ave to worry about is the…" He trails off. "Nothin' - c'mon Strings…where are ye!"

"A beer and a fag would make me less stressed inside," Douglas decides, glancing around once more. "I don't like trusting younger kids. How do I know you're not just making it up?"

Cillian just gives Douglas a /look/ and smirks gently, rummaging around in the chest and removing a peppermint stick, offering it to Douglas. "Not 'xactly a fag but ye can suck on it or bite it." Then he rubs his eye distractedly, carefully dripping something into the cauldron before sighing softly and taking a deep breath. "I'll 'ave to get started trying without him." He decides.

Douglas gives a nod of thanks as he accepts the sweet, unwrapping it and sticking the end into his mouth. "Just do what you can. I can't carry on like this."

Cillian bites his bottom lip before clearing his throat and removing his wand from up a sleeve, taking a deep breath and he eyes Douglas. He waves the wand, hesitates and then closes his eyes and hmms. "I tink he did it like…this…" He waves the wand tentatively. "Silencio?" He almost asks before cringing as nothing really happens…his wand just sorta…splutters and he hmms, tapping his finger against his lips. "Okay…nothing, I…I can do this." He raises the wand again. "1…2…"

Douglas just eyes him. "You don't have a clue, do you?" he notes, the exasperation in his voice just funny at that pitch. "Come on! I sound like I'm twelve!"

Cillian has to take a moment to just bust out laughing and he bends over, giggling and shaking his head as he listens to Douglas. "Okay okay…hee." He coughs and then raises his wand again, concentrating on Douglas and adjusting his stance and his jaw sets as he lifts that wand, and then his wand movements are defined as he concentrates on the spell a few grade levels above his own. "SiLENcio!"

Douglas crosses his arms again, raising a brow as he goes to speak. Nothing. Not a peep. He's stood over by a small cauldron, while Cillian has his wand out and has apparently just finished casting.

After spending several hours in the Three Broomsticks with jokes like 'How is your snake charming coming, Malfoy?' or 'You can always have a go with my wand, Medusa?' and even a sobbing girl who claimed Medusa ruined her chances with a certain boy the seventh year Slytherin has decided she is tired of suffering alone. Oh yes.The heels of her knee-length boots announce her arrival as much as her presence does. She looks around, steely blue eyes drifting from surface to surface. This is a room she likes and has spent much time in over the past seven years. It is not however, where she expected to find Douglas doing some kind of magic with the midget pirate king. "Is this the bit where I should quote Shakespeare? 'Boil, boil, toil and trouble?'"

Cillian purses his lips and lowers his wand as he stares at Douglas warily and exhales shakily, lowering the wand. "Okay…step one be completed." He stands over near a small cauldron in the area where the Pirates usually meet, the dark chest is opened and he's just lowered his wand after apparently casting something. And then he looks over towards Medusa when she enters and the little pirate just shrugs his shoulders. "C'mon in and 'ave a seat, dark lady…there's more than trouble brewin' for those who be brave." A charming smile as he bows deeply and then he moves back to his chest, bending over to retrieve a handkerchief wrapped bundle, offering it over to Douglas.

Douglas glances back as the clicking of heels announces the presence of what can only be one girl. He covers his face with his hand, exhaling noiselessly. He holds up a hand, then does his best mime to explain what he's up to. Munch munch munch. Apple. Hand to his throat, brows up, and a hand to his groin, searching for something or somethings. He points to Cillian then, giving a wand flick movement and pointing to himself again, covering his mouth. The entire situation thus completely explained through the medium of interpretive dance, he nods thanks to the pirate-achaun, accepting the handkerchief gingerly and giving the apple wrapped up in it a Glare. Yes. With a capital G, even.

The shoes that Cathal wears does not make much of a sound against the stone, just a very very light sound. The dark haired youth has his nose buried in a book about Transfiguration. He closes his book when he starts getting close to Douglas and Cillian and Medusa as well, he stops and closes his book. His expressionless face regards Douglas, Cillian and then Medusa for a moment,"Hello." That's all that comes from his mouth.

"Cillian!" comes a voice, and in runs Elise clutching a book to her chest, just behind Cathal. "This is truly the most —" she skids to a stop at the sight of other people in here, and blinks. She sort of half-hides behind him, peeks around at her Captain and the older children.

Little Cillian's charming behaviour earns him a smile from Medusa. "Thank you Captain." She has heard about the Pirates, even rather oddly had a few notes from one or two last year. "I am glad to see people using this space." However she doesn't yet take a seat chosing instead the come to a stop next to Douglas. "Funny," she says to him, "your hand, of late, often seems to want to go there when I am around." She lifts a hand and pats him on the cheek with just a little bit more force than is likely necessary. Love tap. Her head turns towards Cathal and that cool steely gaze travels the length of the boy before Elise runs in. Amused she looks back at Douglas, "Gathering up your own dwarves, Snow White?"

Douglas gives Medusa two fingers and a withering look. He points to the apple, then puts on his best crazy look, tongue out and bouncing on his heels. He shivers, rubbing at his arm with his free hand, then uses it to indicate a slithering motion. Clear? Got that? Turning back to Cillian he points once more to the apple, raising a brow in question.

Cillian eyes Douglas and his…interpretive dance stylings and he just blinks. "…ahhh, right. He took a bit o' a plum and then sadly, he lost both his acorns in a tragic accident involvin' a strangled cat and now he's commiseratin' here with some hot chocolate." He explains calmly to Medusa before looking to Cathal and then Elise. "Ahh, here we go…Strings. Mousie, it be alright. We 'ave here the gallent Sir Douglas of the Acorn…and Lady of the Dark here, I 'ave yet to 'ave the pleasure of learnin' her name." Then he turns back to Strings and Mousie. "Ye won't imagine what I just did…" Then he gives Douglas a firm nod.

Elise stares hard at Douglas' dancing around. "The apple tasted bad. It was cold. There was a worm in it?" she guesses. She blinks at Cillian. "What did you do?" she can't help but ask.

"That's a shame but he could do with being a eunuch really," says Medusa. She walks over to the cauldron to peer inside it. "I am more light than dark," she tells Cillian. And it is true she is. All that blond paleness. "Are you concocting a potion to help Douglas not be such a dick or to have one?" Her hands slip into the pockets of her silvery grey jacket. "And I am Medusa Malfoy." Because who else would she be? Her head turns over to Douglas and she says, "I missed you sweetie and so did all of our friends at the Broomsticks. You will never believe how many of them offered me kind-hearted little messages of congratulations. Why Caitlin Conner even cried." Her tone of voice is sweet and carries with it a hint of affection for Douglas.

"A pleasure to meet you Lady of the Dark." Cathal says in that same emotionless tone, apparently he's slipped back to his old behavior completely. His blue eyes go from Douglas to Medusa evaluating them. "Hello to you as well." He says to Elise. The dark haired youth examines Medusa,"Such manner of a speech is not polite."

Douglas aims a punch at Medusa's shoulder, rolling his eyes. He takes a deep breath, then bites down on his half eaten, rapidly browning apple, wrinkling his nose before moistening his lips and giving an experimental cough.

The smell from the cauldron is a heady and almost exotic like chocolate smell and Cillian just watches Medusa a tad warily, smiling softly. "Well then, m' Captain Cillian, me lady…welcome to our court." Then kneels down to start unpacking the little tea cups from the chest, stirring the cauldron's contents in between intervals before looking to Elise. "I'll tell ye later." Then he looks to Cathal. "Well. Mebbe this Lady was raised as a wench, ye never be knowin'." Then he ladles some hot chocolate into a cup and offers it to Douglas.

Medusa's lips quirk with amusement as Cillian dares to tell her off for using bad language. She mouths the word 'Ow' to Douglas when he punches her shoulder and rubs at it like it hurt more than it did. "You are right, I should use nicer languge in front of such young students." Tiring of the ruse of the sore shoulder she lowers her hand. "Does his affliction mean that Douglas will be unable to speak?" Because that could have its advantages. "He is my potions partner in class. I wouldn't want to fail because he is unable to answer the professor when questioned." She eyes the concoction Cillian gives the other seventh year and just to be pain mimes for Douglas to drink up. Go on. Bottoms up.

Elise pinks up at the word 'eunuch' and she gives Medusa a rather shocked look. She even squeaks a little bit. "Hello, Strings," she says automatically to Cathal. She seems to agree with his assessment of the older girl's words. She nods at Cillian. "That smells good," she tells him, gesturing to the cauldron. "May I have some?"

Douglas sips at the hot chocolate to start with, then nods approval. "Nice," he notes, suddenly grinning broadly as he finds his voice is back to normal. "Oh! Oh, yes! And the Doug man is back in the game!" he enthuses, pumping a fist. "I am going to actually throttle that Abbott," he confides towards Medusa, nodding solemnly. "Bitch tried to poison me. I guess she doesn't like it when she's not the centre of attention, eh?" He pauses at that, pondering and eyeing the Slytherin gorgon appraisingly. "Heeey, that sounds familiar. Oh, by the way, Malfoy, you owe the paddy a chocolate frog."

"Are ye suggestin' me lady…that without the good knight 'ere, ye'd be lost in yer classes?" Cillian's eyebrow raises above his eye patch and then he moves to begin serving others as well, ladling that hot chocolate into the small cups and offering them to people in turn. He's stationed with a couple of pillows, a cauldron, and a medium sized dark chest near the back of the gallery…everybody gathered over around that area. He just wrinkles his nose as the topic of a chocolate frog. "Hm? A chocolate frog…" He carefully pulls a small bonbon from the chest and offers it to Elise along with her cup of hot chocolate. "And iffen ye 'ave somethin' more than chocolate frogs…we all know that the upper classmen are a tad pour when it comes to sugar, but somethin' could be arranged to get back at yer little sneaky snake…" He muses this over. "But, we're fair traders indeed. We won't even make ye both walk the plank now that ye know a tad bit too much…"

"There are ladies present. I believe it is considered impolite to use such language. There is no logic behind your behavior." Cathal says looking at Douglas intently,"Why do you wish harm upon someone to that extent? A silencing potion is inconvenient but it is not a dangerous thing. A thing that would cause you harm would be one thing but it is not necessary for a mere matter of inconvenience." He says shaking his head a bit and running fingers through his dark hair.

"I am indeed saying that," Medusa replies to Cillian. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a napkin. "I don't have a chocolate frog but I have this." Out comes her wand from another pocket and Medusa kneels down on the floor. Half hidden by the shadows she uses her wand, murmuring quietly and the cake she had wrapped up grows to be big enough for the three younger students at least to eat. Medusa picks it up by the napkin which did not grow and holds it out to Cathal. "Janette is not a nice person. She has threatened quite a few people with poisoning," says Medusa with a sad shake of her head. "Thankfully you were there to help."

Elise just gapes when Douglas uses the B-word. She could not look more shocked if she tried. Thankfully, Cathal at least reprimands the boy for his language. She very carefully sets down her copy of The Hobbit before accepting the hot chocolate from Cillian along with the bonbon. "Thank you," she tells him with a sweet little smile. She looks back and forth between Cathal and Douglas a couple of times.

"She's bloody crazy," Douglas points out, sipping his hot chocolate. "If I were you, I'd stay well clear. It's not worth getting dragged into her weird little freak world." He flashes a grin then at Medusa. "Aw, you /do/ care, Malfoy. I'm touched."

Niko comes walking down the Gallery, his nose back in his book, 'Out of the Silent Planet' by C.S. Lewis. He seems to be lost in the book as he walks, as he hears a few voices he looks up from his book, his soft foot fall, moving closer, as he sees the group he brings his hand up in a small wave, "Oh, I hope I am not interrupting anything." he says softly, a warm smile on his face as he looks around from person to person.

Cillian just listens closely to what the older students are saying and he hmms thoughtfully before tapping his wand against the cauldron and whispering a soft word and then closing the special chest, locking it and sliding the chest back out of side behind a suit of armor. He gets to his feet and then looks between Elise and Cathal and then the cake which he accepts after a moment, smiling sweetly. "Let me…jest see to this, feel free to 'ave more chocolate and relax…" He makes his way out of the gallery, passing Niko and sighing. "Oi, Mousie and Strings, see that they dun be talkin'…" And he's off to see to the cake apparently.

"I do not believe that based on her commentary that you should be touched. She was merely stating a logical reason to wish you able to speak. As for the danger that the woman poses to me that would be very minimal as illogical behavior is not something that I engage in the majority of the time." Cathal says as gives a halfhearted shrug,"There are quite a few people who are not nice." He says seriously.

"Who?" Elise asks, squinting a bit. "Someone poisoned you because you don't like her?" she asks, sort of trying to piece things together. She glances at Niko for a second and shrugs. When Cillian leaves she tells him goodbye in a soft voice and watches him go. It is /painfully/ clear to anyone looking in her direction that she's got a crush on the pirate Captain. She sighs almost silently, looks sad, and takes a sip of her hot chocolate. "There are," Elise agrees with Cathal. "It's too bad."

"Small people should not go without cake," states Medusa mater-of-factly. "And these are small people." She grins at Cathal as she gets to her feet again. "You are so right." She thumps Douglas in the arm as he did her. "That is for using inappropriate language in front of the small people." Even so she seems quite pleased with him for some reason and even presses a kiss to his cheek before accepting that offered hot chocolate. And if she wasn't offered any well poor Medusa is too befuddled to realise that. Her blue gaze finds Niko as his near silent arrival but since it isn't her party she doesn't reply.

"Ow," Douglas states, more as a matter of rote than through any real pain. He was thumped. He is expected to respond. Ow is the appropriate response. He does, however, glance to Elise with a faint grin, observing her. "If you want my advice… and you do, because I'm right… just go after him and snog him. Confidence is pretty hot."

Niko chuckles softly at the conversations being had, his right hand moves up and runs through his hair slowly, "Also interesting happenings around you Macmillan." he says softly, with a small nod, looking between people trying to put faces to names, "Nikolas Jacob Denholm" he says warmly introducing himself, "I see a few familiar faces but can't seem to place a name to them." he continues softly with a nod.

Elise stiffens at Douglas' well-meaning advice, and her cheeks turn red. "Even if I were a bold and forward sort of girl, which I am not, and even if Cillian were interested in being my boyfriend, which he isn't," she says, staring down at her hot chocolate, "It would be awfully cruel for him to fall in love with a girl who's only going to die of some stupid curse, anyway." Cillian offered the chocolate to everyone, Medusa included. She flicks her glance up at Niko, nods a polite hello. "Elise Harper," she introduces herself. Of course they've all seen each other around, but that doesn't mean everyone knows everyone else's name. And her name, Harper, is rather infamous for being attached to a curse that tends to kill the Harpers in embarrassing and unlikely ways.

"Ah, yes the softly spoken Denholm. I have heard about you," states the only Slytherin in the room. Medusa sips her hot chocolate. Maybe it is some sort of magical potion but she finds herself actually being nice to the small people. "We will all die, Harper. Don't let fear of it stop you from living because if you do when the time comes you will be filled with more regret. Love, friendship, relationships are all things which fill not only you with joy but also the people you share them with. None of us know when we will die only that we will. Some, yes, like you have more tragedy to go with that but if your family had never lived and loved you would not be here and poor Cillian and the logical boy there would not have your wonderful friendship." Sorry Cathal, she forgot your name.

Douglas eyes Medusa in disbelief, clearing his throat as he returns his attention to Elise. "Well, I was going to say just go get a good snog out of it, and make the most of the moment without worrying about any of that. But Malfoy put it better."

"You are being a most illogical person." Cathal says looking at Douglas,"One should not recommend behavior that is inappropriate for their age and station." He points out knowing full well that what the word snogging means. "My name is Cathal O'Toole. Only those of who are in the Pirates use the name that the Captain used." His sister was a Slytherin until two years ago and she was absolutely nothing like her brother.

Niko chuckles softly, "Soft spoken and friendly, that would be more then likely be me." he says slowly with a nod, "I certainly hope you have heard positive things about me." he says warmly, "Though I didn't catch your name…" he says softly, "Well it is a pleasure to met all of you." he continues with a small nod, "As for snogging, I am personally of the belief of doing that when you are ready and comfortable." he says with a chuckle, sliding his book into one of his pockets.

Elise just shakes her head at Medusa and Douglas' advice. She unwraps the chocolate and pops it into her mouth, chewing slowly and deliberately. The blush is still there on her cheeks, and she lets her hair swing forward to half-obscure her face.

Cillian runs back into the room, cackling to himself and rubbing his hands together before he pauses and just looks from one person to another, eyebrows raising. "Alright then, that's sorted."

Medusa quietly clears her throat. "But yes, when you are ready. And not with older boys or girls." She turns her attention to Niko, which seems safer for the small people. "Most definitely. I have heard both. Friendly and softly spoken." Rather randomly she tells the sixth year boy, "You should grow a moustache. It would suit you. There are not enough boys with moustaches anymore. They might encourage you to become a pirate if you do. Add to their rougish ranks."

"Right, right, I'm off for a nap, anyway," Douglas decides, rolling his eyes and setting the small cup down by the cauldron. "Malfoy? I'll leave you to your piratical leanings, shall I?"

Niko chuckles softly, "No, I do not think a moustache would suit me." he says softly with a small nod, looking between the younger students, "No offense, I just however do not really see myself as a pirate." he says softly with another nod. "Well Macmillan, you take it easy." he says softly with a small wave.

Elise looks up again when Cillian enters. "What did you do with the cake?" she wonders curiously. She nods politely to Douglas when he leaves. She squints at Niko, as if trying to picture him with a mustache. "It might, actually," she says, giving her opinion.

Medusa beams when Elise agrees with her about the moustache. She tries to hide her smugness a bit by drinking more hot chocolate. As the cup is small she comes to the bottom of it not long after. "Thank you for your hospitality and for helping my friend." She carefully sets the cup aside and looks at Cillian, her gaze becoming biting when he explains what he did with the cake. "How kind of you. I will see to settling my debt. Good day." She turns on her heel and starts to walk off then.

Niko chuckles with a small wave of his hand, "Okay I will take a moustache under consideration." he says warmly, his fingers coming up and softly playfully rubbing his upper lip softly, trying to imagine himself with a moustache. He looks at Cillian and returns to bow, "Pleasure to meet you Captain, "Nikolas Jacob Denholm." he says slowly with a nod, "Oh I completely understand." he says softly with a nod, he watches the Slytherin girl walk away slowly, before looking back at the younger students. "So why Pirates?" he asks softly, a warm smile on his face.

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