(1938-10-08) To Catch a Thief: Magical Maladies
Details for To Catch a Thief: Magical Maladies
Summary: Mrs Millicent Gardner (NPC) takes Astoria's advice and goes to St Mungo's where Master Healer Coogan (NPC) and Juniour Apprentice Takeshi help her.
Date: 8 October 1938
Location: Spell Damage Ward, St Mungo's, London
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Spell Damage

This area of the hospital has been set up for a double purpose. At the beginning of the ward are multiple stations ment to deal with transitory cases that only need the attention of Medi-wizards or Healers for a few hours. These stations have a small adjustable bed and a rolling chair and a stand with all the necessary tools to deal with any kind of temporary damage caused by misfiring or misused spells. The back of the ward has been designed to resemble a boarding house with individual rooms for each patient. These rooms are separated from the primary ward by a set of double doors securely locked by multiple charms. Over the doors a large wooden signs reads:
"Spells Damage Ward. Long Term Care Wing."

During the night this ward is illuminated by the ever present light globes floating around the ceiling.


It is time for rotations at Mungo's and a master healer in Spell Damage is leading the apprentices around. "We have some interesting cases in today." The healer, we will call him Master Healer Coogan, looks at his rota and then rattles off names until the only one left is Takeshi. "Odori, you are with me." He turns on his heel and walks towards a bed which has an elderly witch lying on it. The witch has bright blue hair and the papery skin that comes with being elderly. Her small frail hands hold onto her purse as she sits wide-eyed watching the healers.

Takehsi, has his head down, being quiet and to himself as he stands there in his bright yellow robes. As his name is said, he looks up, his gaze nervous moving to the Master Healer, "Umm…Umm..I…Umm." he starts shaking his head for a moment, "Umm..Yes sir!" he exclaims nervously, as he follows him to the first case, looking at the elderly witch, tilting his head slightly to the right as his gaze moves over her.

Coogan eyes Takeshi, wondering if this is going to be one of those days. But he pushes it aside now. "Mrs Gardner was a victim of a crime a while ago. She was asked to come and see us, we are looking for residuals of the spell. There are, signs of memory spell damage." Half turning to Takeshi Coogan asks, "What are they?" Millicent looks at Takeshi and gives him a sweet smile, almost encouraging him. Go on, you cute apprentice healer you.

Takeshi looks at the elderly witch for a long moment, "Headaches, blackouts and episodic memory loss." he says slowly, his gaze moving across the women slowly, he doesn't seem nearly as nervous now as he did a second ago. "What exactly happened Sir?" he inquires looking to the Master Healer. His hand moves slowly taking the Elderly Witch's hand in his and he pats it softly, "It will be okay…" he says slowly, "You in great hands here." he says slowly, with his heavy odd mix of a Japanese and British accent.

Millicent looks up at Takeshi with her rheumatic blue eyes and seems to relax a little. Coogan motions to the witch, "Please tell, Junior Apprentice Odoroi what happened Mrs Gardner." The little old lady nods and squeezes Takeshi's hand. "I was coming to see my sister-in-law a few months back. She is in the long-term potions ward. I was about two streets away and this man came up and tried to attack me using his wand, but I am not so slow and I had my wand out quick. He was shocked and tried again but it didn't work and I started to run. So he came up and hit me on the head with something. Next thing I knew I woke up and had been robbed. But I didn't tell anybody because…" she sighs and looks down at her feet. "Because I was ashamed and didn't want to be a burden."

Takeshi squeezes her hand softly again, "It's okay Mrs. Gardner." he says slowly with a smile, "Not a burden at all, we are all here to help." he says softly with a nod, "So you don't remember him hitting you with a spell?" he asks curiously tilting his head, "Ah, Ms. Gardner in the Potion wards, I made her a Ikebana arrangement a few weeks ago." he says warmly to the elderly witch, giving her hand one last squeeze before releasing it and looking at the Master Healer, waiting for further instructions or questions.

Coogan watches the apprentice and the patient and then asks, "How can we, at such a late stage, reveal what spell Mrs Gardner had been hit with? What should we use, Odori?" Coogan gives the old woman a wink and she blushes.

Takeshi bites on his lower lips slowly in thought, "Well without the wand…" he starts slowly, looking nervous again, "Umm…" he says slowly, "Umm…Umm…" he starts to stutter again, "Well we would look at the residual damage done from the spell, the Patients symptoms and the current spell damage, to reverse engineer the most likely spell that was cast…" he says slowly, looking at the Master Healer, obviously nervous about his answer.

Millicent gives Takeshi's hand a grandmotherly pat and murmurs, "She loved the ikebany, dearie." Coogan pretends everything is all professional but he winks at the old lady again. Nodding to Takeshi Coogan says, "Good. You are thinking it through. This is a difficult case because we had no wand and the time passed means there will only, and this is just a possibity not a certainty, be residual traces of the damage." Turning to Millicent he says, "If you would please lie down for us Mrs Gardner, I promise this will not hurt a bit."

Takeshi smiles softly at Mrs. Gardner, "I am glad, I will make one for you next weekend if you are still here." he says slowly with a small nod, feeling a lot better now that his answer was right, "Thank you…" he says softly with a small nod, his attention turning back to Mrs. Gardner as he instructs her to lie down.

"She will be going home after this," says Coogan. Millicent lies back on the bed, hugging her handbag to her chest. "Try and relax Mrs Gardner." Coogan pulls out his wand and uses a spell which reveals both what he is doing to his student but also what they are looking for. Healer trainer wand!

Takeshi smiles softly and warmly, "I'm glad, I am sure she is ready to get home." he says slowly with a small nod, as he watches the Healer Trainer Wand! He remains silent, for now just watching, making mental notes as he does so.

Coogan lowers his wand and looks up at Takeshi. "Diagnosis and suggestions for treatment Odori?"

Takeshi nods and gives his diagnosis, "It was a memory charm, however no lasting damage will be taken from the spell. She requires a potion, for the headaches, as they are related to the stress and fear of the incident." he says softly, a warm smile on his face as he looks at Mrs. Gardner, "So basically you are going to be just fine Mrs. Gardner." he says softly, giving her a nice warm smile.

Millicent looks relieved. She sits up and says, "I was told that if I came in you could speak to this lady," she pulls a slip of paper from her bag and hands it to Takeshi. "Tell her what happened to me. She is investigating it." On the slip of paper is the name Astoria Bletchley, Daily Prophet.

Takeshi takes the piece of paper and look between Mrs. Gardner and the master Healer not really sure what to do, but puts it in his pocket, "Umm…Umm…" he starts, looking nervous again, his attention now goes to the table on the side and he starts organizing everything on the table slowly, making sure it is perfect, just they way it needs to be, "Umm.. You are welcome Mrs. Gardner." he says as he continues to let his OCD get the better of him.

Coogan helps Millicent get to her feet. He writes a prescription for headache potions for her and sends her off to the dispensary. "An unusual case. I can see why the newspaper is interested. If he is attacking witches it would be worth speaking to them. I leave that with you Odori." Glancing at his watch he says, "Time for a tea break."

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