(1938-10-09) Boys and Girls
Details for Boys and Girls
Summary: Gerald and Janette meets by accident and discuss about boys and girls.
Date: 1938-10-09
Location: Castle Roof and Palisades, Hogwarts
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Castle Roof and Palisades Hogwarts Castle

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and clear.

The ramparts of Hogwarts Castle are massive and provide an uninterrupted pathway all along the outside of the castle as well as giving any visitor an amazing view of the surrounding grounds, Hogwarts Lake, the Forbidden Forest and even Hogsmeade. The view is only interrupted by some of the taller towers of the castle like the Astronomy Tower or the Owlery. The ramparts themselves have chest height walls to either side creating a six foot wide corridor. Every two feet or so crenellations rise up another three feet making the walls almost eight feet tall at those points. Strong winds tend to blow along the ramparts frequently making it a particularly uncomfortable place to be at during the winter but making it nice and cool during the hottest days of summer.

It's only just after nightfall. Overhead the moon reflects its light against the darker world below, the cool fall breeze funneled by the walls of the rooftop pathways. Students linger despite the rather strong breeze, some chatting while others simply enjoy the night and the chill in the air. Gerald is one such student.

Slumped against the wall, his arms crossed over the chest height ledge, h watches the lake, the grounds below, and even the faint window light of the nearby town. It's silent in this particular section of the walkway, and other than the boy, deserted.

The moonlight is playing in the snowy curls. It is Janette, who is standing on the roof, watching at the sky thoughtfully. She hums a melody under her nose, not caring about others around. As nobody would exist around.

It's the humming that draws his attention, and while she's not likely to see it, his initial expression reflects frustration for it. Naturally it passes quickly, replaced by the smallest flicker of familiarity as she is noted. "Janette, wasn't it?" questions the boy, friend if the bullies no doubt. That's how he's come to be known in these days. "Did you ever make 'it' perfect?"

Janette glances at the boy: "Gryffindor boy?.." she whispers and a brief smile pushes the corners of her lips up. "Indeed. It will be perfect. I am sure now," girl nods and turns her gaze back to the dark horizon, swaying a bit or shifting from one foot to another.

"Yes, Gryffindor." He allows, though he does sound a little annoyed. It's better than 'Medusa's second boyfriend' or even better, 'Alphard's friend'. "Gerald." He then adds with a shrug, "I can only guess you're talking about costumes, though I hope not. You girls are getting kinda obsessive about these things." Judging by his expression, his own date may be one of those crazies. "You're going with Niko, yeah?"

"Gerald! I am sorry, I didn't remembered it… I am kind of… It is just hard to remember," girl runs with her fingers through the wall shyly. "Indeed. I was speaking about costumes. Though… I am not obsessive. I just wanted to find someone, who would be perfect for… Niko, indeed. We are trying to choose matching costumes." Girl leans against the wall now, turning all her attention to Gerald. "I was failing. Niko is too handsome for everything," she chuckles and adds laughing louder "And he is not in the need of these popular moustaches. That is so silly!"
Janette runs with her fingers through long snowy curls. "Though, Niko offered just a perfect costumes for us both. Something from the muggle world literature. He told me the story, I liked it!"
More curious gaze studies Gerald. "If I may ask, with who you will go? Find something to dress?"

Gerald simply chuckles. Clearly he is not a good judge of 'handsome'. He does nod understandingly though, as she speaks. "I'm going with Soleil Parkinson." He admits without much thought. "As for costumes, she's just trying to get me into one. I'm not a very big fan of dressing up…for anything." He wears his uniform during hours, but already he's found his way back into his 'casual' clothes. "She's obsessing, but I'll probably just go as whatever she picks." With such a quiet date, she's lucky he's even going! "It's great that you're both excited about it."

Janette chuckles at the boy and the craziness of his date. "Then, lets hope she will choose something really awesome, that you wouldn't have to blush, you know," giggles the ghostly girl.
Though then Janette just shrugs. "I am not sure if he is as excited as me. But he is nice. Niko is very kind and… nice," sighs albino Slytherin. "Well, at least he offered costumes, so he will be happy with them!"

Gerald nods, "He is really nice, but you know, the dress-up part of the festival is really mostly for the girl. Don't get upset. Guys are content to just make-out behind the treeline or something." So..he's not SHY, he's just quiet! There are worse things perhaps. "Or..I am, and I'm pretty sure the others are. I can't speak for Niko of course." He grins, but he also seems to be teasing her, just a little. It's all in good fun. "I'm sure though that you'll look very pretty. He'll be excited about that. We're not really that hard of a species to figure out."

Janette blushes brightly, when the boy speaks about… what boys prefer… She opens her mouth to say something, but stops. Now she just turns to stare at the night in the horizon. Yes, indeed. That is better. Maybe someone is quiet, not shy, but someone might be shy…
Janette rolls her eyes at her own reaction. She never was so. She was all cold, marble, without emotions, just white… and girl sighs, likely, thinking about what that boy did for her. Niko, not Gerald. But they are friends… Many thoughts are running in the girl's head and she remains silent. Though, her fingers nervously run through… everything around, betraying what is happening in her head.

Gerald is smart enough. He crosses his arms over his chest, watching her as she twists and turns in her own head. "You do realize you can overthink these things, right?" He does, all the time. But that's neither here nor there! "Just /enjoy/ it. Gees. It's not like you're choosing a husband at this very moment." He pauses. "You're not..are you?" He holds that for a small second before he shakes it off. "Just have fun. You're only young once." Pot calling the kettle black..but she doesn't have to know that.

"When you start caring about someone, you do not think about how young you are…" drawls the girl, but suddenly chuckle leaves her throat and she dares to glance back at Gerald. "You know… Nooo… You don't know and… Whatever. Better tell me, how are you and Medusa? How lessons goes?"

"I care very much about Sunny, but I'm also aware of my age and the length of time between now and when I will be capable and ready to settle down with a family." Then again, Gerald lives inside his own laws and rules. All in his head.

When the pale girl deflects, he frowns but just for a second. "We are fine, and she's actually making a lot of progress. I'm shocked, she's not as bad at potions as she thought she was. Sometimes people just need to learn a specialized way of learning something." He then pauses, "And Medusa and I are just friends. She's with Douglas. Kind of an explosive couple I think, but if she's happy then I'm happy for her."

Janette nods. "Indeed. Happiness is always what matters!" and she grins from ear to ear, obviously saying, that she is very happy too. "Thank you for conversation and… advices, at some point," giggles Slytherin girl "Have a nice evening and be happy," and she paces somewhere else.

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