(1938-10-08) A Curious Raven and Hissing Snakes
Details for A Curious Raven and Hissing Snakes
Summary: Janette gets annoyed by a chattering curious first year and then warned by the Slytherin Queen. Mustaches are mentioned!
Date: 8 October 1938
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Classes have finished not long ago, perhaps thirty minutes, and already the library is filling up. A tiny first year student is leaping up trying to grab at one of the books above her head. The book, 'Self-Defense Transfiguration: Offense is the Best Weapon.' The first year of course is Fiona Donnelly. She looks a bit messy, her hair is sticking out a bit and there are some mud splatters on her robes and shoes.

Even if she is not very tall, she can reach the book better than first years girl. So, Janette approaches the girl and takes that book, giving it to the little one. The ghostly girl already has a few books in her armful, is dressed in usual SLytherin uniform, and her hair once more just falls down on her shoulders freely. There are no make up today, so girl looks as white as usually,that her head could radiate the holy light.

Looking up to see who helped her Fiona blinks. "Oh, thank you Janette." She accepts the book and curiously looks at those the older girl has. Tucking her own against her chest she says, "Do you know there are tribes in Africa which kill albinos and eat their flesh because they think it will free the demons inside them? Isn't that fascinating?" A quick cheeky grin flashes across her childish face. "I am glad you weren't born in Africa. It would be horrid to be eaten and nobody would have been here to give me this book."

Janette just raises an eyebrow, whispering "Fascinating…" and she slips to her chair, putting all the books in front of her and starting to read.

Like a dog with a bone, or a Ravenclaw with curiosity, Fiona follows after Janette. "Are there other people in your family who look like you do? It is meant to be really rare. I looked it up. But families can sometimes have more than one. Aren't bloodlines interesting?"

"You are too curious little girl. Don't you heard the story about how the curiosity killed the cat?" a little bit irritated answers Janette and tries to concentrate on her book.

Fiona laughs that off. "Don't be silly. Curiosity never killed a cat. It isn't the curiosity that gets you. It is other people who are intimidated by curiosity." She leans against Janette's table. "I asked Professor Beery if plants can be albinos and he says they can but it is different. You should see if you could get some kind of chloroform-less plant to have for your costume for the dance. Wouldn't that be neat?" See Fiona can be helpful. Don't you want a pigment challenged plant Janette? That'd be so awesome, right?

Seeing,that she won't get rid of the girl easily, Janette sighs and closes her book. "Why are you so interested in albinos?.. You are not the one…" Girl rolls her eyes, but the suggestion for Halloween costume raises the redness of girl's cheeks. "I… I do not plan my costume alone. I don't know who I will be. Did you chose yours?" Perfect chance to change subject!

"I don't have to be something to be interested in it. I am not a professional quidditch player but I am interested in the sport." Fiona does not understand Janette's logic, but then she is a different type of thinker to some. "Why don't you plan it alone? Oh, I heard some boy is going with you. Is he the one they say would look handsome with a mustache?" Fiona continues her casual lean against the table. "I am going as a giant sweetie. I really like sweets so I thought it would be funny."

Janette laughs at the idea of the costume. "Sweet? Giant sweet? Oh, I love sweets too, so I vote now, that you will have the most wonderful costume…" However, when the little girl speaks about mustache, the ghostly girl turns her gaze to the book and sits there a few seconds,just thinking. Intently,before her colourless lips whisper "I think…He is handsome now and would be with the mustache. I think everything suits him perfectly…" A few strawberries blooms on girl's cheeks and she shakes her head: "You won't understand,little one,whatever…" She glances at Fiona: "Don't you have to go and read something?" Janette turns her books again.

The tappity tap tap of heels followed by sharp in drawn breaths and little students pressing themselves up against bookshelves and walls could only mean one thing. The Gorgon is coming. Medusa, her robes floating behind her with the speed of her walk, is gathering up books for her studies and handing them to a fourth year Slytherin boy who trails in her wake.

Fiona opens her mouth to likely say no but then spies the Gorgon and says, "Yes, reading is good." With that she grabs her book and dashes off not wanting to be petrified or blown up.

Janette raises a brow at the such an unexpected answer from the girl. She opens her mouth to say something to Fiona, but then she catches the sight of the reason, why the younger people vanishes from the library's light to the shadows. Albino girl just shrugs, giggling under her nose. She weaves in the chair, finding more comfortable position and opens the book. Girl brushes her snowy hair,while reading some things about potions.

Medusa snaps her fingers and points at the other end of Janette's table. The boy surreptitiously sets the books there and leaves until he is needed again. "Hello Janette," Medusa offers the younger girl. "Poisoned anyone lately?"

Janette does not trouble to raise her look at the another Slytherin girl. She just turns another page of the book. "I have no time for such nonsense. Nor time, nor ingredients." And the ghostly girl continues reading.

"Hmmm. That is not what I have heard." Medusa claims the other chair at the table. When she sits her posture is perfect. "I also heard you are going to the dance with a half-blood." The seventh year tuts.

"Just silly people believe in everything,what they hear. Are you silly?" Janette raises an eyebrow, but still does not trouble herself to look at Medusa. The ghostly girl is very calm and self-confident. "Indeed. I am going to the dance with the most handsome boy outside, and the most beautiful boy inside. Oh, and also, he is my friend." Another page is turned,before Janette adds "I am the most happy person in the world, indeed. Happy and lucky."

"You say I should not believe what I hear, because it is silly, but then I should believe somethings I have heard?" Medusa laughs at Janette. "You are a peculiar thing, truly you are." She folds her arms and leans forward, resting them on the table. "He might be the most handsome boy you think you have ever seen, but one of his parents is a muggle. You must know that is wrong, Janette. You will get a reputation. Be ridiculed in the house." Lowering her voice she hisses, "You are a Slytherin for Merlin's sake! Don't go slumming it just because you have made a friend."

Finally Janette raises her grey gaze from the book to Medusa and leans closer to answer in a whisper too: "I have more friends, not just Niko. If not he, I would have go to the dance with Victor. I do believe, you would like him better. Pure blood and incredibly rich. He is my friend too. Longer than Niko. But Niko invited me first. I don't care about such things as blood or money. I have both. Plus, I am not so cruel to say "no" for people. If I will say too much "No", I am afraid to become a smaller copy of you. I really don't want this." And she gets back near her book.

Amazingly Medusa has to actually think about which would be worse; the shame of being the only Slytherin to be dating a half-blood or dating Victor. "He is an arse, but he might be marginally better." She holds up a hand, thumb and forefinger mere centimeters apart. "Marginally." She shrugs and rises to her feet. "It is your social life that will suffer, Abbott." She snaps her fingers. "I hope he is worth it." No sooner has she finished speaking than the very same fourth year boy appears and gathers up Medusa's books. "I think I will find somewhere else to study."

"Thank you for caring, but… Look for yourself, my dear," answers Janette and finally concentrates on her book.

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