(1938-10-08) Just Another Day After Class
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Summary: It is a nice Fall Afternoon after class, when various people have chance meetings, some good some bad, but all in all it is just another day at Hogwarts after class.
Date: October 8, 1938
Location: Campus Grounds, Hogwarts
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Campus Grounds

Extending from the main gate of the castle's courtyard, the road winds through a seemingly-wild parkland of tall grass and wildflowers. The grass is thick and growing long. Thriving in the beautiful dreariness Scottish weather is known for. The leas and fields between small copses of trees and ancient standing stones offer areas to gather with friends or even find some solitude. Natural seating arrangements can be found atop a stone, or the large roots of trees, not to mention in the trees. To the southwest, the glow of reflected light from the lake gleams, water lapping against the sharp rise of the visible cliffs to the base of the castle itself.
More formal gardens crown the campus to the southeast, where a short walk down western path brings one to a pumpkin patch and eventually to what appears to be a gameskeeper's cottage. Looming darkly in the northern background is the Forbidden Forest, a sinister mix of forbidding and alluring.

Fall afternoons couldn't be more comfortablea least for Gerald. After the school day is through, students take advantage of the fine few hours before nightfall. Most do. Gerald himself can be found in the otherwise empty yard, seated below a particularly shady tree, a book open in his lap.

"It might, but it is still not…" mumbles under her nose the young girl, who could compete in the whiteness contest with the moon easily. She is walking very slowly through the already fallen leaveson the ground, kicking them slightly. She is so concentrated in her book, that she even forgets her usual manners of the princess.
"Maybe this…But still not perfect," she turns another page "That would be silly…" She turns a few more pages,shaking her head fiercely.

Gerald arches a brow as the girl passes, though it's perhaps more her talking to herself that earns his attention than anything else. "Some would argue that a heated conversation with yourselfequally silly." He does grin though, clearly not one to lay actual judgment. "But I'm curious now. What's not perfect?"

Niko is wandering through the area, apparently lost in his thoughts, his head tilted up at the sky as a small smile on his face. His bluish green eyes come down and he spots Janette and Gerald, he starts to make his way over to them, "Ah! Cornfoot!" he says to his fellow Gryffindor, "You enjoying our lectures in classes so far?" he asks with a smile on his face, since they have all the same NEWT classes, his gaze moves to Janette, "Hello Abbott." he says offering her a polite smile.

Janette chuckles at the Gerals remark. "Sometimes a person is in need of conversations with the only clever person around - himselfor herself," chucklesthe girl once more, letting the cheeks colour themselves into the light redish tone.
"It's just not perfect. That is all what you need to know," answers the girl, closing the book, when she hears Niko. Pale fingers hides the book under the cloak, which hides all the petite body of the albino girl.
She turns her head to the Gryffindor boy, who just came, makining snowy curls sway playfully: "Jan…" she stops the word and offers himthe same polite smile "Hello!"
Girl remains standing and watching the boys, keeping the book under the cloak in her armful firmly.

Gerald shrugs lazily at her words. "Alright then." He stats simply, never one to argue. Who has the energy for that?! Luckily Niko enters, snapping Gerald out of the silence he was already starting to sink back into. "Niko." He states simply in greeting, though the questions earns a low chuckle. "I am, I suppose. As much as anyone likes being lectured. It's been interesting at least. Between classes and helping Medusa with potions..it's been a party. You?"

Niko smiles warmly at Janette, "I apologize, Janette, would be the proper name to use now, wouldn't it?" he asks Jannete softly looking at the book she is holding, "Whatca reading about?" he asks her softly, running his hand through his hair slowly, before turning his attention back to Gerlad. "Ah, I have rather enjoyed the lectures as of late. The examples used in Charms was rather excellent." he says softly with a small nod, "Hmmm, mainly class and spending times with a few friends." he says slowly with a nod, "Oh I did have a project with Black, that was interesting. Mainly because he is an interesting chap." he says slowly, his tone warm and friendly and not a hint of malice present when he speaks of Alphard.

Janette grins widely, when the boy finally decides to call her by name. She just smiles and nods, but does not interrupt the conversation of the two boys. She just holds that book tightly.
However, when potion is mentioned, girl's corners of the lipsjumps up even more and she whispers: "Each lecture of potions is like Christmas," and she gigglesunder her nose.
Though, the mentioning of the Black steals that warm smile from the icy features. Girl shifts from one foot to another, before she dares to step closer near Niko andshe drags the book out of her cloak, showing the cover just for the Denholm, as it would be a huge secret.
That book brings girl's smielback, she chuckles and hides it once more.
Janette whispers: Didn't knowhow to do that, so I write here, that the book's cover says: "The most known historical couples". Of course, not muggle world history book. Not. ;D

Gerald is over the book, so he looks toward his own for the time it takes her to show. "Alphard'she's Alphard. Not much more you can say about him." He grins, though really, it's a face Gerald is seen hanging out with Black a fair bit. Maybe he's immune! "And yes, Janette, potions are fun. Usually." Until you've tutored Medusa.

Niko chuckles softly at Janette for a second, before reaching over and tapping her nose with his index finger as she shows him the book cover, "I see, you are plotting." he says playfully with his warm smile on his face. "That he is, nothing more can be really said about him." Niko says slowly to Gerald, "Though I am excited about the current way potions are going, Professor Slughorn is doing a really amazing job this year." he says with a small shrug.

Janette chuckles, when Niko tapps her nose, squinting a bit at the tip of her nose. "I am trying, she whispers. To make the plot of the year," and she clenches the book under her cloak even more firmly.
Small breeze makes a mess of her curls, but she does not let the book. Better to be tangled!
Girl blinks a few times, slipping with the grey gaze from Niko to Gerald, nodding about the Slughorn part.

Pushing to his feet, Gerald nods toward the couple. "I'm not trying to be rude..I just..really don't feel like sitting out here anymore." He offers then both a grin before he snaps his book shut, "See you in class Niko. Janette, it's always a pleasure." He seems sincere enough, though he doesn't take his time heading out. But at least he does it with a wave.
Gerald gives you a cookie.

A pack of Slytherins made their way across the campus grounds, with Alphard Black as their self described leader. The rest probably hadn't been given much choice in the matter, and if they had any issues with that, for now they didn't appear willing to risk one of his tempers. As he walked he projected an air of supreme self confidence and superiority. Position wise he was at their head, their center, and that wasn't by accident. When he laughed at something his expression and dark gaze made clear the rest should laugh with him.
Seeing Janette and Niko together drew one of those laughs. The kind of insidious laughter that said there was something worth being mocked, even as he lifted a hand up for an 'innocent' wave in 'friendly' greeting.

Niko waves and offers Geald a "Take care Cornfoot." he says warmly as he leaves. Niko saw the wave coming from Alphard, returning it with, "Ah Black." he says softly the warm smile on his face as he gestures for him to join them, offering Janette a small wink as he does so.

Janette smiles at Niko warmly, giggles at his wink, but… but the Black guy comes with his toadys. That Black brings darkness for so purely white girl, who radiates the holy light with these snowy curls and soft icy skin. Even if that darkness steals the smile, girl straightens as she would be the Queen, who meets the baron. All the feelings abandons her posture and she becomes one of these perfectly made marble or crystal sculptures. Though, before that she steps a bit closer near Niko. Just to make sure.
Speechless gaze follows the Black and his lapdogs. Just follows. Indeed.

Angelus is leaving a class later than the rest, having needed to stay behind. But he's walking along the grounds now from the direction of the greenhouses, his blue eyes roaming around as he searches the groups. Angelus slows down as his gaze trails over one such group, a brow arching at the sixth years before he lets out a sigh. The youth watches warily, but gives Niko, Janette, and the pack of Slytherins a wide berth as he walks.

"Denholm.. Abbot. Aww. Lookatchu, all -cute- together!" Alphard made his best mock impression of a gushing girl. He clutched his hands to his chest, fluttered his eyes, made his expression one of adoration! His sycophant crew laughed, whether because they thought he was funny.. or they just knew they didn't have a choice in the matter. "I'm so -happy- for you. Especially you, Abbot. First you crush on the useless Gryffindor, and now it's the Half-Blood Gryffindor. Really, your family must be -sooooo- proud. Whoever knows who'll be next on your list. You're going through them so fast, the possibilities are endless!" Eyeroll, coupled with a snort.
He spotted Angelus out of the corner of his vision, and offered half an upnod to the younger boy.

Niko gives Angelus a small wave, "Hey Eibon." he says softly in greeting before he starts to chuckle softly, his warm gaze falling on Alphard as he takes a few steps closer, "Personally…" he says slowly, with a small nod his hand moving up and rubbing his chin softly, "You see Black, I personally think we all just got started on the wrong foot." he says offering Alphard a warm smile, "Though I can't say that I agree with how you act towards Janette…" he says with a deep sigh, his warm smile quickly changing to a smirk.
"Though I think I know how we can fix this." he says softly looking back at Janette, "Since I know you love my company so much." he says slowly with a nod, "Every time you bother Janette, I am just going to assume it is because you want to spend more time with me." he says slowly, his gaze looking at Alphard slowly, "All the same classes…" he starts off slowly, "Can you picture how wonderful that would be Black?" he says slowly, the warm smile returning to his face, "Me and you walking to every class together, me just chatting your ear off?" he says bringing his hands close together and up to his chest, "Me personally requesting you as my partner for every project!" he exclaims, "Oh my goodness." he says giving a fake shiver, "It is so exciting, I mean and think of what people will say, the gossip about you and me, being such close friends." he says softly with a nod, "I mean you will only have to deal with me trying to be your best friend, for what?" he says slowly, looking up at the sky, "For two years?" he says giving Alphard a look, "Excited yet Black?" he asks.

Janette stands somewhere a bit farther now, behind Niko's back, when he came closer near Alphard. She glances at Angelus with the smile, which manages to come back to her features. However, she does not hold her attention on the boy. The speech of Niko is so wonderful, indeed. The girl just squeezes the book in her armful under the cloak even more firmly. She sways slowly, sweeping the leaves of autumn with her robe from the ground.
Girl does not say a word. This most wondeful speech can't be disturbed. She just stares and blinks, sending that marble creature away and becoming just little pure lovely girl with kitten eyes.

Sixth year problems - Angelus is not going to be bothered by them. However, what prevents him from walking off, who knows, but he'll stand back and watch the upperclassmen quietly. Of course, he would have liked to have been more unnoticed, frowning when he's addressed. His shoulders shift slightly, returning his housemates wave with a simple flick, a tilt of his head as he regard Janette for a second, and then a grin in response to Alphard greeting.

Alphard gave Niko an unamused look, his humor bleeding away and replaced with haughty arrogance. "I don't think I -care- whether you like my attitude towards Abbot or not." But the thought of having the Gryffindor padding in his wake the whole next two years like some forlorn lion kitten wasn't a pleasent one. He sneered. "As if you could even keep up with me. But whatever! Let's go!" With a jerk of his head he indicated that his little pack should follow him. Because he was done with these idiots! It wasn't a retreat. It was a derisive snubbing! So there!

Niko smiled warmly at Alphard, "We can always test, if I can keep up with you Black." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Just give Janette a hard time again." he says softly, his tone warm and friendly as the to to leave, "Always wonderful seeing you Black!" he exclaims warmly, turning and looking at Janette, a soft smile on his face. "I think that should take care of things for a little a while." he says softly, before looking over at Angelus, "How have you been Eibon?" he says softly, the warm smile on his face, "Last time I saw you, you were slightly distressed it seemed." he says offering the younger boy a curious nod.

When Alphard walks away, totally defeated in the eyes of the girl, she takes the book in one hand and almost runs to hug the saviour.Almost runs, but there is that kiddo around and others,and everything… So she just hugs her book. It's quite good for hugging too. "Thank you," girl whispers and slips to take a seat. She watches a fewseconds boys, but then looks into horizon. But it still makes her feel awkward,so she starts reading.

Angelus looks a little surprised as a single brow arches, regarding the girl curiously. What's the point of power if you don't, or can't, use it? The youth glances after Alphard, considering, before he simply just lets out a sigh and glances towards the other two. "I'm fine," he answers formally, shrugging and flicking his blue eyes warily onto the prefect. "I'm thinking you," and he gestures between Janette and Niko, "don't want a third year hanging around."

Niko chuckles softly, "You are quiet welcome to stay if you would like Eibon." he says giving him a warm smile, "Janette and I were simply discussing a future event is all." he says warmly the smile still on his face, "Though I am glad you are feeling better, remember what I told you, if you ever need to talk you can always steal my ear." he says with a small nod, before turn to Janette, "You are welcome of course Janette, I told you I would handle it." he says softly, his tone warm and friendly, not confident or hint pride lingering it, just the same old soft spoken Niko.

Janette glances at Niko nodding "I amsure you know how tohandle things just perfectly in that…calm and friendly manner!" chuckles the girl, turining another page of the book, a bit more calmly weaving in her seat now.
"Indeed, you can stay," she makessure for the kiddo. There are no any hint of lieing in her voice.But who knows. WHo knows. FIngrs slightly nervously are dancing on the book's cover. "Maybe you even may have some perfect ideas, because all what I see in here… It's not good for…" girl mumbles something under her nose.

A soft sigh escapes the youth and he frowns as his blue eyes wander to the direction Alphard left in. Angelus hums as he thinks, and returns his gaze onto Niko. "Thanks, Denholm," he says politely, more obligatory than friendly even as a light smile flicks against his lips. His blue eyes flick onto Janette, offering a dip of his head, but taking a step back. "I think I'm better off finding someone my own age." He dips his head formally to both, lifting a hand in a light flick, and starting to walk backwards.

Niko chuckles softly, looking over at Janette, "Well…" he starts slowly, his hand moving up and rubbing his chin. "We could always go as a muggle one." he says playfully, his gaze still on Janette, waiting to see her response to his suggestion, before chuckling softly to himself, "I am kidding of course, I know you wouldn't like that." he says playfully, giving her a warm smile. He moves and takes a seat next to her, only to move to lay down staring at the sky, he watches Angelus tilting his head a bit to the right, watching as he looks after Alphard and starts to back away, "I understand, Eibon." he says softly, the warm smile on his face, "No hard feelings, you do what you need to." he says softly with a small nod, his tone still warm and friendly.

"See you, boy," Janette nods for the kid.
Then she remains silent. A small frowns betrays, that she is intently pondering about his suggestion. She is pondering and fighting somewhere deepin her thoughts.
"Well…" drawls she a bit later, fixin her eyes on Niko. That usually grey and icy gaze changes. It changes to a worried one, then to the sad one, then to the one full of hope and finally admiration remains there. She watches the boy,trying to explain: "You see… I was really looking for someone perfect. I… may be slightly too much a perfectionist… But… I couldn't find anyone, who at least slightly could be as…" she lowers her eyes,fixing it on the ground.
Girl finishes in mumbling: "as you. So handsome and… perfect…"
When she raises her head and words start jumping from the edge of her tongue as quickly as possible: "I spoke with Victor. Gryffindor prefect. My friend. He mentioned he willbe some kind of King Artur and that he is looking for Guinevere. I am not sure, who they are, but maybe muggle world has… something more…suitable for your…"
Something similar to "Awesomeness" may be heard.

Girl is brightly red and nervously crumplesthe pages of the book.

Niko chuckles softly, "I could be Sir. Lancelot then." he says playfully before he hears she is not familiar with the story. "Well King Artur, was a Great King, did a lot of things like create Camelot, Guinevere was his Queen. But the really story is of her and Lancelot, you see, in my eyes." he continues with a soft smile and a nod, "You see Lancelot had a love affair with Guinevere, and he was King Athur's chief knit." he says slowly with a nod, wondering if he did the story justice.

Janette giggles silently, frowning a bit, this way betraying, that the story is quite confussing. "If you will be Lancelot, Victor will be King Arthur and he will find his Guinevere… Who I should be?" she giggles once more. "Though… Lancelot… It sounds nicely. Lan-ce-lot…" nods Janette.

Niko chuckles softly, "The story more of Love with out boundaries, but if we are going muggle, I think Romeo and Juliet would be more fitting." he says softly with a chuckle and a nod, "That is a pretty good story too, are you familiar with it?" he asks softly, with a warm smile.

"Romeo… Juliet… I like these names," girlcants her head, staring at the boy with the wide kitten eyes. "I never heard of it. I must admit, I barely know things about… that in general… I mean… muggle world…" She bites her lip a bit, but finally, even being nervous, she manages to keepher gaze on the boy. "Am I… Am I offending you, when I say that or muggle world?.. How you would prefere? I mean… I am afraid to say something, what I am used to say between my family and everything… I don't want to hurt or offend you…" She slips with her eyes to the boys fingers and her smallest pale finger runs through the boy's index finger shyly.

Niko takes her hand and gives it a small squeeze, "I am pretty hard to offend, Janette." he says giving her a reassuring wink, "Just be yourself, you are not going to hurt my feelings." he says in a warm friendly tone, that same warm smile on his face. "Romeo and Juliet, belong to two rival families, Romeo snuck into a party and fell in love with Juliet and she fell in love with him. They got secretly married, but their families found out, so Juliet faked her death to be with Romeo, but Romeo didn't know she faked and killed himself, because he couldn't live without her, she woke up and found Romeo dead and took her life, because she couldn't be with out him." he says slowly, "That sounds a lot more grim, then I intended." he says slowly rubbing his chin, "But the idea is that love conquers all, even boundaries." he says with a small wave of his hand, "I think that perhaps we should stick with your book…" he says with a small laugh and a playful smile.

Janette listens carefully and remains silent even after the story. She takes boy's hand with her both hands and plays with his fingersfor awhile. SLytherin girl grins a bit, but the smile is a bit strange. SHe looks being somehwere else. Actually, forgetting things around,when she whispers, as she would be talking with herself: "Boundaries… Rival families… Slytherin… Gryffindor… Pure blood…Half blood…" girl sighs and that sighs wakes her up.
She quickly peeks at the Niko's hand, with which she wasplaying, then at Niko. Her cheeks as red as maple's leaves. "I love the idea. It's like…" She wanted to say. She really wanted to finish the sentence, but fear floods her little heart. She releases the hand of the boy. "I am sorry. I might hurry things too much or something. For a second, I thought it would be perfect. I am just… Oh…" She shakes her white curls. "How I can be myself, when I am so afraid to lose the sprout, which has the possibility to grow between us… If I can say us… I am not sure… I am in a hurry. Too much in a hurry, am I? I will scare you from me!" She laughs a bit loudly. "Oh, Merlin's beard!I thought I am self confident, but… I am a mess with you. WHat have you done? Is it a magic from your mother's side? Muggle's magic?" she giggles nervously.

Niko just watches Janette for a moment before chuckle, "Janette Abbott, you are a very silly creature indeed." he says softly, his warm smile on his face. "You pick the costumes." he says slowly, "I think you would be better at things like that then me." he says with a small shrug, "Of course you can say us, well that is if you want it to be us." he says slowly, rubbing his chin softly. "Does that make sense?" he asks softly.

Janette sticks her joyful gaze at Niko. "Then I want you to be Romeo and me to be Juliet! Though,without death at the end,indeed."
Girl giggles adding: "But you need to tell me more about them and… how they should look like?"

Niko chuckles, "Ummm, truth be told that is all I really remember about the story." he says slowly, with a small nod, "Also I don't know what they look like." he says with another soft chuckle, looking at Janette with a smile.
<OOC> Janette chuckles.

"Soo… They have nothing specific? We can try to imagine,who they might look like?.. Wonderful!" claps the girl quite joyfully. "I will send a letter to my father, that he would reach the tailor. I think, Juliet had to have really light perfect dress full of flowers!" She becomes too much excited."You know… To emphasise the different families and the differences… I guess you could dress in black, and I would be as white as possible. And our clothes must be very elegant. Very… I guess?.." questioning gaze finds Niko.

Niko rubs his chins slowly, "Well I suppose, I mean I think it took place sometime in like medieval times. So I think the clothing would be something fancy at that time." he says slowly with a small nod, "I do remember that Romeo had a sword, and that he was a Prince and Juliet was a Princess." he says softly, rubbing his chin trying to rustle up any more details from the play he read a few years ago.

"Oooh… Prince or princess. Perfect! Just perfect! I am sure we already have our costumes!" Girljumps on her feet,leaving the book on the seat. "Could I?…" questions the girl, but not waiting for an answer she just hugs Niko. "We will be the most awesome!I know that!"

Niko chuckles, "Oh and they met at a Masquerade ball, so they had those cool masks on." he says softly with a chuckle, he says softly as Janette hugs her, him smiling warmly and returning the hug, "You sure are excited." he says softly, reaching over and tapping her nose softly with his index finger. "I am glad you are happy." he continues softly with a small nod.

"I owe you for my happiness!" chuckles the girl and releases the boy. She looks around. "But it's getting too late. We should go now. Back to ou rooms…"

Niko gets up to his feet, softly brushing off his robes. "You don't owe it to me, I just helped you find it again." he says softly offering her a small wink and stretching slightly, "Suppose you are right it starting to get late." he says with a chuckle, "Let me walk you back." he says softly as he starts to head for the castle, waiting on Janette.

Janette follows Niko, smilling widely, speaking with him whole road in excited tone. Telling the ideas about costumes, asking many questions and smiling. Smiling is the most important part.

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