(1938-10-08) Sweets and 'Taches
Details for Sweets and 'Taches
Summary: Fiona and Arian share contraband sweets in the library and discuss grooming habits of mammals.
Date: 8 October 1938
Location: Library, Hogwarts

The afternoon between classes and dinner is usually spent as relaxing time for most students, but today, Arian has a History of Magic essay that he's put off until the very last minute (as per usual), so he's found himself in the library instead. With a bundle of books in his arms, he's made his way over to a table, where he deposits them unceremoniously. Well, time to get to work…

Fiona looks up from the other end of the same table. "Hello," she says to her fellow housemate. Being only a first year she doesn't know many other Ravenclaw yet, just a few. But she is known for being the younger sister to Eniri, a third-year Ravenclaw, so perhaps Arian might vaguely recognise her. The table is a good one, off the main path that people usually travel, near a wall. In fact in the cheek closest to the wall Fiona looks to be hiding a sweet of some kind, giving her an appearance of a lopsided chipmunk.

Arian is only too happy to have his attention drawn away from the books. After all, who really wants to write an essay on History of Magic? Not him! He turns to the girl. She looks familiar; the Ravenclaw clothing is enough to register that. "You're that… uh… Donnelly girl, right? I think I've seen you around the common room before."

She beams, making her comical candy half face look even more comical. "Yes. Fiona." She leans forward, eyes shifting to take in the immediate area and then whispers, "Want a chocolate lime? They're really nice and have just enough sugar to keep you awake."

And that's another something Arian never turns down: candy. Leaving the books on the edge of the table, he quickly slides down to the spot across from Fiona and holds out his hand. "I'd love one. You know, our class needs more people like you. I'm usually the one giving out the candy." He glances over at her things. "So, what are you studying here?"

As Fiona sneaks Arian a wrapped sweet she looks horrified. "Nobody shares sweets? What is wrong with them?" She shakes her head, saddened by this tragic news. "Sweets are the best thing. Each type of sweet suits a specific mood or setting." She grins, "Sweets are my thing. I know all sorts about them. Read books and everything."

"I think I love you," says Arian in a deadpan (but blatantly joking) tone. He chuckles a little. "Well, if we're going to swap sweets, I've got a couple of spare chocolate frogs in my bag if you'd like to trade." When she mentions how deep her interest runs, Arian grows more intrigued. "So, does that mean you're going to open your own candy shop one day? Can I come and get free samples?"

Fiona sucks on her sweet as she listens to him and then shakes her head, "No, not a shop. I might go looking for the best sources of cocoa beans or maybe vanilla. Hunt down spices." She looks up, eyes drifting to the right as she imagines it like some kind of girlish version of Lara Croft, only with confectionry ingredients being her goal. "That would be amazing," she says softly.

"Oh," says Arian, trying — and failing miserably — to mask the disappointment in his voice. "That sounds like… fun. Well, if you DO ever decide to open a shop, please, let me know. So… are you studying sweets or school?" he asks, wondering why, for once, he can't get lucky.

"There is a shop in Hogsmeade and a that new one Sweet Nothings in London. I have a catalog from there." Fiona looks down at the book she was reading. "I was reading about dating rituals amongst mammals. It is fascinating. Did you know that apes pick bugs from each other's bodies and eat them? It is a social action. Trolls do the same."

Arian silently wonders if it's possible for someone to lose so many cool points in so short a time. They went from discussing chocolate to discussing monkeys eating bugs off of each other. He tries to feign interest; it is, after all, still an improvement over History of Magic. "No, I didn't know that." His sweet now gone, he reaches for a chocolate from his own bag. "You sure you don't want one? I mean, it's not a bug from my body or anything, but still tasty."

"I wanted to see if it was different to what humans do," says Fiona as way of explaining. She closes the book. "Like why do girls like mustaches on boys?" Her head cants and she regards Arian as if he might have the answer. "Do you know?" And never one to turn down free sweets or chocolate she says, "I'd love a chocolate frog."

Arian hands over a chocolate frog. When she makes the mustache comment, his hand goes to his bare face. He hasn't had to start shaving yet, unfortunately, but he has wondered what he would look like with a little bit of facial hair. Maybe that's why he can't seem to get a date… "I don't know, really. Do… do you think mustaches look good? I wonder if I would look better with a mustache…"

Fiona takes the boxed chocolate frog with one hand and with the other holds up a single finger, pointed horizontally. She squints and tries to imagine the finger is a mustache on Arian's face. "Maybe. This older girl today told me her boyfriend would look more handsome if he had one. Maybe you would get a girlfriend then. Or a boyfriend." The first year is an equal opportunity relationship counselor.

"Girlfriend, that's… that's what I'm looking for," Arian says quickly, then adds, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." He munches on chocolate for a moment. "Maybe I should grow a mustache. Do you think there are any spells that would make me grow a mustache faster? Maybe I could use a charm…"

"There is the hair-thickening charm," says Fiona as she looks at the boxed chocolate frog and debates opening it. "You should get someone from the domestics club to cast it on you. I'm not in domestics club but if we can find the words I can try. It is a first year spell."

Arian considers again, and goes for another frog. Once he has one, he tends to eat three or four at a time. "I dunno. I'm a little worried that it won't work. I don't even have much peach fuzz growing yet." He rubs his hand over his upper lip again, smearing chocolate on his face. "Maybe I should just cut some hair from my head and paste it on…"

Fiona leaans over really close and peers at Arian's upper lip. "You know, I can see it. It is there. If it is there it can be thickened." She leans back and decides to risk it. The frog leaps off however and she has to scramble a bit to catch it, knocking a chair over and earning a loud "SHHHHHH!" from across the library.

Arian decides to get out while the getting's good. After all, based on the way she was looking at his lip, she might be inclined to test out that charm on him, and who knows how that could turn out. He could end up like a monkey, getting bugs eaten off of him. "Well, it looks like it's time for dinner," he says quickly, grabbing his book bag. "I've, um, gotta run." He leaves the history books on the table and makes his way out of the library as quickly as possible.

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