(1938-10-08) Cocoa on a Cold Afternoon
Details for Cocoa on a Cold Afternoon
Summary: Graham joins Rhyeline for cocoa at Sweet Temptations and shares whats on his mind.
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 1938
Location: Sweet Temptations
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Sweet Temptations

This shop is both a malt shop as well and bakery and sweetshop. Polished hardwood floors and walls painted a soft ivory give the room a welcoming and calm air. Green plants and flowers are placed in planters throughout the room and landscape paintings of the countryside cover parts of the walls. Two counters run across opposite sides of the room leaving the center area open for seating. The tables are set up for groups of two or four, the tables polished wood and the cushioned chairs made to match. The counter to the right is the malt counter, its wood polished to a high shine and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, provides a place for patrons to sample all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. On the left is another counter dedicated to candy and pastries. The candies sit in elegant glass jars atop the counter with plates of every kind of pastry or cake you can imagine. There are both muggle and wizard flavors for everything sold here. A large board hangs over the front wall across from the door with a neatly organized menu of what is for sale at each counter.

It's a rather cold October afternoon. Despite the sun shining in the clear skies, the streets are slick with ice. Sitting at the counter, Rhyeline takes small sips from a steaming hot chocolate. She warms her delicate hands against the sides of the mug. A bit of whipped cream that tops the hot chocolate dots the tip of her nose. It seems she hasn't realized it yet.

Graham moves down the alley at a slow pace he's not really looking at the shops as he does looking more to the ground. He happens to look to the side seeing a familiar face in the sweets shop and makes the decision to enter. He moves in giving a wave to the server as he makes his way towards his friend. "Good day Rhyeline." he says trying to return his voice to what it should be though hard to see what success he'll have.

The whipped cream still dots the little one's nose when she peaks up at the sound of Graham's voice. The girl's dark gaze seems to glow with warmth, much as they had the other night when Graham made sure she was surrounded by the warmth and love of her friends for her birthday. However, Rhyeline is an observant creature and can tell that something is wrong. Blinking, she tilts her head to the side and murmurs, "Graham? What's wrong…" She reaches out to take hold of his sleeve and tug him closer, to sit and join her.

The young man is glad to see the other and to see how she's happy to see him does make him feel a bit better. He sees the spot on her nose and chuckles just a very little picking up his napkin if she'll allow he'll dot it clean "Stay still, whipped Cream on your nose." he says though she seems to have his number on acting normal and so sighs "A friend made an off-handed comment I don't think was meant to be hurtful about me being a half-blood. Well it did hurt though I acted.. am acting like it doesn't."

Rhyeline blushes sheepishly as Graham wipes away the bit of whipped cream. Her sweet, impish laughter comes easily as she grins up at him. However, when the man tells her what is on his mind, her smile fades and she bites her lower lip. "When it matters if you're a half-blood… it hurts… because- because of the things that implies… Come. You should have some cocoa too… it will warm your insides and maybe make you feel a bit better…"

Graham smiles as he sets the napkin down and nods to the cocoa. "That's just it, I thought that this person was different that they they knew purist talk is just baseless nonsense since it is. I suppose not, but on the other hand we are still friends and I trust them with my life it's very confusing I suppose is the word." he will sit and order his drink waiting patiently

Rhyeline gives a small, slow nod. Surrounded by as many purists as this little half-blood girl is, she has definitely experienced her fair share of prejudice. "Well… what did this friend say? Maybe- maybe they meant something else?"

"Well we were talking actually about the unity movement, and your employer to be quite honest." Graham says looking towards the other as he tries to remember the exact wording. "I had voiced my concerns as I am as we discussed not a supporter." he accepts the cocoa with a nod in thanks. "She than said, I forget sometimes about what you are."

Rhyeline bites her lower lip, not because of Graham's reminder that he does not support the unity movement, but rather what his friend said to him. That is what brings out the empathetic pain in the girl's dark, expressive eyes. "I see…" she murmurs before taking a small sip of her cocoa. She pauses, looking thoughtful down into her cup of coffee. "Perhaps she simply meant that- that she forgot that you are not under the same pressures as she is from her family… maybe that's all… though- it's strange… because most purists seem to be against Unity… they dislike muggles and want nothing to do with them… no one in Cassius' family approves of his actions… except his sister, but she was a Gryffindor…"

Graham nods "It's possible, that's what it is. I just was surprised I guess, this is a person i'd consider one of my best friends. I'd trust my life to them." he sips the drink and sighs as he warmth spreads "I'm sorry dont let me bring you down I will be okay. How are you hope you werent too upset about the birthday surprise." he grins.

Rhyeline sets down her cup of cocoa and leans over to wrap her arms tight around Graham's middle. Unless he helps her to sit back up again, she will find it very difficult to sit back up again. Her voice is a bit muffled, with her face burried against Graham's chest as she hugs him. "It was a wonderful birthday surprise. Best ever. And I love the books you gave me… and- and you are wonderful. I'm sure she didn't mean anything bad by it." Having said so much, she now lifts her head just a bit so that he can see her eyes peeking up at him.

The auror moves to catch her thinking she's slipping at first which lands him in a hug as she speaks. "I am very glad you enjoyed it, that's what is important to me." he smiles to her and nods as she looks up "I am sure it will be okay just took me by surprise mostly. Thank you, speaking about it is just what I needed though dont mean to unload on you like that." he gives her a gentle squeeze before he will help her back onto her stool lightly.

Rhyeline offers Graham another warm smile as he helps her to sit up again. Warming her hands against the sides of the cocoa mug, the girl takes a long, slow sip. Eyes lowered, she remains silent for a moment more before murmuring, "Cassius doesn't mind at all if I am halfblood or not… but- his aunt… she is- is trying to help weaken the hold that my curse has on me… I am certain that she hasn't realized I am a half-blood… I hope so much that she never does…"

Graham takes another sip of the warming drink. He looks over as she begins to speak again nodding "That would be awkward, but surely she will still help you or try to do so half-blood or no?" he asks though his voice isnt so sure as his words are. "Well at least I know for certain that Healer O'shea wouldnt give up, as you've seen from that birthday and i'm sure others who wished you likewise, you are cared about."

Rhyeline grows still, soaking in his words, that she is cared about. Her eyes seem to shine when she peeks back up at him with the warmest, most appreciative of smiles. "Thank you… And… and you matter to me too… very much."

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