(1938-10-05) The Question in the Wind
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Summary: Once more, Niko and Janette meets. This time on the bridge. Running into each other becomes a habit. However, quite pleasant habit. This time, the question freezes young girl, while young boy remains quite calm and kind as always, tapping her nose.
Date: October 5, 1938
Location: Viaduct, Hogwarts
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Viaduct, Hogwarts

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and fair.

The wood work and structure of the bridge that is laid out here is one of function and form. It's covered with a high gable roof, complete with steeples, to keep the rain and weather off the head but it is still left open enough with cathedral windows that are open to the elements on either side. The bridge is fully covered about three feet up on the sides and keeps anyone from falling off. Being up in the air as it is, it's held up by a great number of cross braces and bolts to keep the structure high in the valley of rock and green that it covers and keeps one from falling a long way down to certain doom. It should stand for many, many years.

It is Saturday evening and Niko can be found leaning against the rails of the Viaduct. His gaze is focused off into the distance as he sits there idly fiddling with the bracelet around his wrist. The soft breeze carrying the scent of Autumn on it. His fingers move away from the bracelet and he runs his fingers through his wild hair slowly, the soft smile on his face, as he closes his eyes for a moment, clearly drifting off, lost deep in his thoughts.

Ghost. The ghost appears on the Viaduct. It slides through the ground, small feet are unseen, covered with the long cloak of Slytherin. Even a playful wind is not able to glance under the robe, so quickly he is bored there and slips to the frosted hair.
One, slightly more wild gust of the wind nestles in the girl's curls and raises it up, down, right, left. These locks could look like weaving snakes now.
Janette immerses her fingers to her hair, trying to stop the wind.
She starts circle around her waist, trying to find the spot without breeze.

Niko is still leaning against the rails, his eyes opens slowly, staring off into the distance. As he hears someone approach he turns and looks, the wind causing his hair to drift off lazily to one side. He offers Janette a soft warm smile, "Abbott." he says warmly raising his hand softly in greeting, "Just keep bumping into you it seems." he says playfully with a smile.

Girl hears the voice of the boy not very quickly. Maybe the wind brings it just later. She continues fighting with her hair, trying to gather them and toss away from the face.
When she is finished, her hair still remains playfully tangled. Good, she doesn't know that, and doesn't feel that one lock, which tries to reach her nose. She would turn all red, then. Would look even more funny. But now. Now just a few pinkish roses decorates her cheeks.
"Oooh… Yes, indeed," she nods for the boy and glances to the horizon "I… I just like to come here. Just to think…" But curious gaze quickly finds boy's wrist and joyful smile flashes in her snowy features, but the girl tries to hide it unsuccessfully, trying to remain calm.

Niko chuckles softly as he watchers her gaze go to the bracelet and she smiles, "Yes I still have it on." he says slowly with a nod, "I wanted to ask you something." he says slowly take a step closer towards her, "That is if you will hear it." he says softly, his hand reaching up and running through his hair again, shaking his head as he does so. With each step he comes closer to Janette, before he is standing right in front of her.

Girl's eyes widen with the each step of the boy. At first, she even takes one step back too, but just one, and then… Janette freezes. Except eyes. They are widening and nervously running through the hair of the boy. "Yes?.." she drawls in question.

"Does it bother you that I am only a half-blood?" Niko says slowly, his bluish green eyes moving across her slowly, "It's okay if it does." he says with a soft smile, "I mean I understand." he says nodding his head slowly, "But I would really like you to accompany me to the Halloween Feast." he smiles softly, his tone warm as he asks.

Girl blinks a few times, nipping the fabric of her cloak. Likely, checking if she is dreaming, what is happening. Is it happening? Someone wants to go with her in the Halloween Feast? It can't be… half-blood… Everything is written in her eyes, before girl opens her lips.
"I am so sorry… About the half-blood part," she lowers her gaze. "I… I can't say it bothers me. It confuses me… My parents… It's all about them…. But…" Girl shakes her head. "It is just long story… For the next time…"
And suddenly she smiles widely: "I will definitely go with you to Halloween Feast. Thank you very much for inviting me," curtsies the girl.

Niko reaches up and taps her nose softly with his index finger, "No thank you." he says softly with a smile. "You don't have to explain." he says with a warm smile, "I just thought that you liked me, but it bothered you that I was a half-blood." he says with a chuckle, he turns and starts to walk away, "I told you before, you are always welcome to sit with me, we have potions together." he says softly, turning his head to look at her as he walks away, "I would very much so enjoy your company in Potions." he says softly, as he walks away.

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