(1938-10-06) The Noise in the Library
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Summary: Alphard gets into the words' fight with the older boys, when discuss things with the ghostly girl and they both meets Gryffindor prefect Victor, who tells dragons' stories.
Date: 1938-10-06
Location: Library, Hogwarts
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Library Hogwarts Castle

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and fair.

The Hogwarts Library consists of books filling shelf after shelf in a large sequence of twisting corridors that culminate at the hallowed Restricted Section. Books that cover a variety of topics no muggle could ever dream of, from Potions to Magical History to all manner of obscure, fantastical and abstract magical disciplines and creatures. Amazing as all these are, what knowledge is held in the restricted section is only spoken of in whispers. Books float across from one shelf to another, rearranging themselves back to where they belong as students never return them properly. Tables are positioned at reasonable intervals to provide students with a place to consume the vast knowledge found here, or to study whatever assignment they've waited until the last minute to complete.

It was Sunday, which generally should have been spent gallevanting through Hogsmead or playing Quidditch while pretty pure-blooded girls gazed adoringly his amazing skill. Instead he was in the library, bent over some creaky old books and making sure that he was not just on level with his studies, but ahead. Of course after a time the letters started to swim on the yellowed pages, taking various mythological features that had nothing at all to do with his Charms studies. There was a pretty young woodland nymph, and over there a minotaur. He sighed, locks of unkept dark h air swishing down into his face and obscuring it. Bah. Perhaps he -should- head to Hogsmead. One little Butterbeer wouldn't hurt anybody, least of all him.

Snowy curls are flashing between the bookshelves here and there. Haughty young lady is pacing slowly, brushing with her pale fingers through the covers of the old books.
Grey gaze is intently looking for something, but does not stop near any of the books for a longer time than second.
Thsi time, girl's frosty features has some bloody redness - it's lipstick, which perfectly matches with the ribbon in same red tone. The ribbon gathers some of the curls, but lets some of them fall on girl's shoudlers and her dark green SLytherin uniform. Everything creates a view of delightfully playful tangled girl, where even the mess is prepared to be perfect.
Likely, people, who are used to see this creature so ghostly colourless, now are quite surprised. A few boys from seventh grade are following that little Snowflake between the shelves and whispers something. But it is totally not usuall tease. No. It's something different as there is something different in that girl today, indeed.

Hogsmead. Bitterbeer.. a crackling fire and some good food. The company of some willing sycophants who would listen to him drone on and on and on about things that interested -him-. Preferably someone pretty. Blonde hair perhaps. He would pay for everything, of course, and then they would bask in the glory of his presence. He sighed, kneading a knuckle into his eye and trying to refocus on his schoolwork. It wasn't working very well. Reluctantly he pulled his gaze up from the books, trying in vain to stifle a yawn. It wasn't Janette herself he noticed first, but rather then whispers that preceded her. Blinking, he scratched at his cheek and turned around to see what all the commotion was.
"Is that -lipstick-?"

One of these older boys whispers to his companions: "The ribbon. Definitely. That reddish tone… White and red… It gives something…"

Another boy sighs, leaning at his hand: "I heard rumors, that she was in the Higsmead, dressed not in her uniform. But these usual clothes she wears…"
The first one, one of the Ravens pokes his colleague: "Did you see that? How it looks like?!"
"Oh, man, I didn't see that, but Mike did. Mike!?!"
The third boy wakes up from his book, when he is punshed. "Huh? Cake? What?!"

"The ghost. That creepy creature," almost in choir repeats two others, pointing at Janette now. Janette, who is now turning page after page so elegantly, put sighs, not seeing, what she is looking for, and continues her walk farther.

"Oooh… In deed. I almost swooned. Actually, I did not recognized her. The dress, gathered around so petite waist. The dress was so light, and she… Looked like a perfect crystal doll or something. I talked with the Slytherin girl. From the third grade, whose parents knows her parents and they meet sometimes even on summers…" Mike leans closer near boys: "She said, that behind the walls of Hogwarts, that ghost becomes a real princess. She is just… Oh, man…"

"Indeed, she looks very pretty, but I prefere russet girls, you know, Mike and Don!" giggles the third boy and walks away.

"Mike," whispers Don "Maybe I should invite her to the Hellowen feast?"

"Oh please," Alphard told Mike and Don with a roll of his eyes from where he sat with his books. "Anyone who finds that pale freak attractive has to have taken too many jinxs to the head. I bet she's wearing that lipstick for Kettelburn, anyway." Most sixth years were wary with interacting with older boys so casually, but not Alphard. He was a Black. In other words he was better than everybody else in this school, regardless of whatever year they belonged to. Even the Professors were only temporarily his superiors. Just wait until he was done at Hogwarts, then he'd do his best to bully them around, too.

"Yeah yeah…" shoos Don at the younger boy. Who cares who he is, when you are on a mission?! "Wish me luck, Mike! And I will have the perfect girl in ghost cutume for the feast."

Mike crosses his fingers, whispering "I bet she really will agree and be happy to go there at all!"

Don paces quite proudly and very calmly near the girl. He pats gently her shoulder.

Janette turns to the boy, raising her eyebrow curiously. The book is quite firmly clenched in her hands. Maybe she is expecting of the tease again or something?

These two people talks with each other a few moments. Janette blush and Don becomes slightly pale. He nods and walks back in a quite shocked manners.

Mike tosses qustioning glance at Don.

"She…" stammers the boy "Rejected… She said… No…"

"She is crazy, then, man! She won't go there at all, huh? Look at you!"

Don slips to his chair, glancing at Janette, who is trying to find the book.

"No… She was already invited and accepted the invite… I just… missed my chance. Someone saw her beauty before me…"

Alphard slapped his forhead in abject frustration of the absolute stupidity of some people. "You're an absolute idiot! Why'd you even want to be seen with her?" But apparently his protests went completely unheeded. "Some boys are just desperate." Mutter, mutter, with a roll of his eyes and shake of his head. He watched the disaster unfold. There was some real cruelty in his eyes, too, when the boy was sent away. He snickered. "If you can't even hook freak-girl, someone's going completely alone."

Don glances at the arrogant youngin. He looks at him loftily: "Hey… I am way more better looking than you, and I could bet, that you wouldn't hook that girl too, so, you will go alone, huh?" He brushes his raven black hair haughtily "She is already taken. Man, sometimes the best bite is taken out of your teeth…"

"In your dreams, Don," Alphard scoffed with supreme arrogance. "And as if I'd go alone. I never go alone. And unlike you I don't have to -beg- to go out with anyone. So why don't you just head on out with your tail between your legs. Besides, she's not going out with anyone. She's just too afraid to say, thinking you're just trying make an idiot out of her." He rolled his eyes, then picked up his quill again as if he had any sort of energy to actually write something up. Guh.

"Oooh… You say so?" Don tosses his head back, swaying with the shoulder length hair. The man extands his hand: "Go and prove for me, that she is just afraid. If you get that girl for yourself or for me, I will… How much you want? Or what you want? Some conspectus of your studies in seventh grade?" The boy looks very tough. "Or /you/ are afraid to speak with that… roar girl…" he whispers, roaring as lion and laughing then with the Mike from the Alphard.

"Please, as if I'd demean myself to asking out that freak," Alphard said, looking at Don with derision. "And want -your- help for my studies? Don.. I could out spell you in my first year at Hogwarts. Infact if you don't get out of my sight right -now-, I might just make sure that if you -do- show up at the Halloween party, it'll be looking like a swollen mushroom." He flicked his wrist dismissivly. "You have nothing I want. You're nobody."

Don with Mike start laughing even more loudly, not caring about warnings from librarian. Don comes closer and ruffles the hair of Alphard: "Oooh… poor little arrogant cock, who is afraid of his own Slytherin pen." Then Don glances at the Mike: "C'mon, man… These youngins just knows how to threaten, but that's all!"
Mike stands up and walks after the Don, ruffling the hair of Alphard too, when they go through him.
Both boys vanishes, while Janette finally grins widely, when she finds the right book.
Girl paces near the table, slips to a chair and starts reading, not giving too much attention to the Alphard, not so far away.

Alphard was on his feet in a second, his dark eyes glinting with a snake's murderous malice. He was tall, with strong shoulders and a physical presence that overcame his age. With a hiss he told them: "If we weren't in the Library, you'd both be on the floor crying right now. You want to see how empty my threats are? How about you meet me at the lakeshore at curfew. We'll have a little duel. Or, if you're afraid of my wand, I can always just bloody your noses!" That they would dare?! Straight backed, head high, nose in the air, he gazed upon them like they were the most pathetic little wretches he had ever met.

The older boys just walks away laughing, not caring about Alphard or librarian. They had too much fun.
However, the raised tone of Alphard gets the attention of Janette, who raises her gaze, watches the man through the book cover. Just her grey eyes can be seen, but obviously, her lips are smiling widely. She whispers: "Hist. This is library. If you keep shouting like that… We may lose even more points."

"What would you care?" Alphard snarled at Janette as he stared daggers after those two boys. They were going to regret this. Sometime in the not too distant future, he was getting even. Whether that meant just casual ambush while they were alone in a hallway, or a proper jinx just thrown when nobody watched.. something was coming their way. The Black kid just didn't l et things go. With a frustrated- humph!- he settled down at the table once more. "It's not as if you didn't do your best to sink us for points already."

"My dear, I do nothing… Just learning and that's it. It is you, who shouts, beats others all the time…" giggles Janette and turns anotehr page.

"Only when they -deserve- it," Alphard countered with a toss of his head. Which was not perhaps completely accurate. He also bullied when he just felt like it. Or if they had something he wanted. Just the other day he'd gotten chocolate off a fifth year hufflepuff just with threatening. "And I wasn't shouting. I was.. being firm. Anyway, like I said, what do you care? You were happy as hell to sell our House out for Macmillian. How's that going for you?" Sneer.

Janette leans back in the chair, being full of pride and love for herself. She croses her hands on abdomen: "Oh, no. You were shouting. They made you quite nervous. What happened? Maybe I as prefect could help you, if they are threatening you or something? Do you have problems about which you are not comfortable to speak with others? I can help you," girl nods like the medical sister or something like that. Like proffesor, maybe.
When the speech turns about Macmillian, she just shrugs: "I did not sell our house. I just told, what happened. You attacked me, and that boy just defended me. That's all," Janette shrugs once more. "I believe these heroic deeds brought him some kind of glory. Our dear Medusa lost her head. She was so eager that I would leave her with Douglas alone in the owl tower, another day…" grins Janette and takes the book in her hands. Starts reading.

"Nervous?" Alphard asked with a cocky snort. "Please. As if I would need your help to deal with a couple of low born peasents. I could take them both at the same time, and not break a sweat." His gaze fell down on the page he'd been reading over and over again for the last ten minutes, not managing to digest a single fact. It was agony.
"Yes you did. You -lied-, even. So much for being a Prefect, huh? The -truth- would've been to say: 'I attacked Black unprovoked.' You just got whiny because I was kicking Macmillian's ass."

"Oh, yes. Indeed. You can do everything!" nods the girl with encouraging smile.
She cants her head, watches the boy in front of her a few minutes. "You know, I am sorry. Indeed. I lied. I needed to save my position. We, everyone, lie, when we are in need of that. Though… You provoked me. Not just you want to look natty, Black. Not just you."
She cants her head to another side. "Indeed. I was whiny. Poor boy, tried to defend me and you were quict good. As you said, you can beat anyone. You beated him quite good. So, you know how to beat not just girls, indeed." Janette turns another page, but watches Alphard.

"You trying to suck up to me, Abbott? A bit late for that now," Alphard sniffed with derision. "Though if you get down on your knees and kiss my shoe, perhaps I'll deign not to make the last two years of your school life an absolute unbearble hell. How about that?" While Janette was watching him, he was still looking at his pages. Ignoring her, at least visually, as if she wasn't worth the measure of his attention. "Leave a nice red lipstick mark on it." His shoes were polished, black, absolutely flawless.

Alphard was bent over his Charms book at one of the tables. In his hand he had a quill that was dripping ink down onto an empty notebook page. It didn't look like he had actually written anything in a long while, for all that he 'seemed' to be hard at work studying. His pale and aristocratic features were currently cast in an expression of dislike, and even if he wasn't -looking- at Janette nearby, he -was- talking to her in a quiet hush meant to avoid the librarian's attentions.
"Whatever. If you're any smart you'll think about how you're ruining whatever little reputation you used to have."

Janette, petite albino girl, leans back in her chair and keeps a book on her knees. From all her posture - she looks like little lady, while her bloody red ribbon gathers a few curls, creating a perfectly tangled hair look. Her usually colourless lips have the same red tone as ribbon now and smiles widely.
"It is not for you to speak about reputation, dear. Even before you beat up the girl, you had… A black spot on your reputation. If you finally would manage to change your arrogant manners, maybe people will like you more."

Moving from the corridor, Victor makes his way into the library, a book held under his arm and a rather tired expression. His eyes, however, seem rather active, for the boy glances around, finding a spot close to the pair of Slytherin students. He raises a brow after listening to the first exchange of words, "I hope to not be intruding." The boy says.

"Hey Proudmore," Alphard said, bobbing his head; a comradly enough greeting. Then again the scion of the Noble and MOst Ancient House of Black tended towards the amiable as long as blood and class was in order. Usually. In case of Janette it was obvious that no matter her lineage, he still considered her dirt. With a defeatist grunt he finally slammed down his quill and glared death at his books. "Alright, I can't read another bloody line! I should be in Hogsmead drinking butterbeer." But recent ambitions had shoved him towards taking extra time studying.

Janette glances at the Proudmore, studies the boy for a few moments, before nodding: "Hey there! No no, you are not disturbing us. I swear we are not in trouble," she giggles a bit, muffling the sound with her pale fingers. Likely, it's some kind of joke between prefects. "Join our lovely company. We were discussing Black's manners right now and reputation. He thinks, I am ruining my reputation, not kissing his shoe, while I was trying to explain him, that his reputation was ruined long time ago by his own manners. What do you think? What ruins the reputation more?" Girl starts thoughtfully brushing her snowy hair. "Not kissing someone's boots or being always very offensive and arrogant?"

Victor offers a wave to the Black, smiling at the internal joke made by the other prefect. He places the book on a table, allowing himself some time to think on the question made, "Well, I think that kissing someone's boots should ruin the reputation of someone and not the inverse, but being unpolite is certainly a reason for distaste. Reputation should be made of merits." He answers with a shrug, "Be them cumulative of your bloodline or your own."

"Was that what we were dicussing?" Alphard asked with a thin veneer of manufactured boredom. "Here I thought it was a dicussion of how one implodes one's reputation by turning against one's House. Or long term consequences of prefects who lie to cover their own asses, then do it so badly the staff don't even believe them. Oh well. I guess I've been talking to myself the whole time." He made an exaggerated eyeroll. "-Anyway-. Since that topic obviously wasn't going anywhere.. we might as well talk about something else completely."

Janette just ignores Alphard and his defensive words. She just blinks a few times, watching Victor and patting with her pale fingers on the chair beside her. "Sit sit, Victor. Tell me, how are you? How is your days. Actually, I didn't see you around for awhile. Did you already found someone to go to Hellowen party?" Girl curiously watches the boy.

Victor grins at Alphard words, moving to take a seat on the indicated chair, "I've been okay, I guess, just studying to keep my high grades even higher." He casts a rather proud smile, shaking his head to the second question, "Not yet, what about you both? This party promises to be a good event to behold."

"Yeah tell me about it. I didn't realize that all these N.E.W.T.s were going to be stealing so much time." One after another his books were closed shut, then neatly piled up together. The quill he pakced away, too, along with the ink bottle and the other tools of the writers' trade. "Or.. well. I guess I knew. But still.. I miss spending every weekend in Hogsmead. There's probably still time for one little trip, though.." Ponder, ponder. "Oh. I've got a few prospects. I've not decided yet." From the tone of his voice, what he was deciding was who would have the enormous -honor- of being chosen worthy enough to accompony the likes of him.

Janette grins. "Well, I was studying from the first grade quite good, so now… I have more free time. Somehow, I am pretty self - confident about the exams. I must pass."
Girl puts the book on the table. "So, that I already was invited to the feast and I excepted the invitation, I am actually pondering about costume. Finally I will be able not to wear Hogwarts uniform," she rolls her eyes. "So, I need something perfect. I need to send my ideas for father and he will write for our tailor. Our tailor has perfect fingers, you know. My Hellowen partner should be proud comming with me to the feast," girl winks to Victor and chuckles, straightening in the chair in the narcissist manners.

Victor nods to Alphard, "We all need to relax sometime after all, why not having some good time at Hogsmead?" He questions, turning his head back to Janette and examinating her features for a long time, "Lucky boy he must be." He says with a wink, "But I think you should send me the name of that tailor sometime, I'm in need of a good suit for the party, specially if he is as perfectionist as you say."

"Don't think I'm gonna be able to study anymore today anyway," The Slytherin boy admitted reluctantly. With a scraaaaaaaaaape of wood on wood, he dragged the chair back with him as he stood up to his full height. With labored motions that were emphatic about letting everybody know just how hard he'd worked, he picked up his books and things.
"Probably just someone playing a prank," he murmured under his breath about Janette having a date. He rolled his eyes.

Janette giggles at Alphard: "Just watch yourself, boy. That nobody would play a prank on you. Like these older guys from ravens."
And girl just turns to Victor, leaning her head at her arm now. "I will definitely ask my father's specific address. I never cared about it. My dad always made everything of these things for me, you know. What would you like to dress as?"

Victor smirks once again to Alphard, turning and shrugging, "I don't know, maybe you would have some suggestion?" He says, "I know I'm good looking already, so the clothing would only need to make me look more imposing." He leans in, resting his weight on the book, "Maybe I should personify some mythical hero of our history?"

"Well…" drawls Janette "I think you could be a perfect hero… Just walk around these shelves and find at least one hero, who would be at least a little bit as good looking as you," giggles the girl.

Victor smirks, seeming to like her words, "Maybe King Arthur? He is certainly as chivalrous as I am." The boy suggests, tapping on the cover of his book, "And must have been good looking as well, to have that Guinevere."

Janette frowns slightly, pondering. "I am not sure… Well, I am not sure about that story, you know. I guess I never heard it… Or… I am just overloaded with the spells, you know," chuckles Janette. "So, why are you not in the Hogsmead?"

Victor seems surprised by that, "Oh, it's one of the most well know characters of the muggle history." He says, "Anyway, I choose to stay because I had some few exercises to do and they weren't well… perfect. I should train my Ancient Runes knowledge as well."

"Oooh…" drawls Janette. "Muggles. I am not sure… Why would you want to dress as someone of muggle world? They are disgusting," frowns Janette in lots of hate, actually, but for some reason her expresion changes. Girl blushes slightly and confussion may be seen in her grey eyes. "Well… just… not… why muggles?" she rolls her eyes.

"Oh, but he was a dragonslayer," Victor says, still keeping a smile, despite her face of disgust, "Maybe someday I will hunt one of my own, I would like father to follow me, but he is busy all the time." The boy shrugs, "Anyway, I should find someone who would be good enough to be my Guinevere."

Janette shakes her head. "Muggles…" But suddenly she grins: "Though they may be pretty scary!"
The girl slides a bit closer near another prefect. Curious voice whispers: "And… What's so interesting to hunt the dragon down? Maybe you are thinking about the work with dragons, after our studies?"
The idea about Guinevere makes girl laugh a bit too loudly, she hurries to muffle the sound, before librarian hears: "Oh, that is a hard task, indeed. To find the perfect one. I would offer myself, if she was as pale as me, but… she was muggle. It's not for me, and… Someone from your house already has me, indeed. That's not a prank." Nods girl proudly and leans back in her seat.

Victor chuckles, to her words, "I don't think I would rather work with them." He says, nodding, "It wouldn't be interesting to have a muggle as companion in the party, they just don't know how to have fun! However, there shall be many other parties, I might even organise some and I'm certain you wouldn't refuse an invitation from me." And then, there's another wink.

"Oooh…" giggles Janette "but you must heard rumors, that a person, who shows up with me - is as much freak as me, what would mean he is not cool. So… If you will invite me to your party, nobody will come," Janette tries to keep her laugh, bitting the bottom lip.

Victor shrugs once again, not seeming concerned by it, "Aren't we prefect all a bit freak?" He questions with a smirk, "Anyway, people don't need to know you would be there, unless you want them to. Besides, some must only say that because they are envious or just bloody dumb."

Janette nods. "I start to think the same as you, really… So, I will wait for your invitation and make that plus one! I owe for the person, who invited me to the Helloween feast. Now I need to invite him somewhere, I guess. That is how the lady should do!"

Victor smiles and nods, "I would be glad to have you both in the feast, specially because he is from my House, aye?" He questions, trying to make sure he got it correctly.

"Yes yes, indeed. From Gryffindor. He is very kind and…I think the kindest person I ever met," Janette sighs "Though… That frightens me a lot, you know. I never thought they might be friendly…" Janette leans closer near the boy "I tell you this, just because you are as pure blood as I am."
The girl leans back once more, placing her hands on knees. "try to guess, who I have in mind!"
But before the boy answers, Janette adds "I am not saying you are not kind, but still… "

Victor places a hand on his chin, thinking on the puzzle for a while, "Kind, mixed blood and friendly?" He says, humming, "I bet that would be Niko, not as handsome as myself and not so skilled at all, but he seems to be okay for a half-blood." The boy then shrugs, "It's not like they would be expertise magicians in a foreseeable future."

"Sooo…" drawls the girl "You say he is okay? I mean… as half-blood? I feel so confused about it, really, but…Oh," girl shkes her head and stands up. "Thank you for a nice conversation, but I better go now." Girl looks a bit worried, but she offers a curtsy for Victor. "Tomorrow. I will bring you the address of tailor tomorrow." And she walks away, waving for the boy once more, before vanishing.

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