(1938-10-07) Future Plans
Details for Future Plans
Summary: The BFFs, Fiona and Angelus, discuss life after school and the upcoming feast. They've got it all planned out.
Date: 7 October 1938
Location: Antechamber, Hogwarts

Antechamber Ground Floor

This small, square room off the Entry Hall has been tucked into a corner, out of the way and rarely used. The first years first make it here from their climb up from their boat ride across Black Lake at the beginning of term. The smooth stone walls are lit by a lamp hanging overhead, with two sconces on each wall. There's barely even any furniture here, a few padded chairs and small, polished tables scattered around the edges where students sometimes meet to chat or study out of the way of the castle's bustle. Within the eastern wall of the Ante-chamber is a well fortified door that leads out to a large courtyard that acts as an exit to the eastern portion of the campus grounds.

It is just after dinner and Fiona snags Angelus on the way out of the Great Hall, motioning for him to follow her. She leads him to the antechamber, a room he likely hasn't been in for years unless he likes to use it for snogging which some older students do. "Look, isn't this great? Almost nobody comes in here." She hops up onto one of the chairs.

There's no hesitance when Angelus turns to give Fiona a grin, following her into the antechamber. He gives the room a once over, a room that's pretty easily forgotten about since one's first year. As he moves close to the chair she hops onto he extends his arms out, humming thoughtfully. "I don't have an excuse to sit so close to you with this much space," he says on a chuckle. He brings his arms in and finishes, "But I guess it'll do." He winks playfully.

She rolls her eyes at his joke and then says, "Oh, yes, I am meant to tell you that I am supposed to keep you safe from girls who might fight over you." Fiona's feet swing above the floor. "Are there any girls currently fighting over you or girls who might do so in the future?"

Angelus offers a grin in response to that, a little glint in his blue eyes. "I don't think that's a problem." Not that he wouldn't like it to be. Resting his hands on the surface of a table he jumps so that he's sitting on the edge. His blue eyes wander around the room again as he considers. "I've forgotten this room is even here," he comments lightly.

Fiona pulls her knees up to her chest. "Remember that fight I told you about? Well I got called into the staffroom to be questioned about it by three heads of house." She sounds a bit pleased with herself, her own importance in the matter. "I told them the truth of course and poor Professor Slughorn was shocked that that prefect girl lied to Mr Pringle." She looks around and then at Gel, "Only don't tell anyone because they are going to speak to everybody."

Angelus lifts a brow as he brings his eyes back to Fiona. "Ooh, there's a tense moment." He hums softly, watching her while he considers. "Not that you couldn't handle yourself," he adds with a tug of his lip. He inches over the table to move closer to her seat. His gaze lowers as he gives a moment of thought, touching his lips with the tip of his tongue, before he lets out a sigh and he lifts his gaze to Fiona. "Flint's not going to be too happy depending on the outcome."

"No. But there is nothing to be done about it. If they are honest then they won't get into trouble. I've been debating if I should tell that Gryffindor boy to be honest and not be noble. He was trying to defend her afterall." Fiona looks up at Angelus. "What do you think? I don't know him. He is funny, he gave me some names of hiding places but then got flustered because he thought I wanted them for kissing in." The very idea makes her laugh. "Can you imagine? You and me in the broom kissing closet?"

"Except that he went after Black," Angelus muses with a hint of a disapproving tone. "I bet if things don't go his way he'll be able to make it go that way." He frowns, shifting his shoulders a little. As he focuses his eyes on her a grin flicks across his lips. "Can I jump into Ravenclaw?" he asks with a playful flicker in his eyes. Then he leans back, hands sliding along the table to keep him propped up, tilting his head back as he laughs. He just laughs for a good minute before the laughter quiets and he sits back up. "That sounds like something he'd think." He lets out a sigh and shrugs. "There's not much on his mind, is there?"

She nods her dark head, "He did but not until Black kicked that girl when she was on the ground." Fiona can understand chivalry. "It would be nice if you could swap houses. Or I could. Then we could spend loads of time together. And Meg too. I like Meg." She drops her chin onto her bent knees. "Thanks for the sweets, they're really nice. I am trying not to be greedy and eat them slowly."

Angelus nods and thinks about Black and Macmillan, frowning as he lowers his head to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Who does that?" he murmurs aloud. Who kicks a girl regardless of being on the ground? "Oh," Angelus says as he lifts his head, smiling. "Dashur just got into the Magijugend. It kind of makes me feel a little better that there will be less cruelty from the members." His smile slips further into a grin. "I think Ravenclaw would be a better choice." His grin widens for a brief second, giving something on his mind thought, before he clears his throat and says, "'Cause of the points. There's a lot of gems in your hourglass." He offers a bright, genuine smile about the sweets. "Anything for you, Fi," he says sincerely, extending a foot to give her knee a little nudge.

"I still haven't heard anything." Fiona shrugs it off and his playful banter is helping. "We will have a proper sweet feast when my order arrives." She twirls her hair around her finger, a habit she hasn't done in a while. "Do you ever speak with muggle born? I mean, would you be friends with one? I met a nice boy during the summer and I am a little worried about him. I told him to go and join the mud club so I hope he did."

Angelus grins widely at the sweet feast. "An appetizer to the Halloween feast," he comments. His shoulders shift easily in response to her question. "They're here," he answers, meaning at the school. "I wouldn't be impolite." He hums as he considers and then adds in, "I don't know." He lets out a sigh. "I don't want to alienate anyone, but I don't know about friend. I wouldn't want to be in my brother's position."

Fiona chews on her bottom lip. "His name is Adam. I wouldn't marry one if I ever get married. I might not do. I might be a great adventurer and rune hunter instead and a husband would be annoyed because I wasn't home for tea." She rubs at her eye. "I don't know…part of me thinks it is mean to be cruel to people like him. He can't help what he is. The magic just found him. It isn't like half-bloods. Their parents knew what they were doing."

Angelus fixes his blue eyes on her as he listens. A smile slips across his face as he nods. "Plus it doesn't make us look good." A sigh escapes him as his eyes wander towards the door leading into the Great Hall. He hums quietly in thought, looking to Fiona as he lifts his shoulders. "Well that's not an excuse," Angelus says with a smirk. "What if you find someone who would travel with you?"

"If I found someone who wanted to travel with me he'd have to be willing to share the domestic chores because my work will be important," says Fiona. Knowing her see has a plan somewhere, likely several plans. Offering different options.

Angelus arches a brow, tilting his head a little. A chuckle escapes him before he simply just smirks, shaking his head. "Or you hire a house keeper while both of you work." He shifts on the table, pulling up one leg to wrap an arm around while the other dangles, resting a head on top of his knee.

"Well yes. That too." Fiona frowns because she had not considered the idea of having a travelling housekeeper. "Portkeys and floo'ing would make it easier too." She looks at Angelus. "What about you? What do you want? Do you think you will get married?"

"And apparition," Angelus adds with a shrug. "If you aren't afraid of it," he tacks on. He regards her in thought as he considers, and then shrugs. "If I'm needed to," he answers. "I'm going to follow in my Pa's footsteps." Well, unless Noalan really does, but that's not something he's going to talk about.

Her eyes widen, "I can't wait to apparate. That will be amazing. Just travel wherever you want to." Fiona grins broadly. "If you aren't married you can come on adventures with me."

Angelus nods in response to apparating, a grin tugging at his lips. "I'm definitely looking forward to learning." He rolls his shoulders back slightly as he tilts his head. "Why wait until then?" A smile flicks out, his eyes focusing on Fiona with a glint, but he waits a moment before he offers. "Next time my Pa takes a trip in the summer maybe you can come along."

"Could I?" Fiona sounds thrilled with the idea but then deflates a little. "Your cousins won't be there will they? I won't get to go if there are muggles and half-bloods. Father hates the sight of them." She thinks it over and then grins, "We could just not tell him."

Angelus shrugs easily as he answers, "I don't see why not? Noah took Elspeth on one…" For a moment his tone turns bitter, but it lasts for only a second as he dismisses the thought and offers Fiona a smile. "My cousins probably won't be there," he assures, swinging his legs idly. He smirks lightly as he says, "We could check out the wizarding town in Italy, or France." He hums and gives it a thought. His next words he says slowly. "Posso parlare un po 'Italiano," he says, slow and a little off on the pronunciation, but he grins all the same.

Fiona repeats what he said, "Posso par-lar-eh un po 'Eetaleeano." Only with her Irish accent it sounds different. "It'd be nice to go with you and Meg too." She swings her foot out and playfully kicks the leg of Angelus' chair. "I bet Father will be planning a trip anyway. He's working on a dig in Cyprus. I may get to go there with them during the Christmas holidays."

Angelus' grin widens when she repeats after him. He hops off the table suddenly, instead choosing to stand. "We'll have to see what happens," he says, nodding his head. His brow arches as he focuses his eyes on her, quite still as a he frowns. A hum escapes him, and he lets out a sigh. "You don't want to be gone too long over the holidays." He watches her as he adds, "I was hoping you'll be at our New Year's this year."

"For Hogmanay?" Fiona might not be Scots but she knows they do like a big party for the new year. "If we are back I will come. That would be nice. There usually is a big ceidlih during the Christmas holidays. All the Donnellys and the Quinns get together. It is a massive party. I think Father doesn't want to go this year because of the shame of Aidan."

Angelus grins as he nods. "I'm not sticking around the ballroom this year though," he remarks with a smirk. "I'm going to hang out down in the basement with the rest of the kids." With his bedroom door locked, of course. "Have our own party away from the grown-ups." A smile slants across his mouth, followed by another smirk. He arches a brow as he regards her quietly, nodding his head slowly. "Some people don't mind embarrassing their families, I guess." He shifts his shoulders lightly.

Speaking of ballrooms. Fiona bounces on her chair, "I am going to go to the feast as a giant…" wait for it "…sweet!" She laughs at her idea. "What are you going as?" A thought occurs to her and she asks, "Do you have a 'date'" And bless her Fiona uses finger quotes.

A part of a smile rests against his lips as Angelus watches her quietly, waiting for her to finish. And a grin flashes on his face, followed by a hearty laugh. "That's pretty brilliant, Fi." He chuckles, which eventually turns into a simple grin. "Really?" He leans against the table on one hand, shrugging his shoulders as he regards her. "Nope," he answers with a shake of his head. "But now I have to think of something to beat your idea," he says with a grin, lifting his chin in a gesture.

"Well think fast because you don't have much time left." Fiona smooths out her robes as she stands there. "I am looking forward to the feast, I want to win best costume. That would be great. And eat loads of sweets until I have to be carried to bed." She lightly punches his arm. "I'll even dance with you, Gel. Not a mush dance though."

"Have any ideas?" Angelus asks, straightening up from the table. He grins widely as he nods in agreement. "Best part of the feast. All you can eat sweets, yea!" he exclaims enthusiastically, pumping a fist just above his shoulder. A half smile flickers over his lips as he glances to the door, letting out a thoughtful hum before his gaze returns to Fiona. "You'll dance with me, huh?" He tilts back his head as he crosses his arms in front of him, a spirited grin crossing his face.

Fiona's fingers find her hair and she begins twiddling again as she thinks. "You and Megan could be different types of sweeties and we could be a pack of sweeties. Or you could go as….ooooh…you could go as Hermes. He was the Greek messenger god and he had wings on his sandals so he could fly. You would be able to use your bedsheet as a tunic if you wrap it around you properly and use a belt." Her chin lifts and she grins over at Angelus. "I am an excellent dancer." Just to prove it she pushes him back then moves a chair and in the space created begins to dance. It is Irish dancing with all the kicks and flicks and no upper body movement at all.

Angelus considers quietly while he watches her, humming and tucking his hands underneath his arms. A chuckle escapes him as he lifts his shoulders easily. "Maybe," he considers. "Would it help you win if we corresponded?" He hums and arches a brow at the other suggestion, listening until she finishes explaining before he lets out a laugh. "That might be fun," he muses, smile twitching against his lips. He steps back to the table when she requires space, and ends up hopping back up onto the edge to sit and watch. An eyebrow arches, a 'heh' escaping as a smile flickers before he gestures with a single hand. "Are you going to give me lessons so that I can dance with you?" he asks, tipping his head back and grinning.

Looking a bit flushed once she has finished Fiona nods. "Sure, but later. I need a drink now. Next time I want to talk about Adam, remind me alright? But not in front of others." She still feels nervous about her friendship with the muggle born. Fiona starts towards the door, "See you later Gelly Belly."

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