(1938-10-08) Dinner Just Got Weird
Details for Dinner Just Got Weird
Summary: People just keep randomly joining a conversation at the Ravenclaw table at dinner, though at some point things get a little weird…
Date: October 8, 1938
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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Great Hall

Braziers that hang by chains from the beaks of griffin gargoyles that line the walls where they meet the high vaulted enchanted ceiling offer warm illuminating blazes. Four long tables are evenly spaced with the heads of the table at the north and south of the room. Each table has a cloth runner down the center and a plush rug underneath of the different House colors indicating to which house the table belongs.

The most westerly table is the Slytherin table. Beside them is the Ravenclaw table. The Gryffindor table is then between the Ravenclaw table to the west and the Hufflepuff table which is the most easterly table. One other table along the northern wall up on a dais for the Professors to sit at and look over all four of the other tables. Also on the dais is one lectern gilded in gold with an owl spreading it's wings at the top of the lectern. Candles line the tops of the owl's wings to illuminate anyone speaking at the lectern. A stool like protrusion comes out of the lectern as well as that's where the first years sit when they are sorted.

There are three sets of doors in the Great Hall. The main exit and entrance that leads to the Entry Hall is a large set of double wooden doors carved with vines and flanked by high stone pedestals each set with a small brazier above the stony 'H' carved in the pedestal. On the eastern wall is a much smaller door just next to the dais that's attached to the antechamber the first years come up from the lake through. Lastly one other door is set into the northwest corner behind the High Table.

As always high above within the obscured stone and wood cathedral like buttresses and crockets the outside weather is reflected in an illusion with all the sound and visuals of the weather, just without the actual effects of it.

Dean wipes his fingers off on a nearby napkin and shakes the offered hand. "Oh right. Dean Hawthorne. See, I told you it has me all scatterbrained." While his hand is across the table he helps himself to some of that ham, laying it next to his half-eaten sweet roll. "So you're taking Divination, what else?"

Arian takes the hand, thankful that the boy wiped his hands first. "WHat d'you prefer, Hawthorne or Dean? Or any other nickname?" As for classes, Arian does the best job he can listing them: "Charms, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Herbology, Divination… all the other usuals. Muggle Studies and Divination's all I've got for electives though. I like to keep plenty of time for m'self, ya know."

The Great Hall is a-buzz with activity as everyone is chattering away over food and the clatter of dishes. Dean sits at the Ravenclaw table across from Arian, the Hufflepuff colors of Dean's robe a bit of a sore thumb among the blue and bronze. Dean shrugs at the question of his name. "Dean is fine. Or Ollie — middle name is Oliver — whatever you prefer." He chomps on the sweet roll even after adding the ham to his plate. "How do you like Muggle Studies?"

Arian considers for a moment. "I'll go with Dean," he says finally. "Muggle studies is great. M'dad was a muggle, so I like having that class." He stops from talking any more about his father, though. "What classes are you taking? It's your first year with electives."

Niko who has been eating at the Gryffindor table, picks up his plate after watching a few stray looks go to Dean. He walks over to the Ravenclaw table and takes the spot directly across, from the two chit chatting, "Well Hello." he says warmly with a soft smile on his face, taking a small bite of his food, "Mind if I join the party?" he asks playfully, looking between the two.

Dean pauses bringing a piece of ham towards him as he catches Arian's 'was' rather than 'is.' He tries to add extra warmth to his voice. "Same boat. Well… my mum is a muggle, anyway." He chews on the ham a bit and opens to answer the question about his classes just as Niko walks up. He slides his sketchbook with the rune notes and drawings off the table to make room. "Not at all."

Arian appreciates the lack of inquisition from Dean. It's not much, but sometimes little things like that mean a lot. He offers the boy a smile. "That's cool." Then, Niko appears out of nowhere, and Arian finds himself a little perplexed. "Um, yeah, sure," he says. "We're just having a really enthralling conversation about electives here. Very exciting stuff."

Niko smiles warmly before taking another bite of his food, "Ah Electives." he says slowly, with a small nod, "I rather enjoy Ancient Runes, myself." he says slowly with a small nod, "Though I did always kind of with I had taken Care for Magical creatures." he continues his hand moving up and rubbing his chin slowly.

Dean stabs at his ham and motions to the rune next to his plate. "Runes actually started the whole excitement. It's boggling me a bit. But I suppose I'll just keep at it." He shifts a bit on the bench at the mention of CoMC. "I must admit I was wary of taking that class. I've heard stories about some insect types."

Arian nods. "And I quickly told him to ditch the class for an elective that lets you make up everything, like diviniation." Arian grabs another roll. After that, it's time for dessert. "You know, I think I should have taken that, too. Are we allowed to take a different elective after third year? Or are we stuck?"

Niko chuckles softly, "Never took Divination either." he says with a chuckle, "I heard it could be fun." he says with a chuckle poking at his plate of food with his fork, "Hmmm, not sure. Pretty sure you can." he says slowly with a small nod, "Though they are Electives…" he says softly with another nod. "So I don't see why not." he says with a chuckle, "Runes are not that bad though, once you get the swing of them, if you need help you can always ask me." he offers warmly with a smile.

Finishing his ham, he stabs a couple yams onto his plate. "Divination is actually my other elective. I enjoy it, personally." A yam gets bit into and chewed on for a bit before he returns to smile to Niko. "I may do that, I appreciate the offer." Once again the fingers are wiped on the napkin and he offers his hand to Niko. "Dean Hawthorne, by the way."

"Arian Kyle," says the Ravenclaw, though he doesn't slow down from the pie he's added to his plate to offer a hand. "I think we've met before, though. You're… Nick? Something along those lines?" Arian does seem to love talking around his food. It's a wonder he hasn't choked yet. "You should take divination, though. Easiest elective ever." Trying to keep the conversation going, he turns it to a different subject. "So, what do you two blokes want to do once you're out of here?"

Niko chuckles softly at the on going conversation about Electives as they sit in the Great Hall for dinner. Breaking formation a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have found themselves at the Ravenclaw table, despite the odd looks from a few people. "Nikolas Jacob Denholm" he says softly with a warm smile, "Oh the future?" he says softly with a playful smirk, "I am sure you both can figure out what I plan to do, I mean you both are taking Divination." he says with a soft chuckle.

Dean chuckles a bit at Niko. "Ah, yes, but no tea leaves to look into, eh?" The last of the yams vanish before Dean pours himself a mug of milk, and begins to nurse it. "I haven't an idea about the future. Still trying to figure out what I'm good at I guess? There's always my violin to fall back on if I end up trolling all my classes." He finishes with a grin as he wipes away a milk mustache.

Just behind the cluster of boys, sitting at the Gryffindor table, Kimiko Saito is struggling with a problematic meatball which stubbornly refuses to cooperate with her utensils. An overheard comment draws her attention away from the obstinate sphere of beef. "Divination easy? Now that's a load of rubbish." She glances back at the boys, and immediately winces apologetically. "Sorry. What I meant to say was…I disagree." She offers a meek smile in further contrition.

Arian considers making a joke and pouring some tea just for a good laugh, but then decides against it. "Well, I'm afraid my crystal ball's on the fritz right now," he says instead. "I'm thinking of going to work in the ministry. Or maybe the Prophet. Maybe follow quidditch as a writer, since I'm not good enough to play professionally." Then, Kimi's comments draw his attention. "It IS easy," Arian tells her over his shoulder. "You've just got to be creative."

Niko chuckles, looking over at Kimiko, "Why Saito, I didn't know you cared." he says slowly with a warm smile, his tone soft and friendly, "Though you are probably right, I don't know the first thing about it." he says with a small shrug, the warm smile still on his face. "Now runes, that I can handle, seeing into the future, sometimes I forget that I am even in the present." he says softly with a chuckle.

Dean spots the meatball as he glances at the fourth voice in the conversation. Yes, he has a one-track mind. He glances up the Ravenclaw table and gives up when he sees the nearest plate of meatballs is a bit out of reach. "I guess there's that one troublesome class for everyone."

Kimiko blinks at Arian disbelievingly. "Creative?" She lifts her knees and swivels around on the bench to face the others. "You're not supposed to make up the future. You're supposed to predict it." She flashes Arian a teasing smile, then turns the same on Niko. "I care about everybody," she insists. "So what about it, Denholm? What's the grand plan? I'm afraid my Divination skills aren't good enough to pluck an answer out of the air, either."

"But that's what makes it FUN," he says, returning the grin. "Besides, most of my tea leaves just end up in a pile, and that doesn't mean anything. Trust me, I've looked several times." He points to an empty spot with the rest of them. "Why don't you come over if you want to talk? We've got room, and then I won't have to keep turning around to talk to you."

Niko looks between the other boys before turning and looking at Kimiko, "Saito, I was playing, I was not truly implying you didn't care." he says softly, his tone friendly and that warm smile that always seems to linger on his lips, present. He closes his eyes for a moment, "The plan is to be happy." he says, offering a reassuring nod to Kimiko, looking between the other boys again for a moment, "What does the future matter, if you are not happy?" he asks softly, curiously tilting his head a bit to the right, causing his wild hair to cascade down his face, the warm smile still on his lips as he once again attempts to avoid answering.

Dean slides his sketchbook completely off the table to make more room for a fourth, laying it on his lap. He tries to ignore some of the looks as yet another non-Ravenclaw is invited to the table. "There is a pile with two leaves in radical rotation to the pile that means digestive problems, I believe." He grins playfully at Arian. "Had any issues lately?" At Niko's remark he arches an eyebrow. "That's a bit of a fairy tale-ish answer, eh?"

Niko's response elicits a beaming smile of approval from Kimi as she moves over to the Ravenclaw table, accepting Arian's invitation. "Thank you, Kyle." She gives Niko a nudge, "Alright, Denholm. I'll accept that answer for now. You've appealed to my sense of romanticism."

Arian frowns at that and considers not finishing his slice of pie. Then he reconsiders, and does finish the pie. "You two aren't going to get all mushy and flirty here, are you? If you are, I'm going to have to take back my invitation." He sighs. "I already had to put up with another couple today, and I think I've had all the mushiness I can stand for one day. And how'd you know my name?" he asks the new arrival. "I didn't think we'd met before…"

Niko nods softly, his hand moving up and running through his hair, causing the stray strands to move out of his face. "Fairy-tale-ish, yes." he says warmly with a small nod, the warm smile still on his face, "But also the truth." he says slowly, tapping his nose knowingly. Turning his head to look at Kimiko, he nods slowly, "I am certainly glad you accept that answer Saito." he says playfully.

He takes another bite of his food, before continuing, "Also I suppose I still owe you time, to teach me how to swim." he says rubbing his chin slowly, "After I left the Mud Club lake party, Some how I ended up taking a wrong turn and locked myself in a old classroom for hours…" he says chuckling softly. Then Arian makes the comment about being a couple, causing Niko to chuckle softly, "Not going to be an issue." is all he has to say on the topic, though the warm smile has grown a little wider.

Dean groans a bit at Niko's comment about being stuck in a class. "Been there. Second day of term this year. One of the staircases went nowhere. On both ends." He steals another biscuit and pulls a bit away. "Almost didn't make it out before curfew." The younger boy trails off as he looks at his biscuit, rubbing at his jaw idly as he chews.

Kimiko starts to frown disapprovingly at Arian, ready to object to the notion of flirtation. But Niko's comment seems to catch her off guard, and she whips her attention toward him, mouth half-open, again ready to say something. But the words aren't quite forming. Finally, she opts for addressing Arian again. "We've been attending school together for, what is it, three years now? That's plenty of time to learn your name, isn't it?"

Arian straightens. "I've have it happen multiple times. First year was particularly brutal. Even got a detention once for being trapped past curfew." Yes, Arian wears his mistakes like a badge of honor, especially when they come with a black eye. As for Kimi's comment about knowing his name, Arian grins. "Well, I suppose I am somewhat popular. What was your name again? Don't believe I caught that."

Niko's eyes get rather huge, "Oh…" he says softly, blinking a few times, "I didn't…" he says slowly, looking over at Kimiko, "I didn't mean it like that Saito." he says softly, his right hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, looking rather nervous now, "I mean Saito, you are a very lovely girl." he says trying to find his way out of this, "I…" he says softly, looking back at Kimiko again, he lets out a small sigh, "I think I am already in a relationship." he says giving himself a small nod, "That is why I said it wouldn't be an issue, I mean if I wasn't I am sure we would make a really nice coup…." he stops short shaking his head, his hair cascading down his face, obviously looking rather embarrassed. "I think I should just be quiet now…" he says poking at his food with his fork.

Dean drinks from his mug again and looks between the other three at Niko's embarrassment. He clears his throat a bit and tries to add some warmth to the air with his voice. "Soooo… How about them beaters this year, eh? Seem to be really working their arms." He tries to gauge if his change of subject is helping or just piling onto the awkward pile while he takes another swig of milk from his mug.

Kimiko gives Arian a playful eyeroll at his self-congratulatory manner. But she laughs softly, introducing herself with a slight bow of her head, "Kimiko Saito." But then comes Niko's awkward admission, and she's drawn back into speechlessness for a few moments before she can find her words. "Oh…no…no, it's fine. Of course, I mean…I didn't think you were…um." She shakes her head to clear her thoughts. "Let me start again. I…" Then she cuts off again, her eyes going wide. "We'd make a nice coup…le?" The gravity of those words crashes down on her, and her pale face turns bright pink. "I-have-to-go," she fires out rapidly, nodding to Dean as if to encourage his subject change, and scrambling from the Ravenclaw bench in a flurry of flailing limbs. But she finds her grace again before ending up on the floor, and quickly gathers up her sketchbook from the Gryffindor table to go.

Niko chuckles softly at Dean, though it is clear he is still rather embarrassed, "Well I am trying." he says softly, about the Beaters, since well he is one of them for the Gryffindor team. Then Kimiko gets even more flustered then he is, when he has successfully put his foot in his mouth, "Saito…" he says softly, turning to look at her, "I am sorry… I didn't mean to upset you…" he says slowly, but it is too late and she is already hurrying to leave, he looks at the other two boys, before getting up, "Thanks for the conversation guys." he says softly, moving to grab his things trying to catch up with Kimiko, in hopes of fixing the chaos he just brought to his life.

"Well, that ended incredibly quickly. And awkwardly." Arian watches Niko and Kimi leave, both of them with all of the grace of a pirate with two peg legs. "That's what we get for inviting a girl to the conversation. What do you suppose is up with those two?" As if to explain that he doesn't expect an answer, he stares at his plate, now void of pie. "Well, I guess it's well enough, anyway. Dinner's done. I guess we should be heading back to our common rooms anyway. But," he adds offering a hand before standing to go, "it was nice to meet you. We should hang out again sometime."

Dean offers a wave to Niko as he rushes off. With a shrug he pushes his plate away and gathers his own sketchbook. "Either a girl or non-Ravenclaws, eh?" He laughs lightly and shakes Arian's hand again before standing up as well. He seems to move a bit carefully — no need for all four of them to look like cats running on tile when they try to stand form the table. "Yeah, we should. Maybe I can give you hand with your Divination so you don't have to be so 'creative.'"

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